July 7, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 93]

Glum Yuulin looks at the charm and recalls Kouren telling her that it appears to be a charm that is used to drive away youkai and evil spirits. Narration: “Very well, speaking of this, ever since I became a real princess consort, there is this rumor...

...I don’t know why the outside world would say that I’m a ‘youkai princess consort’. Right now, it has spread to other countries and caused a great ruckus... I obviously planned to be washed clean of this stigma but in the end, I got this kind of result...

*smiles as she holds the charm as evidence* It won’t do if I don’t explain this misunderstanding clearly and thoroughly! *evil laugh* Ha ha ha ha... We are going to talk properly, Kei Kikyou...!!” Her court ladies are nervously looking at her.
Narration: “—As I hurry to the battle of washing off the youkai stigma...” At the Kei residence, Sai, together with the two old men greets Kouren and says that he even troubled himself to come and visit his humble home so he cannot help but be terrified.

Kouren looks at them and says that it has really been a long time since they last met. Sai says that at the king’s side, Kouren is putting a lot of effort to make the country prosperous so what does he want to say to them, these old men who live in seclusion. The two stare at each other.
Narration: “Elsewhere, there also arises an unstable omen.” At the imperial palace’s government hall, Yuulin is looking left and right everywhere. Suigetsu asks her what’s up and is she looking for something. She asks him if he has seen Kikyou.

Suigetsu tells her that right now, it seems that Kikyou is working at some other department. Somewhat smiling, Yuulin says is that so... She thinks that he had prepared himself. Suigetsu comments that a few days before, she and Kikyou were happily playing. Yuulin laughs and says does it look like that.

Suigetsu says yes, their relationship had become very good and everyone are talking about that. Yuulin just laughs about it. Suigetsu thinks that he always felt that it was really amazing just like what the other officials were thinking.
There are dark clouds in the sky with some thunder rumbling. Walking at the hallway, Kikyou wonders why Kouren went to see the grandfathers and that imposing manner is really frightening. “...Also, the charm that I put on the side of the government hall’s chair is gone...

...it has failed, right. ...it has no effect on the princess consort. If she is a powerful youkai, it must be directly stick on the forehead. That is what the book said--... I have no choice but to simply ‘pin the donkey’s tail’, right...”

Then, the wind blows hard that causes the charm to fly away. He anxiously chases after it. Then, he finally grabs hold of it when it stops on the floor. Someone calls out to him.
With a domineering aura, Yuulin smiles and says, “Kei Kikyou-sama, are you going to the government hall next? Then, that’s really good for there is something that I wanted to talk about with you.” Kikyou looks stunned to see her. More dark rumbling clouds cover the sky.

Back at the Kei mansion, Kouren says that he’ll frankly say it. “It would be better for you people not to do anything strange towards the princess consort. This is my advice.” Sai says that the way he said it isn’t quite nice.

“It seems that we are going to do something. From beginning to end, we three families have fully supported, and vowed our loyalty and devotion to the royal family all year round. You ought to also know it clearly.”
Chubby old man says, “For the king, and for our country,...[we are] at the side of the young king who grew up in the frontier when he ascended to the throne. Even if it makes one uneasy but lately, with great difficulty, things have already stabilized...

...Now, the traditional ceremony had reappeared. The officials’ relationship with the king had also improved. The situation is indeed forging towards a good direction.”

Sai says, “While we are happy over this, the harem has this distinct rumor. *image of Yuulin with a foxy smile* ...How can we not clearly know who is that person?” There is more rumbling thunder as the dark clouds fully cover the sky.
Back at the hallway... With a smile, Yuulin tells Kikyou that she feels that she must definitely properly talk things clearly with him. “Could it be that there is some misunderstanding?” Kikyou looks aghast. With a threatening aura, Yuulin says that he is aware, right.

To Yuulin’s shock, Kikyou prostrates down to her and starts whimpering. While Yuulin is bewildered and wonders what’s going on, Kikyou goes, “Hu. Hu hu hu hu~~ In the end, the level is different..! My...life will end here... ...that is right... *tears falling* first of all, I person like me...

...do not know or understanding anything. I cannot even accomplish a small role and I’ll be leaving already... I have no way of being a help to you, grandfather-sama... hu hu hu hu...”
Becoming nervous, Yuulin says that he’s crying!? “About that, what’s going on, how come you are suddenly like that. Are you okay!?” Kikyou calls out to her and says that this is inevitable since he is born with a destiny of a mundane ordinary person...at least...please neatly and efficiently...”

Yuulin nervously says no, even if she doesn’t really understand but he isn’t ordinary since he’s super conspicuous! Kikyou notices something. He asks if she is consoling someone like him. Yuulin says ah-yes, in short, pull himself together and stand up, okay.

Yuulin wonders what this is. “Just before I’m about to explain things clearly, he suddenly started to cry... I think I also didn’t bring the charm that drives away youkai--” To her surprise, Kikyou takes this opportunity to slap the charm he’s holding on to Yuulin’s forehead.
Kikyou thinks that it is a success! “I have ‘pinned the donkey’s tail’. Or perhaps, it is some other--” His eyes widen when scowling Yuulin stares down at him. She angrily says, “--Kei Kikyou-sama, what the hell are you doing.” With that, lighting flashes across the dark skies and the thunder roars loudly. Kikyou is shock in awe. 

