June 26, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 70 - Mean Girls]

Tokiko tells Junko that they’ll first learn the method of folding the kimono, and that is by starting from the inner garment that will be worn in the white cloth. Junko interrupts and asks if she can take a video of it because she wants to watch it repeatedly while on her way to work.

Tokiko says that it is okay but in order to fold it well, she should personally repeatedly practice it. Then, she shows Junko the four steps on how to fold the kimono. Looking at her cellphone, Junko mutters the procedures.

Tokiko tells her to repeatedly practice this before daytime and she’ll go at the other side to check on things so until then, please show it to her again. Junko says okay, she understands. Tokiko says that after a week, she and the disciples will study flower arrangement [ikebana] with mother [grandmother] so please greet her before then.

Junko scowls and says, ok..okay. Just when Tokiko comes out of the room, she meets up with the abbot. Junko immediately greets him and says that she’ll be under his care. The abbot says no, no, it isn’t necessary for her to be so nervous.
“Your [paternal] grandmother also called and told me to take care of you.” Shocked Junko says grann...no, grandmother. She apologizes for she basically agreed for both parents to properly come together and greet them. The abbot says that Izumi told him on the phone, ‘if you dare to bully my granddaughter, you people are going to get it!’

Embarrassed Junko apologizes for it was so rude. The abbot smiles and says that it is okay for that person is the same as before. “But then, Junko-san, it isn’t necessary for you to force yourself too much for Takane. Even so much that you don’t need to strive hard.”

Junko nervously wonders if he is saying that there’s no need for her to strive hard because this has nothing to do with Takane becoming the successor. The abbot explains that ‘obstinate’ (strive hard) isn’t a good word for it is ‘ostinate’ [<-rock] to the point of ‘being completely stretched’.

“Like that, it will just be a dead-end and it will be more painful. So, I like the word ‘definitely’ (taut/brace) [<-rope] wherein after working hard to the taut, it will be released later on. Like this, it has a feeling of being free. You just have that kind of feeling and properly train, okay.”
Junko smiles and says okay, thank you very much! At the side, Hibari is scowling and frowning over this. Junko thinks that it felt that she had somewhat relaxed a bit because not all of the people there are opposing her. Getting ready to go to work in the afternoon, she tearfully thinks but she is still far from being skillful in folding the kimono.

A monk disciple calls out to her. He is carrying a huge bouquet of flowers and a pail. He apologizes for disturbing her before she leaves but the madam [grandmother] had asked him to tell her that she hopes that Junko can make the flower arrangement over there.

He points at the empty vase at the side of the front door. Junko exclaims what!? She says no, she cannot make a flower arrangement for the entrance hall. “My level is just helping arrange flowers for our house.”

The monk says that it is fine because even if it is the entrance hall, this is just where internal staff meets so it is simply not a bother at all. “Madam says that madam will be very happy if she [Junko] can help in arranging the flowers because she is busy with other house affairs.”  
Just then, Amane is passing by and he overhears this. Junko continues to protest that her level is really so ordinary that she hasn’t formally trained yet. She explains that starting next week, she’ll be asking the grandmother to teach her and yet, she haven’t even greet...

The monk assures her that it is alright because the madam hopes that she can relax and arrange the flowers accordingly. Amane thinks if that monk was directed by someone to say that then naturally he is a part of his grandmother’s faction.

Recalling the abbot saying about ‘taut’ which suits her more, Junko says okay, she’ll try but she doesn’t have much time. She asks if she can finish it at the kitchen. The monk exclaims that’s great, then please finish it inside the cooking area. “Please come.” Amane quietly watches them.

Soon, Junko finishes a decent looking flower arrangement. At the ELA headquarters, Junko felt that her work wasn’t bad and even if she wasn’t able to get the grandmother see it before she left but she felt that she [grandmother] would just nag and criticize her like saying that this level of flower arrangement is no good.
Makoto calls out to her and says that if she is looking for Agnes, she isn’t coming back for today so please tell him if it is a problem that he can resolve. Junko asks if he can resolve the offer that Agnes mentioned to her.

