August 6, 2017

Blue Glass [Chapter 26]

As the village’s festival continues, the boy from the cursed village [CV] looks at boss [I previously called him leader] and his master. He thinks that it turns out that boss’s name is Ouk [guesswork from 吳旭; I don’t know if it is a typo from the last chapter = it was his name was mentioned, not ‘pension’ ^^;].

“It’s the first time I have heard of it. It is because he knows everything so I thought that leader is team leader’s...” Ouk tells CV boy to go and carry out the next part of the plan. CV boy says okay. As CV boy heads out the door, he suddenly stops and asks Ouk if he did well.

“I only have to do it according to what you said and it will really be of help to god, right?” Ouk smiles and says that’s right. This made CV boy smile. He says that he’ll be going. After CV boy left, Eyepatch asks, “god? Are you up to some trick again?”

Ouk tells him that not long ago, that boy lost his mother so he did that only for the boy not to be so broken-hearted. “It is simply giving him a goal that he can chase after, that’s all. *looks down to see CV boy happily running among the crowd* You know about this more clearly, right, Master?
...There’s no doubt that he would be so engrossed in it when he is keenly going after that goal. Thus, he’ll forget all the painful things.” CV boy is telling the people about hearing that there is an albino [white person] there. A person asks what he meant by that.

Another person says that he also heard about it, the child of god had appeared at a nearby village. Someone asks if that is true. Ouk continues to say, “Of course, that is simply a dream wherein no one knows when one will wake up from.”

CV boy passes by the theater’s tent. He smiles upon seeing Mino looking at Saga. Mokmok calls out to Yuri/Saga to quickly come over. Saga says okay. Mokmok asks if she knows the drama’s sequence. Saga says yes, and it is like what Juryu had already mentioned.

Mokmok says that even if they didn’t have time for practice but basically, they would ad lib their performance so there’s no need for her to be too worried. Saga says okay.
Gesturing to Rabbit [front tooth] who is doing some vocalizations, Mokmok says that it is fine for her to just act it out in accordance to Rabbit’s explanation since he already knows the details. Mokmok worriedly looks at Saga and says, “Yuri, I’m sorry and also thank you very much.”   

Saga says that she should be the one saying that and she absolutely won’t forget this kindness. Hitting his little gong, Rabbit calls out for everyone to concentrate and listen for a while. “Today, I have a story and it goes like this~~

...*Jamalta, Ouk and the crowd watch intently* It is said to be an old story about the royalty!” Twin ponytails ask Mokmok if it is really okay to perform it like what Juyu said since they even included the added part of the story. This shocks Mokmok that he goes, what!?
At Nakrang, a servant reports to King Choewi. Wi [/I think Choe is a surname so I’ll drop the Choe from their names] says that in the end, Jim Geumgong [the guy with an injured eye because Choedal, first prince, hit him; chapter 8] has already passed away and it is caused by the prince/s’s...

The servant tells His Majesty that the First Prince is also very worried because it is a very sudden incident. “That is also because he’s own confidant has been stabbed.” Wi says that arrogant guy would give in [/bow his head] at this time. “Tell the First Prince to personally bring the [death?] offering. That idiot!”

The servant says yes, Your Majesty. Wi asks him what’s going on with that Third Prince. The servant apologizes and says that it seems that just like before, the same illness had recurred so it is very difficult for him if he wants to move. “And also...the break out is happening more frequently.”

Wi asks could it be that it is like before, he can become paralyzed. The servant can only say, Your Majesty. Rubbing his forehead, Wi says that whether it is that person or that person, they aren’t satisfied. “Really wanted to dispose of [/clean up] everything.” The servant can only bow.

At some hot outdoor bath, Baldie is sitting nearby. Submerged in the hot pool, Cheongye is holding [Choe] Geum (2nd prince). Geum says that the king always won’t abdicate the throne even if he suffers from a chronic condition.
“Even if he doesn’t have an illness, he doesn’t even have a bit of care about his children. He is simply a man filled with desire and stubbornness... The First Prince is really exactly the same as him like that. Jim Dagong [the father of Geumgong; appeared in chapter 15] is the First Prince’s trusted aide...

...But from his heart, that stupid First Prince ignores him. Usually, he [Dagong] would also treat his own son, who knows manners, as a thorn in his flesh. The smaller ability one has, all the more he would be jealous of all sorts of things.”

Cheongye asks him how about him. Geum says that he is simply a shattered bowl. He grabs Cheongye’s face and says that she is the wine inside the shattered bowl. He looks at her and asks, “You wanted to kill me, right?” Cheongye says that if he gives her an opportunity then she’ll do it.
After coughing a bit, Geum says that finally, it is of use now. “Yes, it is not yet time. I know of the way to remove this curse. It is okay as long as I eliminate the evil [/sin]’s seed just like before... *scene of someone holding up her hand to young Choegeum and saying, “ mama!”

