July 2, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 92]

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If ever, I would take my time and just repost the ones that aren’t English scanlated yet. I’m slightly hoping that photobucket would change their mind but then, just like imageshack and others, it seems unlikely. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience of looking at ‘dead’ images  m(_ _)m ]
Reishou looks at the officials doing a gong shou (hold together one's hands in obeisance with a slight blow) at him. Narration: “While sitting up high on a hollow throne, looking down on the group of officials standing in formation as they pay their respects, I’m always thinking of that distant unchanging tundra at the North...

...*recalls the snowy mountains with happy men greeting him* It is already gone and I cannot return to it anymore. –ah, ah, my stomach is so empty. *scene of a burly man with a spear standing with some men behind him” This hunger and thirst...
...*scene of Jun, Kokuu with some men, Dai holding some hot liquid in a container while saying something, and a shadowed figure of a man.* ...can’t it still be satisfied [/filled up]? –Ah, this feeling doesn’t seem to be very good... 

...*at the harem, Yuulin tells Reishou that it is almost time for him to let go of her hand* IT’s coming.” Nom. To Yuulin’s shock, Reishou bites her hand. Nervous Yuulin pushes his face from her and says, “Your∙Majesty!! You’re like that again.” Reishou says hm— “Hm, hm--”
And, he is nibbling on her fingers nonstop. Yuulin tells him not to bite anymore. “Your Majesty, in the end, there’s something that you are unsatisfied about me, right!?” Perking up, Reishou says, “Ha? No! None at all!

...Yuulin, you are my cutest and most amazing wife. *Yuulin blushes and says, ah ah* --But then...” Tense Yuulin asks, but...? Pinching her cheeks, Reishou says that it’s so round. “Whenever I see it, I felt that it is so delicious... *imagines sparkling chubby rabbit* pretty and shiny”

Aghast Yuulin asks if he wanted to say that she’s very fat. Reishou happily says that it isn’t that kind of meaning--? Yuulin furiously says that no matter how she hears the words he said, it only has that kind of meaning, right!?
 Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin. I’m Hakuyou’s princess consort who is lately quite bewildered over my husband who has a bad habit of biting me. *chibi wolf Reishou opening his mouth to bite* If this continues... *flustered and teary-eyed as she holds her hands* I will start to worry whether or not he is worried [/distressed] about something. For example, pressure from too much work-type of thing...

...*Reishou looking puzzled* I cannot look for someone to consult about this kind of peculiar behavior of the king... After we became real husband and wife, our adjustment period is more or less on track but it feels as if there is a bit of out of place... *worriedly looks at serious Reishou* I don’t know what lies across it.”
At some room where tea is served, Sai says that it is really worrisome. “What kind of person is that princess consort. “Suddenly, she is assimilating into the government hall like this. Before, Ryu Gikou would admonish the king but right now, he suddenly doesn’t plan on saying anything anymore...

...Han Shisei is still taking advantage of his daughter to deepen a favorable relationship... *two other old men quietly listen* Because the others see those two’s look, they also won’t dare stand out and speak up... What will become of Hakuyou?

...If this strange situation continues on, sooner or later that princess consort will cause some trouble in our country--... Merely thinking of it makes me tremble with fear. ...do you understand, Kikyou?” Kikyou says, yes, grandfather-sama.

Sai says that they absolutely CANNOT tolerate this any longer. At the library, while reading a book, Kikyou thinks that just as the grandfathers say, “‘for our country’, ‘for our country, the king must lose his doted princess consort’.”
At the government hall, the officials look tense at the side. Yuulin stiffens upon seeing Kikyou who also stiffens upon seeing her. There is some roaring mood between them. They look at each other. To Yuulin’s surprise, Kikyou suddenly goes to the left, then right, and left and right. The other officials become restless over this. Yuulin goes !? and wonders what’s up with this.

“There’s something really wrong with Kei Kikyou’s behavior today. Even if I totally cannot see through him but it feels that it will be very bad if I let him get through a gap [/her loophole]!!” When Kikyou stands still after going all around her, Yuulin quickly moves to the side.

He keeps on following her wherever she moves. As they kept doing that, aghast Houen wonders what kind of game is that. Suigetsu says that it looks very interesting. Serious Yuulin wonders if Kikyou wants to snipe at a gap in her defenses...?

