July 16, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 39 - Connected Thing]

Yu is surprised when Hino says that it is simply thoroughly disappointing. “The two of you aren’t a bit suitable.” The saleslady approaches them and asks if they are injured. Hino apologizes and says that his hand slipped so here is the money to compensate the store.

Just when Yu is calling for him to wait, Haruto says that she broke something. He says that he just leaves her for a while and something happens. Yu says no, it is because his [former school’s] kouhai was here... Hino is already leaving the store.

Haruto asks what koukai, and he doesn’t know of any. “Could it be that you did something strange again?” Yu exclaims that she didn’t do anything. Grabbing her scarf, he tells her that they’re going. She laments that he doesn’t believe her even for a little bit.

While the sales clerk are scanning the things that Yu are going to buy, Yu thinks that guy a while ago seems to be really admire Haruto. The sales clerk tells her that the total is 1100 yen. Yu is shocked for she bought too much. Going out the door with her purchases, she continues to think that guy felt disappointed with her so does a girl suitable for Haruto really exists.
Then she was shocked at so many beautiful girls trying to hook up with Haruto. The girls ask Haruto if he is free tonight and does he want to go to the countdown [New Year Eve]’s party. Ignoring them, Haruto tells Yu that she’s so slow to death and she bought too much, stupid.

Yu is embarrassed when the girls ask who she is. “A servant? If she’s a servant, doesn’t she look too small?” Yu thinks that the person who’ll go steady with Haruto ought to be that kind of person who is filled with mature appeal...

Then, one of the girls asks if Haruto is from the Kurosaki family. They immediately freaked out. One says, darn, her younger brother got involved and was beaten up by him... The other says is he that rumored guy, and he isn’t like how he was before!?

The third girl shouts that her mother told her not go near him by all means. After they left, Yu recalls Hino telling her that it is the first time he saw Haruto taking a stroll with a girl. She muses so that’s how it is.
Haruto says that if she’s already done, they’re going back. She tells him that there is still some place that she wants to see. As they climb up multiple flights of stairs uphill, Haruto asks her didn’t she want to see Takumi’s house.

She thinks that she actually wants to know where Haruto always plays... Catching her breath, she asks him if the way is through here...and is it far. Haruto smiles and says that they’ll have to walk ahead of that elevation. Yu asks when he got to know Takumi.

Haruto says when he’s 5 years old, they got to know each other at a party. Yu exclaims party...celebrity!? “What kind of party!?” Haruto says at that time, Takumi had just arrived in Japan so he can only say a few simple Japanese words. There is a scene of timid young Takumi clinging on his father while Haruto with an adhesive bandage of his face looked at him.
Soon, Yu clings on the railing and mutters,...tired. She is already exhausted. Irritated Haruto says that she isn’t listening to what he said. Yu says no, she is really...very interested... Haruto notices a couple of guys walking behind them. He tells Yu that house above is Takumi’s house.

Yu exclaims isn’t that a castle and it’s still so far... She says that there is a park midway the stairs and the scenery is nice. She asks if he and Takumi also came here. She sits down and notices that Haruto is sitting behind her.

Flustered Yu asks what’s up. He tells her that it was just several flights of stairs and she is already gasping badly. “So weak.” Yu is uneasy because he’s sitting too close to her. She grabs her shopping bag and stands up. She says that they take advantage of the light so they should go.

Haruto grabs her and tells her not to move and don’t leave him. Just when Yu thinks that the mood is good, she is surprised when some guys call out that it’s really great that Haruto himself went to a deserted place.
Haruto was already glaring at those guys. One of the guys apologizes for interrupting their date but he’s Kurosaki, right? Yu is puzzled. Another guy says that Haruto grew up to become handsome and just looking at him infuriates them. Yu nervously ask if he has friends aside from Takumi.

Haruto says how is that possible. Yu sweatdrops and says, indeed. With two tense underlings behind the three guys, Blondie says that he seems to be very honest. “Is it really him?” Shades says that it is him alright since he recognizes him. “Let’s quickly settle this and go home, okay.”

Haruto asks they wouldn’t want to make a huge ruckus, right? Blondie laughs and asks if he’s scared and isn’t he a little coward. He tells the two underlings to remember to properly videotape so that it will be used as evidence in order to stop the police from interfering.

