May 2, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 62]

Holding a mug and talking on her phone, Yuki asks, “Encouragement assembly? Ryuhoku basketball club?” On the other line, Tonomura says yes, there is only five days left before the National preliminaries.

“Even if I say that it is encouragement assembly but actually, it isn’t that formal. It is just calling out the OBs [/graduates] to train with them.” Shouji calls out on the phone that afterwards, they’ll eat out together. Tonomura says that’s right.

Thinking of ‘encouragement’..., Yuki asks when they will do it. Tonomura says the day after tomorrow, on Wednesday. “Naruse and others will probably be all noisy when you show---” Yuki looks at the side and recalls how they were making out there earlier.
She suddenly drops her mug and exclaims, sh...showed...what does he mean.” [<- this is supposed to be a pun wherein Yuki misunderstood Tonomura. In Japanese, it is ‘make you come’ and she heard ‘make you do’. In Chinese, it is ‘lou mian’ (show yourself) and she heard ‘lou xian’ (expose/show).]

Tonomura says no, it is show up... Later on, Yuki blushes and feels her fingers are cold. Narration: “Since the day before yesterday, some things happened between me and Naruse...

...There are times when I feel distracted while staying all alone in the room... I also cannot be always so depressed. Finally, it is already the National preliminaries this weekend.”
The school bell rings. Shou and Abe put their heads on the table to rest. Abe groans and says that he’s going to die. He complains about he’s going to die because of morning practice and he is always sleeping until school dismissal.

Arisa says that they’ll start practicing again today at 5pm, right. “When are the preliminaries?” Shou says that it is on Saturday. Arisa says that there are four more days and she’ll go. Abe complains that she only cheers for Shou.

Shou recalls Yuki telling him that even if it might make him feel that it is serious but she also wants to meet with his family. This made Shou blush and laugh. Looking at Shou covering his face, Abe asks what’s up with him since he’s laughing. Shou denies it.
Arisa says that he is really laughing and it’s really disgusting. Shou continues to deny it. Someone calls out to Abe to come over. Going to them, Abe complains that he’s so lazy. Glancing at Shou, Arisa says that it looks like it’s going quite smoothly.

Shou peeks at her and says, ha, what? Mentally cursing that he’s so cute, Arisa says yes, this is also not important but the prelims are four days after, right? “Don’t let this kind of thing hinder you.” Shou says that it won’t because he won’t lose to anyone again.

It is night at Misuzu High. Shizuka’s friends ask where he is going. He says to Osaki since he has to return the umbrella that he borrowed. After his friends tell him to take care, Shizuka looks at his watch and thinks that it is past 8pm.
He heard that Osaki’s basketball division has no practice on Tuesday so Yuki has probably went home already by now. He recalls Kira asking him what is he still hiding[/secretive]. “Always going around in circles in the same place. More or less, he should find an exit already.”

Shizuka thinks, exit... “If this kind of thing really exists, then was I pretending not to see it before? *talks with someone at Osaki* Hiding. Hiding what? Hiding it from whom?” He is surprised when Yuki calls out to him. He stutters as he says that there’s no practice today, right...

Yuki says no, there is a bit of adjustment this week so did he come to see the coach again? He says no, he came to return the borrowed umbrella... Handling the umbrella to her, he apologizes and says that it was a big help. Taking the umbrella, Yuki says, that’s right, that time...
Then, she starts to freak out and become tense when she remembers ‘that time’ [when he hugged her]. Realizing that she still remembered it, Shizuka says about that thing before...that...

Recalling Kira asking what he is hiding, Shizuka clenches his fist and says yes, right now, if he were to tell her ‘please forget about it’, then that would be repeating things, right. “I won’t hide it anymore. I won’t hide it again.”

Blushing a bit, Shizuka says, “...I I... *Yuki looks surprised* I like...” Just then, Suwa comes out and says that Shizuka came again. Shizuka blurts out, “I like basketball.”
Sweatdropping Yuki thinks ah, is that so, basketball, that startled me to death... Yuki tells him that today’s practice is already over so come and visit some other day... Turning to leave, Shizuka says okay, he was troubling them. Then, he runs away but ends up bumping himself all over the place.

Suwa says that kid is really charging around violently. Yuki agrees and says that he’s a bit...really careless. She had noticed a key dangling on the umbrella. On the train, Shizuka gloomily holds his face. He thinks that he’s too stupid.