“I don’t know why I always have this kind of feeling but I don’t lose to you. *fired up* In this imperial palace, I’ll definitely become a perfect princess consort!!” The other officials sweatdrop and think that Yuulin is always quite lively whereas Kikyou is always so eccentric.
Soon, the two stop to catch their breath. The officials think that they are really gasping. Yuulin asks Kikyou what’s up with him since he doesn’t seem quite the same as usual. 

Kikyou says that it’s nothing at all and she’s the one to talk. “How come you aren’t the same as before wherein you’ll sit and wait for His Majesty...” Yuulin says, ah ah ah yes. Kikyou goes he he he he!!!

Soon, Yuulin is sitting while waiting in a room. She notices Kikyou staring at her from the room divider. He quickly hides and Yuulin angrily wonders what’s up with him. Soon, a dark gloomy aura is spreading on the floor.
It is Kouren. He calls out to Yuulin and says that she has been waiting for a long time. “I have already finished my business so you can go and see His Majesty...” Yuulin calls out to him and says that she even specially made him come out to call her...

Kouren notices something and asks her what is that thing near her feet. Yuulin turns to see a piece of paper. After picking it up, Yuulin says no, this isn’t hers and who could have dropped this document.

She notices a strange writing on the paper that she wonders out loud what it is because it doesn’t look like a document. Kouren says that is... Yuulin asks if he knows. Kouren says that that it is something that a Daoist priest whom he knows, always had in hand.
Yuulin asks, Daoist priest...? Kouren informs her that indeed, it is a charm which is used to drive away youkai or perhaps, evil spirits. “How come this kind of thing is in the government hall...” Yuulin thinks, ‘Youkai...”

She imagines Kikyou saying before “Hehehe, what kind of sorcery did you use, princess consort? What kind of ritual can make you go back to the moon? He he he.” Kousen is surprised to see Yuulin freaking out as she realizes that in the end, that brat views her as a youkai-!!!

“Be...besides that, he’ll still!! Tries to drive away!!! *trembling* He wants to drive me away!? Today’s strange actions are because of this!? If this is the usual, I ought to be able to flip out, right!?” Kouren asks her to give that to him and he’ll handle it.
Smiling with sparkles, Yuulin says no, she’ll treat it as a lost item. “I’ll give it to Li Jun-san and well, it is a kind of strange lost item.” She laughs and looks really irked after turning around to leave.

She thinks, “Next time we meet, you better get ready, Kei Kikyou!!” She holds the charm as evidence. Kouren quietly watches her leave.

Later on, Kouren asks Reishou if he is tired. Grumpy Reishou says that it is nothing and don’t mind him. Kouren thinks that Reishou won’t accept excessive intervention [/unnecessary involvement] but... There is a scene of younger Reishou wearing a cloak in a snowy place.
Much later on, Kikyou is walking at the hallway. He sighs and thinks that it is very hard to get things that he isn’t an expert in. “She won’t even open a little bit of gap... *recalls how Yuulin quickly moves away from him* In the end, the princess consort is very strong...

...*holds some more charms to ward off youkai* Charming the cold scary Wolf King, died at one time and then, resurrecting to return as the harem’s princess consort...

...He he, I have never seen this before in the books wherein there is a princess consort with this kind of experience. What is her original form? What kind of ending will it be? If I can personally witness it, it should make me [/people] excited about it.”
Then, a dark aura is creeping on the floor. Someone calls out to him. Kikyou turns and is surprised to see Kouren. Kikyou quickly does a gong shou and asks if there is something that Kouren wants to instruct him to do.

Kouren asks if Kei Sai is doing well lately. Kikyou looks up to him and says yes, grandfather is considerably in great spirits--- Then, he looks aghast when Kouren is emitting a really dark aura.
Kouren says that it has been such a long time since he had sent his greeting to Sai. “If it is possible, I want to find some time to go over and visit...in the near future. ...can you please pass that message for me?” Looking aghast, Kikyou says yes, grandfather will definitely be very happy.
At the harem, Reishou frowns as he asks Yuulin what’s up since his beloved consort’s complexion looks somewhat unsightly. With a forced laugh, Yuulin denies that it is so. Really irked Yuulin says that her fighting spirit is just a bit aroused that’s all.

Reishou comments that his beloved consort is really full of sap [young and vigorous]. Puzzled, he says that she had already broken down the door so how can she lose[?; I don’t get this line]... She tells him that’s so rude.

