July 28, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 60 - New Wind]

It’s April, students are heading to school for the school opening ceremony. While walking towards the school, Chika yawns. This made Tetsuki comment that it seems that he is very sleepy. Chika tells him that they cannot have morning practice today so he practiced until late at night yesterday.

Tetsuki asks if Isaki wasn’t angry since he mentioned late at night. Chika tells him that he was fiercely kicked. Kouta runs behind Chika and glomps him from behind. He greets the two a good morning. Chika grabs Kouta’s arms and flips him in front.

This delighted Kouta so he asks Chika to do it again. This made Chika comment that he has a lot of energy. Sane and Michi arrive and call out to the others. Michi says that they finally moved up to second year and time flies by really fast.
Kouta says that he really anticipates the change of classrooms. Chika doesn’t know about it so Sane explains that in their school, they’ll change classrooms upon reaching second year. Meanwhile, Satowa and the other students are looking for their new classroom assignments on the bulletin board.

A couple of classmates call out to her and says that they are part of F section so they’ll be together again-♪ Satowa says is that for real!? After they say ‘yoroshiku’ [/I’m under your care] again, Satowa quickly looks back at the bulletin board for F section.

She is delighted to see Chika’s name on it. She blushes when Chika suddenly stands beside her and says that he’s in the same classroom with her again, huh. Looking away, Satowa says sorry about being together with him again. Chika asks why, when he is quite happy about it. This surprises her.
Chika calls out to Tetsuki if he is also in section F. Tetsuki goes ‘eh’ which made Chika asks what that ‘eh’ means. Tetsuki says that it feels that the teachers want him to become Chika’s guardian. Chika angrily asks what that ‘want to’ mean.

Blushing Satowa thinks, ‘quite happy’... “...It...--..is possible that I’m more happy than you, Kudou.” Kouta, together with Sane, joins them and exclaims that they are in G-section. He glomps Chika and says that they are neighbors and they’re closer than before!

Chika says for real. Sane says that during class mergers, they can be grouped together as one. Tetsuki says that’s very good and there is, also the Nationals this year so it would be quite convenient to communicate if the all the members of the koto club are near together.
Sane says ah, no...about that...it isn’t all the members-- Sane nervously look at the side. Gloomy Michi says that it is really good that they are so happy. Chika[?] exclaims what’s up with him. Michi says that he is the only one in section A. “Not only we aren’t in the same class, it is also quite far...”

Putting his arm around Michi, Sane tells him to cheer up. Kouta says that it isn’t that far and they’ll frequently go and have fun with him. Satowa says that they can always be together during club activity. After looking at him, Chika says that they exchange classes then. Tetsuki says no, this isn’t about changing seats and they can’t do that.
At the hallway, Michi says that he’ll be going to this side. Sane says that they’ll see each other later. As they watch Michi gloomily walk away, Kouta asks if he’ll be okay. Sane nervously says that he’ll get used to it soon. They decide to treat him to eat monjayaki on the way home.

Michi goes into 2-A class and sits near the window. Everyone else is chatting. Michi thinks that this is really bad because normally, he would stay together with the others. “On the contrary, I’m not used to this kind of situation...

...Ever since kindergarten, I’m always together with them because Sane-san and Kouta are THAT KIND OF PEOPLE. *Sane would chat with anyone and Kouta really likes to get close to others* So, before, I would just naturally blend in with the other students in class--...” And, he is all alone in the new class.
Later on, in the club room, Takezou and Hiro learn from Michi that he isn’t in the same class with the others. Takezou says that no wonder he didn’t arrive with the others. Hiro asks if he is lonely. Michi tells her that it’s alright.

Just then, Chika and others arrive. Kouta exclaims that in the end, he arrived first! He laments that they specially went to his classroom to fetch him. Michi says, fetch him, when he isn’t a small kid. Sane asks how the class is, and did he make friends.

Michi says it’s okay and there is this super cute girl. Sane exclaims if that’s true. He grabs Michi’s face and curses for he’s so envious. Michi just go wahaha. Just then, Akira, together with Suzuka, arrives and greets them. Kouta goes to Akira and exclaims that it has been a long time.
Akira apologizes for not being able to come lately since she was quite busy at the group [association]. “Afterwards...there is something important that I want to inform everyone... I have returned to the Tsubaki group so as the official successor, I have to reform the Tsubaki Group...

