June 14, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 38 - Kurosaki-kun's Family/House 2]

[Free Talk: This chapter is listed as chapter 38 so I’ll assume that this was the continuation to the other one last month which was oddly short than normal. I might misread some words since the scans are smaller than usual. ^^;]

The next day, wearing glasses, Yu is walking at the courtyard. She thinks that she woke up so early in the morning and the courtyard is tended quite beautifully. “I’m going to leave his house today...”

Haruto’s father calls out to her and asks what she is doing. “You still won’t quickly leave this place.” Aghast Yu thinks that’s right...but, ev...even if the possibility is very small but she would want to try. She says, about that...

Haruto’s father threatens that he can also do that kind of thing wherein he’ll use force to throw her out. Yu clenches her fist and thinks, “...but, Kurosaki-kun came back to this house for me...” She tells the father to please let her stay.
“...I can sweep the courtyard. I won’t freeload, I can sweep the courtyard! Anyway, it is so wide! *Haruto’s father turns to leave* I also usually live this kind of life in the dorm and right now, I’m very skilled...” Then, she steps into a shallow pond and falls down.

The water splashed on Haruto’s father. He tells her that she is the same with Haruto who won’t listen to what others say. “—Come over and warm yourself up.” At the living room, Yu has changed into her gym clothes. The father with a towel on his shoulders sits on the sofa.

He says that it will be troublesome if she catches a cold. She apologizes. She nervously thinks that she’ll absolutely be driven out and he is using that frightening look to stare at her. Haruto’s father says that he saw her during the sports festival.
He had also heard from the dorm manager that there is a female student who is getting quite close to Haruto. “What’s your relationship with him? *Yu becomes nervous since their relationship is being asked* In the end, he had grabbed you [to come here], yes.” 
Thinking that it is a ‘conveniently keeping a close-watch over her’ kind of going steady, Yu mutters that the...they are currently...going steady... Haruto’s father pauses and says how is it possible that there is someone who can endure going steady with Haruto.

Flustered Yu asks if he is saying that he is opposing it. Haruto’s father tells her from the very start, that guy will always go around the place causing trouble with indecent people. “I told him so many times to just stay at home but he won’t listen...
...so, he is always bruised up. *holds head* I already had enough of that kind of thing. Besides, Takumi had come over. So in the end, he simply took him to board in school so ‘out of sight, out of mind’.” Yuki thinks that it’s so strange for could it be that...

She calls out to him and says that he is really very worried about Haruto. Haruto’s father look surprised that he says what she is saying. He darkly tells her not to talk about nonsense unrelated things. Yu is shocked for he is totally unaware of it.

Haruto says that from the looks of it, she doesn’t understand Haruto. He tells her that Haruto isn’t good in blending in with others in order to get along. As the father stands up, Yu protests that starting from high school, she knows Haruto more than him. He asks her for proof. Yu is shocked by that. He tells her that in the end, she is just good in talking, that’s all.
Thinking that he is the same with Haruto who’ll force one into a desperate situation, Yu shouts that she has a picture of Haruto sleeping (even if it is a stolen shot) which was taken at the dorm. Haruto’s father darkly tells her that he has pictures of Haruto when he was young up to when he’s older, and they are so many that it’s too much already. Yu thinks that she has lost.

Just then, Haruto comes in and asks what Yu is doing. Yu nervously asks when he came in, and good morning... He tells her not to fool him for he was looking for her so early in the morning. Haruto’s father glance back and tells Haruto to tell Yu what she needs to pay attention to while living here. “This lady is responsible for sweeping the courtyard everyday.”

Yu thinks that she got the consent to stay there. While sweeping the dried leaves at the courtyard, Haruto asks Yu what they were talking about just now. She tells him that it is nothing just some idle talk. She couldn’t tell him about the stolen shot.
She starts to tell him about his father but Haruto interrupts her by saying that she can really immediately wag her tail and beg for pity to anyone. Yu asks what he is saying and anyway, his father has given his consent for her to stay there so isn’t that quite good.

