June 24, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 59 - present]

Narration: “Had encountered a situation wherein there is a suitable playing environment but the audience isn’t at all interested in listening to the piece. *playing in school for the first time*...

...Had encountered a situation wherein the playing environment and the audience’s situation is at its reached its optimum state.*playing in competitions* As well as--” Suzuka watches Chika and others are they get ready to play in the shopping mall.

Chika looks tense when there is a loud announcement about everything in the store is 70% off. Then, there is a boy crying out loud while his mother comforts him. Scowling Chika wonders if they are really going to play in this kind of environment. Suzuka notices Chika looking at him.
Suzuka gestures with his hands for them to quickly play. This irks Chika. Satowa asks Chika what is he scared of and this isn’t a bit like him. He angrily asks ha!? Satowa tells him it is fine to just PLAY LIKE THE USUAL.

Chika scowls and says that he knows already so just use the performance to make people turn and listen. Everyone nods in agreement. Everyone start to play and some shoppers glance at them.

Takezou thinks that the first piece is a New Year piece that Suzuka had blended and compiled to become their composed piece. Sane thinks that the composition is super cool especially at the end-- Then, they were interrupted by a loud announcement about the limited sale in a certain store.
Then, some shoppers say that they’ll go there to check it out. Jittery Hiro thinks that even if the sales people do not have any malice but can’t they pay a little attention over their situation at this side. Flustered Kouta thinks that it is also inevitable because that is their job.

Michi thinks that the because of work, the sales people want to attract the customers attention as if their lives depended on it. “But then, we also want the customers’ attention.” Hiro and the three guys are burning as they believe that this is a fight to get the customers!!!

Takezou notices that 2 and 3 sound group’s volume had increased. He thinks that this is bad because if this side didn’t increase the volume, it will break the balance.
Meanwhile, Chika is getting irked over the guy sitting on the bench. The guy is still loudly chatting on the phone. He gets more irritated over a kid asking what that hole is. The other kid says that it is defective product.

This made Chika angrily plays the koto as he mentally tells them to be a bit serious in listening!!! This startles the kids and the guy on the phone. Michi thinks that’s amazing and it’s such a strong send-out. Sane thinks that has force and like this---

They were surprised when the man on the phone clicks his tongue and says that it’s noisy to death. Hiro thinks that he would unexpectedly say that they are noisy. Kouta starts to wonder they were number one in Kanagawa, right...?
Suzuka thinks that even if there are people who stopped but there were almost no people who listen through the koto music. This is the first level, right? Here, there are a huge number of people who HAVE OTHER GOALS. Then, add in the surrounding that is filled with attractions and noise...

...It will be extremely difficult to make them stop walking. *smiles* Then, what should they do.” Chika wonders how to make the customers listen to them, and this is basically not a problem of whether they played it well or not.

“In short, I must first attract the people’s gaze.” Takezou thinks but they cannot suddenly change the way how it is played. Hiro thinks that if a louder volume is no good, how about a faster pace.
Kouta wonders why it has this futile feeling to it. “How come we cannot play in this kind of place? We’re wasting our time playing here today. Wouldn’t it be better for us to use it to prepare for the Nationals?”

Michi thinks that unfortunately Akira isn’t here today. “Tetsuki and Isaki-san who usually listen to our performance are not here either. *Akira and Isaki are working while Tetsuki is in an overseas trip* Right now, I totally don’t know for whom we are playing for.”

Sane thinks that this is bad for it feels that the self-confidence that they brought back with that victory THAT DAY as well as the value of their music are being uprooted---  Everyone is surprised when they hear Satowa playing calmly. They think that it is Satowa’s timbre.
From all the noise, they recall her saying that it is fine for them to play like the usual. “It is a timbre that hasn’t any slightest bit of wavering.” This made Chika flustered.

He recalls his earlier thoughts of wanting people to seriously listen and how to attract the people’s gaze. He grinds his teeth and wonder what he is--... He calms down and starts to play calmly. Satowa smiles after hearing him play. The others follows suit as they all start to play calmly.

Takezou thinks that they shouldn’t think of unnecessary things. “Do not be bothered by what surrounds us because no matter what kind of surrounding or what kind of situation, they have to be at peace and value each sound, our own sound.”
This made Suzuka smile as he closes his eyes to listen. The two kids looked amazed. The guy on the phone starts to listen. The sales lady and the customers stop what they are doing and start to listen. A couple of mothers grab the two kids and scold them for not being careful and just running off.

The mother urges her kid to quickly leave but the kid asks her to stop because he wants to listen. The other party on the phone asks the guy if he is still listening. The guy says ya, ya. The other party starts to tell him that afterwards, that senpai—

The guy apologizes and says that he’ll call her back in a while. Soon, there are more people stopping to listen to the performance. After they finished the piece, they were surprised to hear people applauding.
An older woman says that it is really amazing while another says that it is not bad at all. Chika notices the kid in total awe over the performance. This made Chika blush and beam with joy. He snaps out of it when Satowa tells him not to get carried away.

Embarrassed Chika says that he wasn’t. Satowa says that it is written all over his face. Takezou laughs over this. Sane notices some people sitting on the bench to listen to more of their performance. This made Chika and others happy. The announcement thanks Tokize for the marvelous first performance and next, would be ‘Kuon’.

“It was said that this is the piece that they first played in a tournament so it is filled with memories-- *across them, a hooded guy is taking a video of Chika on his phone.* Then, please enjoy Tokize High’s second piece, ‘Kuon’!”
Just then, Chika notices the hooded guy. The hooded guy quickly turns to leave. At the side of the hooded guy who is leaving, there is another guy with a small bag watching them.