...And, it would be a bit difficult to give you guys free classes just like before...And so, starting this April---” Kouta suddenly exclaims that he doesn’t want that!!! This surprises Akira. Kouta exclaims that he doesn’t want her to leave and he doesn’t want any other teacher to replace her!!

Sane exclaims that’s right, if it is because she is teaching them for free, they can pay! “...although if it’s too expensive, we cannot afford it...!” Michi exclaims that it is okay even if it is once a month! “We want you, Akira-sensei to come and teach us!!”
This surprises Akira that she blushes and says, about that... Suzuka tells them idiots to calm down a bit. “Starting this April, Doujima-sensei won’t give free classes anymore but rather, she will come and teach you guys as an OFFICIAL external coach.”

Sane and the others look surprised. They sheepishly laugh and say what, it’s like that, that’s great. Blushing Akira apologizes for saying it in a way that makes people easily misunderstand...

“Thanks to Takinami-sensei for negotiating with the school...so from today onwards, I’m a more real, technique coach of the Tokize’s koto club. Once again, yoroshiku everyone.” Everyone is happy to hear that. Kouta glomps her and says that they are the ones who should say that.
Suzuka says okay, let’s start practice. He tells them that because of the enrollment, they cannot use this place tomorrow so within the day, they are to practice well the piece that they’ll use for the welcome program for the new students.

Hiro says that the welcome program will be on the day after tomorrow. Takezou says that thinking of the situation last year makes his heart beat so fast that it will jump out. Chika says that his performance at that time is really miserable. Takezou shouts that half of it is his fault.

Kouta says that he really anticipates the new members and what kind of kids they would be. Sane says that in short, he hopes that girls would come and they don’t need stinky brats. The others laugh over Sane’s honesty. Michi comments that he also wants a girl.
And, it’s the day when the first years come to school. A timid guy with long fringes stands and looks at the school. Then, another guy bumps into him who asks what he is standing and staring for. Just when the timid guy is about to apologize the other guy clicks his tongue and says that he makes him feel uncomfortable.

This surprises Timid [<- temporary name] that he bites his lip and tightly holds his bag strap. And, he proceeds towards the school. There is an announcement for the new students to quickly go to the gym where the welcome program for new students and club introduction activity will be held. The new students are also told to bring their own chairs to the gym.

A teacher calls out to a slightly spiky new student named Oka. Oka asks what it is. The teacher says that he recalls that Oka used to be from Higashi Junior High. “Do you know Momoya?” Oka says he does since they are classmates.
The teacher says that during roll call, it is only Momoya who isn’t around. “Could it be that he was lost somewhere? Do you have any clues---” After looking surprised, Oka looks angrily that he says, that jerk, he’s at it again, darn it! The teacher is puzzled when Oka runs off the opposite way.

At some prep room, a girl is sitting in front of a guy by the window. The girl says, wait, it’s so ticklish, Natsu. “Won’t it be bad to stay here? School has just started and you’re skipping class--- Isn’t the welcome program about to start?”

Natsu says that it is okay, that kind of thing is just a waste of time. “Compared to that, this side is more important--” Just when Natsu is about to kiss the girl, Oka angrily opens the door and shouts if Momoya is there!! Natsu looks at him and says, ah Oka.
As he emits steam, Oka blushes and starts to nosebleed. He says, “Wha.. wha..wha..you what are you thinking! *angrily points and waves at Natsu* You just enter school and you’re doing that kind of thing. Can’t you restrain yourself a bit in school!!”

Natsu smiles and asks how about doing it together? Oka angrily shouts who would want to! While stuffing a handkerchief in his bleeding nose, Oka says that he came to get him. “It’s almost time to go! The teacher is looking for you!”

Natsu tells him to just casually help him in deceiving them just like when they were in junior high. The girl asks what he meant by that. Natsu happily explains that Oka was the class president at that time and he was a lot of help when he was skipping class.
Oka angrily shouts that it is because he lied to him by saying he is in poor health!! Oka sobs that he willfully believed in others and his little heart was viciously played around by Natsu!! “So awful!! *Natsu laughs* Don’t laugh!! In short!! I won’t be deceived by you again in high school!!

...*grabs Natsu as they head out of the room* I won’t pamper you anymore! Come here!” Natsu goes eh-- While walking at the hallway, Natsu says that Oka still really likes to mind other people’s business. Oka angrily shouts that it’s natural for him!