Haruto has already stood up with nervous Yu holding her fists up. Shades say that not only can they vent out some pressure, they’ll also get paid, and this is simply quite nice. “What to do with that girl---”
Just when he is about to grab Yu, Haruto had immediately carried Yu on his shoulders. Embarrassed Yu shouts wait, what is he doing, her underwear can be seen. Haruto tells her to tightly hold on to him. Shades shout for Haruto not to act pretentious over that side.

Blondie blushes as he thinks of seeing Yu’s underwear. Yu wonders if he is really going to fight while carrying her!? As Haruto sends Shades flying to the shock of the other goons, Yu thinks that this is super bad and this is always what Haruto’s father is worried about. “I have to stop him...”

Just when she is about to call him, Yu recalls the time when Haruto scolds her that he told her so many times to mind her own business. Yu becomes flustered. She thinks that if she were to disobey him, won’t he dump her!? Haruto has finished beating up Shades and Blondie.

As the two underlings look very nervous with one of them holding a cellphone, Cap [guy] fell down on the ground. He shouts jerk, bastard, how come after everything he would come back here... Haruto looks at him and says that two years ago, he was the one who break into his house, right?
Yu looks surprised so she looks at Cap. Cap says that if he didn’t receive the order, he also don’t want to see him again! “If I knew earlier it will be like this...at that time, I should have burn down your house so that you’ll have no way of staying here anymore.”

Yu is surprised when Haruto grabs her tightly. She senses that the mood has become a bit... Haruto angrily kicks Cap’s throat and says, “—I also do not like to make things into such a huge ruckus so in order for you to thoroughly give up on that kind of idea, I just have to destroy you here.”

Looking scared, underlings shiver as they continue to watch. Yu shouts for Haruto that is already enough. Choking, Cap tells Haruto to let him go. Haruto darkly says impossible. Haruto is surprised when Yu grabs him with bod hands and says that she told him, he cannot...

Shades and Blondie stand up and curse that in short, they’ll punch Haruto first since this is a good opportunity... Shocked Yu mentally tells them to just lie down. She quickly looks in her shopping bag if there is anything she can use to repel them back. Haruto nervously turns around and says that they’re not allowed to lay a hand...
To his surprise, Yu shouts sorry and sprays something on the goons. [<- it is written as ‘indoor spray/atomizer’ so maybe it is an air freshener but if it is cosmetics-type, probably a hair spray. Note: Do not spray on people]

The goons say that it is pungent and they cannot see. Then, they bump into each other. Yu nervous think that she managed to stopped them. While Yu catches her breath and apologizes for it might be a bit over the top but they finally stopped.

Haruto is coughing and rubbing his eyes. <- probably got a bit sprayed too. He then shouts, you... To his surprise, Yu tells him that she also wants to protect him. “...even if you tell me to mind my own business but for me, for two people to go steady, it is the same as this.” 

In some room with a computer, tablet and papers pinned on the wall, Hino answers a call from the underlings. They apologize to him. Hino says that he recalls telling them to videotape Kurosaki Haruto while he was beaten up by someone. The underling protests that the other party is really too amazing and he had already left. 
“Hino-san, the high schoolers that you called over had totally ‘died in battle’...and midway, for a moment, it seems that he is really going to kill someone...” Licking his lollipop, Hino says that is to say that they are totally defeated.

The underling says that he is simply too strong and the girl with him is also... Hino had already hanged up the phone. He chuckles and says that’s really great. “Senpai is still the same as before. If he isn’t, it won’t be fun. Harumi High, right? I really want to go there soon.”

And, it is revealed that the room is filled with framed pictures of Haruto in various sizes. At the living room of the Kurosaki residence, Yu and Haruto are sitting in seiza position in front of Haruto’s father. Haruto’s father says to tell him what happened. “I have told you, right, that you were not to go out without any reason.”

Yu looks aghast and nervous. She says that it is her fault since she wants to go out. Haruto’s father tells her that he’s talking with Haruto. Haruto tells her to shut up. Looking at his son, the father says that Haruto won’t say why this young lady is dirty all over and he unexpectedly won’t even call him the whole day.
“Have you wondered as to why I bought a cellphone for you? I gave you a cellphone yet no matter how many times I called, you won’t answer it. You should occasionally call me once in a while and voluntarily tell me about what’s going on with you...

