July 24, 2017

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 116]

[Free talk: I’m surprised that this is out so the Chinese group is continuing it after all? Maybe they just laid low for a while due to the licensing? Anyway, after this, I’ll work on KOT 60.]
Narration: “January, it is now the start of the unified national college exams.” Shouta’s mother calls out if he already got his exam permit. Shouta shouts that he has it and he’s going! Everyone else is getting ready for the exams. Sawako’s mother tells her to be careful on her way and gambatte

Sawako says yes, and she’s going! Ayane holds the candy from Pin on her lips then calls out that she’s going-! Narration: “Afterwards, on February, the moment when everyone will formally face the challenge has arrived.” Sawako greets Shouta a Happy Valentine’s day!!

She says that she bought chocolates this year and she thinks that it ought to be very delicious. Holding the bag of choco, Shouta thanks her and says that she even specially bought for him. She apologizes for taking his time when he is obviously still studying. He says no, he actually thought that he won’t have one this year.
“But...about that, I also wanted to see you...I’m so happy--... It’s because we haven’t seen each other for several days that I felt a bit embarrassed.” Sawako giggles and says, ya. They bid each other goodbye and gambatte. So, while studying at home for the official college exams, even if it just a short meeting, that is how they welcomed their third V-day.

[<- Note: Most universities in Japan have two rounds of entrance exams, and applicants are given two chances to take the exams. The first exam, which all students take at the same time, decides whether they get into the university. The second round of exams is specific to the university which the student wishes to attend. These exams determine what subjects a student can study there. Source: factsanddetails.com]

Sawako gets a message from Chizuru on her phone. Chizuru shows a picture of herself with a chocolate cupcake. She says that she did it so next, she’ll give it to him!! Sawako is very happy about this. She thinks that Chizuru is so cute and so amazing.
Then, it’s Ayane’s turn to report. Ayane wrote that she passed and next, she’ll go to the school to report to the teacher. This made Sawako happy that she exclaims that’s great-..! Narration: “The sakura [cherry blossom] that belongs to Ayane was the first to bloom.”

Ayane smiles over Sawako’s congratulations. She takes out the candy from her pocket and looks at it. She wonders if she’ll tell Pin that she treated it as a good luck charm. She imagines Pin laughing that it is his contribution!!! Ayane laughs and exclaims that it’s possible that he’ll say it.

She thinks that even if he said it, she cannot refute it because if it weren’t for him, she had given up earlier on. “If I tell him that I passed, what would he say to me?” On the way to school, she passes by a chocolate store with a V-day advertisement. Ayane looks shocked for it is indeed-!!!
She gulps then becomes embarrassed that she gave Pin choco during the first and second year. She wonders about buying it as a thank you gift, or maybe act indifferent but then, how can she do that. So, to give or not to give!!? She glances at the advertisement again.

She screams that she cannot do it and runs off. This made a kid ask his mother what’s up with that girl. His mother says that it is a girl’s spring. At the school’s shoe lockers, Ayane thinks that this is shameless Pin [she’s talking about] and it is highly possible that he’ll hold out his hand and ask where his choco is.

She ponders on there or not, she should have bought one and just say, ‘it cannot be helped, so I’ll give it to you’ or ‘it is actually for my father’... Her thoughts are interrupted by Chigusa who asks if she came to report about the exam results. Ayane says yes.
Chigusa congratulates her. Giving her an envelope with the note ‘for Ayane’ in front, she says to treat it as a congratulation for making the list. Ayane gives her a bag full of potato chips and says that Chigusa might need it since she is working on the graduation book.

Chigusa declines but Ayane kept on insisting until she tells her that it is hush money. Finally taking the chips, Chigusa tells her to relax and assures her that her lips are sealed. Blushing Ayane thanks her. Then, she goes to the toilet to look at the photos of herself and Pin together. This made Ayane really happy as she mentally thanks Chigusa.

Ayane is teary-eyed upon seeing herself and Pin laughing in a group photo. She put the photos aside since it might got wet. She wonders how many more times are left. “Three? After reporting, two more...? *recalls their bickering before* Are the opportunities for us to meet are only these many...?” Then, she recalls him looking at her during the festival.
As she heads upstairs to the faculty office, Ayane thinks that she couldn’t for she is going to cry and she couldn’t endure it because he’ll definitely become aware of it this time. Inside the faculty room, Pin hears something. He heads out and no one is around.

