July 30, 2017

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 15]

Miki and the others are very happy because they passed the make-up exam. So now, they can welcome summer vacation~~!! They thank the others for teaching them. Riko asks Kai how he did in the exam. Kai got a 100. She says that’s really amazing.

Kai says that it is because it is like re-testing the same subject twice. He stares at Riko. He thinks that the make-up exam had finished smoothly but for him, there is still a difficult problem that he must have a breakthrough.

While Riko is puzzled, Kai wonders how to become the other person whom Riko will like, because she said that she’ll wait for the moment when she falls in love with someone. Satoshi arrives and asks why everyone is gathered all together here.

Tarou says that they are reporting to each other about how smoothly the make-up exam went. Miki exclaims that everyone did well. Ayumi exclaims that there is something that she wants to ask. “Is it true that you are going to get married soon?” Miki and Kiyo exclaim in surprise.
Embarrassed Satoshi asks where Ayumi heard that from. Ayumi giggles and tells him not to look down on the intelligence network of the news club’s trump card even if she is actually the only member. “By the way, can I ask when you plan to have a baby!?” Riko looks flustered.

Taka notices that Kai looks very nervous for Riko. Satoshi says that basically, he planned to seriously tell the students. He tells them that they planned to get married before his wife’s belly becomes obvious. “The baby will be born next spring.” Everyone congratulates him. Satoshi thanks them.

Kai looks worried for sad looking Riko who smiles a bit. Taka quietly watches the two. Narration: “Takanashi is currently still suffering from the pain of heartbreak. But, she is doing her best to look onwards. The next love ought to be able to heal her pain. I want to be that person who’ll heal her.”
While walking together with Tarou, Kai thinks but he really doesn’t know how to do it. Tarou asks him why he looks so serious. Kai asks him if he ever met a girl who isn’t interested in him, and how can he make her have a change of heart. This puzzles Tarou that he kept on thinking of it quietly.

Kai ends up saying he knows already, sorry, there’s no need to answer. Tarou apologizes for not being of any help. Kai says no, he shouldn’t have asked him since he never experienced that. As a female senpai calls out to Tarou, Kai thinks that after all, as long as the other party is friendly, Tarou will accept them all so how can Tarou possibly know this kind of hardship.

At Starbox coffee shop, Miki and Kiyo look surprised as they look at Kai sitting at the opposite seat of their table. Laughing it off, Kai says okay, okay, don’t mind him too much and just do what they usually do. Kai says how can he say this...it’s about that. He asks if them pure couple’s relationship is going smoothly.
Kai tells them that as a veteran in this field, he wants to ask if they want his advice. Kiyo says that he’s so enthusiastic. Kai says ya. Miki exclaims that he thought that Kai came to destroy their date but it turns out to be like that. Kai says how can that be, and that’s really rude.

Seriously taking notes, Kai asks first, talk about the start of their romance. “What was the turning point that made the two of you to fall in love with each other??” Miki says that honestly speaking, it is because of her height. He thought that Kiyo is definitely a boyish person but actually, she is super delicate and a crybaby, so it made him really want to protect her.

Kiyo says that Miki looks very cute but when she became aware that he is actually a daring and reliable person, she had fallen in love with him... Writing ‘contrast’ on his notebook, Kai says that it turns out to be like that, sort of like a mutual opposite attraction. “Any other?” Miki gushes as he calls Kiyo stupid, why would she say cute.
Kiyo says but that is his charisma. Kai wants to ask them more questions but the two kept on going lovey-dovey as Miki says that Kiyo is 100 times cuter than him. Soon, gloomy Kai goes out of Starbox. Then, a saleslady of Starbox sympathizes with him so she offers him a sample coffee.

She says that even if it is free, but it’s delicious, so drink it and cheer up. “Please come again.” Kai wonders if he looks so pitiful. Narration: “Forget it, but then it turns out that there is an image gap. So, the plan is to make Takamashi see my unexpected side in order to change her view? Yes, perhaps, that will work. Like this, I must first, grasp the trait before putting it into action...”

