July 12, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 66]

At a restaurant, the couple faces the interrogation among their former and current basketball club members. Yuki looks serious while Shou is casually fiddling with his phone. Someone asks when they started fooling around. Yuki says fooling around..that way of talking is too...

Shou tells them that it is for some time before. They continue to ask what is ‘some time before’, when is it. Shou admits that it was last summer. Banging the table, Abe shouts that it is going to be a year already so what is ‘some time ago’, is he some old grandpa!!

Narration: “A few hours ago, the intense Interhigh preliminaries had ended. Miraculously, for the first time, Ryuhoku attained the right to participate in the Nationals --”

Flashback: During the interview, Shou said that it is because girlfriend’s cheering is really awesome. Shou pointed to Yuki and said, that person. Everyone start screaming, girlfriend, this person, right now!? Announcing it right now!? End flashback.
Narration: “It is because the captain is too hasty about the ‘going steady’ declaration that my heart’s fluctuation has yet to quiet down. From childhood, what kind of education [/upbringing] did he have that he became so brazen. His brain’s nourishment is definitely used to make his body grow big...”

Crying Himiko congratulates Yuki on her marriage. Yuki tells her that she’s crying too much and that is a huge leap from the [original] topic. Amamiya says that even if he felt that interview statement is simply stupid that Shou shouldn’t have [said it] but before, he also have a vague perception that they have a relationship.

Shouji says that’s right, and in the end, they were going steady! Tonomura says that it is really great to hear news that is worth celebrating after winning the game. Angry Abe curses and shouts that they are obviously good friends but he hid it from him for a year!! With that, Abe rushes off.
Yuki feels uneasy about that. She starts to apologize for always hiding it from everyone. When she is about to explain the reason why she didn’t tell them, Shou says that he hopes Yuki will first keep it a secret from everybody before he pull out an achievement.

Everyone looks surprised then became happy about that. Nishiyama tearfully says that Shou has already become an adult. Yuki blushes and recalls Shou saying that he wants to proudly tell the others that he is Yuki-senpai’s boyfriend. Amamiya interrogates them about who confessed first, how many dates...

But Shou just answers, I don’t know, a few so Amamiya says that basically they don’t want to talk about it. Yuki thinks that thinking of that, with that declaration a while ago, Shou really did as he says.

“In short, everyone is at their happiest time now is precisely because everyone is finally advancing to the Nationals. So, this kind of extra warm temperature had quickly cooled down.”
At the employees’ locker room, Yuki isn’t at all happy reading about an article of Shou in a basketball magazine since it wrote about Shou’s strength is from love and they also wrote about what he said, ‘girlfriend’s cheering is really awesome’.

Holding his cellphone, Suwa tells Yuki to quickly look, there is also this. Yuki asks what that is. He says SNS [social networking site/service like FB, Twitter, etc] He shows her the topics under [hashtag] #Naruse Shou, and says that the female fans are all stirred up. A fangirl is asking who Shou’s girlfriend is. Another fangirl revealed that it is the former manager.

Another one is typing over and over about being envious, jealous and hatred towards the girlfriend. While the manager and Nami are excited over the magazine article, Yuki is nervously wondering why. She thinks that don’t talk about cooling down, this just increased the temperature a step further!!!”

Waiting outside the store, Shou is talking on the phone. He is telling someone that today is no good since they’ll just look for a store [/restaurant] then chat, that’s all. He says that club activity is on a break and her work is also over...
Then, he looks dark upon seeing Yuki going out of the store with Suwa. So when he isn’t talking, the other person in the line kept on saying, hello, hello, Shou? While walking, Suwa says that speaking of the Interhigh, it is really incredible. Yuki says that indeed, it is really incredible and basically, it isn’t the place to talk about the girlfriend.

Suwa laughs and says to let it be for not only did Shou get in the Nationals, he also have a dependable girlfriend. “His parents are definitely also very happy.” Yuki says no, about that...actually, she hasn’t paid them a visit... Suwa exclaims, really!

Yuki looks at the side and thinks that before she can formally visit, there is this huge ruckus... [<- probably the fangirls] They were interrupted by Shou who chops between the two and says that it is alright, they’ll go today. While Yuki goes !?, Suwa says what, it turns out that it is like that. Yuki darkly says no, what he is saying.
Shou says so didn’t he say that he hopes Yuki can see his family some time ago. Glaring at Suwa, he says, while taking a shower and talking. Suwa is puzzled. Yuki nervously says that during that time, he’s the one taking a shower.

