May 4, 2017

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I just want to inform you guys ahead of time that I’ll be away for more than two weeks on the 15th onwards. So, if the series’ chapter doesn’t come out before the 10th, rough estimate, it is quite unlikely that I can finish it before I leave. So, I’ll just work on them after I come back on June. Sorry for the inconvenience. m(_ _)m

Hopefully, Namaikizakari 63 will be out before the 10th but 64 will definitely worked on after I come back along with Kono Oto Tomare and Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai which usually come out mid-month ^^; Ookami-heika no Hanayome is not yet up due to the scanlator’s moving house.

Regarding Kimi ni Todoke, I don’t know if the Chinese scanlators are still going to work on it. You see, in dm5, there is a ‘we are asked to remove this due to copyright, please support the official work’ notice. Kurosaki kun also had that notice but some people are uploading the ‘official?’ scans. Maybe they won’t do that for KnT since it is very popular.

Anyways, the English scanlators are quickly catching up on KnT and it seems to be ending already so I guess you can consider it dropped. For those who are curious as to what’s going on. I read bits and pieces in baidu. I don’t know what happened in 116 but...


In 117, Ayane confessed and got rejected. In 118, college entrance exam is over, comforting Ayane who got rejected and then, graduation ceremony is starting.

I'll be away because I’ll be going to the US with my sister’s family ^^ It will be my first time going to the US. Originally, it should just be for a week in Hawaii. The purpose is just to get a US visa for me and my sis’ baby. In our country, it is very hard and expensive to get it since they say there are a lot of illegal immigrants from our country in the US.

When they were booking the tickets, the price to go to Hawaii is the same or almost the same as to LA. So, they decided to go to LA and extended it to more than 2 weeks. We’ll be going around LA, SF and LV though I’m not sure how much we can cover a lot of places since we have kids and a baby. Whatever happens, good or bad, it will be an experience ^^

A few months ago, we got our US visa. For those curious on how it goes: First, we have to fill up a form online. Then, pay at a certain bank then print out a form saying that you’ve paid. After that, we scheduled the embassy visit. It is written that you have to be 15 minutes early but if you are there earlier, they won’t let you in.

I did just that. I’m there exactly 15 minutes before the appointment. My sister and others are already there earlier. It turns out that they don’t follow that rule. ^^; When I got there, they are already getting the next batch ready to go inside. So, I'm considered 'late' ^^;; Thankfully, having a baby with us gives us special accommodation like an ‘express lane’. So, we pass by the long line and go in front. =P

I notice that in the first window, the people manning there are semi-strict and friendly. They are just going to check your papers, picture submitted, etc if they are all in order. The second window is for the picture and finger scanning. The people here are the super friendly ones. They smile and are quite cheerful as they guide you what to do.

The third window is the dreaded strict people who’ll be doing the interview. This is where you either go home happy or sad + $160 gone for good. I actually think that they let your guard down while at the second window like make you think this isn't scary at all. ^^; So, the questions for us are basic.

The man interviewed my sis and hubby first for the baby. The man just asks how long we’ll stay there and if they had gone there before. Then, he checks their passports that has US visas. Next, it is my turn. After sis introduced me to the guy, he asks what my work is, income, and other minor work related stuff.

After that, he looks at the passport and types on the computer for a very long time. It got me thinking  is this okay or not but I think it is okay or else, why waste time typing on the computer unless he is doing some background search.

And after he is finished typing, he says we got the visa and just wait for a few days to get it from the courier. So that’s it. He didn’t even bother looking at the rest of the documents to prove that I’ll come back or have family ties here.

Later on, my sister said that she thinks that the man is hesitating. Well, they say that it is because I’m single = high chance of becoming an illegal immigrant. Maybe, if I was younger they would have denied my application or I’m not applying for it along with my sis’ baby. A lot were saying that it is difficult to get a visa now because of Trump.

While waiting for our turn there, I eavesdropped on the other applicants on what makes them approve or deny. If someone has a US visa before, they usually get approved after a lot of questions. There was a woman who was asked what countries you had gone before. I was expecting that will be asked of me based on what I read on the internet.

For the few ones that got denied, the first one said that he is a farmer. I thought that this guy is going to be denied because his income isn’t enough to prove that he’ll come back. It turns out that it was his second try. He produced more documents to prove things but he was still denied. He tried to argue that his mother was approve but no, bye-bye. Second attempts then to be still denied and another $160 gone.

The second one is a grandma. She is going to visit her son in the US. I think it would help if she got a translator but then, her companion translated the questions in the local language. I forgot the first question she was asked but she wasn’t able to answer it satisfactory. The one that got her denied was when was the last time she talked/saw her son. She couldn’t answer.

The last one is on a wheelchair with one amputated leg. She is going to get treatment in the US. The man says that it is very expensive so what’s her job. She is a nurse and she seems to be currently on leave.

The man checks some things then ask where she is staying. She says at her brother’s in forgot where, but let’s say NY. Then, the man says, in your form you say you are going to LA. Why aren’t you going straight there? We already left so I don’t know if she got it but most likely, she didn’t.

That’s it for now. So, back to regular summaries until I leave...


  1. So , that was one tough interview you have gone through, lucky you got one... Congrats ...

    The other people you mention above in interview did not sound genuine... I wonder why..
    Anyways , enjoy your trip ... Return back safely....

