May 7, 2017

Kasane [Chapter 93-94]

Chapter 93 – Deceit. Teary-eyed Iku tells shocked Saki that to be able to snatch away one’s appearance and pretend to become her--- “One would think that kind of situation is impossible...

...but if I were to think whether or not it is that ‘Giovanni’, then I realized...compared to this, there is already no other reasonable explanation to it.” The wind blows. Iku continues, “Actually, I don’t want to do this at this time...but...”
Flashback: Yuuto told Iku on the phone that he is prepared to take action on the day of the rehearsal. “I had already found the place where Kasane stays. I kept a close watch from outside but there is always no opportunity. During the day, Kasane and Habuta aren’t at home...

...I’m afraid that it can only be done on that day. In order to familiarize with the place, I’ll sneak in first to prepare. Waiting until night, I’ll immediately act when Habuta comes home.” End flashback. Iku says that it is only today when it can be done.
Saki leans on the wall and puts her hand on her face. She says, “...So, in order for it to be convenient for someone to rescue Nogiku, you deliberately delayed me in order for Habuta to go back alone, right... 

...Even if I don’t know who made you do this but for you to still believe in this kind of baffling thing, you are still quite naïve that you haven’t changed a bit, Iku-senpai.” She glares at Iku who looks surprised.

Then, Iku looks relieved and says, “ the end, you’re Kasane-chan...” Kasane tells him not to call her that way!! “You obviously do not know how much humiliation is embodied in that name..!!”
Iku replies, “Even if you always go on deny yourself, hide yourself, you also won’t really become Saki...and Nogiku. You are Kasane-chan...” Kasane shouts that she told her not to call her that.

Iku starts to say, “‘No matter what this body changes into, I am me and this won't ever change.’ *walks towards Kasane* When you acted out those lines, you showed extreme despair...isn’t it because you yourself are also aware of this? *Kasane looks surprised*...

...Even if you use someone else’s face and always stand on the stage, those praises and applause is not at all directed to ‘Fuchi Kasane’.” Kasane looks tense that she shouts that Iku is noisy to death!!!
Pushing Iku to the wall, Kasane says, “ really haven’t changed a bit... Are you saying that in order to direct me to the right path? Or is it because you are using that soft policy [/having pity] towards me? 

...It is because your reaction is you cannot understand!! *falls on her knees and sees a box cutter knife among the spilled contents of her bag” That’s right... *takes the box butter and points it to scared Iku’s face*...

...What if there is also...a cut wound on your face. Even if it were to leave a scar but it won’t make your beautiful face totally disappear. If it is like this, perhaps you can understand my feelings a bit...” After looking scared, Iku looks determined and tells Kasane, “Fine.” Kasane is shocked.
With a small cut wound on her face, Iku says, “Even if my face has a wound that will leave a scar, it is no big deal for I can still continue on being an actress.”

Kasane says that it is because she doesn’t know that so she can confidently say those words. “As long as your face has a bit of wound, no matter how hard you worked, no matter how good your acting talent is, there will be no one who’ll ask you to become a lead actress.”
Saki says, “I do not know... But even if it is like that I can only press on and I ought to be able to stay on stage, right. As long as I can act out a role, I’ll act it out whatever it is... It is because I’m an ‘actress’ through and through from head to foot...

...could it be that you’re not like that? *Kasane looks surprised* Simply because of your looks aren’t enough that you’re giving up on everything [/acting]? *tears falling* Is it only up to that kind of degree!? For you, is acting really that kind of thing which can be casually given up on!!!”
Kasane drops the box cutter knife. She sadly says, “Not everyone...can be frank and kind like you who can live without a bit of haze."
Teary-eyed, she continues to say, "It is because you are a life that is upright, pure and perfect like this so you are able to become this beauty.” [<- other translation said it is because of Iku’s beauty that she can live so pure and kind] Kasane closes her eyes then stands up. 

She tells Iku, “Because you stole away my future, if you do some kind of half-hearted acting in tomorrow’s official performance, I won’t forgive you.” Iku is surprised when Kasane starts to walk away. 

