April 29, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 69 - Love Happens (Forgetting the way to start the romance)]

Narration: “Arthur-sama obviously said that the time limit will only be up to three days. But, I already couldn’t find a hint for the way out. I’m lost throughout the day...This is really bad... Momoe tells a man that the class for today will end here. The man bows and thanks her. She tells him good work and until the next class, properly prepare for the next chapter.

Walking towards the reception table where Masako is, Momoe thinks that she’ll ask her sole savior Junko and see if she has a way--!! Looking at the computer, Masako says that Junko isn’t here. “Today, Junko-sensei will go to work at the head office and she’ll come for class on the day after tomorrow.”

Aghast Momoe says, what did you say--- Momoe thinks that there is no other way and it is also okay to ask Masako about it from a gossipy point of view... She asks Masako if she wants to eat lunch with her. Masako says that’s really rare and she’ll go if Momoe will treat her.
At a restaurant, Momoe treated Masako to a chef’s sandwich of the day. Masako says Momoe is saying that the other party had already confessed and said ‘like’. “If it is like that then, in short, first say, ‘I also like [you] ’ and afterwards, SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER.”

Momoe is surprised that she almost spit out her coffee. After taking a picture of the sandwich, Masako says that the food looks delicious that she has to immediately upload the picture. Momoe protests that it isn’t quite good to just easily say that out when she is still not convinced up to what level that like [/love] is.

Starting to eat the sandwich, Masako says that if she didn’t try to go steady then how she would know. “Whether or not there is ‘like’ [/love], this will depend on the physical compatibility.” Sparkling Momoe tells her to temporarily not mention about physical compatibility, she wants the other fundamentals to be the same... She wonders what’s up with this.  
Masako says yes, indeed. With flowers around, Momoe thinks that when a man suddenly go crazy over a himono onna* and they unexpectedly have the same idea, that is to say ‘how can she be wrong about this’. Happily eating her sandwich, Masako says but, after going steady for a little bit and in the end, it feels that...

...“It is no good then I’ll quickly run away with my whole strength and blacklist [on cellphone, social media] the other party. I’ll say that I was mistaken about liking you-type...” Pointing at Masako, Momoe exclaims that regarding that point, they are totally the opposite!! She nervously asks what if the other party said those words.

They were interrupted when Arthur takes their bill and asks what they are discussing about. While Momoe nervously looks at Arthur, Masako tells him that he also came to eat here so if it is okay, join them.

Arthur thanks Masako but declines for he had already ate. He tells them that he is currently on his way out. He urges them to continue with their conversation. Momoe tries to tell him that they aren’t talking about anything then she notices that Arthur has taken their bill.
Masako squeals that she’s lucky that Arthur is treating her. “Thank you very much!” Arthur just waves and heads towards the cashier who is blushing over him. Momoe goes to him and tells him to wait since she obviously has no reason to let him pay for it so give the bill back.

The cashier says that she had already settled the bill so if they want to split it, she’ll have to re-enter... Arthur says no and he’ll settle the bills together. Momoe couldn’t refute him when he told her that they’ll be troubling the cashier so if she has something to say, say it afterwards.

 The cashier happily thanks Arthur and squeals over how handsome he is. Momoe timidly returns to her table. Upon seeing Arthur walking pass the restaurant outside, Momoe stands up and apologizes to Masako for she’ll be going ahead.

Masako tells her that in short, she’s just saying that if she likes [him], it is too simple. Momoe tells her that she is just going over to pay him back that’s all. “I won’t say out that kind of risky and casual words.”
Masako mutters to herself that Momoe is so serious. “Her reaction is really fast even if earlier on, I felt that she’ll say that. ...what’s the big deal when as long as she can say it and that’s it. Because, if it is me and even if I think that way, it is also impossible for me to say it out.”

At the streets, Momoe calls out to Arthur. He turns away and keeps walking. Momoe thinks that he’s ignoring her. She calls out for him to wait. About to enter a store, Arthur turns around to her. He asks if she has business with him and that’s really unexpected. “I thought it is enough for you to consult things with zexy [Masako]!” Aghast Momoe thinks that it looks like he’s angry.

