June 19, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 91]

Narration: “I’m Han Kouju, the daughter of Han Shisei, the master of a famous family in Hakuyou. With power and money, father also occupies a seat in the palace. He considerably dotes on me. My handsome three older brothers also treated me the sole younger sister very nice...

...Everyone said that I’m a lucky girl. When I use the same kind of expression like a doll when smiling, what appears in my head is my mother. In Han family’s huge mansion, I’m quite guarded that I’m in my own world...

...Everyday, I will just do what I like to do. Passing a graceful and free life... but I rarely see mother and father talk.” Kouju looks at a paper and thinks that expressing the scene is quite good but it seems that it is a bit lacking.
Narration: “It was like this since I was young. From the servants’ private conversations, I learned of the reason. ...it is a fairly the commonly heard story. This isn’t a marriage that my mother wanted.” Kouju muses and thinks that she is always like this, continuing on writing a story...

The next day, Kouju yawns and says that it is her bad habit when she concentrates and has no way of leaving things half-done... Carrying a tray, Touka asks if she didn’t get enough sleep and does she need her to make some nutritious supplement for her. Kouju tells her to make her a delicious one.

Touka says okay. She tells Kouju that the master will scold her if she has those dark circles under her eyes. “Master said that when you go to lady princess consort’s tea party, you definitely have to be particularly beautiful.”
Kouju smiles and says of course, I’ll keep that in mind. Narration: “Father wants me to enter the palace as a consort. Before, I believe that this is a fate that I cannot escape since I’m born in the Han family. But, that day, I met her.”

At the gazebo, serious Yuulin calls out to Kouju and asks didn’t she become a bit thin? “The color of your complexion isn’t very nice to look at...” Kouju is surprise as she holds her own face.

She tells Yuulin that honestly, last night, she couldn’t help but think from where the brush point will burst out of inspiration so that she can record it. “But in the end...” Yuulin worriedly holds Kouju’s face and says that she’s up the whole night...
“~~~your novel is really amazing *holds head* That kind of passion can really make one admire you but it is no good if you don’t properly sleep and eat! Absolutely! *holds Kouju’s hands* Health is number one priority!! We are going inside. Are you hungry?

...Is there something that can be eaten immediately... *pulling Kouju* Ah, maybe you better first go take an afternoon nap--...” Yuulin is puzzled when Kouju giggles. Yuulin asks if she is listening. “Properly eat a bit of something that can warm your body. Women cannot let their bodies get cold.”

Narration: “Lady princess consort is a woman of unknown origin and she was able to become the one and only doted one of the Wolf King. When she is angry, the way she speaks is always very kind. A person who emits a strong light and possesses a special loved one...
...If father doesn’t abandon the idea of making me enter the harem, we are the enemy in the eyes of outsiders. That is so sad ...but, while father has not changed his intention, it is unlikely that someone will come to ask [my hand] for a marriage alliance...

...Then, during this time, my heart is free. I don’t know when it will come. For father and for the family clan, just like mother, I’ll be in a marriage that has no love. *looks at Yuulin*...

It would be good if this time can continue forever. A special beautiful love story lets me run away in fantasy. Dreaming while searching for a suitable rhetoric to create a record.”
That night, Kouju thinks that in the end, Yuulin is so amazing for the story’s inspiration would always just appear like that and there’s no need to end it. “By myself, I have no capability to lead my story into a beautiful conclusion...

...It would be good if reality always doesn’t come. Not today, nor tomorrow, it still won’t [come].” The next day, sleepy Kouju is walking at the hallway of her house. She laments that it is no good when she was obviously scolded by Yuulin yet in the end, she didn’t get enough sleep again...

Then, she sees glum Houen who is emitting a dark aura. She greets him and asks if he came to wait for her brother Suigetsu again for some official matters. “It’s really hard...” She feels sorry for him and she doesn’t know when this had become a normal occurrence.
“Regarding lady princess consort’s affairs, understanding older brother’s close colleague... Even if he is a very promising partner and can be a subject matter in the novel... No good...I didn’t get enough sleep that my head has no way of working clearly...”

Then, she notices Houen scowling at her. This puzzles her. Looking serious, Houen says, “Even if it is lacking in manners but have you been properly eating and sleeping?” This surprises Kouju that she thinks that it is really lacking in manners to say that to a girl and even glare while saying that.

Gloomy Houen continues to say, “I have heard of your hobby but when you are young, there will be a problem if you are overextending your body mentally and physically. I totally don’t approve of this.” Stunned Kouju suddenly recalls chibi Yuulin shouting no good, absolutely!!!
Kouju quickly covers her mouth to stop herself from laughing. This startles and puzzles Houen. Kouju says ah, no, it is because he and lady princess consort said the same thing that she cannot help but overlap them together... *trying to stop herself from laughing* I’m really sorry. Fu..ha..ha..”

Displeased Houen says that actually that doesn’t make him happy at all. Preparing to leave, Kouju says that Suigetsu acts so slowly so she’ll go get him. She thinks that it is no good to laugh out loud since it’s quite improper...

...Ah, but it is really funny. *smiles* ...this cannot be used in the novel, right? He he. Not today nor tomorrow, I still want to continue this beautiful dream. But there will be a day when I can also steadily walk towards my own story.”
Comment: This is a nice perspective from Kouju as to what kind of life a rich noble’s daughter has. She can pretty much do whatever she wants until she is married off. No wonder she really loves Yuulin’s love story because she knew that she won’t ever have that kind of story in her life.

Since she has resigned to her fate, it is most likely that everyone like her including her mother had that kind of inescapable fate. As a friend, it must really hurt that she’ll be forced to try to ‘share’ Yuulin’s husband. So, until that time, she has been running away from reality by writing novels.

Of course, this chapter hints of the possibility that she’ll end up with Houen. In a way, that will resolve the two family’s feud. They are a cute pair together and even if he is like that, he did care enough to admonish her to take care of herself. Hehe, of course, Houen doesn’t like it that he reminds her of Yuulin. =P

So, one day, perhaps, this possible love story will happen. On a side note, it is a surprise to learn that she has three older brothers. Though, I always find it weird why the father isn’t that strict with Suigetsu if he is the oldest especially in regards to work. It turns out that there are two other brothers. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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  2. They would make a cute couple. Considering Kouju was the top contender for Reishou upon his coronation it would take care of her as a possible rival. Reishou is probably still wary of what the government officials want him to do in regards to consorts and doesn't want to have much interaction with Kouju, so he'd probably be happy if she was married off to someone, too.

    Thanks for the update! :)

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