Natsu says that it’s amazing since he has a gene level of being annoying. This irks Oka that he points at Natsu exclaims that by the way, today is the welcome program! “For us, new students, the senpai-s did all sorts of preparations! It’s quite rude if you don’t properly watch it!!”
Natsu says eh...is he serious about saying that, it’s super disgusting. Oka angrily shouts what did he say!! Turning to leave, Oka says forget it, anyway, he belongs to the ‘go home’ club so he isn’t interested in that right.

Natsu laughs and says, what he is saying about ‘anyway’, when he had already decided which club he would want to join. This surprises Oka that he turns to Natsu. He exclaims, “Ha!? Is that for real, which club!? That’s so unexpected!” Natsu just smiles. At the gym, dateless [band] of the pop [/light music] club has just finished performing.

As they head backstage, the lead singer says that the mood is super high and by tomorrow, everyone will become their fans again. The other band member says stupid, and by the way, isn’t it pitiful that the koto club’s performance will be after their...
They look surprised when they saw the sparkling koto members wearing kimonos [with styled hairstyles for the guys]. Satowa says that they should go onstage. Hiro says yes, then she excuses herself as they pass by dateless. The lead singer asks if they were originally like that.

The other member says that it is a baffling feeling since they are sparkling. At the side, Satowa tells everyone to listen up. “If there are no new students who’ll join the club this year, the koto club will once again fall into a ‘abolish the club’ crisis. “So, everyone has to comply with what we agreed on yesterday.”

Chika says of course, no matter what happens while they are performing. That is for all of the group members to hide their [true] nature. They start to talk using telepathy. Satowa ‘says’ that Chika and others absolutely cannot open their mouths to talk because it will expose the fact that they are idiots.
Hiro ‘says’ that afterwards, wearing kimono plus eyes’ expression that is filled of melancholy, will bring about a ‘it seems they’re so cool’ illusion that will captivate people’s heart. Chika ‘complains’ that this eyes’ expression is so tiring.

He also ‘says’ that they won’t let glasses’ introduce the club because it is so boring. Takezou ‘says’ that that’s so mean. They have decided that after catching everyone’s heart [/attention], they’ll use the performance to captivate them!!!

The announcer says that next is the koto club’s welcome speech for the new students! This surprises Timid. Some people ask what is a ko-to club. Someone explains that it is a koto [musical instrument]. Someone gossips that the koto club here is really amazing.
“It was rumored that they defied the instructor head for the club’s survival. Obviously, they will soon be abolished yet they even managed to get into the Nationals. There’s a lot of talk about it.” The audience especially the girls blush when the Chika and others head onstage.

They gush, is this for real, I cannot take it anymore, they’re so handsome and kimono guys are foul [/breaking the rules]! Sane and the other two wonder if that is for real. Sane blushes and thinks that it’s really great to be alive and this is bad for his face type [expression] is going to collapse but the effect of the kimono is really amazing!!

Chika thinks that isn’t it bad that someone shriek and is it because his eyes’ expression so terrible. Hiro and Satowa congratulate the new students for getting in the school. As they introduce their club and what they do, the male students say that the female senpai-s are very beautiful that they would want to check the club out.
Timid overhears one of the girls telling her friend isn’t that guy over there, the one in the middle, Kudou-senpai from Nishi Jr high. Her friend asks what about it, is he famous. The girl says yes, during junior high, he is a super delinquent.

“I don’t know the details but I heard that he caused a ruckus that attracted the police.” Her friend says that he’s quite scary, then, right now, he became LIKE THAT? The girl says that’s right! “I don’t know what happened in between but he is originally a juvenile delinquent...

...Right now, he is unexpectedly playing koto. Isn’t it super moe [/cute]? I really like that type--” Her friend laughs and says that she [the girl] really likes that type. This causes Timid to tightly hold on the rolled up paper he is holding. It was then announced that the koto club will be performing ‘Palette’ so please enjoy it!
Later on, at the club room, Sane and the other two are blushing as they ask is this for real. “This many people want to join the club!!?” The club room is filled with new students. Chika exclaims how many people are there. Satowa says that she estimates them to be at least 30 people.

Kouta says that if they don’t remodel the club room, they all cannot fit in. Blushing Takezou thinks that with this many people, it can be compared with a koto strong school. “Unexpectedly, we have this kind of day...” Hiro looks happy for Takezou.

The first years say that they are so handsome during the introduction and their performance is really moving. They also praise them about the kimono fitting them and they got goose bumps all over. A girl tells Sane that basically koto gives that kind of ‘old fashion’ feel to her but right now, she doesn’t think of it that way!
Sane thanks her. She also congratulates them for entering the Nationals and they’re so amazing since they just started playing in a year. Blushing and teary-eyed Sane and Michi wonders if this...could it be that this is...paradise!!?

