June 21, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 249]

Opps, it wasn’t the butler but a reporter who took the picture. Hm...no wonder it is blown up. It was nice of them not to publish it when permission was declined. I think Shou’s company would tell Shou about it, too. I wonder how he and his company will react to it.

If I were the company head, I would reprimand Shou to be careful because of his image, etc and well, fans would definitely prefer him to be single/fancy-free. I do think that it would be funny if the picture taken was Shou being ‘harassed’ by the stranger. =P

From the looks of things, Yashiro will be Kyouko’s manager. As mentioned in the past, Ren can pretty much handle himself on his own. He just needs someone to remind him to eat. Well, that can be easily be solved if they got him to record each meal like what he did in Guam.

Erika seems flustered that Kyouko did very well in the audition. She guessed it right that Kimiko will make a huge fuss about losing that part of the audition. She had unintentionally hinted that Kimiko is the reason for her current state. That will be important later on.

So, there’s another part of the audition and that is pairing with Momijis. If it is Kanae, Kyouko will have no problem at all. As for Koga, I wonder if he’ll be part of the audition, too. I guess his charm is somewhat being ‘innocent’ in a way that he is always curious about things and is happy when proven right.

Nevertheless, Kyouko has once again ‘lose it’ and showed her true feelings after Ren was mentioned and she recalled him sending her a message. Because of his question, I don’t think Koga will be a love interest. I think the direction where this is going is...

For Kimiko to actually want to harm Kyouko because not only does Kyouko have the edge in the auditions, I’m sure Kimiko has a thing for Ren based on her blog post. I also wonder if Yashiro has somehow overheard this. Anyway, there might be a team up with Erika to deal with Kimiko if she tries something underhanded.

But first things first, what would be Kyouko’s answer. Will she confirm it or deny it. Ah, it’s really hard to be put in a spot. Perhaps, maybe someone will just interrupt them and that will ‘save’ Kyouko from answering that question. Ah, we still don’t know if Koga is a talkative type and word might reach Ren in some way. =P


  1. Very interesting chapter. To wait another month pains me!!!!!!! Thanks for the summary! I hope Yashiro interrupts so she doesn't have to answer that question especially with Kimiko listening. I can't wait to see if Ren will confront Kyoko about the kiss �� I started reading the manga again from the beginning to pass the time lol

    Thanks again Kat!!!! ��

    1. I don't want to break your bubble, but we'll have to wait until August 20. The hard-working mangaka is taking a break. The next chapter won't come out on July, we'll have to wait for 2 months sadly. Chapter 250 will have to wait. T-T

    2. Thanks for reading, Steph ^^


      True but ah, will the next stage of the audition happening afterwards on the same day? If so, Ren 'confronting' Kyouko will be after so many chapters/months.

      Ya, it can be addictive to re-read again.

  2. Such a good chapter! I like how Ren thought it was ok e of Lory's pranks. Or maybe he just wants to be in denial! But with them sharing a manager the should see each other more and yashiro may find out about Kyoko's feelings!! I hate that Kimiko found out about it. Since Kyoko sees it as a weakness she definitely will feel uneasy about an enemy knowing. Alth oughh she will probably deny it with Ren being her master and role model!

    1. Possible, Carol. ^^ He is probably used to it already.

      Another possibility. I'm not too sure about seeing each other more because they have the same manager though. They will definitely know what the other is doing through Yashiro ^^

      Yup. So, if she denies it, will she be able to convince them?

    2. I also think there is a crush of Yashiro on Kyoko! Unless he is trying to move Ren and Kyoko relationship. But does anyone think that Yashiro might have feelings for Kyoko? is that too far off

    3. I would think that it is the latter, Unknown. Well, aside from wanting to help Kyouko out while he is free.

      Unless he is really good in hiding his feelings/acting, I got the impression that he is the number one fanboy of Kyouko x Ren that he would usually tease Ren about it ^^

  3. blackphoenixsuzakuJune 22, 2017 at 1:13 AM

    Such a teaser. We won't know the answer until August because Skip Beat is on break next month (I guess it's a tradition to skip July since this happened last year). By the way, sorry for the long comment but there is so much to talk about.