She explains that today, they’ll [with Shou, I presume] just have tea together, that’s all... Grabbing her wrist, Shou says that his house also has tea so let’s go. Yuki says that isn’t what she meant. While she wants him to wait, she can only nod goodbye to Suwa who waves goodbye at her.

Yuki darkly asks if this is for real. Shou asks what it is. Yuki asks if they are really going to his house. Shou says what about it. Yuki says what again..if it is like that... She screams that she still has so many things that she needs to do in order to be ready!!!

And, she ends up at the gate with Ken the dog barking loudly. Shou asks if she isn’t coming in. Yuki says no..forget it...the dog is barking so loudly. Shou shhss Ken. Ken the dog immediately kept quiet.
Yuki thinks that indeed, since it made such a huge ruckus, she ought to visit for a while earlier on but this is the first visit. She didn’t even wear a bit formal clothes, she didn’t bring a gift [<- etiquette when visiting], and she haven’t gone through a simulation training. “Isn’t this an illogical act?” <- Yuki’s opinion.

She imagines Shou’s mother as some strict beauty saying that Yuki is 100 years early to want to date their Shou-chan. She wonders what to do if it is like that. Then, she is startled when the door creaks open. She is surprised to see a short light-color haired woman. Wearing an apron, she is blushing at them. Yuki wonders if she’s the mother.

Holding on to Shou’s arm, the woman says geez, he really brought her along. Shou says that didn’t she call him on the phone and said, ‘want to see her’. Yuki is still wondering if this person is Shou’s... The woman says, ah...‘Yuki-senpai’...? This surprises Yuki that she immediately bows and introduces herself.
Shou asks how come his mother knows how he calls Yuki. The mother introduces herself as Shou’s mother. She says that her son is always under her care. Shou asks why she is ignoring him. The mother invites Yuki inside since it is hot outside. Yuki cannot believe it for how could such a cute woman give birth to that kind of son...

She recalls Shou telling her not to turn around so that he can watch her unfasten her bra. Yuki starts to wonder if Shou is like his father. The blushing mother admits that she had seen the magazine so she found out that her son had a girlfriend.

The mother explains that today, she just told Shou that she wants to see Yuki and in the end, he suddenly called her and said, ‘I’ll be bringing her along’. She asks Yuki if she gave her trouble. Yuki says no, how can that be...

Yuki thinks that it seems that the mother is an amiable person and it makes her breath a sigh of relief. The mother says but, she didn’t think that Yuki will really come over to the house when it is still messy. “Ha ha, what to do, will my butt be spanked?” This shocks Yuki stiff.
She thinks that the mother knew and how much does she know. Then, Yuki overhears a woman talking loudly at another room. “Hey Yo, it’s such a super troublesome Monday. In the sticky oily packed train, in this chronicles, crazy over a ranger. [<- power rangers, I presume]...

...Ah. Red? Blue? Pink? Non, it isn’t that kind of simple color. *goes out the door and points at Yuki* It’s Rainbow.” Yuki’s eyes widen over this light color haired beauty. The beauty says that a guest had come so she cannot go freestyle. She asks Shou that it isn’t a weekend so how come he’s back.

Shou says that it is already afternoon. The beauty asks who is this, his friend? Shou says girlfriend. The beauty stares at Yuki and says, girlfriend? Yuki nervously introduces herself. The beauty holds Yuki’s chin and says, “No way. You’re super cute that I really want to eat you... Is it really okay to go steady with that curly haired dog?”

The mother calls out to Hitomi [guesswork from ] and tells her not to scare Yuki. “Quickly let her go.” Patting nervous Yuki’s head, the beauty introduces herself as Hitomi, the older sister, 20 years old. While putting his bag on the table, Shou says, 25, 25. Yuki thinks that Shou’s family is really unpredictable [/enigma].
After some snacks and drinks are served, the mother asks Yuki-senpai if she was the basketball club’s manager. Yuki says yes, that’s right. Shou asks how come his mother is addressing Yuki like that. The mother says that every time she goes to watch the games, she really feels from her heart that Yuki is very capable.