Back at Kei residence, Kouren tells the three old men to please by all means, do not misunderstand. “...those words are not at all due to hostility. If it is as you said, you, three meritorious statesmen are supporting this suffering stage of our country’s progress...

...this advice is considered as my own personal request... While it still can be viewed and accepted as within the limits of a joke...if the princess consort is lost, the hard to obtain leader of this country will also be lost.” Sai asks if that is an ill omen prophecy that Kouren is good at.
Kouren says no. “This is... *recalls young Reishou happily laughing with some older men in a snowy place* ...from learning a lesson from my own personal experience and learning a lesson from the mistakes of one’s predecessor.” The thunder continues to roar.

Scared Kikyou calls out to the princess consort then he looks really aghast upon seeing something. Yuulin says that it seems that they can go to the main topic. “Can you please explain for a while about THIS?” To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou holds her from behind and takes off the charm on her head.
 He tells her that he also wants to know, beloved consort... “What is this ruckus about.” Flustered Yuulin calls out to him. Yuulin and Kikyou are aghast when Reishou looks at the charm. In wolf mode, he looks at Kikyou and asks, “...what is THIS thing?”

Kikyou looks really scared that he is trembling badly. Yuulin quickly grabs the charm and says this is because she wants to exorcise demons so she asked Kikyou to teach her about charms! Reishou and Kikyou are surprised by that. Reishou suspiciously asks, ...exorcise?

Stiffening Yuulin says yes, exorcise! “I’m considered as the princess consort who walks and prays for the imperial palace government hall’s peace and stability. So, I went to talk with Kei Kikyou-sama who knows a lot of things like how to use a charm-type of stuff! *turns to Kikyou* Right, Kei Kikyou-sama.”
Kikyou is speechless as he stares at her. This made Yuulin angrily stare at him. She mentally tells him to say, ‘yes’ okay! This made Kikyou aghast as he timidly says, yes...it is as the princess consort said... 

With a forced smile, Yuulin exclaims that’s how it is so let’s talk about this again later on. She starts pushing Reishou away while Reishou keeps on staring at her. She tells him okay, let’s go, Your Majesty!! Kikyou just quietly watch them leave.

While walking at the hallway, Reishou looks at the charm and says that isn’t she a bit too kind towards everyone no matter who. This made Yuulin stiffen. Thinking that he has seen through her, Yuulin says that the Wolf King is too scary so it is good for the princess consort not to be a bit afraid.
She thinks that it is because the difference of her meaning of a ‘flipping out’ [/acting out violently] is quite huge to his ‘flipping out’. He says, really, praying for the peace of the imperial palace every day.

Sweatdropping Yuulin says yes. Reishou says that even if she was treated as a youkai? “My beloved consort is really of ‘universal love’.” Scowling Yuulin angrily tells him that she is going to get angry.

Reishou laughs and says she cannot use that to threaten him. “Even if you are angry at me, I also like it [/you]” This made Yuulin scowl and blush. He tells her, “Of course, I also like the gentle treatment.” Blushing Yuulin exclaims that she knows that earlier on!!
Narration: “—Today, it seems that from a faraway place, a part of the government hall’s officials had been observing my interaction with Kei Kikyo for a long time. *some officials are watching at the side and wonder how the two’s conflict would develop...* ...but, I got to know about this later on.”

At the government all, cheerful Kikyou says that it seems that the princess consort can use the charm to beckon thunder and lightning! “So amazing!” Chibi Yuulin is holding up a charm with lightning and thunder exploding around her. Yuulin is totally not amused.

Gloomy Yuulin tells him that he ought to know clearly that it is totally not like that and also, why is he informing her about that kind of thing. Puzzled Kikyou says but if he were to roughly talk about the situation at that time, isn’t how he say it right now almost the same [as what happened]...? “Isn’t it the same?”
Yuulin gloomily thinks, ah. Narration: “Afterwards, Kei Kikyou irrationally apologizes for the offense *Kikyou prostrates down on the floor* ...and once again, talk with me in a cordial way.”

Smiling Kikyou comes to greet her. Scowling Yuulin thinks that this isn’t at all a bad attitude and should she get angrier... Kikyou thinks that after Kouren’s visit, grandfather-sama’s order of ‘looking for any [spy] intelligence related to the youkai consort’ has also been lifted.

“What could they have talked about? ...Lady princess consort including Prime Minister Shuu-sama had successful solicited [/requested]... *sparkles and smiles at Yuulin* In the end, she isn’t a normal person...!!” This gave Yuulin a shiver.
Later on, while sitting on Reishou’s lap, gloomy Yuulin thinks, “There’s a problem...there’s absolutely a problem... Obviously, I had already proved that ‘I’m not a youkai’ but he [Kikyou with sparkling eyes] always still use that...

