July 4, 2017

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 23 - Nobody's House]

Yumi looks out the window and says, “Hello everyone. Let’s start the terrifying class. Please look across the street. There is a house there that hasn’t been sold yet. It won’t be long when we hear people going inside and happily laughing that this is such an amazing house...

...So how come...such a nice house always couldn’t find a buyer? No matter what the reason is, in the end, there are new residents who are welcomed in. Lesson 23 – Nobody’s House. A car stops in front of the house. The parents tell a girl who has an apple-designed hair pin that from today on this will be their new house.
The girl happily exclaims that it is so beautiful. Holding their pet cat in a cage, the mother says that it is not bad for a second-hand house. A boy with a soccer ball calls out that they should quickly go in. He runs inside and shouts that it so big.

The girl opens a door and calls out if this is her room. The boy shouts that he also has his own room. He says that before he has to cram inside a room with his older sister. He tells her that he’s embarrassed to call my comrades to play and she cannot her friends so regarding that aspect, they won’t be troubled anymore. Then, he runs inside his room.
The girl pouts and thinks that he’s really rude. “Kou [guesswork from ] is so arrogant that he really doesn’t view me as an older sister.” Then, she notices a picture book on the floor. She picks it up and wonders if it was there before.

Carrying some boxes, her mother asks where that book came from. The girl asks if it wasn’t theirs. The mother says that she doesn’t have any impression of it and perhaps, it was thrown out while they were moving house. “It is possible that it was dropped by the previous residents and it makes me feel oddly uncomfortable.”
That night, the girl sleeps with her cat in the room. She is wide awake for she isn’t a bit used to sleeping in a room all y herself. She happily thinks that she can call a lot of friends over and then they’ll stay there for an overnight party. “Isn’t it so, Mocha

Mocha the cat stretches and goes out of the room. The girl tearfully says that Mocha is quite heartless. She looks up the ceiling and says, from today on, yoroshiku [/I’m under your care]. Mocha is staring at a wall with wide eyes. Then, there is a sound of the rustling trees.
The next day, the girl looks at the Mocha’s food containers. She asks her mother where Mocha is. The mother says that she didn’t see Mocha since this morning so perhaps, it hid in some place. The girl goes to her room and calls out to Mocha. She thinks that Mocha isn’t there. Then, she looks at her room and finds something is a bit odd about the room.

She suddenly hears something growling, gu gu gu [/grrr like a rumbling sound]. The girl wonders what’s that sound. The mother asks her husband if it is coming from the house and it doesn’t seem to be the sound of something bumping into each other. The father says that it is a strange sound and he’ll call the realty agent to ask about it.
In school, two girls ask Youka [guesswork from 洋花; the girl with apple hairpin] if they can go and play at her house. They are really excited since it is a new house! Youka says of course, they can! Sparkling Youka couldn’t believe it and the effect of the house is really so amazing. “Thank you, my house!”

Youka comes in the house and calls out that she’s home. As her friends say that it is beautiful, Youka calls out to her mother that she’s with her friends, and can she prepare some snacks... She couldn’t find her mother but the television is open and there is tea being brewed in a cup.
Youka calls out to her mother but she is nowhere to be found. Youka tells her friends that her mother must have gone out to buy something. She believes that her mother should come back in a while. Soon, Youka bid her friends goodbye.

While her friends are walking in the rain, a friend asks the other friend something. The other friend says ya, she also felt it? Narration: “That day until night, mama didn’t come back.”
Youka and Kou watch as their father is on the phone asking someone if his wife is over there...yes, I see, she didn’t...okay, thank you... The kids look somewhat worried so the father assured them not to worry for their mother definitely went to some friend’s house and forgot the time while chatting enthusiastically.

Kou tells his sister that she’s so lame since she is about to cry. Youka just looks flustered. Then, there is that gu gu gu sound again. The father says that it is that sound again. He tells the kids that he contacted the realty agency and they also didn’t know about it. “But until now, it also hasn’t caused any actual harm so it should be okay.”
Youka wonders if it is really okay for she extremely hates that sound. The father also tells them that there is one other thing which he thinks that they didn’t know...

“It was said that the former residents of this house had secretly run off at night. The furniture and luggage weren’t taken...including what seems to be a picture book.” As the gu gu gu sound continues, Youka wonders about the previous residents secretly running off at night.
The next day, Youka goes to the kitchen and greets her father a good morning. To her surprise, she only sees the newspaper, a cup of coffee, and a plate of eggs and salad on the table. His coat is hanged on the chair. Surprised Youka starts calling out to her father. Ding! She is startled when the toaster rings since the toast of bread is ready.

Kou arrives and asks where their father is. He looks aghast and starts to cry upon seeing Youka’s scared expression. Youka pulls herself together and slaps her face. She holds Kou and tells him that they’ll look for their parents together.
Scared Kou says yes. Youka thinks that the shoes are still at the door so they are still in the house. They start to call out to their parents. Youka wonders if there is some other place that is hidden in this house. Then, her cellphone vibrates. Youka answers it.

It is her friend thanking her for entertaining them yesterday and did her mother come back. Youka says no. Her friend apologizes for she is going to say something that might be strange but she wanted to ask if there is someone else who came to her house yesterday. Youka is puzzled.
Her friend explains how she can say this, they always felt that there is someone fervently staring at them... Youka looks at the side and notices that Kou is gone. She immediately drops the phone as her friend kept on calling, hello, hello? Youka starts calling out to Kou.

Then, she bends down on the floor and thinks that she cannot take this anymore, where everyone went!! Then, Kou’s soccer ball slightly bumps into her. She thinks that it is his ball and this place is. She recalls that is where she found that picture book.
She thinks that she always felt that there’s something very strange about her and Kou’s room. If she were to estimate it according to the floor area, there should be a hidden space between her room and Kou’s. She takes a baseball bat and starts breaking down the wall. She wonders why this wall is so wide.

She is surprised when she sees a flight of stairs behind the wall. She climbs up the stairs with a flashlight. At the attic with some boxes, she calls out to Kou and their parents if they are there. She steps on something so she lights it up with her flashlight.
It is clothes with an apron. She recalls that is what her mother is wearing. Then, she sees her father and Kou’s clothes on the floor. She wonders why and what’s going on. Then, she hears the gu gu gu sound behind her. She turns to look. She sees something black with a pair of eyes looking at her. While she is startled, the black thing starts to envelope her.

She notices more clothes on the floor. She realizes that the previous residents didn’t secretly run off at night, the people living in this house before where all here... Then, she recalls wondering what is that gu gu gu sound.

“This is...the sound of the stomach when it is hungry--...” Youka tearfully tries to reach out but she is already in the mouth of the black thing. After several months, a realty estate agent tells a young couple with a baby that the wall has already been plastered again so it is very neat and tidy.
The woman says that it looks quite good and how about buying this house. The man notices something on the floor by the wall. He wonders what it is. It is an apple designed hair pin. Then, they hear a gu gu gu sound and wonder what is that sound.

Youka can only mentally tell them not to come and live in this house... Yumi narrates: “This house is really alive so how can such a thing be possible? But, in reality, such a house exists. Would it really be okay for you to stay in that house? *sound of gu gu gu gu* If you hear a strange sound coming out of it, please run away quickly, okay.”
Comment: Apparently, the house itself is the culprit and not someone. I do wonder how come Youka’s friends can sense they are being watched whereas the ones living in it didn’t. Maybe, the house is hiding its presence for them to think everything is okay with the house.

The growling sound gave the house away but the family was too complacent over what it is. Well, they were told by the realty agent that it is harmless. Of course, it is too late when they realize what it really was. Scans by 离境

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