He calls out if anyone is there and it’s all quiet. He angrily slams the door and shouts that unexpectedly, there’s nothing!! He looks at the clock and it is already 2pm. He keeps on bumming around anxiously. He perks up when a girl calls out and says that she passed her first choice. Pin exclaims that’s great and he knew that she can do it.

After writing that she had passed and told her to take care, he asks if she has seen Ayane. The girl is puzzled and asks if she wasn’t here. After the girl left, Pin thinks that the list should be release today or did she didn’t make it to the list. It is already 4:04pm. He decides to wait for a while.
At the train station, Ayane is looking at her and Pin’s pictures. Kent passes by and asks her what she is doing in this kind of place. He says that as for him, it is because someone said that she’ll give him chocolates so he came to accept them but of course, he’ll return it [on White day].

Ayane laughs and says that it is because he’s sincere and nice. Kent says that what she said is quite...correctHe mentions that last year was special because he only accepted a honmei [true love] choco and he’s so happy. Ayane looks flustered because she obviously did a cruel thing yet he is willing to view it as a happy memory.

Kent realizes something that he exclaims if she went to school and she’s on her way home!? “The result!? Is it announced!?” She smiles and says that she passed. Kent holds her hands and exclaims that’s great, and congratulations. She thanks him. He notices that she’s holding some pictures.
She informs him that it is pictures during the hatsumode that Chigusa gave her. He smiles and sits beside her. He says that actually, he was also there. He tells her that he saw her and the others. Ayane says that she didn’t know and how come he didn’t come over and greet them.

Kent says that he thought, forget it, it feels that it already doesn’t matter. “Upon seeing your expression that I have never seen before, I relaxed and felt at ease. But perhaps, throughout this life, you are the girl whom I like the most!

...*Ayane is surprised over that ‘never seen before expression’* When we broke up, do you still remember what I told you? *he told her to remember that he deeply loves her and next time, find someone whom she’ll really like!!* That’s great, Ayane!”

Ayane says geez, he’s such a nice person. Kent laughs and says that is his strong point. Ayane says thanks to him... She thinks that she has someone she likes for she always thought that it is impossible for someone to like her and for her to like someone but the one she fallen in love with...
Kent asks if she gave choco. She says that she couldn’t and she still hasn’t told him that she passed. Kent exclaims that isn’t good since he’s [Pin] waiting for her!! “While there’s still time, quickly go!” She looks surprised. Upon noticing that Kent is looking serious, she says yes.

Soon, Pin looks at the clock and it is already 6:35pm. He groans. There is an erase in a paper bag on the table. While running off, Ayane wonders if she said that it is okay even if she cannot endure it. “In the end, I’m still very afraid. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid of the result. It is the same with the college entrance exam, I’m so afraid!”

She calls Chizuru on the phone. Chizuru congratulates her. Ayane asks her to cheer her up and whatever it is, give her strength. This puzzles Chizuru who blurts out stupid-stupid..stinky little brat!! Ayane exclaims that is scolding.

She laughs and says don’t say it anymore because Chizuru is right, she is stupid and a stinky brat. She thanks Chizuru for she had livened up. Chizuru asks her if she’ll feel lonely in Tokyo all by herself. Ayane says no, she’ll strive hard...
Then, she calls Sawako who congratulates her. Ayane apologizes for interrupting her studies but can she say ‘gambatte’ to her. After looking surprised, Sawako exclaims, “...gambatte! Ayane, gambatte, gambatte, gambatte...!” Ayane thanks her.

Ayane wipes her tears and says that it’s great that she got to meet everyone. Narration: “...Sawako who can calmly accept whoever Kazehaya likes. Chi-chan who knows that both sides [her and Ryu] find it difficult. Kent who knew that I’m going to talk about a break up yet he still willingly faced me...