She wonders why Haruto is in a bad mood. She thinks that she done something to get him angry or he is unsatisfied with her. Then, she asks what this is. She gestured to a propped up tree. He tells her that it is a sakura [cherry blossom] tree so what about it.

Yu says that there is a support tied above so she wondered if it had snapped off before. “You people really treasure it. During spring, it ought to be able to bring out very beautiful flowers.” Haruto says that it is good if it can still bloom. Yu is surprised by that.
She wonders if until now, Haruto hates his house and hates his father. During another meal, Yu is aghast for there are tomatoes again. Haruto tells her to eat all of it. While sweeping the dried leaves, Haruto’s father asks her where Haruto is. She asks if he wants her to call for him.

The father says no, forget it or else, she cannot sweep it sufficiently clean that he has to re-do it. Yu lamely says yes. She thinks that actually, he wanted to talk a bit with Haruto, right... Later on, exhausted Yu jumps into the bed. She wonders what to do and that’s right, today is New Year’s Eve.

“I don’t know if I can go out for the New Year countdown... It should be a no, right.” Her cellphone rings and she wonders if it is Haruto. It turns out to be a message from her parents with a picture of the two in Hawaiian clothes. She thinks that it’s good that they’re having fun. [<- I couldn’t read the message; something about they are going to some place today]

She perks up and thinks that she herself was the one who said that she wanted to sweep the courtyard and she’ll do it like what Haruto’s father told her. She decides to re-do her make-up for the afternoon. To her shock she realized that she had used up her make-up remover.
At the streets, Yu insists to Haruto that she can go to the convenient store by herself. “Didn’t you make an agreement with your father that you’ll always stay in the house...” He tells her that he won’t cause trouble. “How can I let you go out by yourself? You were secretly running off.”

There is a scene of Haruto catching Yu on top of the wall as she is about to go out. Yu says that it is because she felt that there’s no problem if she’s by herself. Yu can only mentally tell Haruto’s father that they’ll come back soon.

Just then a couple of women are saying isn’t that Kurosaki-san’s son!? “He came back? How troublesome--- Just when I thought that we can finally live peacefully in this place. Before he had a huge reputation of bringing about a lot of serious troublesome things...
...His father is the chairman of the board so I heard that he would depend on his father every time to keep things down. Bringing up that kind of child. Perhaps, it is a good thing that his wife passed away early.”

Flustered Yu calls out, hey... Haruto holds her face and tells her not to mind them. While the two women decided to immediately leave, Yu protests. Haruto tells her that what they said is a fact. Yu says that saying it like that is so cruel...

Haruto asks her what she is angry about. She tells him that she is angry because... He already starts to leave. He tells her that didn’t he tell her so many times to mind her own business. Yu is flustered by that. She wonders if they can go steady like this.
“I’ll just be obedient and listen to whatever he says. ...if it is really like that, then in the end, what am I to Kurosaki-kun?” While Haruto walks in front, he tells her that this main road is a sightseeing place so there are many people. He urges her to walk quickly. He turns to her and asks if she heard him.

He sees Yu looking glum. Then, he overheard some girls saying that this store is a glass museum. “The hand-made accessories are so cute and very popular! I’m so excited-” Yu is surprised when Haruto suddenly grabs her hand and tells her to come over here.

And, he leads her into the store. Behind them are some guys. One of them says that seems to be Haruto. Another person says it is that’s impossible for Haruto to be with a girl. “You’re mistaken and how can he be possibly be in this kind of place.”
They apologize to Hino [guesswork from 冰野] and say that they were mistaken. Holding a lollipop, he says that if it is Kurosaki-senpai then it really makes one feel nostalgic. “I’ll go and greet him a bit.” Inside the store, Yu says that all of these things are made of glass.

Thinking that even if she like these things, Yu protests no, they cannot idly stroll because if his father were to find out. Haruto holds her head and says that she just have to listen to what he says. Yu says that she knows already. She wonders what’s up with him all of a sudden and she couldn’t understand what he is thinking when he is obviously not interested in this kind of things.