She tells Makoto that Agnes told her that at the end of the month, she is to be the assistant of the director when he goes to New York for a business trip. “But, earlier, that kind of thing happened. [<- Makoto saying that he’ll be happy if she break up with Takane] Then, there is this thing, isn’t this an abuse of authority?”

Looking at his cellphone, Makoto says that she is thinking too much because the one who decides over that is Agnes. “It is because Agnes and the others are assigned to go to other business trips and time schedule was overlapping. ...so, you’re saying that you don’t want to go to New York?”

Junko says that of course she wants to go but this is also quite rushed. Makoto asks could it be that she’s saying that because of her personal issue, she cannot go. He rubs it in by saying that she obviously promised in front of him that she won’t cause trouble at work.
Junko exclaims she also doesn’t want to but... Turning to leave, he says okay, this issue is closed so get back to work. Junko is really infuriated because of course, she wanted to go, stupid director~~!! “But, just now, I’ve just started to learn the method to fold a kimono and I haven’t mastered it yet...

...It hasn’t been a week yet so I cannot just mention about wanting to go on a business trip!! But, I really want to work and I want to go to New York. I want to be immersed in a real English environment!! *calms down a bit* End of the month huh?

...I recall that there is a group going to participate on a trip. If the time overlaps, then that granny-sama ought to not be furious, right.” As she turns to leave, Makoto glances at her. He sighs and thinks that in short, [she?] cannot immediately rebuff.
Junko thinks that she must first see the reaction to her flower arrangement then it would be okay for her to seize the opportunity. She goes in the temple and says that she’s back. She notices a new flower arrangement on the entrance hall.

Hibari welcomes her back and tells her if she had seen those flowers, it was re-arranged just now. “I basically asked a disciple to tell you to arrange it but in the end, that child unexpectedly arranged it by himself. But it looks like he is useless in that area. *turns to leave*...

...It seems that he basically doesn’t know what is suitable for a temple’s entrance hall. Let me say, why don’t you say something?” Flustered Junko tries to say about that, no...it’s me... But Hibari had already left.
She wonders what to do for if she doesn’t correct it earlier, the grandmother would vent her anger on that disciple. Then, she notices her arranged flower on top of the trash can. Later on, she slumps on the door of her room. She thinks that from the start, it was deliberate.

“It was somewhat a bit conceited and in the end, that’s the general idea.” Amane calls out to Junko from outside the room. He tells her that this kind of thing has just started to please get ready for it. Junko says that he’s noisy to death, fake.

“It is really awful that you brother’s voice are exactly the same. Coming across this kind of thing will only make me want to see the real person himself, so don’t talk!” Amane says that her flower arrangement is considered a passing the test [/meet the minimum standard]. Junko angrily shouts so she told him to quit talking!
Comment: The training has started. Junko is having difficulty with things that isn’t her forte and well, obviously, not her interest. From the looks of things, it is only the grandmother who is against her. Well, Amane is looking for trouble mainly because of his grudge with Takane.

The grandmother has some minions who’ll do her bidding. That incident is actually easy to escalate to make Junko look bad. Like what she thought, the monk might say that Junko didn’t correct the grandmother and he suffered scolding for something that isn’t his fault.

Nevertheless, there is another major issue that is at hand. Can she go to US this time around? It is her lifelong dream and she has been passing up/missing all sorts of opportunities to go there. I guess she is lucky that there are still opportunities for her to go.

And, I’m not sure that Makoto has no hand regarding the decision in choosing her to go with him. But perhaps, Agnes did choose her because it is very easy to catch Makoto lying regarding Agnes and others are busy elsewhere. Hehe, he obviously hopes that she’ll go. =P Scans by 月球坑组

Quote of the day:
Never give in to the obstacles that lie in your path towards the achievement of your dreams. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita


  1. This aspect of the story is like watching a train wreck that you can't help but keep looking at.

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    1. Yup, Steph. It's basically the same issue for her.

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