Carrying a guitar, a curly guy called out to him as Natsu and asks him what’s up. Natsu says that is seems that those people are from Tokize so he did a double take, that’s all. Curly says Tokize, didn’t he take an exam in Tokize when he can obviously go to a better place with his strength.

Natsu turns around and says that it is okay to go anywhere because no matter where, he is a ‘capable kid’. Irked Curly says yes, yes, he’s right and he’s really not cute. Natsu says by the way, where they are going to perform today. Curly says that it is over there from the exit.
Natsu asks if the other members had already arrived. Curly says they ought to be and he heard that they were happy that Natsu came to help out in the stage. Natsu says that the college students must be really happy that a junior high student came to help on stage.

Curly angrily says hey. Natsu smiles and tells him to relax for his performance is absolutely worth rewarding. Then, he and Curly head to the stage for the Spring Live! Later on, while everyone is packing up, Yamamura happily tells everyone good job [otsukaresama].

He says that even in such a poor surrounding, they were able to have such an amazing performance. “I’m thoroughly moved! It’s the same with ‘Haru no Umi’. It has fresh and youthful inexperienced feel to it since it has that specific high schooler feeling. *those comments poked on Chika.* I’m really thankful to you all!!”
Chika angrily curses. Depressed Kouta says that in the end, they were still unable to express charm out. Sane tries to cheer them by saying that today’s Kuon is perfect so let today as is. Satowa says that there are still eight months before the Nationals so within that time, they must shape up.

Chika asks isn’t she already shaped up like having that charm. Satowa says that even if she is a lot shaped up than him but she is still far from enough. Chika angrily says, ha!? “What did you say...” Then, he stops upon recalling Satowa playing.

Satowa asks what, for him to suddenly stop talking halfway. Chika thinks that honestly speaking, he thought that he got near to Satowa through ‘Tenkyuu’, and he thought that he can already stand beside her but he is still far, far from enough.
Chika says, “Houdzuki, just watch. Before the Nationals, I will absolutely going to overtake you!!” Satowa and the others are surprised. Satowa smiles. She crossed her arms and says that she’ll wait and see then. Chika tells her to wait and see for he’ll absolutely overtake!!

She asks, absolutely? He shouts absolutely!! She smiles brightly and says, absolutely huh but she won’t be standing around to wait for him. This surprises Chika. He blushes a bit and looks away. He shouts that it suits him just fine!

Suzuka says okay, since they had reaffirmed their resolution, here is today’s reward. He hands them some paper. Satowa asks if it is a music sheet. Takezou asks could it be the music sheet that they’ll use for the Nationals!!
Sane exclaims that it is so amazing, quite amazing!!! Kouta asks what piece is it. They all look surprised to see a note of ‘I (tentative)’. Chika asks what is that (tentative). Suzuka says that even if it isn’t quite good to give them this piece but actually it is an incomplete piece.

“During April, won’t there be new members? If there are, would they participate together in the Nationals? Based on the situation, the possible piece will still be revised so it is still just (tentative). But, in short, you guys first practice--”

Flustered Takezou interrupts and says to wait, before that, let him confirm something. “This piece...is composed by sensei?” Puzzled Suzuka says yes, and after everything, how come he is mentioning this.
Takezou says that because until now, it is arrangements from ‘original pieces’. Isn’t this the first time for it to be a totally original piece?!!” Sane says that’s right, so amazing!! Michi says that it is 100% created by Takinami.

Hiro says that she really anticipates what kind of piece it is!! Kouta says that is saying that Suzu-chan sensei is thinking of them. “It is a piece made just for us, right!!?”

Suzuka isn’t too pleased over that. Chika and the other three guys are sparkling as they think that it is a piece made for them. Suzuka angrily tells them to quit with that look.
Takezou says no, they are really...very happy. “We will properly treasure it.” Suzuka looks surprised as they all look quite happy. This made Suzuka smile. He turns and says that let him say something first, each person and each sound group’s difficulty is at MAX[imum].

Someone shouts, is that for real, ah, this is bad, he’s so excited!! The guys huddle and say okay-- Everyone looks happy. Soon, they are practicing. Tetsuki is helping Chika with his studies. Hiro/Chiharu is teaching Satowa how to bake. And, cherry blossoms are now blooming. It is already April.
Comment: They weren’t able to bring out the charm but they did learn to play as usual even in such a noisy place wherein they don’t have a single audience anticipating their performance. They were indeed pressured to make shoppers listen with all the distracting things. Well, it is a mall.

It was really going downhill since it is really making a dent on the self-confidence of some of the members. Thankfully, Satowa’s timbre managed to hint to them on what they should do. And, they all pulled themselves together before they end their first piece.

I do wonder if Chika will really attain his declared goal of overtaking Satowa. If he is, then the Nationals will focus a bit on him. I do wonder what kind of piece Suzuka made for them. Aside from difficulty and given he is a talented composer, he can definitely bring out the strengths of their performance and music which had captivated him.

Now, the hooded guy has reappeared, and he was recording Chika. That seems to spell trouble. It is still unsure if he’ll go to Tokize or he’ll cause possible trouble from outside school. But, it is sure that Natsu will be a new member. Based on how Curly is reacting, Natsu can be quite cocky about his musical talent.

Based on his bag, I’m assuming that those are drumsticks so he is probably a drummer in the band. So, the possible issue with him is how he is going to blend in with the others. Oh ya, Vday is skipped =( Will there be a chance for a flashback or something on what happened that day? Scans by 二次元秘店

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