    It's kinda cool how they indirectly state Ruto/Sebastian has better skills than Shou's bodyguard since he failed to stop the pic whereas Ruto not only could stop it, but slip past Shou's bodyguard to touch his body lol

    Even if they wanted Yashiro to be Kyoko's manager, there's a good chance she will refuse repeatedly saying she is not skilled enough to have him as a manager until President forces her after a good argument. Ren is right about Ruto/Sebastian being his manager will bring too much attention. Maybe Sebastian should be Kyoko's manager but it will be an interesting pair.

    Koga questioning Kyoko makes me want to punch him. He is clearly sticking his nose where is shouldn't belong. Let's just hope Kyoko's weird way to explaining things will get her out of the situation (Ren's is the holy dignity I respect gratefully. I am not worthy of even being in his presence... and stuff like that). Either that or Kyoko using her dark emotion powers to solve everything (deny Koga and stop Kimiko from harming her) It usually always turn off people. :D

    I had a feeling there was going to be a pairing section of the audition because no matter how awesome the stage combat was, if they can't portray their characters in terms of mannerism and emotion, they suck. Kyoko has the advantage since she was in character when she "crashed" the audition (refusing to do move forward without Koga's orders). I would love to see this part of the audition where Kyoko makes Kanae act similar to Ren's skills just to show how far Kyoko has come.

    Off topic is you want to not read it:
    I love how they mentioned Kimiko's being skilled in reenact scenes is great but useless since directors/producers want someone who can make good acting decisions with the materials they have. I'm pretty sure that Kimiko's isn't doing great in the US because she can't do that. The American acting industry most of the time is about actors who make good decisions in their portrayal, especially during an audition. And they get very little materials so there's nothing for Kimiko to copy. There's a series of shows based off DC superheroes (Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl) where the casting stories were funny because the producers all said the first person that came to audition for each of the lead roles were picked. This was because their portrayal felt like they were the heroes and their commitment to it was very impressive despite them not exactly have the heroes looks down. The directors change between episodes compare to having only one director for the entire series so actors have to know their character really well.

    Another story is about the two voice greatest actors for Batman and Joker, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill respectively. They both did little voice acting beforehand and Mark Hamill was surprisingly casted because he previously was Luke Skywalker from Stars Wars. Kevin Conroy gotten the role after being told by the producers during the audition what they wanted their batman to be after Conroy admitting he barely knew anything about batman other than the comedy show version. He also gave the producers the idea of using who different voices to tell the difference between Batman and his secret identity because he thought "So this millionaire playboy that the entire city knows about and all the ladies want, doesn't know he's the dark hero? Wouldn't they be able to recognize his voice?" As for Mark Hamill, he knew a lot about his character but he was so in character, his face while recording looks like the joker and he always practice the laugh while driving.

    Thanks again for the summary. Sorry again for the long comment.

    1. Good insights. I hope Kyoko doesn't "make" Kanae act because I think it would cheapen Kanae's skills. She really is a very talented actress. I actually wonder if pairing up with Kanae would act as a handicap to Kyouko. She just completely lost her composure at the mention of Ren. Her heart is really on her sleeve. When she loves, she loves hard, and she loves Kanae as her best friend. I'm wondering if she can keep a lid on it and really be the ninja girl whose relationship with the samurai's daughter (Kanae's character) is not friendly at all. As I recall, there's some animosity/enmity between the two characters in terms of their relationship to Koga's character. (I haven't gone back to check and I could be off.) Kyouko has already lost her composure (her face was making weird expressions) when she saw Kanae come in. Can she hold it together in an actual scene? She's good at getting into character, but it's the next level to hold onto that character and see someone you have strong feelings for as THEIR character, and interact with that person as two different people. Last time she acted with Kanae they played friends. That was easy. This will probably be hard.

    2. I wonder since they looked up Kyoko if they also saw that Kanae was also linked to the Love ME section? I also wonder if it's as we assume that they will be paired up? If not I could see Kyoko forcing her partner to act the way she wants. Also it woiuld be an interesting if Kanae and Kimiko are paired. But I hope it is KyokoxKanae pairing since that would test how strongly Kyoko can compartmentalize. And coming full circle with Erika witnessing them being paired up again but as enemies. And she will see how much she has been looking down on Kyoko though she has obviously starting to realize this after the last test.

    3. No problem, blackphoenixsuzaku ^^ Hm...wasn't there usually a break when a volume is coming out?

      Lol, to be Lory's personal assistant/butler/etc, he has to be ^^

      Maybe but I think the same might apply to Kyouko in a different way = special treatment. Iirc, there are jealous people within in the earlier chapters.