...‘As a youkai, lady princess consort is really amazing’ gaze when he looks at me...why?” Amused Reishou says that even if Yuulin is distressed [/worried], she is also quite cute. Yuulin asks him what he meant by that...
Comment: This chapter is quite funny. Alas, Yuulin, apparently for some people including Kikyou or Shuon, someone acting differently from people they know or doing things that ordinary people don’t usually do are considered ‘youkai’.

Apparently being extraordinary kind is also a part of it. ^^; The title of the series is becoming ‘The Wolf King’s Bride is a ‘Youkai’’ ^^; Kikyou owes Yuulin big time for saving him from Reishou’s wrath for treating her as a youkai.

Thankfully, Kouren manages to convince the three oldies not to bother Yuulin anymore. So, I guess this somewhat concludes the arc of Kikyou and the three oldies as troublemakers. Honestly though, if this is a serious series, Yuulin might have paid dearly for pitying Kikyou when he was crying. Anyways, for now, it seems that she gained herself a fan. ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  1. what a funny chapter...but i am wondering when will they consumate their marriage....im so excited...hehehehe😉😉😉😉

    1. Yup, gin ^^

      Hehe...maybe in the next arc? Who knows...

    2. Namaikizakari chpt 66 please !! ;_;

    3. I cannot read Japanese. I summarized based on the Chinese scanlations and that isn't out yet.

  2. What a good chapter. Hilarious in places. Kikyou placing it on the forehead and going 'Yes!' in his mind...funniest scene! And too right, she saved him from Reishou - he would NOT have been amused.

    I do like Reishou's comments to Yuulin - and how she reacts 'I'm seriously going to get angry!' LOL

    Thanks for another great translation, Kat - and within a week! Take care of yourself!

    1. Yup, Nelle ^^ Ya...including Yuulin and Kikyou's reactions. The stormy weather really set the mood at that time ^^

      Yup ^^

      Thanks for reading and thank you ^-^

    2. The storm certainly did help back up Kikyou's view of Yuulin being a youkai. Lol. That just added to the hilarity. But would have added to Reishou's anger if Yuulin hadn't covered for Kikyou. Lol

    3. True. And, given how scared he is of Yuulin the youkai, Kikyou might have fainted or more if Reishou does more than a glare =P

    4. Btw, do you think Kouren got Lijun on side of Yuulin being an official bride considering he sees her as being someone in the best interests of the King's happiness while Lijun still disapproved of her, due to her birth probably?

    5. No, Nelle, I don't think so.

      Jun doesn't seem to be in Kouren's circle. Kouren tends to deal with older officials/old-timers in the palace.

      I think Jun accepted her like how a future mother-in-law would =P Well, possibly due to birth, I think it is more because she doesn't have the consort training etc. Like a mother, he is more worried about the potential problems that Yuulin would bring = problems that he would have to resolve = stress = stomach ulcers.

      For example, those other officials questioning her background and might think of her as the 'weakest link'. More stress on others wanting to have other consorts since there is already one at the harem. Those kind of problems.

      Iirc, Kokuu also mentioned to Jun about Yuulin being good for Reishou. So in the end, even if he has misgivings, he has to accept that Yuulin is for Reishou's happiness, too.

      And, perhaps, after seeing what she did during the arrest of the Dark Merchant, he has to admit defeat and approve of her. So, he'll just deal with the stress/potential problems that would come.

    6. True. You have a point there. Jun has always seemed the mother-in-law type, so he would probably give in, with a bit of pressure from Reishou, after the Dark Merchant arrest, etc. Hopefully Kouren will take some of the stress from Jun if he deals with some of the older officials himself. ^^

    7. Yup and the mangaka always reminds us that he is the 'mother-in-law' ^^

      I think he is doing that...though more for Reishou than Jun =P

  3. I didnt understand what Kouren said.... that part about one`s experience and the predecesor`s, like I dont that much of a resemblance with the past king (?)

    1. María, Kouren is saying that his advice is from his own experience and what he learned from the mistakes of his predecessors...which might be the previous advisers/prime minister/etc...possibly, it is about history.

      So, he is most likely hinting that based on their 'past experience', removing what makes the king happy might bring about a disastrous outcome.

      Hope that helps ^^


  4. PriJuly 19, 2017 at 10:28 AM
    I think they are taking too much time to consume their marriage. Don't you think that maybe they both are avoiding the occasion and maybe it won't happen?

    1. Pri, I think it will happen but the thing is, when. I mean, I'm not too sure if it will happen within the series or it will happen at the end of the series. It does seem to be leading to that since Reishou seems to be at his limit based on how it was portrayed.

      I don't think they're deliberately avoiding. It doesn't seem to be in Yuulin's mind since she is busy with her studies and her reputation. Reishou wants her to be ready/voluntarily want it = not force her to it since she tend to have some really adverse reactions. =P

  5. It seems to me that Reisho's wolfiness has rubbed off a little on Yulin, XD It's probably bad for their publicity at this point, but I would think a yokai princess would be the perfect match for a wolf king.

    1. Is that so, Rachel...do you mean how she is dealing with Kikyou?

      I think so, too ^^

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