In the living room, Kai ponders on what’s good about him. Then, his niece and nephew go to him and ask if he is studying. Kai says yes, it is a profound problem that isn’t taught in school. He then asks them what they think of him. The kids say that he is someone who makes rabbit apples and they want to eat apples.
He pats Ushio’s head and says that it is too early to ask them that. To their delight, he tells them, okay, he’ll slice some apples for them.  Narration: “I have no way of thoroughly knowing my own self so I’ll consult the person who knows me best to give me an objective opinion.”

At school, Taka asks if Kai wants him to tell him what kind of person he is. “What kind of question is that? Are you researching Socrates?” Kai asks what is that, a manga? He urges Taka to give him some examples for he has been with him for the longest time.

After thinking, Taka says that he is naturally easy-going and very popular with girls. Kai urges him if there is more. Taka couldn’t answer that Kai screams that if there is no more already, is his impression of him just that tiny bit-!?

“Isn’t that really mean!? I treated you as my very best friend...!!” Taka sighs and says that he won’t ask what Kai is doing but in the end, his impression of Kai is his own thoughts and it definitely cannot be the same with Kai’s own thoughts. Surprised Kai says ah, that is true.
Ayumi comes out behind Taka and exclaims that just call, and she’ll be show up. She informs Kai that she has the information that he needs so she’ll help him out. Taking her notes out, she tells them to let her specially provide them with information from her secret handbook regarding how the people around them evaluates Kai.

“The positive views are: ‘he is very cool and a handsome guy!’, ‘good at sports, intelligent and easy to talk with!’ The negative views are: ‘sloppy’, ‘frivolous’, ‘wolf in sheep clothing’, etc. So, generally speaking, it is that kind of feeling!!”

Kai tells her to wait, he didn’t have time to jolt that down. Ayumi says by the way, if he wants to know any related news regarding a special someone, she can help him. Kai realizes that Ayumi is baiting him to say Riko’s name. He says that know those stuff is enough, thanks. Then, Kai quickly runs off.
Ayumi laments for she basically wants to commit to him that she’ll formally help him. Taka tells her that it is because her expression is too strong that it frightened Kai away. In their ‘help Kai’s love life’ chat group, Tarou and Miki inform the others about Kai’s inquiry with Tarou and Kai’s intruding on Miki’s date. They apologize for not being able to help.

Ayumi says that upon reading those messages, all the more she wants to help. Taka wonders out loud if there’s no problem on how Kai is striving hard. Ayumi says that Kai doesn’t lack girls who’ll stand beside him yet he would unexpectedly be putting in such a deep passion towards a girl. That by itself is a huge discrepancy.

Taka sighs and says the problem is the key person, Riko, who basically doesn’t see Kai’s hard work. In the meeting room for class reps, while someone is talking about what to do in summer, Riko notices Kai looking troubled as he reads a book. Recalling Miki and Kiyo’s ‘opposite attraction’, he decides to become the total opposite of what Ayumi told him.
To his shock, it would be gloomy, non-athletic, stupid, rigid, blanked faced, etc. Kai thinks that he’ll definitely be hated like that. He scratches his head and screams, no good, no good! This startles everyone. After the meeting, Kai and Riko are walking at the hallway.

Riko says that he is really seriously working as class rep but lately, it seems that he is acting strange when he had smoothly passed the make-up exam. She tells him that his emotions can easily be seen through on his face so is there some other thing that is troubling him.

Kai sadly looks at her and thinks that what’s troubling him is how he can make her fall in love with him but he couldn’t tell her. He tells her that it is nothing and he just has a bit of summer blues, that’s all. Riko exclaims that summer has just started and he already has the blues, isn’t that too early!?
He tells her that in his realm, everything is one step ahead. Riko looks puzzled. Kai thinks that obviously Riko is the one who is in pain yet he is making her worry about him. They meet Taka who is getting ready to go home. Taka asks if the class rep meeting has just ended.

Kai says that he’ll just bring the documents to the office then he’ll come back so wait for him. Riko offers to do that but Kai assures her that it is fine and he’ll be going ahead. After Kai left, Riko asks Taka that it seems that Kai is feeling depressed and is he alright. Taka says that’s right.

Riko says that she feels that his situation is quite hopeless. Surprised Taka asks if she knows the reason why he is troubled. He is puzzled when Riko looks around and whispers that in the end, he is still troubled about the girl he likes. Taka asks if she knew.