...everyone around me didn’t bother to think of the outcome. Definitely, in their eyes, I’m like an idiot. Very childish.” She passes by the choco shop and sees the advertisement again. She gets a wrapped box and tells the cashier that she’ll buy it.
Narration: “But, they are what I long to be. Can I also become like everyone?” She arrives at the faculty room but she was informed that Pin had already left. Just when the man is saying that Pin left very late, Ayane quickly shouts that she’s leaving. She heads to Pin’s apartment.

Narration: “Anyway, I’m a stupid brat but you can understand that, right? *walks upstairs* Would you say, it is alright even if I’m a stupid brat? Nah, even if I cannot endure it, definitely, no matter what words are said, no matter what is the outcome, can you accept everything?”

Ayane stands in front of the door. Then, she holds out her finger on the door bell. Ding dong. Pin opens the door. Ayane blushes. “If it is the first time for me to be rejected, I chose Pin-chan.”
Comment: This Vday is a make or break for Ayane. Will it be a yes or a no? The whole chapter is all about Ayane’s hesitations, thoughts, etc. The part that tears me up is the scene with Kent. Ugh...he’s so nice. Anyway, Ayane passed the exam so, will her luck hold up? Scans by 工作室

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  1. Thank you thank you so much for the summary :)
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    1. hmhmhm, are you talking about published manga or scanlation? If it is licensed published manga, it usually takes a longer time than the Japanese release. It is the same with Chinese licensed published manga.

      English scanlation will depend on the scanlators.

    2. Well even though i've done research and found out that volume 27 goes up to 112 then im guessing volume 28 goes up to 119 or something but it's really confusing and there are barely any blogs or forums that help the situation,i wanna know which was the last jap chapter for example because i started the anime/manga in hopes that it has ended but apparently its not so now im heartbroken.

    3. Its hilarious how we're in the same situation!

      I caught up with the manga today and have been searching for that chapter 113 quite insistently. As you said, there are no forums, no nothing - which is especially weird since this manga is quite popular! Or it used to, at least.

      Its also odd that the scanlator group (YKGE Scans) hasn't uploaded a chapter in about two months. Their past history shows they uploaded one to two KNT manga chapters per month. Its really odd because since the released of ch. 112, they haven't posted anything on their website or Facebook page either. Like yourself, I'm very confused as to what is happening. I don't know if they dropped the manga, if they're on a break, nothing. The fact that there's no update, no forums, no idea as to what's going on is both sad and perplexing :/

    4. hmhmhm, according to the official webpage, volume 29 starts at chapter 116. <- http://www.s-manga.net/omf/omf_978-4-08-845788-8.html

      Based on updates in baka manga, each volume has four chapters.

      Chapter 116 seems to be released on February/March issue of betsuma = assuming there was on break. I think the latest chapter in Japan is 120. There was no chapter this month due to illness according to ANN.

      Hope those information helps ^^

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  6. I heard somewhere that the last KNT arc was starting soon... :'(
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    1. Yes, caramelarose, according to ANN:

      Most likely. It depends if the latest chapter is about graduation. Then, the last arc would be fast breezing through the college years like what Sukitte Ii na yo is currently doing.

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    1. Yes, from what I heard, Anonymous.

      Yup, the mangaka is Japanese but I summarize from Chinese scanlations. I cannot read Japanese. ^^;

  8. Finally!! Pin looks absolutely adorable with his towel and hair down :) It is clear that Ayane had to think of the outcome more than the others, after all she fell for a teacher. She is being a bit harsh on herself but despite that she's still running to his place. That's really awesome of her.

    Pin was waiting for her and even asks for her. Does he even realise that he is still singling her out. I'm so happy to see that little bit because it seems to mean a lot, although it might also be nothing at all.

    1. Indeed, Crimson sky. It does seem to be a 'do it rather than regret later' kind of thing.

      True. It also might mean that for her not to come = she flunked.

    2. Ah yeah he might be worried as a teacher too.. I tend to forget these details in my search for red flags- Hints of his feelings for Ayane :P

  9. OH MY GOD! Just found your blog with those releases. I'm so glad. Thank you so much ! it takes sooooooo long for new chapters to be translated... (like more than 3 months to be able to read the next chapter of the same book...) so i'm really really thankful or all the hard work you've been doing here! Just hoped i'd find this sooner.
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