But, he just stared down* Then, I can stand up again. Okay, if I think of that-- Sa[ga], it looks like I have to find you, girl.” At the theater, Saga narrates that when she was ten years old, she left her family. “In the palace, I don’t know anyone.”

While clanging his little gong, Rabbit sings, “So scared. ♪ So lonely-♪ Whether it is the king or the princes, they don’t welcome her~♫ Then, why is she brought back there♪” One of Gyurong’s men drools and blushes. He says that she is really a beautiful beauty!

Gyurong [the village head who wants them to perform there] says that it is as he told him. Another guy worriedly asks isn’t this Princess Nan’s story? “Is it alright?” Gyurong happily says that on contrary, it is merely a commoners’ entertainment so the royal family won’t care about it.
The worried guy says that is true but Geumgong has just passed worried... Gyurong suddenly shouts what, Jim Geumgong is already dead?! The worried guy says that Gyurong left the village so he didn’t know. “It was said that this time around, it is Jim’s night festival [/offer sacrifice to the dead; perhaps like the festivities for the deceased Geol clan before]... 

...The First Prince will soon come to the village because of the funeral. *Gyurong starts to tremble in fear* At this time, they have always covered up the things about Princess Nan. For it to be brought out, it will...” While the other guy laughs, Gyurong runs off and curses. “I need to immediately sto..stop it!!”

Jamaltra is surprised as he thinks what is this play. “Who made the princess talk about this story? Also, in front of so many people-- Damn it, this is definitely a play that someone had maliciously put up!! *running towards the stage* It’s too dangerous! Even if it is right now, I have to bring the princess down [/off the stage]!”
Rabbit continues to sing, “Even if she hates the lonely imperial palace, she also cannot leave~~♪ She’s a young spirit who collapsed merely because of her parents’ departure~~♪” While dancing, Saga thinks that it is very strange for she thought that she really knew her sister—

“I merely remember the things that I’ve heard and seen. I totally didn’t think about sister’s situation or perhaps, her feelings. Obviously, I really miss [her]...” Then, she sees the ghost of young Nan standing near Rabbit and the musicians. She looks at downcast young Nan. Then, she overhears some maids.

Maid 1 said that they heard that Nan is the daughter of the frontier [/border]’s translator official. “They didn’t even bring along a servant girl because they are so impoverished. Maid 2 said that she heard that the First Prince had coveted her [Nan] mother. “The daughter was snatched away because things didn’t go smoothly.”
Saga looks at young Nan who slightly glances at the side. Maid 1 said the prince hated her when it was in vain for him to get close to her. Saga looks surprised as young Nan looks at her. She approaches Saga and carries a baby that was held out by the maid.

The maid tells her that this is the youngest princess. “Five days after she is born, the king gave her a name. It is Saga.” Saga is surprised to see young Nan looking happy.

Older Nan touched hands with young Saga and said, “Sister will protect you. No, actually, you’re the one protecting me. Saga, it is because you are around, sister won’t be lonely, won’t be scared.” As the other cast holds up streamers and pass by her, Saga looks flustered and surprised.

Watching the play, Eyepatch is tightly gripping the railing. Ouk tells him that there’s no need to be too angry at the shopkeeper[? Juryu’s boss]. “At least, the people can know the truth through the stage play. Also, they’ll remember it, right? *Eyepatch glares at him* Your whole family...the grim demise of those pitiful lives.”
Flashback: Cheongye’s brother introduced himself to Nan as Geol family’s fifth child, Sojun [guesswork from 邵春] Holding her embroidery work, Nan looked at him. He said that he heard that her stomach is severely bloated so he came to feel her pulse. [<- Traditional herbal doctors feel the pulse to know one’s illness]

Sojun looked surprised. He tells the servant to blend together the two of this to become one medicine. Nan refused to drink the medicine. The maid looked flustered. Nan is surprised when Sojun thanked her. He says, “In order for the princess to quickly recover her health, let this small man do his utmost effort...

...I promise you that I’ll personally prepare your food and the medicinal ingredients with utmost care and attention. *bent down to her with hands together* Please, I beg of you-- Please believe this little man. Please value your health.”  End flashback.

Saga narrates that it ought to be quite good if this kind of person is the child’s father. “For the time being, I have this kind of dream.” Clang clang. Rabbit sings, “But the princess-sama is engaged to the savage♫ The child in her belly has also fallen into a dangerous predicament~♪”
There is a scene of Nan being driven away by the Malgal clan. Saga continues to say, “This child is my child. No matter who the father is, I need to take care [it]... Please promise me to definitely protect my small weak child.” The audience starts to talk among themselves.

Someone says that the details aren’t the same as the play before. Another person says that this isn’t the folklore that is passed around...isn’t it that! Someone else says that the royal family ought not to let them off with this.

Biting his fingers, Mokmok look really aghast. Twin ponytails trembles and asks Mokmok if this is really alright? Flashback: Geum, together with Baldie and soldiers, confronted Sojun in front of his house. Sojun’s family look terrified. Surprised Sojun asked if the princess personally said that.