Riko admits that Kai told her about it. She asks if he knows. He says that Kai won’t let anyone know about it. Riko starts to freak out so Taka assures her that it is alright, even if Kai is totally unaware of it but it was already exposed earlier on. Riko is relieved because she thought that she had divulged it. Riko asks if he knows who it is.
Taka lies by saying that he doesn’t know who it is. So, Riko says that she also doesn’t know but from how Kai inferred it, it seems that the girl is really slow-witted. “He said that he obviously confessed, yet the other party was totally unaware of it.”

Taka says yes, it seems to be a very slow-witted girl. He mutters like the one in front of him right now. Riko says that it seems that Kai is really depressed that she wondered if there is anything she can do to help. Looking at the side, Taka says ya, it’s hard to say.

He couldn’t answer since it is Riko whom they are talking about. Riko starts to say that the impression that Kai normally has on everyone is that he is sexual [guy] and a playboy right? “But— he is actually a very unswerving, serious and kind person, right? *smiles and slightly blushes*...

...If she gets to know that side of him, I think that girl would definitely fall for Ichinose.” Taka looks surprised that he says that it turns out that she has paid attention to Kai. Riko is puzzled as Taka smiles at her. They were interrupted by some girls congratulating Satoshi regarding his upcoming marriage.
Taka comments that Satoshi is getting married so early when he is just 22-23 years old. Riko laughs and says ah...ya...yes. Taka asks her if she and Satoshi are very familiar with each other. Riko asks how he knew. He says that during elementary, he always sees her together with Satoshi and their relationship is really good, right?

Riko says yes, Satoshi took care of her since she was young. He asks if she also knows Satoshi’s wife. Riko says yes, they always hang out together. Taka asks if she likes Satoshi. After looking surprised, Riko blushes and she couldn’t answer.

Taka apologizes for he didn’t think that she’ll have such an obvious reaction. Riko asks how come he knows. Taka says no...it just crossed his mind and there is no concrete proof. Feeling dizzy, Riko says that she’s an idiot. Taka apologizes and says that he won’t tell anyone. Riko says that Kai knew.
Riko laments that she really hates herself for being too fixated that she wondered if it is better if she confessed earlier then perhaps, she can give it up earlier but-- “I couldn’t do it when I think that perhaps, I’m destroying an important thing.”

Taka says that she really values the wedding partner, and she’s really kind. Riko says it isn’t so, and she just lacks courage. Taka tells her that lack of courage and kindness isn’t the same concept. “Whether or not, one will not destroy the important thing. In the end, one will lose everything if one carries out one’s selfish desire as one wishes...

–I always believe *Kai is heading out of the office* a person is really strong if one prioritizes thinking about other people’s pain rather one own’s pain. *Kai walks at the hallway* So, Takanashi-san, you’re not at all a person who lacks courage.”

Kai sees Riko smiling at Taka as they talk. She is also blushing a bit. Surprised Kai wonders, “—wait until next time, for the moment when she’ll fall in love with someone else-- Even if the one I like is broken hearted, but she is currently yearning for a romance. If at that time, the one who can heal her broken heart is my own close friend, what should I do?”
Comment: So, everyone passed smoothly. Kai is on a mission to make Riko fall for him and he goes about his research. It is funny that he thinks that it should be ‘opposite attraction’ then he applied the opposite of what he currently is. Thankfully, he isn’t dumb enough to try it on Riko first before realizing that it won’t work.

Because of how he is acting, Riko is worried about him. I’m really amused at how Riko is talking about that slow-witted girl when it is actually her. There is progress though for unlike everyone else, Riko has seen Kai’s good side.

Well, Taka had guessed her secret love, too. What he told her is really nice but it seems that Kai assumes that she likes Taka because of her reaction. For Kai to even ponder on what to do if it is what he assumed it was, Taka is also very important to him. I mean, rather than, easily choosing the girl over friend. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Word of the day:
Love is the ability to see beyond the faults of another and to discover the beauties of his or her heart. ‘If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you do well. James 2:8 ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


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    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

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  2. Kai is so sweet just what everyone would want their partner to be like. I love this manga it's so precious and it does make one connect with it. I feel these things are faced by everyone in their love life .
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  3. Kat, I'm really happy you are taking time to do summaries for this one. I almost threw my phone when I learned that the scanlations didn't continue. LOL.
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