“What will change if I say it out. This isn’t the exit. No matter how I see it, it is just a new maze’s entrance. What ‘exit’, where is it?”
It’s Wednesday at Ryuhoku High. With the other OBs behind them, Amamiya and Shouji flex their muscles and shout yes, whether it is two vs two or three vs three, they are going to keep them company. Abe exclaims that it has been a long time and they are wearing their practice outfit.

Putting their arms around each other’s shoulder, Amamiya and Shouji say that they are still active members! Hatori suggests that afterwards, they have a competition of the OBs vs the main team. While stretching, Shou says but then, they should have a 10 point lead difference.

Amamiya angrily shouts that they can hear him, jerk! Shouji angrily shouts that they’ll cruelly break him. While the others are doing warm up exercises, Yuki apologizes to Himiko and asks if they are disturbing them.

Himiko exclaims that they are totally not and she feels that this kind of high pressure and penance [/ascetic practice] can be regarded as practice before the competition. Overhearing the high pressure and penance, one of the students tells Usami-kun that the Ryuhoku’s OB are that scary. Usami-kun says, really.
Looking around, Yuki thinks that the smell of the gym makes her feel so nostalgic. “It feels that it wasn’t long ago when I was still a manager... *Shou cried over the losing and said that no matter what he wanted her to happy smile during the Nationals*...

...It will already be a year soon since that incident... *looks at Shou and others warming-up* This year-- Definitely this year---” Pfft. Himiko says that they’ll have a 15 minute break.

Recalling that they’ll have a competition, Yuki tells Himiko that she’ll go and get the score board. Himiko says okay and thanks. Going in the storage room, Yuki thinks that it has been a long time since she went here. “It’s all very tidy. Himiko-san is striving hard by herself...”

Just when she is taking the score board, Shou puts his head under her arm and asks if she wants help. She tells him to go away. Hugging her, he says that this is bad, it’s too nostalgic. She shouts at him. He says that she and the storage room is such a match. 
Yuki asks what nonsense he is saying and that doesn’t make her happy at all. Yuki thinks, by the way...if she gets too lovey-dovey with him... While holding her hand, Shou says that her hand is all sweaty. He kisses her and asks if she recalled that thing before...?

Blushing really red, she pulls away and angrily says that someone would come in. He tells her that he really wants to make it public. She whispers what. He says about him going steady with her. After looking flustered, she says that it also won’t be late if it is after they go into the Nationals... 

As she pulls out the scoreboard, she tells him so properly do his best, okay. Shou looks at her and says, yes. Narration: “This year, strive to advance into the Nationals---” 
While walking at the streets with everyone, Amamiya is really furious as he complains how it is possible that they unexpectedly lost to the brats by 12 points. Shouji angrily shouts that he couldn’t accept it. Tonomura says that the difference is quite huge that it makes one feel a bit shock.

Shou’s team won with 82 points against the OB’s 70 points. Usami-kun laughs and says that if the senpai-s still remember that the losing side will treat them to okonomiyaki. He says that he likes the cheese and cod roe flavor. Shouji says that they just knew each other so what’s up with this kid being too cheeky.

Usami-kun says what is ‘acting dead’s surname. Shouji shouts who is ‘acting dead’ and it’s Shouji, that’s his surname. Yuki thinks that it feels that the first year has a lot of amazing athletes...not bad. Looking at the side, Abe suddenly screams in aghast.
Yuki turns at the side to see Shizuka and his team walking at the other side of the street. Shizuka and others notice them. Abe and others angrily looks at them Misuzu... This is freaking out Himiko that she tells them to quickly go for they won’t have time to eat. Kanda shouts ah, that’s right-!

Abe shouts that before the preliminaries, they have to properly store their physical strength so let’s go-!! Shou and Shizuka look at each other. While Noda is freaking out what to do if they are going to the same restaurant, Yuki looks at her bag and recalls something.

She apologizes to Nishiyama[?] and says that she’ll leave in a while and catch up with them later on. Nishiyama says okay. While Shizuka’s teammates are telling about Shizuka being hit on [/flirted] nonstop, Yuki calls out to him. His teammates tell him that they’ll go ahead when Shizuka goes to Yuki and asks her what’s up.

Yuki says that there’s something she’ll give him. He is puzzled. Giving him the key, Yuki says that this is his key for the bicycle, right. Shizuka exclaims yes, why... She explains that it is on the umbrella that he returned it, and she basically wanted to return it to him today or tomorrow. 
Embarrassed by it, he apologizes for always giving her trouble. She says that it is okay. She apologizes for calling him out and bids him goodbye. He is about to call her but she tells him to properly prove [/display his talent] himself during the weekend’s National preliminaries and she’ll cheer for him.