The saleslady welcomes them. She informs them that the artisan goods at the counter are one of a kind. Holding the necklace, Yu thinks that it’s so beautiful and January is a garnet. She thinks that it will be her birthday soon. She asks Haruto when his birthday is.
He tells her that it was in December. Shocked Yu asks when. He tells her that it had already passed. She is aghast that she had missed his birthday. Haruto asks her why she is asking about that. She recalls his father telling her that she basically doesn’t know Haruto.

Putting back the necklace, she thinks that Haruto’s father is right, because in the end, she still cannot do anything about Haruto.  “Even if after coming to Kurosaki-kun’s house, I felt that our distance has shortened but not only that, nothing has changed at all.” She sighs. He clicks his tongue to say that here she goes again.

Then, he sees her looking glum. He tells her to stay there. Surprised Yu asks if he is going. She slightly bumps the table and a glass is about to fall. Hino grabs the glass and says that’s dangerous. Yu apologizes. Holding the glass, Hino says no, it is good that this hasn’t dropped and broke.
“You are Kurosaki-senpai’s...girlfriend” Yu blushes really red over this. Hino says he is Haruto’s kouhai during junior high. “It is the first time I saw senpai strolling down the street together with a girl.”

Blushing Yu thinks that this place is Haruto’s family’s [/hometown]... Yu says that for the time being, she is considered his girlfriend (probably...). Then, Hino drops the glass on the floor. Crash.

Haruto hears this just as he is buying something at the cashier. Yu has bend down to pick the glass up. Hino bends down to her and says, no way, the two of them aren’t a bit suitable. Yu looks surprised.
Comment: Yu is making progress with the father. I guess it helps that he is very similar with Haruto and can be moved by her persistence and sincerity. The father actually looks like an older Haruto with his hair down and messy. ^^;

It is interesting how Yu can see through the father. Apparently, both father and son have trouble ‘defining’ what they are doing as ‘love’. For Haruto, it is his unusual attachment for Yu. For the father, it is ‘caring’ for Haruto that he would repeatedly warn him from going out or else, he’ll be all bruised up.

Unfortunately, the father gave up on Haruto and let Takumi take him away. I find the part wherein they’re quarrelling over who knows Haruto more with photographs funny. Is that a good comparison, Yu? But then, it shows that the father does have a lot of his pictures and probably kept them.

Also, for him to say how could anyone endure going steady with Haruto, I would want to ask how about his wife? Why did she marry him? It was established that he is quite similar with Haruto. I guess he and his son clash since they are too similar in some ways especially with wanting/forcing others to do what they want.

I guess Haruto isn’t too happy that Yu is chummy with his father and keeping secrets from him. Regarding the sakura tree, I get a feeling that it will bloom this spring. It would probably the time when the father and son had sorted their issues out.

It does seem that Haruto’s bad reputation and enemy/ies are going to hunt him soon. The neighbors obviously hated/feared him for being a troublemaker and for ‘using’ his father to protect him. Their comment about his mother was indeed under the belt.

Haruto isn’t keen on telling Yu anything and would tend to snap at her if she gets herself too involved in his matters. I think Haruto doesn’t know that he is hurting Yu when he does that so he assumed that bringing her to a glassware store or buying her something would cheer her up.

Those are temporary distractions and it would be better for him to figure it out soon what’s bothering her or he’ll lose Yu. She seems to be wavering a bit regarding their relationship because of how he still treats her. Of course, it will also help if he is be less dominating even if he thinks that is for her own good.

The new guy seems like a jerk. I’m not sure if he’ll be ‘guy 3’ who’ll someone falls in love with Yu as what Chinese readers are speculating. I have a feeling that he’ll blame Yu for the broken glass. It is a very bad place for Haruto to ‘go wild’ here with all the fragile expensive things around them.

I’m not too sure if the store has cctv cameras but it can help in stopping any false accusations. Things can be messy depends on if Yu can stop Haruto from blowing his top or Haruto can control himself. Nevertheless, the new guy gives me a feeling that he is up to no good and might provoke Haruto. Scans by 腾讯动漫

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