...I have to hear about the cultural festival from Takumi but I totally didn’t know that you’ll unexpectedly join a competition...” Sleepy Yu thinks that this is bad for she wants to yawn. “The lecture time is so long, but this is also inevitable.”

The father tells Haruto that he told him that there won’t be a second time. “Come back home and I’ll deal with the high school here. With that head of yours, you can totally go to a school better than Harumi...” Haruto says that he won’t come back.

The father tells him to properly listen to him because as long as he wants it, he can force Haruto to transfer school. “For you to show off that much but you are just a kid who cannot do much.”

Sleepy Yu thinks, transfer school...that’s right, already...it isn’t like that...let me say... Yu mutters that if Haruto’s dad is worried about him, it will be good if he just properly talk with him... Haruto tries to call out to Yu but she is already fast asleep.
Haruto’s father asks if she is already asleep. “Hey, young lady...wake up!” Yu is already sleeping soundly as the two look at her. Carrying Yu, Haruto stands up and says that he is leaving. “Akabane and I will be leaving together. As long as I’m not around, nothing bad will happen to this house.”

The father asks if he has a place to go and what about the money. Haruto says that he still hasn’t used his scholarship [money]. “In short, there will be a way.” The father asks, “Haruto, do you hate this house that much? I am always such a workaholic that I had let you do as you wish...

...After such a long time, I haven’t properly talked to you even once. ...but I –just as that young lady said, I’m really very worried about you.” This surprises Haruto that he says, “—I thought that father, you were always angry at me.”

Flashback: There is a scene of Cap holding younger Haruto from behind as someone beat him up. Haruto’s father worriedly arrived with a policeman. Bloodied Haruto was holding a bat while stepping on the head of the intruder. End flashback.
Haruto continues to say, “I wasn’t able to protect it. That sakura tree that mother had carefully cultivated. And, I let it get injured.” Surprised, the father asks if he recalls about Yukiko [guesswork from 侑希子]. Haruto says that he totally has no recollection but his brother told him...

They were interrupted by Yu talking in her sleep, saying, “Black devil, you idiot...” The father asks, ...devil? Haruto looks at Yu and says, ha? Yu is still sound asleep. The father coughs and says while the school dorm hasn’t opened yet, he is going to stay home.

Haruto tries to protest but his father darkly tells him to stop it. “While I’m here, I won’t let anyone cause any trouble in this house!” Yu shivers in cold sweat. Soon, Haruto puts Yu down on the bed. He sighs and says that she is really sleeping without any worries. Yu mutters, ya...

He leans down to her and holds up her head. Yu thinks that’s right, it seems that today is New Year’s Eve, right? “I really want for the two of us to do the countdown togther... No, before that, I had contradicted Kurosaki-kun. What am I to do if I’ll be dumped...”
Yu wakes up on the floor while tightly hugging the blanket. She says, what, it is morning already. Washing her face in the bathroom, she thinks that it is over, she couldn’t have fallen asleep while listening to someone lecturing. She wonders how she got on the bed.

Then, she notices something on her neck. She wears her glasses. Her eyes widen as she sees that the necklace that she was looking at the store yesterday is now on her neck. At the kitchen, Haruto is cooking something while looking at some handwritten notes on a book.

Flustered Yu calls out to him and asks about this necklace, why... He looks at her and says doesn’t she feel happy. She is puzzled. She says it is because yesterday, she did a lot of unnecessary things and she didn’t even listen to him so...why?

Haruto turns back to what he is cooking. He says that it is only because he wanted to do something for her, that’s all. This surprises Yu that she falls down on the floor. Haruto closes the stove and goes to her. He asks her what’s up.

Blushing Yu says that for New Year to start like this. “...ya, it is because I’m so happy...I lost a bit of strength... *Haruto looks surprised* ...I’m so happy. Thank you...” Haruto blushes. He quickly hooks his finger on the necklace to pull her to him.
This causes her eyeglasses to fall. He tells puzzled Yu, “In order not to harm you, even if I specially left but you are the one who took the initiative to come back to my side. At most, you have to be a bit aware that when you see this, you’ll remember that I’m connected to you 24 hours a day.”