Takezou thanks everyone for coming. He introduces himself and says that he is the club president. He tells them that he’ll give them the ‘club I want to join’ application. “If you want to join the club, write your name and class section. If there are any more questions--” A guy holds up his hand and says that he has a question.

He asks how many times a week do they have to join the club activity. “During the welcome program, it was mentioned that the practice is quite severe but I don’t quite know how severe it is when it comes to cultural clubs. If it is three times a week, then I would have time to join another club. But since the goal is the Nationals, would it be 5x a week?”
This made Takezou tense. He looks at tense Hiro and says about that...how can he say it... Standing by the door, Suzuka says that it is seven times a week including weekends. “You’ll practice everyday. *Takezou tries to call out to him*...

...In passing, everyday practice refers to morning practice, school dismissal practice, and after club activity practice. Weekend usual practice is from morning until night. That is the amount of practice these guys do but it isn’t compulsory...

...It is those guys’ OWN INITIATIVE TO SPONTANEOUSLY do that much so there’s no need to ask them to do it. So, are there any more questions?” The new students look tense. They start discussing about the amount of practice being a bit scary and it’s super Sparta [severe training].
Noticing that the mood is becoming bad, Sane nervously says that no, it only seems very scary upon hearing it but actually, it is totally not like that! Michi says that they are very happy and so, time just passes by in a wink of the eye, for real! “And also, it isn’t compulsory! We only wish to do it.”

Takezou is nervous for they are making things worse. Chika declares that it is better to say that even with that amount of practice, it is totally still not enough. Sane and Michi tearfully and angrily mentally ask if Chika is an idiot. This made the first years look aghast.  

They say that they go and check out the other clubs so they’ll think about it for a while. Sane tries to call them but everyone has left. Silence. Sane and the two cry, ‘Why!!’ Satowa calls Chika an idiot. Takezou calls out to Suzuka over why he would say that kind of scary words to the new students!!
Suzuka says isn’t that a fact. Takezou exclaims that there’s no need to say it now! Suzuka scowls and says how he can let them join the club without telling them the amount of practice they’ll have to do. While Hiro tries to calm him down, Takezou angrily shouts for him to think a bit about the way he says it.

Suzuka says that isn’t it good to say it directly in order for it to be easily understood. Takezou angrily shouts ha!? Chika says for him to say things up to that extent and they’ll easily give up, then they really don’t have any resolve [/backbone]. “We don’t want that kind of petty people!”

Takezou darkly tells him to close his mouth for a little while. Kouta tearfully says that even if it is like that but for all of them to run off is too--- While Sane whimpers, Michi says that is true, not even a single person... Then, they hear a soft voice saying, ‘there is’.
Kouta asks if they hear something just now. Sane says no, perhaps he heard it wrong. Chika notices Timid standing at the corner and saying, “About that...I want...to join the club.” Chika and others scream out loud that it is a ghost.

Chika and others cling on to irritated Suzuka who tells them idiots to calm down for it is a new student. Satowa is looking calm. Takezou is nervous as Hiro clings on him. Someone says, hu...human? “For real..” Chika says that he thought that he can finally see a ghost.

Takezou tells him that he’s too rude! Chika approaches him and asks why he is standing at the corner. Timid looks up but he didn’t reply. Chika closely looks at him. He asks isn’t his fringes in the way and can he properly see things. After looking surprised, Timid says ah, ah.
Satowa pulls Chika back and tells him to quickly stop it, idiot for he looks really scared. Satowa says that he wishes to join the club, right? “What’s your name?” Timid mutters his name so softly that no one heard it. They all ask, “Eh, what??” So, slightly louder, Timid says, “I’m...”

Just then, the door opens and Natsu apologizes and asks if this is the koto club’s activity room. “It is here, right?” While everyone look surprised, Takezou says that’s right and he is--... Natsu says, 1-C’s Momoya Natsu. Timid is surprised by that. Natsu smiles and says that he wishes to join the koto club.
Comment: It is indeed a new school year. Because of how Satowa is acting, Chika didn’t realize that she is actually happy about them being in the same classroom. I wonder if there will be a significant reason why Michi is in a different class.

