July 21, 2017

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 24 - Portrait of Love]

While having her portrait drawn, Yumi says, “Hello everyone. We are going to start the screaming lesson. In the art room, there are so many paintings. There are landscape paintings and there are also portrait paintings...

...Inadvertently, we would take a glance at a work that might be a thought-provoking thing.” Lesson 24 – Portrait of Love. In the art room, the teacher tells Murai [guesswork from 村井] that is right so add a shadow here. Murai paints a shadow behind the plate of fruits that she is painting.

The teacher says that she has talent. Blushing Murai thanks him. Narration: “In our art club, there is a god [/Mr. Right]. He is the adviser, Utsuki-sensei [guesswork from 雨月]. He had obtained an award in all sorts of major competitions. He is a very amazing person. And, everyone worships him...”
Murai looks at the others as they show Utsuki their art work and ask him to help them out. While putting away the art materials in the prep room, Murai thinks that them, little brats, have fallen for him and it isn’t likely that he’ll be happy about that.

Then, she notices something behind her. It is a painting of a girl peeking out of Utsuki’s bag. Murai says that startled her and is that Utsuki’s painting. She pulls it out and sees a smiling girl on the canvas. She says that it’s a beautiful girl.
She wonders what kind of person is this model. She touches the canvas. She ‘sees’ the girl smiling in front of a young Utsuki as he draws her. Murai wonders if that is Utsuki when he was a student. Then, she snaps out of it. Puzzled, she wonders what that was just now.

A couple of students come in with their art materials. This startled Murai. In the end, she brought home the painting that belongs to Utsuki. While looking at the painting, Murai continues to wonder what she experienced that afternoon.
“It’s so strange for it seems like I fallen into a dreamland... Could it be that it is a memory of the person in this painting...” In the library, Murai looks for the girl in the school’s yearbooks. She learned that the name of the girl is Kiyoha Mika [guesswork from 清葉未花].

This made Murai think that she went steady with her teacher. She calls out to the librarian and asks about the girl. “What is she doing right now?” The librarian says, ah, that student, she had passed away because of an accident. “It was going to be graduation soon when a pile of paintings that were placed high above, fell down on her.”
At the prep room, Murai thinks that even if it is Utsuki’s painting, it feels that it has a bit demonic... She puts the painting back into the bag. Just when she is about to leave, she hears something falling down. She nervously looks back.

She sees the painting has fallen down again and Mika is looking at her. Murai nervously asks how can...what does it want...? She takes the painting out again and asks if she wants to say something to her. “Why did you call me--...”

She touches the painting and ‘sees’ young Utsuki telling Mika that he likes her and wants her to be with him forever. Mika says that she too... Murai thinks, want to be together forever...? “It has been the first time I have seen sensei having that kind of expression...he likes her that much...”
At the art room, Murai is startled when Utsuki calls out to her. While the other girls are giggling over him praising them, Utsuki asks what’s up with Murai, can’t she mentally concentrate and she isn’t good in portraits. While Utsuki looks at Murai’s sketch, she says yes.

She thinks that he always brings that painting with him. “Until now, sensei still cannot forget...” Murai asks him if he liked someone before when he was still a student. He looks surprised. Then, she becomes embarrassed that she says that it is nothing, there’s no need to answer her.

Murai apologizes and says that she didn’t use her head when asking that question so don’t take it seriously... Utsuki says yes, there is a girl he really likes. “Always until now, I have not encountered someone better than her.” This surprises Murai.
Sitting by the sink at the art room, Murai holds the painting and felt really jealous of Mika since she was able to bluntly express her own feelings whereas she... She can only recall how she would just glance at Utsuki. So she takes a deep breath and writes a message to Utsuki.

She wrote for him to quickly come to the art room for there is something that she wants to tell him. Then, Murai tells Mika that no matter what, she would tell Utsuki of her own feelings even if she knows that she’ll be rejected but she doesn’t want to regret.

“But, before that, I want to convey to sensei what Kiyoha-san wants to say. (It is okay? Come, please tell me--...)” Murai touches the painting. She is startled by the noise. She ‘sees’ all sort of art materials were flying all over the room.
Just when she is wondering what’s going on, Murai ‘sees’ a beaten up Mika sitting on the floor. While holding a brush, Utsuki says that didn’t they promise to be together forever so how come she wants to turn and leave. “Mika, you’ll forever be my model. Forever, forever, forever and ever!!” He takes a painting and hits Mika with it. 

Murai fell down on the chair. She nervously wonders what that was just now. Then, she notices the painting of Mika is tearing a bit. She takes some woodcarving tools and starts to remove the top layer of the canvas. Murai sees a painting of scared Mika with her hands tied up.

Murai is startled when Utsuki appears behind her and says that it turns out that Murai took it. “That expression is really amazing. Sometime before, that is the portrait that I really like to paint.”
Murai quickly stands up but Utsuki grabs her shoulder. He darkly says, “That’s right, didn’t you have something to tell me, Murai?” Trembling Murai thinks that basically wasn’t an accident...

Grabbing the Mika painting, Utsuki says that even if he really wants to be with her forever but, it’s inevitable. “Kiyoha...thank you after all this time.” He burns the painting with a lighter and tosses it into the sink.

Smiling Utsuki tells scared Murai that next, she will become his model. Recalling the nice Utsuki, Murai wonders who’ll come and save her... The flames soon reach the part where Mika’s hands are bounded by a rope.
The flames broke and a black-faced Mika came out of the painting. This surprises Utsuki and Murai. Just when Utsuki asks...wha..., Mika grabbed his head. Then, Mika has a tender expression on her face.

While Murai looks surprised, Mika pulls screaming Utsuki into the flames. Murai just watches the flames. Narration: “Afterwards, the huge flame was immediately extinguished by the teachers so it didn’t lead into a major accident...

...*looks at the partly burned painting* Kiyoha-san’s expression at that time...it was like how happy she was when he confessed to her...” Soon, some girls are gossiping at the hallway. A girl ask about Utsuki-sensei has gone missing.
The other girl asks if that’s true and could it be that he got into some accident. The third girl says that that she heard of a scary rumor. “It was said that someone can hear a man’s scream coming out from the art room.”

In the art room, Murai is painting. Someone is calling, “...out...quickly let me out.” It is terrified Utsuki with a black-faced girl holding him from behind. Utuski calls out for someone to save him and let him out. Murai paints handcuffs on Utsuki.
Narration: “I have a mission. Everyday, I must look after this painting. Because as long as these two people remain in the painting, I also... *scene of tense Utsuki tied up and collared with smiling Mika holding him from behind* I can...also be with you forever, sensei...” With blank eyes, Murai slightly smiles.

As ghosts look at the paintings, Yumi says, “This one painting that buried the past has now become more thought-provoking. The teacher who was detained by the two girls...would probably not be able to get out of there forever, right...

...Everyone, do you also want to find that kind of painting that is filled with deep desire? This lesson is up to here. *ghosts holding some paitings* See you again next time.”
Comment: Well, Utsuki got what he deserved. I’m surprised though with the ending twist. Murai turns out to be somewhat twisted. It makes me wonder if that is a reason why Mika chose to ‘reveal herself’ to her instead of the other girls who also like Utsuki. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Relationship abuse tends to grow worse with possessiveness. ~ Author Unknown

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