    Will be waiting for your translatios ...

    1. Thanks, Namra ^^

      True. It was mentioned in a slideshow there, 'do not lie' so I guess if there is a hint, they'll immediately deny you with no if and buts.

      Thank you ^^

  2. OMG Kat hope you have fun as a L.A native there is a lot of places to see.
    I like San Francisco and Las Vegas if u need some recommendations please ask ��

    1. Thank you ^-^

      Sure, give me some recommendations or perhaps great places to eat^^

      The places that we decide to go are:
      Griffith observatory [<- are there other places to go near this one?], hollywood walk, grauman theater, rodeo drive, grove, getty center [<- are there other places to go near this one?], monica pier, venice boulevard, farmers market, disneyland, desert premium outlet and perhaps, one day at san diego. Universal isn't in there since they think the kids won't appreciate it yet.

      in SF [two whole days only], union square, fisherman wharf, pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, lombard street, twin peaks, ferry building, palace of fine arts, golden gate bridge, golden gate park, chinatown [They don't want to go to alcatraz and castro district]

      At LV, the strip, hoover dam and some outlet. I'm not sure if they'll push through the grand canyon south + antelope canyon in a day. I suggested an overnight but they aren't inclined to do it.

      As for the restaurants, that were recommended to us: than long, ruth cris, benehana, in n out, cheese cake factory, gordon ramsey, mamafuku, shake shack, panda express, yakiniq, than cang seafood san gabriel.

      I have not yet track down where these restaurants are. ^^; Anyway, any recommendation and added info will greatly help. Thank you in advance =)

    2. Hi Kat! Have a great trip!! I live in the Eastern US, but I can add a little insight to some of the chain restaurants you mentioned.

      Cheesecake Factory makes amazing cheesecake, but I'd skip eating a meal there and just go there for dessert. It's expensive, sure there are big portions but in my opinion still not worth it for a meal.

      Shake Shack is very yummy! If you're looking for a good burger and aren't near a Shake Shack, then Five Guys or BurgerFi are also good (if there's one near there).

      Panda Express is like a fast food Asian/Chinese food place, it's good for what it is, but maybe think of it as compared to McDonalds in the world of burger restaurants. :)

    3. Thank you, squeaker ^-^

      Thanks for the recommendation and info ^^

  3. Kat, hope you have wonderful time on your trip!! We will miss your commentaries during your vacation. Have fun!!!

  4. I've heard about getting US visa from my teacher and yeah it was a lot of struggle. Hope you have an enjoyable trip!!

    1. I see, grafeisen. Was your teacher the one who tried to get one?

      Thank you ^-^

  5. Welcome to the US! I'm on the other coast, so I'm not sure, but isn't the distance really large? From LA to SF should be 6 hours by car, and from LA to LV should be 5 hours. From SF to LV is 9 hours.

    Either way, hope you enjoy it!

    1. Thank you, poo ^-^

      Ah, we'll be flying ^^ That is from LA to SF then SF to LV. It seems that they plan to just drive from LV back to LA.

      Thank you ^-^

  6. enjoy your vacation ^^ I always assumed you were american so I'm shocked now (I need to stop making assumptions! ) well I'm too from a country with a weak passport/ chances of people overstaying their visa so I sincerely understand your struggle I'm glad that you got the visa I think sometimes it helps if they've seen that you have traveled to a lot of countries and came back to your home country (which is honestly a hard thing to fulfill i mean who have all this money!)

    if i may ask you said before the visa story that the purpose of your visit is to get a visa but why you need one from the US if you already got one from the embassy in your country? (I'm just curious please ignoe my question if it i personal or rude that is not my intention )

    Thank you always for kot translations & summaries & enjoy

    1. Thank you, Anonymous ^-^

      True. That's why I'm puzzled. They never bothered to check if I did travel to other countries. So, perhaps, it helps that I'm with people [sis' family] who have a US visa and had gone there before and back.

      Ah, sorry for the confusion. The purpose is to get a US visa from the embassy here so we originally planned to just go to Hawaii. We'll use that visa to the main land next time. They usually give 10 years visa. The idea is we'll easily get it if it is just going to Hawaii in contrast to going to LA, NY wherein they'll think that we won't come back. So much for that plan. ^^;

      Thanks for reading them and thanks ^-^

  7. Have an awesome holiday - you more than deserve it with all you do for us here, and after that ordeal to get a visa!! All those poor people who were denied �� I'm from the UK so can offer any recommendations except have fun, no matter what you do!! Xxx

    1. Can't not can!! Man, why do I never check before hitting enter!! Either way, enjoy Kat!
      <3 Nic xx

  8. How long you go there? Hihihi

    1. Around 17 days, Unknown. I'll be back on June 1 though I need some time before I can finish up a summary.

  9. Hello.. have been reading your summaries.. let me congratulate you on the great work you are doing..I don't know it its too much to ask you.. but i wanted to request you if you could also do the summary of han yu rang's Fallen Angels.. would really appreciate it..

    1. Thank you for reading and the comment , Anonymous ^-^

      Sorry, I cannot because I don't read the series and it isn't available in Chinese.

  10. Hi Kat :)
    I hope you will enjoy your vacation in US :)
    Have a good trip :)