Geum smiled and said that’s right. “She told the king that you two mutually love each other and had a child.” The others behind Sojun say that is impossible. “Young master, please say that it isn’t so. This is a baseless accusation!” A woman holds back one of the men and tells him to be quiet.
Sojun looked down and closed his eyes. While a servant calls out to him that they already knew [the truth], Sojun went to his parents. “Mother. Father.” The father held the trembling mother’s shoulder. The mother says that they know that it isn’t his fault. Sojun said, “I’m sorry” then walked away.

The mother tried to reach out and call for him. Sojun prostrated down to Geum sand said, “I’ll assume all of the responsibility. But please, show mercy and forgiveness towards the princess and child, and also my family.” Soon, Nan watched as the servants hoisted up Sojun who is crucified on the cross.

Narration: “Not only because of responsibility and trust. It is simply that no matter what, I have to protect in order to forget the pain... and greed. I obviously knew that this kind of thing might happen-- It is because you are too dazzling.” Teary-eyed Nan muttered, sorry.

At the side, Soujun’s family members lie bloodied and dead. “I’m sorry.” Tears continued to flow down her eyes. Nan bent down on the ground and hold her stomach. “I’m sorry.” Narration: “I obviously don’t have any strength. Yet, according to my own heart, according to my own desire, it is because I love you.” End flashback. 
Mino is surprised to see Saga crying as she says, “I’m sorry.” As Saga covered her face, Mino wants to reach out for her but someone pulled his arm. He looked down to see CV boy telling him to come with him. Freaking out Gyurong grabs Mokmok’s collar and shouts, “Let me say! Immediately end the play! If this keeps up, there will be a big problem!!”

Mokmok timidly tells him that the play is already over— They are shock by a loud whistle sound. Soldiers shout for no one to move! “We received a report on you people in the theatrical troupe! All of you will go to the government office!!”

Gyurong, Mokmok and Twin ponytails freak out over ‘government office’?!!! While everyone is buzzing about the ruckus, Ouk says that it looks like they came just in time. Jamalta worriedly thinks that it is the king’s soldiers!! “They were fooled-!!”
Comment: That is one very depressing Romeo-Juliet type of story. We’ve learn more about Nan. With that kind of life and ‘sin’, it was really inevitable that she finally took her life. The men of the Choe royalty are really evil. But then, that kind of people with that kind of power, do tend to leave broken lives in their path.

Nan was really unwanted even by the prince who took her away from her family. It seems she was some hostage of some sort. Even the maids look down on her. Perhaps, it was taking care of Saga that had kept her sane. From google, it seems that a bloated stomach is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. So, she was already pregnant by the time she met Sojun.

I believe Sojun knew about it so he had to reassure her that he will take care of her and not give her anything that will be harmful to her. I almost wondered if it was a one-sided love on Nan’s part. But most likely, Sojun also loves her that he decided to sacrifice himself for her, the child and his family. Unless, it is just because, he is a ‘good guy’.

That good intention was for naught. Most of the clan was wiped out. Most likely tortured and killed. Nan is also guilty of that ‘good intention’. Geum tricked her into believing and hoping that king will approve of their relationship if she confesses everything.

Well, actually, it is lying who the real father is. I don’t think crying and apologizing for what happened is going to cut it because of what happened. So, Cheongye’s revenge is understandable though in a way, she is like the royal family, since she wants to get back to everyone even those who are not at fault over what had happened.

I’m not quite sure what’s with Cheongye and Geum. I think Geum knew who she is but I guess she is useful for his physical needs. Based on what the king mentioned, Geum seems to have periodic paralysis. He thinks that it is a curse and apparently, torturing/killing/doing it with women relieves the symptoms.

Based on what was mentioned, the Choe royalty is on the decline. The king is sick. The princes are fighting among themselves and aren’t capable of leading. It seems that the First Prince isn’t that intelligent. Geum’s handicap is his health.

There is trouble inside and outside. And, what they did to the Geol clan would most likely hasten their fall. Juryu managed to trick the theatrical troupe to perform Nan’s story. Eyepatch seems to be related to that clan. Ouk seems to be imply interested in Mino.

What Ouk said about using a goal to forget one’s pain is relevant to most of the characters here. That includes revenge of Cheongye and the other surviving members of the Geol clan, Saga having someone to protect in the form of Mino, Geum doing destructive things and Nan ‘dreaming’ that things are possible with her and Sojun.

I wonder if Saga really has acting talent or she just managed to empathize how Nan was feeling and thinking at that time so she cried in the finale. Anyway, the soldiers are there. Jamalta is going for Saga. CV boy is going for Mino. It might be time for another crucial turn in the story. Scans by 水神汉化组

Word of the day:
When life is at its lowest ebb, we are not without hope because of the wonderful grace of God. When trouble seeks to rob your very breath, When tragedy hits hard and steals your days, Recall that Christ endured the sting of death; He gives us hope, and merits all our praise. ~ Gustafson from Our Daily Bread


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