      True but that seems to be Koga's nature. Yup and of course, the important thing is she can totally convince them.

      I guess it will also depend on what scene they'll act. If I recall correctly, Kyouko's character 'hate' Kanae's character so Kyouko will have to project her as someone else.

      That's interesting ^^ But then, maybe Kimiko is in stage acting with no auditions required? She isn't that 'familiar' in Japan either in terms of television and movie exposure.

      Thanks for that info ^^

  4. I love how the mangaka is focusing on building kyoko's carrier more than the romance but I can't wait for the conclusion of this arc I want to see the how the drama turns out

    1. Well, there is still the last part of the audition so... How the drama turns out, well, that will be for much much later on.

  5. Times like this I wish the chapters were still out 2-3 times a month. I want to see more of Ren's reaction or what he'll do moving forward. I kinda want Koga to be another love interest or somewhat something like that. Something to keep Ren and even Shou on guard, much like with that band guy. Forgot the name. It has been so loooong already! Really wishing I could go on a break and just re-read this manga. Haha.

    Thanks as always Kat! Til next time! Ü

    1. Hehe, true, Jacque. ^^

      I'm not too sure because I think seeing that picture is enough for Ren to do something soon. =P

      You're welcome ^^ Until then...

  6. Happy to see ren is greatly disturbed by the pics. But... as usual, he react in funny ways, instead of showing his real feeling to kyoko. Iam afraid he might misunderstand ��

    1. True, Jean. Hm..misunderstanding is possible but I'm hoping it will be minimal because if not, it will take some chapters to resolve it.

  7. I doubt that Ren would truly misunderstand the photograph. He knows her best and as she met him afterwards and he helped her feel better... he should recognise the context.
    The only question is - will he pinpoint the Fuwa-kiss (instead of the show) as the cause of the distress she showed when they met?
    I hope, he'll confront her along the lines of "protect yourself/keep yourself pure ect" ;-)

    As for Kyoko being asked by Koga about her feelings... i sincerely hope, she'll be able to respond like this: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0mn0yc9Zh1rn3s3zo1_500.gif
    :D (while keeping the freaking out inside)
    I think, Kyoko must play alongside Kanae, because she loves Kanae so much ... to play her rival in love would be hard on Kyoko - and therefore lead to character development.
    However, I'm sure that she'll be able to again - as before - draw from the real life... knowing that Kimiko (probably) has a thing for Ren and let loose that feelings of jealousy.
    Not telling Ren of course, where she's got the inspiration for the portrayal of this kind of thing, hehe... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    On a side note - maaaaaaan, Kyoko was so FRIGGIN' COOL in the rehearsal!! BOOM BABY!

    Thanks for translating, Kat
    I'm so looking forward to August (not that I'd begrudge the author her holidays :D)

    1. True, Steffi...but then, jealousy can sometimes cloud the mind. Hm...Kyouko didn't seem to have told him the reason for her distress. But I would assume that he would assume that it is about her mother since she mentioned about wanting the infinity score mark for Love Me, and about meeting her mother afterwards.

      Possible. But if the mangaka is thinking of making this an important plot device/turning point, it has to be more than that.


      Haha...well, that would be nice. For now, until Kimiko shows her fangs, I don't think Kyouko will do anything negative towards her.

      True, but if Kimiko didn't buy 'the act', I think things can be interesting = plot development.


      Haha...she's probably taking time for a volume release which usually have a side story, iirc.

  8. Hi to you all!
    I'm italian so...eventually sorry for my English >.<
    I think Kyoko will act in pair with Kanae but she will be really good! I believe Kuresaki, on the next test, would want to make a scene where the samurai will react to kanae's role, showing some romantic interest, and Momiji, there, has to be good portraying her sorrow and her sufferings... and Kyoko really knows what it's like!! =)

    1. Hiyo, mary13 ^-^

      If they are paired off, it would be 'too easy' since they are already the 'top' of their respective roles among the candidates. So, if the mangaka doesn't plan on prolonging the audition, the two will be paired off for a quick finish.

      True, though her role seems to be the jealous type instead of sorrow. We already know sorrow which she showed Lory before the Guam arc. I'm curious how Kimiko will fit in all of this = payback or progress for the story. ^^