Then, she notices him holding her hand tightly. She blushes and tells him that he cannot. Smiling Reishou laughs and asks what she is referring to. Slightly pushes his face, Yuulin says that if his mouth is quite empty then she’ll help him prepare some snacks.

He smiles and says that she would be enough. Blushing Yuulin says no, geez. Narration: “Brimming with vitality, my cute princess consort symbolizes a blessed spring flower. It is good if you can totally fill up this hunger and thirst that causes one to become helpless.”
Comment: I think we got a glimpse of what Reishou is thinking when he sometimes looks afar as Yuulin observed before. He does seem to be quite bored and uneasy over his current situation. Even as all of those officials are paying their respects, they are potential backstabbers and just accept him out of fear/because he is the king.

In contrast, the people in the frontier look genuinely very happy when they were with him. I wonder who that guy with the spear is. Maybe, he took Reishou in while he was there and trained him? Dai seems to be taking care of him at one time. Because of this chapter, I think the shadowed guy is Kouren.

Even if Kouren is somewhat of a slave driver and can be scary due to the aura he emits, the guy does help from behind the scenes. If I recall correctly, he did hinted to Yuulin where to go when she was asked to leave the capital. This time around, he took the initiative to stop whatever is bothering Yuulin.

Well, it’s quite amusing how Kouren easily scare of Kikyou. Those charms are obviously no match for Kouren =P Back to the flashback, I think Kouren was the one who asked Reishou to come back to the palace to become king. So, he is doing his best in his own way to make Reishou happy.

There is also a scene of him recalling younger Reishou so ya...I think he was the one who convinced Reishou. He probably also promised that he’ll keep those pesky elders at bay so that Reishou can do his job. Iirc Gikou and Shisei also have high respect for Kouren. It might also apply to those three oldies.

I’m curious though what Yuulin had in mind when she meets up with Kikyou again. Will she play it up that she’s a youkai or something else? From the looks of it, Kikyou is just a pawn of the oldies. In a way, they really believe that Yuulin is a ‘bad figure’ who’ll cause the downfall of their country.

I cannot blame them because of what happened during the reigns of the last two kings. Of course, they also do not know Yuulin and actually believed that she is some sort of youkai. Well, a seducing witch and a ‘zombie’ at that. =P Though it isn’t exactly okay for them to know her real identity either. ^^; Nevertheless, Kikyou is interested in how things unfold being a history buff/bookworm-type of guy.

Lastly, I would think that Reishou is almost at his limit. ^^; He is currently holding his hunger at bay by nibbling on Yuulin. Unfortunately, Yuulin doesn’t quite understand what Reishou is hinting at. Lol, as if he’ll complain that she’s fat.

She might not want to consult anyone about it since it is marital matters and well, Reishou is king so she cannot easily talk about it with others. The only one whom I can think can help her is of course Gen ^^ Haha, though she might know something that she doesn’t want/not ready to know =P I wonder if it is a matter of time/soon when the wolf gets to eat his rabbit. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  1. Thanks for the update. I especially love how Reishou seems to be hungry and is eating Yuulin's fingers and how she is flustered over it. So sweet. It's funny how Kikyou and Yuulin run around each other it's kind of like a game of tag. I wonder what Kouren is going to do next about Kikyou and his grandfather. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for reading, Anonymous ^-^

      Yup ^^

      Yes, a game of tag and if it is something related to physical activity, Yuulin won't easily lose =P

      Probably give them some sort of warning.


  2. lol, Reishou is feeling restless and hungry. Wonder how long it'll take for Gen to notice and try to "help."

    1. Hehe, Lidy ^^ If he did, he doesn't have to be too obvious -> adverse reaction from Yuulin or the wolf will be angry. =P

  3. That word of the day ��

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  4. Yuulin needs to fight her shyness and let the wolf devour her~ How cute would their child be, i wonder? or maybe fierce? or both?

    1. Hehe, Ale...I think she must be first be aware of what's 'eating' him ^^

      Ah...child, that might only be revealed at the end of the series.

  5. Well, it looks like Round 1 goes to Yuulin. A simple charm won't cause her to disappear. But I'm also wondering if Kikyou has got the wrong idea. His grandfather probably called Yuulin a youkai and Kikyou took it literally, while they meant figuratively. Unless they really do think it too. Lol.