Yuki thinks, games... She thinks that even if it is only now that Shou is a very good team member and there is still no special cheering group before, perhaps, the parent/s...but it is also very common for the parents to come and watch the games.

She becomes really nervous for the mother could have seen that disastrous stuff like her shouting ‘going to spank your butt’ and ‘burning, burning’. The mother says that it seems that Shou kept talking non-stop with the magazine reporter without permission... She apologizes to Yuki if she was aggrieved by that.
Hitomi says that guy’s guts are really huge and perhaps, it is because his brain’s nourishment was used to make his body grow. Deadpan Yuki says no, that is indeed the case. Shou says that they’re noisy to death. Then, Yuki notices some labeled videos under the television.

Seeing Yuki looking at them, Hitomi says that those were Shou’s games when he was young. “Do you want to watch them?” Yuki thinks that she wants to watch them but she declines[/Shou says that he won’t watch]. The mother says that since he was young, it is only basketball wherein he can play well.

The mother and sister start reminiscing about when Shou was four, the first time he shot was a basket used for children. “And, if he was praised a bit, he’ll become quite arrogant. So silly-- But, even if he cannot read kanji but he is really awesome when he plays basketball~~”

Yuki blushes as she watches them. Yuki thinks that Shou is cherished by his family, and how can she say it, it feels... Standing up, Shou says that conversation is over, they’ll go to his room. Hitomi says that if he dares to do something bad, she’ll call the police.
Showing her into his room, Shou tells Yuki to please come in. Yuki exclaims that it is 10x neater than she imagined... Shou says that she really thinks of him badly. Sniffing, Yuki thinks that this is his room and how can she says it, she likes the smell...

The mother calls out to Shou to come and get the barley tea. Shou says okay. After he left, Yuki uneasily looks around. Then, she saw some books under the table. She thinks no, and actually it is okay..or...

While she reaches out to look at it, Shou whispers to her that the porn books are located at the lowest shelf of the bookcase. Nervous Yuki screams and tries to deny that she is...not... Putting the cups on the table, he says that he’s kidding, it’s a secret. Yuki asks, se...secret!?

She thinks so there are [secrets], and even if she knows, but unexpectedly, he’s quite righteous [didn’t hide it?]... He tells her that the graduation album is at the lowest shelf. He asks if she is interested and does she want to see it, does she know someone. She says, Abe and the others...?
Shou says that Abe is his classmate during high school. They look at Shou’s junior high picture and she thinks that it is a totally unsuitable school uniform. She thinks while she is unaware, she is being hugged by him. He had used the album as bait as he took advantage of it while she is attracted to the album. She suddenly exclaims ah. He whispers, huh-?

Yuki exclaims how come he is looking at her, look at this! She says that his mother... She points to a picture of Shou’s mother with some other people. Shou tells her that while at junior high, his mother would always bring something [/food for the team] during club activity and those are the other mothers.

Yuki blushes that Shou asks what. She is hesitant to say it so Shou insists on asking her what is it. Yuki says that it feels that even if she totally cannot imagine his upbringing environment before but his mother and perhaps, his sister support him in playing basketball.

“They definitely really cherish you. Just thinking of that, there is this sense of responsibility and it feels that afterwards, I will definitely give you a lot more support. (In order to become more blameless as your girlfriend)”
Then, a picture falls down from the album. She sees a picture of Shou, Arisa, and a few others. She immediately notices a girl in the picture. Pointing to her, Yuki asks this person, the one facing away from the camera, is she your ex-girlfriend?

Then, Yuki wonders why she asked that kind of question for it is like she is interrogating him. Shou asks why. Getting some other book from the shelf, she says that it is nothing, it just feels...she has this kind of intuition. After a pause, Shou says that he was dumped during graduation ceremony, it seems.

Yuki is startled as Shou says that his ex-gf told him, ‘Even if I’m not around, you are also fine.’ “At that time, I totally do not know what she meant by what she said.” Aghast Yuki asks totally do not know. She wonders if he’s an idiot...
Looking at his fingers, Shou says that he doesn’t know, actually, he also didn’t think much of it. “But, before when Yuki-senpai told me the same words (even if I’m not around, you’ll also win), I thought, ‘ah, if senpai isn’t around, I absolutely cannot bear it’...