It makes me wonder if the cute girl in class is a hint that he’ll get a girlfriend first among the three of them. Well, Akira has secured her place in the club thanks to Suzuka. Sane’s wish turns out to be the opposite since there is no girls, just brats who’ll join them. =P Unless, Timid is a crossdresser like in some shoujo series. ^^;

Timid is still a mystery though and for a while there I thought he is Mio or perhaps, related to Mio. ^^; He is surprised over some things which I’m not sure if it is of importance. He probably joined upon hearing how Chika changed and he probably wanted to change himself.

But he also reacted when the koto club is mentioned. I guess he probably has some koto background to know how hard the practice can be and didn’t easily give up like the others. He also reacted to Natsu’s introduction. Is he a classmate or he previously knew who Natsu is?

Now, it is a bit easier to guess the possibilities with Natsu since there are more thing revealed about him. So, aside from being good with music, Natsu is a playboy and tend to skip class. Since he seems to be a bit arrogant and manipulative, I guess school bores him that he skips class. Perhaps, he’s the type who can easily pass even without studying.

I think that girl is his senpai so she might be his fan while he was in that band. He might cause trouble since it was hinted that he can easily manipulate the stupid/naïve/good-hearted. Nevertheless, he might also help with the romance side of the cast ^^

Anyway, things will be interesting with the two new members. Also, there is some amusing stuff here. Hehe, they almost fooled the new students into joining but alas, the truth got out before they can sign the forms. Since they are scared of ghosts, I think there are some funny scenes in the future that can come out of that like summer’s courage test =P Scans by 二次元秘店

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  1. Thank you ! I hope the natsu boy will try to lay an hand on satowa, and that this will make chika conscious of his feelings for her.... do you think this possible ?

    1. You're welcome, Lassa ^-^

      Possible. It also depends on what kind of 'lay a hand' he'll do. If he isn't careful, I imagine that before Chika can become conscious of his feelings, Satowa would have slapped the guy. =P

    2. This natsu seems sly as a fox. Maybe he will first try too "directly" and be slapped, but I imagine him adjusting his behavior.... In fact I hope there will be some progress between Chika and Satowa because Chika seems actually completely blind about feelings and love....

    3. True. I think so...curious how he and Timid would blend in with the others.

      Blind...perhaps clueless/oblivious about it. It doesn't seem very important to him compared to how concerned the three were about that stuff ^^;

      And yes, hopefully, there would be some progress. With Natsu, that kind of guy, around, there might even be progress with Takezou and Hiro ^^

  2. thank you for the translation. A new school year and more boys join the club hahahaha it is funny because they keep saying koto clubs are mainly composed of girl members and then you have tokoise with mainly boys in their club . lol no i hope timid isn't a cross-dresser like a typical shojo that would be annoying for me as i hate these typical shojo plots! I have this theory that either timid was bullied in his old school for his timidness and perhaps natsu was there when the bullying happened but did nothing since e gives off the vibe of someone who doesn't care ( i don't think natsu is a bully) or that timid is also named natsu and that's why he was surprised to hear momiya natsu's name , and for someone who is already struggling with people noticing him, people will notice him even less know that he is a club mate with someone who have a similar name but it's just a theory and who knows. i think natsu is the one who was filming tokoise in the new year chapter and that's why he said he already knows which club to join, and his friend oka kinda reminds me of chika's friend and how is he basically acting as a "mother" towards his friend. michi perhaps will come out of his shell now that he is not in his comfort zone and perhaps a girl from his class will join the koto club. i love their strategy for gaining new members , just like how satowa was last year till she realized there were no girl members and she dropped the act! and hahaha at them not talking so that people don't realize they are idiots ! I love the scene where the three of them where crying when everyone left specially kouta's crying face. it's true that they need members who are actually serious but they also need to have members to keep the club alive so i do agree with suzuka and chika but i also agree with takezou in that they might have tried to find a middle line to keep at least some of the people out of the 30 as club members, but hey i already think that the 2 new additions are interesting so i'm quite satisfied. this was a funny chapter and i just love how easily all of them get scared and yeah maybe this summer ,now that they might have funding for their club, they can go somewhere interesting for a training camp! anyway the next chapter will come in less than a week so i might have some answers ( i say that but i can barely read harigana characters so we will see if i will understand anything! ) thank you very much


    1. Thanks for reading, emmahoshi ^-^

      Indeed....more guys.

      Possible. Maybe he is a bullied because of his 'pretty face' so he kept his fringes long? I cannot say if they are schoolmates though since Natsu is famous because of the band he is with before.

      No, Natsu is standing behind the one who is filming Chika. The one filming is wearing a hood and that fits Udzuki's description <- part of the gang Chika used to hang around with and plotted on wrecking his grandfather's place.