    Reishou is definitely bored. I thought he probably brought his little brother back so his brother can take over, but that won't be for another couple of years at this rate, so Reishou is most definitely feeling nostalgic. I wondered if the guy with the spear was a fierce opponent he met. He would definitely relieve boredom by looking back on such things.

    Yuulin still obviously doesn't understand what the nibbling of her fingers indicates, so I wonder how long it'll be until she does. Lol.

    Thanks for the translation, Kat! ^_^

    1. Oh, and yay for photobucket. Not! How mean. Definitely not worth it.

    2. Lol, Nelle. Given how superstitious they can be, I think they do believe it. I think that kind of popularity helps Yuulin in contrast to them knowing that she is just an ordinary city girl <- easy to remove her.

      True. Doing all those paperwork when he would rather beating up somebody/fighting and be free instead of all caged up in the palace =P The brother is still a long way to go. I don't think it would just be a couple of years since all their work might go to waste. <- he is still young and might be easy to manipulate.

      Hehe, maybe it will be another eureka moment for her just like when she realized that Reishou is trying to suppress his wolf mode in order not to scare her.

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Indeed. Sigh...

    3. He probably also hates the fact that the officials are just towing the line until they can supplant him with his brother, which some are probably still trying (possibly what he is thinking), which makes his ruling even more annoying, when he is an active kind of person. And yes. Forgetting his brother is only 12 or so. But some kids were ruling countries at that age, or just a bit older. It depended on how well they'd been brought up for that environment, I guess.

      The line about breaking the door down, I think that refers to the fact she's now an official princess, not a part timer. ^^

    4. Yup.

      They do? Usually, from what I read, there are still some guardian who'll guide them until they become a young adult. His brother doesn't seem that mature yet to rule in a few years time. Also, they call Reishou a 'young king' so....

      Oh, that's possible ^^

    5. Yes, they would have 'regents' to help them, but they still, in theory, 'ruled'. Frankly, his little brother is too persuasive to rule just yet - he would listen to the officials and be guided by them...and look where it got the country before. Reishou would know this, which is why he is probably finding everything difficult and annoying thus far, with his brother back in the capital but everyone not happy yet.

    6. Yes. I'm thinking that was the original plan when they plotted to overthrow Reishou earlier on. The brother will be a puppet controlled by his mother, Dark Merchant and the other officials who are allied with them.


  6. I am starting to think that maybe it would be possible for them not to have sex or children.... they're postponing the husband and wife sexual life too much....will it really happen?

    1. Hehe, when it is time, Pri. I think it is because it is published in a 'wholesome' magazine so we won't see it that fast in contrast to other type of shoujo magazine.

      Well, among other reasons, in their world =P

  7. When will yuulin understand of reishou nibbling her hand means lol...
    Btw kat can you please please please help to translate a manhua 'guomin laogong dai huijia', it's quite interesting i guess. Thank you so much kat ;)

    1. Hehe...unless she have a eureka moment or someone tells her about it =P

      Sorry, I don't read it.


  8. Thanks Kat! I support what Pri says, like is taking some really long time, I was starting to think that this was not that kind of manga (?). Well, in my experience, I think that in some more time and some tragical event will make the trick and trigger Yuulin on, but the wait will be not a pleasent one ahahaha. (Sorry for bad english)

    1. You're welcome, María ^-^

      It isn't. The only recent series in this magazine that has a 'sex scene' was Vampire Knight. Everything else that I have read from this magazine doesn't have that at all. If you have read 'Last Game', I think the 'wait' will be something like that =P

      Actually, I'm pleasantly surprised that they are continuing it after the 'marriage'. ^^

    2. Yes! `Last game` was somewhat stressing for me LOL. Poor Reishou he is enduring so much, and from the looks of that i guess it will continue a bit more hehehe.
      I`m just glad that you continue to summarize this series! thank you Kat.

    3. Hehe, true. But then, the mangaka is giving some bits of lovey dovey for us while she's at it ^^


      You're welcome ^-^

  9. These summaries are givig me life! Thank you so much for posting these.

  10. Been following this manga since its first release, was skeptical on reading summaries instead of the english translated chapters, but after years of waiting for a single chapter release I thought I should give your summaries a try and I have read them twice already from start to finish. I especially like your comment section as none of my friends read manga.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Anonymous ^-^

      Thanks for reading ^^

  11. I really love this manga
    Thanks for the translations/summaries.

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