...*and he grabbed her wrist at that time; Yuki blushes and says, Na...* I momentarily felt very scared. *hugs Yuki tightly.* so for me, it isn’t at all I need senpai to ‘support me more’ because I only need senpai to ‘maintain the current situation’, and that is enough.”

Yuki closes her eyes and thinks that this smell is like the room’s. She is enveloped by his smell. He asks if he can kiss her. She tells him to go ahead. They kiss then he pushes her down on the bed. She tells him to wait as he starts to kiss her neck. He starts to put his hand under her shirt.

She asks, right now... He asks if it’s no good. She says no good. He says for a while. She says, no good. To her shock, he says that it feels so fake. She shouts what. Leaning close to her, he says that she is unexpectedly lying down on his bed
Just when they are about to have French kiss, someone knocks loudly. Opening the door, Hitomi calls out to Shou to open a bottle that their mother cannot open... She sees Shou lying down on the bed with a cellphone and asks, what... Yuki is reading a book on the table and says that it is nothing... Hitomi says that on the contrary, it’s unnatural.

And, Ken is barking loudly again. Yuki bows and apologizes for the trouble again. The mother says that she obviously could have eaten first before leaving... Shou says that he’ll walk her to the station but wait, he forgot his cellphone.

As Shou went to get his cellphone, the mother says that she always felt so nervous since it is the first time her son’s girlfriend came to the house. Yuki says really. The mother says ya, ya, Yuki-senpai is the first one whom Shou brought home for her to meet. “After the magazine interview, he is also very proud of you.”
Yuki blushes and thinks that she really wants to know of Shou’s childhood, his first love... Yuki tells the mother that regarding the magazine, she totally doesn’t felt ‘aggrieved’. “Because...Naruse...kun *voice becoming softer* ...is my boyfriend whom I’m proud of...” This made the mother smile.

Narration: “I want to know more and more about him---” The mother calls Yuki to come near her. She whispers to Yuki, “That child always talk in his sleep and calls out ‘Yuki-senpai’ [loudly] that it can be heard at the next room.” This surprises Yuki.

Shou comes out and sees Yuki blushing really red. He asks what. His mother says it’s nothing. He tells them to look at his cellphone and it seems like his father is super happy. There are messaged from the father, “Eh, going home already? Won’t eat dinner? Won’t eat dinner together? *picture of half his lower face* Made a mistake. How come no one is looking [at this]”

Yuki exclaims what’s with the picture. Shou says that his father cannot quite use a smartphone so he is always sending some strange selfie. The mother laments that the men in her family are idiots. Narration: “So---on the way home, I’ll ask Naruse, ‘Can I hang out again next time?’”
Comment: Well, it is now out in the open. The reactions are quite good except for Abe. Though I tend to see that from female lead’s best friend in shoujo =P And, add more drama on how the lead would make amends for it.

It’s nice of Shou to cover for Yuki when she was the one who doesn’t want to tell everyone about it yet. There is an impending problem with fangirls. Okay, most likely the vicious jealous ones since Shou is somewhat of a ‘celebrity’. That is especially once someone shares what Yuki looks like and find out where she works.

Aside from that, since the ex-girlfriend is mentioned again, I think the magazine article would be the best opportunity for her to look for Shou again. It might be possible that she didn’t really dumped him but more on wanting him to chase after her.

Even if Yuki tends to be dense and everything but her gf instinct is quite good to immediately assume who that girl in the picture is. Aside from her, the father’s face isn’t shown yet. I also think that Shou got the height from the father.

I admit that I didn’t except that Shou’s mother to look like that. I would have also assumed that she would be a beauty like the sister. It seems that eccentricity is alive in this family. The mother would call her ‘Yuki-senpai’ and the sister has this strange freestyle monologue bit.

Well, aside from always saying something wrong. Ah, slightly an airhead-type? And, I’m not sure what to think of her flirting with Yuki. ^^; That ‘almost doing it’ scene is a cliché. Shou pretty much cannot stop himself but being at home and family members in the house, that is pretty much begging for an interruption. They’ll get there soon enough. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing ~ Author Unknown


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    1. You're welcome and thanks, timeless ^-^

      The latest chapter in Japan is chapter 67.

    2. i read in japanese blog that new chapter (i think it's chapter 68) has been released in japan. naruse visit yuki's home again. yuki's brother & sister want to test naruse

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