As he enters the store, Arthur says, “Really. You’re quite impatient that you’ll suddenly move out of the apartment where you are staying. But, if it is about this, it is also okay for you to consult with me about it, right? ...anyway, in the end, your business is definitely also just worrying about whether or not is hard to carry out that side’s otaku activities.”
Momoe is miffed by that. Clenching her fist, Momoe shouts, “It isn’t because of that thing that she’s distressed!! No, I’ll say that I’m totally not worrying about that thing. I already found out the so-called magic words that you want.” Surprised Arthur looks towards her and says, what!?

Thinking that he should listen if she properly says it, Momoe says, “I really don’t know whether or not I can say out that answer. It is because of that I’m distressed.” Scratching his head, Arthur says...yes, is there a need to say that, for someone like you who simply wants to have THAT EXPERIENCE, even if the other party isn’t me, it should be also okay.”

Surprised Momoe says, “No. It isn’t that... *looks at the poster behind Arthur about a limited premium edition advance sale on Oct 24th* Gah-!! *pushes Arthur aside* What date is it today, Arthur-sama.” Arthur says that it is 24th and what’s up, it doesn’t have anything to do with the current issue.

Looking totally aghast, she falls on the floor and says that it is because she was always anticipating this... “Basically, I plan to run off and buy it on the first day of sale. “I totally forgot about it. It is totally sold out...”
Arthur asks what, is it a ticket reservation and that’s really too bad and it isn’t a bit like her. <- because he is a gentleman so he still more or less worry a bit but honestly speaking, he is apathetic to it. Momoe says that she obviously even made a memo but starting from last night, her mind is not into it.

“When you mentioned about the three day deadline, I had always been thinking about how to answer it.” Arthur looks surprised. He smiles and says, “Hm...because of me, you forgot about the other stuff.”

Momoe says, “If in case we have the same feelings and if I can easily say out the words of continuing to go steady. Ah, John-senpai and Mikagura-kun’s [guesswork from 禦神樂] surrounding [<-her BL characters I presume] *looks at cellephone*...

...I’ll get used to having you during non-routine days...to the time when I cannot live on without you. *Arthur frowning and thinking that it is tiring to be with an otaku[/she is in otaku mode]* and I’ll be all alone again but for original daily me, *teary-eyed* if I cannot return to the free, happy and a bit lonely otaku life, what should I do.”
Arthur asks why the premise is assuming that he isn’t around. Aghast Momoe says, “It is because you’re also the only one who’ll like a person like me. *notices Arthur laughing* ...!? What is the meaning of that? I didn’t say anything to make you happy to the point of making you laugh. You’re so mean for doing that unexpectedly towards me who is in a hopeless abyss.”

Blushing and smiling Arthur says, “Ah, sorry but it feels that I had apparently attained a very cute answer. *holds his hand to her* From you, that answer is already very good. Next, let’s wait for the opportunity to enter the second course [/subject], okay.” Momoe says, the answer is...but she still hasn’t properly said it clearly.

Walking away, Arthur says, but she mentioned about this awareness that ‘only him’... “Ah, forget it, just think of it as one and the same.” Going after him, Momoe says, huh!? “I don’t understand clearly...” Arthur thinks that it isn’t necessary to put in unnecessary knowledge. Narration: “Se...second subject, what is waiting for me...”
Comment: Well, that resolves that misunderstanding. Momoe isn’t the type who’ll just go into bed after going steady then decide if they are ‘compatible’ with each other later on.

It seems that she also fears what if she is dumped later on and can no longer go back to her happy otaku life. In a way, she doesn’t seem to want to cross the line yet until she is very sure.

Thanks to Momoe confronting him, Arthur realizes that what Momoe is agonizing about isn’t what he thought it was. It seems that he also belittle himself as to who he is in Momoe’s life since he is saying that others can substitute him.

It does spoil the mood a bit when she pushed him aside because of the poster. ^^; Still, it is good news for him that he is now occupying more of her mind and heart compared to her beloved BL.

It is also heartening for him to hear that he is the only one whom she thinks who can like her. Well, he accepted that answer to his confession so now, he has to be patient as he leads her to stage two of the relationship. =P Scans by 月球坑组

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