      That's right. So, I'm thinking that Timid is somewhat like Takezou especially if he is bullied/introvert while Natsu is kind of like Chika/extrovert also kind of famous.

      True. Maybe, but shouldn't she be there if she wants to join their club? It got me thinking if one is 'stuck' in a club for three full years of high school or they can join some other club after first year.

      That's right, and the plan worked until...

      Yup, though the problem with people who are not so serious joining is, the koto club will 'die off' anyway if the next batch who are not that serious fails to attract new members. I mean, serious and/or impressive ones are already having a hard time attracting ordinary students.


      That's nice. You're welcome ^^

    2. then if udzuki knows natsu wouldn't natsu cause trouble for chika or have some insights on chika's part? i know the entire club knows about chika's past but i think the girls are not aware about the home wrecking things /chika framing and that this event led to his grandfather health deteriorating and this will be a sensitive topic for chika and it also makes me wonder why natsu hangs out with someone horrible as udzuki and if he knows about chika beforehand.

      yeah i also think that timid (i like your nickname for him ) and natsu are quite similar to takezou and chika.

      about the girl i thought more of the line of what happened with hiro she was not in a club for her first year and joined the club as a second year i think there are people who aren't in clubs and go home directly (the go home club) so maybe there is one of them there.

      that's right , but then remember the trio they also weren't serious at first but they became more serious as they started enjoying koto (of course they are different since they also wanted to help chika nevertheless they committed once they enjoyed the koto) so maybe give new members a trial period before shocking them with the 7 day practice news.

      thanks again

    3. No, no, it just so happen that Natsu is standing behind Udzuki when they were watching the performance. After Udzuki left, Natsu's friend came to talk with him about what he is watching and their band performance.


      The two aren't from the same junior high school either.

      I think Satowa knew because Kouta told her about it in chapter 6-7. As for Natsu's reason for joining, I think he was intrigued by them after hearing them play at the mall. He seems to be a bit of a show off so he probably wants to challenge himself by playing classical instead of pop music?

      Oh, that's right. Well, it's a possibility if we hear more of this cute girl ^^

      Lol, that's right. It would be easier to do that if no one asked THAT question. It would be very hard to lie about it. I mean, won't they feel 'tricked/lied to'? Is there a trial period for clubs? Hm...I think if this is a 'not serious' club like Kinoshita's group, it would be okay for them to practice 3-5x a day.


    4. I wrote a long reply and then it was all deleted

      i think kouta told satowa about chika's grandfather and that he taught him koto and he is dead now i have this feeling that she is not aware about the gang and the circumstance of his death, hiro know nothing too neither does akira, they all have seen him as a good person so they trust him without knowing a lot about the criminal charge back story but maybe this time they will find out the entire truth, also there is the possibility that this udzuki will try and ruin the koto club this time, o i'm not really looking forward to his appearance !

      thank you again.

    5. Hm...error from net connection?

      I found this one in the spam folder. ^^; <- I don't know what triggers blogger to put some posts in the spam folder. ^^;;

      I assumed that Satowa has an inkling about it because she felt guilty when she doesn't want him to touch the koto, etc, and he asked how can he be qualified to touch/play it, etc. That would have to be more than just because the grandfather taught him and he's currently dead.

      Hiro...thinking about it, I guess it depends. Almost everyone in the school knows Chika's reputation. Is it possible that Hiro hasn't heard of the rumors? Hm...of course, she would have known that he was a delinquent during the morning assembly's performance, and something related to the police.

      Given everything they have gone through, I somehow believe that even if they knew, they would accept it. Much like, it was no big deal that Satowa was kicked out of the association. They even accepted Hiro even if she was stirring up trouble earlier.

      I would think that is what will happen. Udzuki will try to ruin the koto club but of course, this time, he won't get away with it. ^^ The mangaka might be going for the plot of hero helping everyone then in the end, they'll help him. Perhaps, in this case, clear his name? Or perhaps, about his father abandoning him?


    6. no it was deleted because i clicked on the wrong button instead of clicking "publish" and then the page refreshed itself and the comment was gone .

      i forgot about the don't touch the koto thing, yeah i know they will all accept him and be in chika's side which makes me curious why is udzuki brought back now at this specific time, and i'm glad that you mentioned chika's dad i was thinking about him too and chika's family in general and weather chika's aunt (isaki) can shed light on that situation.

    7. Oh...

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