June 18, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 64]

Narration: “I’m always envious of that guy.” A girl screams to two other girls over what they are doing when the second game has already started. Ponytail girl says forget about them for they only wanted to see Ryuhoku vs Misuzu.

The other girl says that right now it’s Ryuhoku vs Nagaoka[長岡], right and it is possible that Shou might lose so she doesn’t really want to watch it. The girl shouts what nonsense are they talking about?! Then, Shou slams dunk the ball. People shout, “Ryuhoku won!”

Looking at a bulletin board, stunned Yuki thinks already won? “Two games...? Huh? They already won two games?” Amamiya and Nishiyama calls out to her that she came and she’s so slow to death. Going to them, Yuki apologizes and says that the professor got hold of her after class and won’t let go.
Amamiya says that they always send her a LIME [text app] message and she isn’t answering. Yuki says that it is because everyone only sent her ‘no way’ messages so she thought that they lost. Amamiya says that is a good ‘no way’ and not a bad ‘no way’ context.

Yuki asks where everyone is. Nishiyama tells her that the next game will be at 3pm so everyone seems to be in the locker room. “It would be better for us not to go, right... They are probably sitting on pins and needles right now.”

At the locker room, Usami-kun hugs Kuon tight and shouts that it is hard to believe because they only have to win one more game and they’ll be going to the Nationals. “It’s so incredible!!” Trying to free himself, angry Kuon shouts what’s with that strange tone and it doesn’t make him happy for Usami-kun to be this affectionately enthusiastic!!
Hatori asks if Usami-kun doesn’t know the meaning of ‘nervous’ and he’s really envious of him. Looking at the chart and schedule, Himiko thinks that it feels like something really amazing had happened. “In short, Ryuhoku currently won two games...

...Next, on the fifth round [at 3pm], they will only have to win against Misuzu... *hugs chibi Yuki doll* Machida-senpai. Please, protect us!” Abe sees this and asks Himiko what’s with that doll. Shou is fixing his wrist band when he overhears some noise outside. He goes out and calls out to Shizuka.

He asks if they’ll be playing against Ashizawa [蘆澤] next. Shizuka tells him to look at the competition schedule to know. Shou tells him to definitely win or else, they [Misuzu] are not worth defeating. With that, Shou goes back inside. Shizuka is irked by what he said.
Someone calls out to Shizuka to hurry for the warm up time is almost over. Shizuka says that he’s going. He recalls the past. Flashback: At the playground, young Shou read Shizuka’s essay about his dream to get into Interhigh.

Shou asked what is it specifically, and his writing is really awful. Shizuka said so he’s saying that it is a competition wherein the whole country’s most amazing high school students are gathered together to fight to become Japan’s number 1!

Shou says that’s really amazing. Shizuka exclaims that it is super amazing and didn’t he tell him that so many times already. “Anyway, I will definitely get into the Interhigh and for that, I’ve always been practicing hard!” Then, he hit his nose with the ball.
Shizuka asked Shou if he still doesn’t know why he wants to play basketball. Shou said ya, it is simply because it is fun. Shizuka cursed and said that he is really a huge idiot when obviously he isn’t thinking. “You have such a tall height, you also run fast and play basketball really well. You’re really good, Shou.”

Shou said is that so. Shizuka asked ha, did he say something. Turning the essay into a paper airplane, Shou said that it is nothing. He threw the plane into the sky. Shizuka shouted if there’s something wrong with his head that he’ll suddenly turn someone’s essay into a paper plane...! End flashback.

Later on, people are saying that Misuzu has defeated Ashizawa so they will play against Ryuhoku. At the court, the Ryuhoku coach tells everyone that Ryuhoku and Misuzu are entering the battle for the Nationals so before that, he wants to commend everyone for persevering until now and the last opponent is ah who is it...
Abe says that it is Misuzu and didn’t he mention it just now. The coach says yes, yes, they and Misuzu are the best opponents so fight impressively. Everyone shouts, yes!! Shou looks up at Yuki who nods back at him. Yuki wonders what to do since she is as nervous just like when she was sitting at the coach’s seat.

Kanda is saying that he has this feeling in his ears. Nishiyama curses because his hands are sweating too much that he has no way of calling Tonomura. Shouji shouts that he unexpectedly wanted to go to the toilet but the game is about to start so what is he to do.

Narration: “Finally, it is the important moment of, whether or not, one will certainly advance to the Nationals. *scene of Yuki comforting downcast Shou* Starting from that day, always concentrating and striving towards this goal— Betting on the Interhigh ticket’s last battle.”
And, the fifth round is going to start. The game of Misuzu Academy vs Ryuhoku High officially starts. After they greet each other, Shizuka tells Shou that he always worked hard for this moment. “In order to win against me, give me all you got.” Shou just looks serious. The referee throws the ball.

Shou and Shizuka jumps for it but Shou got it. Everyone is cheering for both teams as the game progress. Noda manages to shoot. A male reporter says that Ryuhoku’s Shou and Misuzu’s Shizuka are outstanding athletes during first and second year high.

He comments that he didn’t think that the two of them will become captains and can compete for superiority in this huge stage. Female reporter says that it is a tightly linked fate. The male reporter that ‘tightly linked’-whatever is very weird but rather than saying that it is fate...
Kira and Tonomura say, “It would be better to say that it is ill-fated relationship...” The two are surprised to see each other but nevertheless, they greet each other. Fangirls are squealing over how cute of the ex-captains to be chatting. A guy comments that they are just greeting each other.

Back at the court, Shizuka wonders if Shou is going to pass the ball. Shou charges instead and thanks Shizuka. This irked Shizuka and tells him not to look down on him. With that, he slaps the ball away from Shou. Arisa tells Yuki that the first half is going to be over soon but it feels that they totally couldn’t score and is this alright.