This surprises Shizuka. He darkly asks, “...why?” This made Yuki stop and turn towards him. She asks huh? He asks, “You’re a former Ryuhoku student. Why are you cheering for me? (I know that it isn’t for me) Telling me, ‘congratulations’, ‘gambatte’ and always encouraging me (I know) Why is it? (This person doesn’t always pay attention to me--)”

Yuki says, “...why, it is because...I always seen with my eyes your serious struggling [striving hard] appearance.” With that, she runs off to catch up with the others.
Surprised Shizuka recalls asking her if she must do it up to that degree as a manger. “You’re not a bit normal...” She told him that she doesn’t care up to what degree she should do it. “A manager’s job has no boundaries.”

Narration: “At that time, I felt that she’s really amazing. I felt that it is good if she were at our side, supporting our team but it is totally not the same as I imagined. She is weak like an ordinary person... *insert flashbacks to the first hug & seeing her crying after their lost*...

...and does stupid things that makes one feel that she is always suffering losses [at a disadvantage], a very stupid person, but--” He looks serious. Meanwhile, Abe and others call out to Yuki and says over here. They ask her where she ran off to and they thought she had abandoned them.

Yuki apologizes and says that she has something to do a while ago. Just then, someone calls out to Yuki. Yuki and others turn around to see Shizuka on top of the stairs. They call out that it is Misuzu’s! Hiding behind Shou, Abe shouts what, what, why is he looking for their onee-sama! 
Shizuka says, “...I have something that I have always been hiding from you... I always wanted to hide it from you and also from myself. *blushes a bit* I like you, Machida-san! Sorry. I really super like you!” Yuki blushes and nervously Shou is stunned. Amamiya and others are screaming in disbelief.

Shizuka continues to say, “I’m not at all expecting too much that you’ll answer me. I know that you already chose him. It is just... (It is just that I always) I just wanted to tell you my feelings. (Always just want to tell her, that’s all--) Do you hear it clearly?”

 This startles Yuki and she says, “..ya..” This made Shizuka smile brightly and says, “Good!” Amamiya and others look surprised except for Shou looking serious and glum. Narration: “This is already fine. It also doesn’t matter if this is the maze’s entrance. *turns to leave* It is already fine that I’ll bravely advance on from here--”
Surrounded by sparkles, Nishiyama and Hatori are shouting what is this, what is with this light...!? Himiko calls out to Yuki and says that Yuki's eyes are seeing stars...Machida-senpai! With sparkles all around, Yuki asks what is this. Someone asks Yuki what was that light just now from Shizuka.

Someone else curses and asks if there is no one who isn’t affected!? With a popped vein, Shou mutters, ...really still being hindered. [<- most probably about Arisa telling him not to let romance hinder with the prelims earlier]

With sparkles, Abe shouts ha, did he say something. Shou says it’s nothing. Narration: “Thus, the glittering, dazzling, hot and difficult summer has already arrived.”
Comment: For an ‘other guy’ in a shoujo, this one is pretty well done = the manga surely likes Shizuka. Instead of being depressed and everything, he looks happy after being able to finally say it. A nice confession from someone who’s love will never be returned.

Shou has every right to be irked by this. If I were him, it is because Shizuka just beat him in making a public ‘confession’. Then, made everyone be all ‘sparkles’. I might also connect things like they saw Shizuka and team, Yuki disappeared for a while then Shizuka comes back. Hey, that means they met, right?

As for the couple, it is still the same thing. He does public display of affection and she isn’t used to it...still. But then, the lovey-dovey that transpired earlier does have a bit of impact on Yuki. I’m not too sure if it is positive or not. I mean, good that she kept on thinking about it and not because a bit of lovey-dovey might make her want to go all the way so she is putting breaks on it especially if they are out in public.

Nevertheless, what happened here makes me think that something big will happen during the National prelims. This time, they’ll most likely win it. With that, Shou’s promise to make her smile will come true.

There is also a high chance that it will be during that time when there will be a public confession about their relationship. It won’t be just for the team but for everyone there in the stadium. Fangirls would have a riot. Anyway, I have a feeling that it will and should top this public confession. Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Love is not a game but a way for you to express your feelings towards someone. ~ Athirah Khairul


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