Blushing Yu asks what he refers to ‘connected’... He leans close to her and says that she isn’t allowed to take off the necklace that he gave her. She tells him to wait... Then, she sees Haruto’s father gloomily looking at them from the corner.

Haruto is surprised when Yu suddenly pushes him away. Embarrassed Yu greets the father a good morning...no, Happy New...Year!! Wearing a business suit, the father says that the New Year dishes are already on the Japanese-styled room [washitsu], and the two of them will go eat at 7 o’ clock.

Yu nervously asks if he’ll eat together with them. The father says that today is New Year but, he has to immediately go back to work. He turns around and says that he has to bring back the work he brought home during the end of the year’s strict vacation.

Sparkling Yu thinks that he is saying that during the end of the year, in order for him to stay together with Haruto, he had put off his work, right. The father asks what Haruto is doing.
Haruto says that he is cooking ozoni [soup with mocha rice cake eaten during New Year] “This is written in mother’s cookbook so after making this, I’ll be bringing it over.” The father is stunned. He asks if Haruto can cook. Perking up, Yu asks if he didn’t know. “Kurosaki-kun can really cook delicious food.”

This made the father look dark. He tells her that before she eats, she must first clean and sweep. While sweeping at the courtyard, Yu muses that it feels that unexpectedly, the mood between the two had changed. The father arrives and scolds her not to lazy around over there.

Agahst Yu apologizes and asks if he has something to tell her again. To her surprise, the father says that he believes that the two of them are going steady. “But, you guys are not allowed to do anything beyond kissing for you have to maintain the purity of the dating relationship!”

This made Yu blush as she she nervously says, of—of course! Narration: “Finally, the year had passed and it’s over, but...an uneasy premonition had once again come to attack---” There is a notice at the Harumi dorm that due to some renovations, the dorm is currently sealed off.
Comment: Let’s start talking about that creep, Hino. He is obviously not the third guy but rather some perverted twisted yandere+stalker-type, kinda fanboy of Haruto. Apparently, this guy is the main reason why Haruto has to leave his house and had a more strained relationship with his father due to misunderstandings and lack of communication.

I would even think that videotaping is just an alibi to stop the police from interfering but he would just screencap and print pictures of Haruto. ^^; What he told Yu bout not being suitable for Haruto, well, he might be thinking that he’s the one for Haruto. ^^;;

So, during the time when Takumi had a huge issue with his inferiority complex attack which made him drifted away from him, Haruto had somehow attracted that psycho. For them not to reach Takumi’s house does seem to hint that Yu will get another chance of going there some day.

But, for now, I’m not sure if Hino will be going to Harumi or they’ll be going to that school since the dorm is closed. It would depend on what Yu will do since she has no place to stay. Is it possible for her to stay at the Kurosaki residence though I’m not sure if it is near Harumi?

If she does, more amusing things will happen as they live together ^^ Of course, it might also connect with how Haruto failed to protect the tree against now, he can protect Yu. That tree will definitely bloom on April.

Regarding the fight, thankfully, the mangaka didn’t made Yu into some damsel in distress and cause Haruto to get injured because of what she did. Yu even managed to help Haruto before he really kills someone. Also, thanks to Yu, the father-son relationship had improved a bit. They now both realize their misunderstanding regarding each other after what happened that time.

I think Haruto’s father was jealous that Yu knew Haruto can cook that he vented it by making her clean the courtyard =P Hehe, I guess the father is somewhat old fashioned that he doesn’t want them to do anything beyond kisses before marriage. Anyway, whatever that Hino tries to pull again, Haruto won’t be alone anymore to take the blame and he’ll have help from Yu, Takumi and the others. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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    1. Thanks for reading, Unknown ^-^

      Indeed. Hopefully, he won't. This incident seems to lean towards that <- he isn't 'shooing' her away after the incident and it is confirmed that the perpetrators are from what happened 2 years ago. Ya ^^

      Ya, and it's really nice. Haha...actually I'm amused how Yu 'tamed' two devils =P

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