Yuki explains to her that both sides’ defense is equally matched...but...she didn’t think that the score would be up to this degree... Ryuhoku leads with 21 vs Misuzu’s 18. A Ryuhoku player says that it’s really difficulty to be psyche up.
Himiko protests that they are leading by three points. Abe says but in the latter half, Misuzu can keep up their strength so it is still a problem whether or not they can maintain the three point difference. And, there’s only 30 seconds left.

Shou recalls Yuki telling him to definitely bring her to the Nationals next year. Usami-kun manages to steal the ball and run back to their side. Shouji exclaims that it is a good opportunity. Usami-kun shoots the ball but it doesn’t get in. He is surprised to see Shou catching the ball and throwing it back to him.

Shou crashes to side. Usami-kun manages to finally shoot the ball in. Everyone shout what was that pass and it’s super cool. Pfft! Ryuhoku leads by five points in the first half. Shizuka looks at the side and sees Shou. He says, hey.
Bleeding on his right eye, Shou asks ah? Soon, everyone including Yuki is freaking out that Shou is bleeding. Holding his bleeding face, Shou says that it is a puzzle. Abe holds his face and asks what puzzle, it is because he just bumped into something.

He screams that without this face, Shou only has basketball. “Do you understand!!!” Himiko is freaking out whether to go to the infirmary or call 119 [emergency hotline]. The coach says to let him see that. Yuki wonders what is that idiot doing and is the wound deep, and did he bump in full force.

Amamiya asks if that guy is okay and he’ll go check it out. Yuki stops him and says no, she’ll go. Tonomura stops her and says no, even if they go, they cannot go to the coach’s seat. Yuki thinks yes, right now is halftime break and they should do all sorts of adjustments.
“It will just be trouble if I were to run over there... *grabs her arm tightly* ...but, can I really just sit here and cheer for him? He is obviously striving quite hard... No, I already decided that I’ll simply keep watch over him from a distant...

...But is that really okay? Is there still some other way? Right now, what else can I do here---...” At the locker room, the coach says that the wound isn’t too deep so just put some disinfectant and it would be alright. Himiko exclaims not to let it swell and she is going to get some ice.

The coach tells everyone to take advantage of this time to properly recuperate their energy. Holding a towel [given by Yuki] with blood on it, Shou says that it is already dirty. Noda says but that is just a towel after all. Abe shouts at Shou that it is alright. He urges Shou to quickly use it to press on his wound to stop the bleeding.
Then, Shou notices a patch with a note on it. It says, “Fight! Captain” Shou recalls Yuki saying that she put all sorts of things in it. This made Shou put the towel on his face and mutter what is that person thinking of doing.

In a huddle, Shizuka tells his teammates to pay attention. “Starting at the latter half of the game we have to quickly catch up to a tie. Afterwards, pull a big point difference. Do not be afraid. Just do your utmost ability to score...

...We have reach here already so pondering about the past and future is just a waste of time. The road to advancing to the Nationals is already in front. (Finally, I’ll quickly soon reach the place that I have always yearned for. Right now, there is no alternative except to win.)”
And the game starts. Some girls exclaim in surprise that Shou is also playing and is he really okay. Yuki looks worried and flustered. She bites her lip and starts to walk away. Amamiya and others call out if she isn’t going to watch the game.

At the court, Shou tells Shizuka, “...when was it. I forgot about it already. In the past, you already...asked me ‘why do you play basketball’. At that time, I totally don’t understand and I really cannot think of anything. So, I’m a bit envious of you who can clearly say out the meaning and goal of basketball...

*Shizuka looks surprised* ...but, right now, I also understand why I’m striving hard to play basketball. *recalls Yuki saying that she likes him when he is struggling as he give it his all-out effort. Also recalls how happy his rejoicing teammates are as they hug him* Right now, I can clearly tell you. It is because the me who is playing basketball is the most real me.”
Shizuka looks surprised. Flashback: Young Shizuka called out to Shou to pass the ball to him. Another teammate shouted that he is too noisy when he’s sucks to death! Shou told Shizuka that he is really happy playing basketball with Shizuka. End flashback.

Then, Shou says that it seems that he [Shou] is ‘I only have basketball without this face’. Shizuka says, ha? While Yuki is rushing off somewhere, Shizuka slightly smiles and says, “Very good, stupid Shou.”

Narration: “First half is 20 minutes. Second half is 20 minutes. A game that cannot make people’s eyes turn away from. That kind of speed is just like our youth. If one isn’t careful, that light will slip away from one’s fingers. There is definitely someone who’ll be able to catch it---”
Comment: Chances of Ryuhoku winning is really high. With Yuki probably going down to the court, a public announcement is also highly possible. I think both will be the climax of the arc. Though, a sudden thought occurred to me. Would it be interesting if it was Yuki who announced it instead of Shou?

Even if I wanted Ryhoku to win, a part of me also wants Misuzu for Shizuka’s sake to get into the National. I mean it was his dream since childhood and this is the last possible chance he’ll ever get. It makes me wonder if it is only the winner who gets into the Nationals.

In Slam Dunk, two teams got in so I’m wondering if it will be the same here since the series is influenced by the said series. Actually, for Shou to get hurt, I’m slightly expecting that because of what happened in SD during the Nationals. ^^; Thankfully, it wasn’t that serious.

Lastly, Shizuka’s pep talk as captain is quite good. He is quite focus and calm as he tells the others what they have to do. In the end, Shou has finally found the reason why he plays basketball. I guess that is the closure for Shizuka’s persistent question when they were young. Scans by 红莲汉

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