August 3, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 71 - Moonstruck (On the Moonlit Night)]

While sitting outside Junko’s room, Amane says that it is really disastrous since she was treated like that a while ago. “Right now, do you still plan on bowing your head to grandmother and want her to teach you flower arrangement [ikebana]? It’s impossible. It’s impossible...

...In this temple, anyone who makes an enemy out of her won’t be able to simply get away with it.” Junko exclaims what about it when she had earlier anticipated that it would be up to that kind of degree [of treatment]. While she wonders how he knew about the flowers being thrown away, Junko says that she just got carried away and went ahead to arrange the flowers. “I’m just careless.”

Narration: “While I’m ‘restraining from anger’ after that incident, I went ahead to ask her about it just now!” Flashback: One hour ago, with some popped veins, Junko is kneeling in front of the room. She told Izumi that she thinks that she had already heard from madam Tokiko about asking her to teach her flower arranging skills so yoroshiku [I’m under your care]...

Izumi came out and asked for her forgiveness but right now, she is going out to the married women’s meeting. “As for the flower arrangement thing, I’m still thinking about it.” Junko said yes, then starting next week... Izumi tartly said that didn’t she say that she is still thinking about it. Junko just replied that until then, yoroshiku. End flashback.
After hearing that, Amane says that it is no good because that is just a commonly used line to refuse someone. He tells Junko that is the basic Kyoto way of talking which he is used to until he also got tired of it. [<- Not bluntly refusing] This made Junko scream in surprise as she opens the door.

Amane thinks that she easily opened the door. Junko asks if it was a rejection, really!? “But didn’t she say that she’ll think of it twice? Didn’t your mother also asked her... I don’t know if it will be okay or not but I’ll ask one more time tomorrow.”

Amane says that from how he sees it, Izumi will always answer her the same way. “Always like that until next year.” Aghast Junko says isn’t that saying that Izumi totally doesn’t have any plans on teaching her!? Amane scowls and says yes, that is what he has been telling her so many times from the start. Junko says that’s quite troubling.

Junko thinks that even if she didn’t think of properly dealing with Izumi but at least, she would want to have this basic skill to show off to Takane. There is an imagined scene of pointy nose Junko showing off her flower arrangement to Takane who exclaims that it is amazing and he would once again be engrossed with her.
Junko asks Amane if she cannot join at the flower arrangement classroom, then at least, ask Izumi to teach her the basics. She decides to ask Izumi when she comes back. Amane says that is no good because outsiders and their sect are different. “That grandmother is very strict regarding that aspect.”

Junko says if it is like that then she’ll just ask Izumi many times. She tells him that as a woman who previously came to the temple, she must learn a lot of things. “I cannot continue on holding Hoshikawa-san back.” Junko is surprised to see Amane smiling so she asks him what he is sneering at.

Amane says he’s not, rather and he just thinks that she is really a cute woman and that part of her had also captivated his brother. This made Junko look flustered. She says that’s enough, and he can leave. “I plan on going to talk with your mother one more time...”

Amane says what if he won’t let her go, what will she do? Junko is surprised when Amane grabs her and pushes her down on the floor. He says that even if she went, didn’t she know that his mother isn’t here. “...really so cute. Each and every time, you easily let me grab your weak point.”
Thinking that she’s careless and stupid, Junko says that she’ll scream and if the abbot hears it, he’ll also be very troubled. Amane says that before, she asked him ‘what he wanted to do’. “...The more I want to talk with you, the more I wanted to obtain you. *leans his head beside hers* For just a little bit, I also want...I want to become you.”

They were interrupted by someone blowing a whistle loudly. Some monks wake up and scold Narita as to why he blew a whistle. Narita apologizes and says that at this kind of time, he encountered something. He apologizes again since the noise had disturbed them but right now, everything is already okay.

There is scene of someone sleeping with curlers, eye mask and earplug. [<- grandmother?] As the other monks leave, they tell apologetic Narita to apologize tomorrow morning to the abbot. Later on, Narita apologizes to Junko and Amane for disturbing them.
He explains that Takane gave that whistle to him before he went for the training in the mountains. There is a scene of flashy Takane telling Narita to patrol around 10-12pm every night. He also told Narita that when he passed by the corridor where Junko’s room is, there is this whistle at the corner.

“If there is malicious person who intruded for more than 10 minutes, blow this whistle as much as you want.” End flashback. Narita says that is what Takane had ordered him to do. Embarrassed Junko thinks that Takane is stupid and it is really quite embarrassing. Amane says that he didn’t think that Narita is actually his brother’s spy when he is just a disciple.

Narita apologizes because from the start, since he was introduced, he was directly passed on as Takane’s disciple. That is why he has no way of disobeying what he said. Narita says that he is more attentive tonight since Tokiko isn’t around and in the end, everyone who was left is guys. [<- if what he said is true, who is the one with curlers, eye mask and ear plugs ^^;]

Junko realizes that is what Amane said just now <- Tokiko isn’t around. Amane says that on weekends when there are no religious ceremonies, his mother will go to Yokohama where his father is and it was like that since the start. Turning to leave, Amane tells Junko until they meet again and so silly, it was a rare night attack that was derailed.
Junko thinks that for him to say ‘night attack’, but just now, it really didn’t feel that it was like that. “It seems a bit different kind of---” Holding a letter, Narita tells Junko that Takane asked him to give this to her.

Junko is surprised for wasn’t it said that they cannot exchange letters during the first month. Narita tells her that this was written before and right now, it was allowed to send this letter over. He tells her that there are also these, and that’s all of it. He gives her a cloth wrapped box.

Narita tells her that Takane hopes that she’ll read one letter a day in order for her not to be lonely. While holding the letter, Junko blushes and smiles. She thinks whether it is the whistle sound just now or the mountain pile of letters, he is really an idiot.

“Even if there’s no need for him to worry, I’ll also properly wait for him. It will be okay. *kisses the letter* Besides, the more I read these letters, the more I’m surprises by it.”
Comment: Well, Junko is really careless but lucky for her, Amane seem to just want to provoke her or tease his brother’s fiancée. ^^; But basically, he seems to be in need of some sort of attention. He must be lonely. It is quite telling that he wanted to become her. And, I guess that is in terms of her personality of not giving up or having his brother’s attention.

Grandmother is still being stubborn but perhaps, persistence will wear her down. Even if Junko calls him stupid, what Takane did is really helpful in protecting her and cheering her on though his letters. Of course, that is one thing but what about the business trip, will she go or not? Scans by 月球坑组

PS. About the title, it is Monstyuck in the cover page but I think it’s a typo so I changed it to what movie I think is being referred to ^^;

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