Iku calls out, “Wait, Kasane-chan!! You...won’t give up on acting, right?” After a pause, Kasane says, “Goodbye, senpai.” This surprises Iku. Kasane arrives at her house. She opens the door and is startled to see blood by the door.
She notices the blood trail into the house. She follows it and opens the door to a room. Holding his bleeding head, Kingo says that she came back so late. He also has a bandage on his bleeding leg. Kasane asks what had happened. He tells her that there was no electricity all of a sudden.

“Even if I felt that it is very strange but I still went to check out the circuit breaker...” Flashback: Kingo is with Nogiku when it became all dark. With a flashlight, he headed outside because the circuit breaker is located outside the house.

Just when he is opening the front door, someone suddenly charged towards him. Kingo is shocked to see a knife sticking out of his leg. He screamed and cursed over what he [Yuuto] is doin... Then, his head got hit by a blunt instrument.
A short shadowed figure watched him fell unconscious. End flashback. While Kasane helps Kingo walk out of the house, he tells her that when he woke up, that man and Nogiku are already gone. “This is really such a shocking [/humiliating] situation...” 

Kingo glares at Kasane who isn’t reacting. He angrily grabs her shoulder to make her look at him. He scolds her, “You are always lost in thought. Don’t you still understand your current plight!?

...Whether the official first performance tomorrow or my script, no matter what role it is, if it isn’t ‘Saki’... you cannot do anything if you were to change back to your original ugly self!! *Kasane looks surprised by that*’s fine to walk me up to the front door.” He closes the door and left.
After Kasane stared at the door, she turns around and walks back in. Later on, she is busy cleaning the blood stains on the floor. She recalls Iku asking if she’ll give up on everything just because her appearance isn’t enough.

She also recalls Kingo shouting that she cannot do anything if she were to go back to being her original ugly self. Kasane goes to the toilet to wash the bloodied rag.

Then, she looks at the mirror to notice that her face has changed back. She holds her scar on the face. Staring at the mirror, she wonders, “If others [/I] cannot be satisfied whether I’m ugly or beautiful then in the end, what should I become?”
Chapter 94 – Nonexistent face. While having some coffee, a couple is talking about Fujihara Yoshio’s new play. The woman asks her companion if he had watched it.

“I heard that on the first day [/also yesterday], everyone gave it a standing ovation. That lead actress ‘Igarashi Iku’ is really amazing. It feels that she has totally transformed into an actress but originally, this drama...shouldn’t it have an alternate actress?

...It seems that the other lead has done a very dangerous and willful acting that lead to a physical injury. It is inevitable that she can only withdraw from the stage.”
Shooting star Iku sadly looks at the ‘waters’ below while the snake is holding her. Sadly smiling, she tearfully says, “No matter what this body changes into, I am me and this won't... ever change...!!!”

At the back of the stage, Adachi comments to Yoshio that whether it is ‘hope’ or ‘despair’, in the last moment both of it exists— “Her acting seems to be able to do that kind of meaning [/she chose to use that kind of interpretation].”

Yoshio agrees. He says that it is because she is shouldering Saki’s idea [about it]. “Igarashi Iku’s acting is currently emitting a heavy profound [/reserved] radiance...”
Adachi asks him if he already managed to get in touch with Saki. Yoshio says no, not yet. “I only got news about Saki through Habuta who called me.” In disbelief, Adachi protests that during the rehearsal, it didn’t look like Saki’s injuries are really that serious.

He says, “Definitely...she can quickly come back.” Yoshio says that he hopes it is so... Then, he seriously thinks that it is also too similar with that time with ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ who suddenly disappeared from the stage.
Soon, Iku looks up while everyone is applauding. Later on, she is all alone in the theater. She looks at the stage and says, “Kasane-chan. Like this, today’s performance also ended without a mishap... Afterwards, it is the regional performance...

...and three days after, the overseas performance’s news conference... Where are you right now, what are you doing...? I deeply believe that the flame in your heart absolutely won’t extinguish that easily. No matter when, I will be waiting on this stage (here) for you.”

At Yuuto’s house, Nogiku is sitting at the corner while watching Yuuto cook in the kitchen. She glumly thinks that since that time, they haven’t properly talked.
Flashback: At the basement, frowning Nogiku glanced at the door when it creaked open. She is startled when the light from a flashlight is shown on her. Yuuto called out her name. Nogiku is shocked to see him.

After a pause, she noticed that he is holding a bloodied knife and some blood are splattered on his clothes. She called out why...why did he come! Putting her hands on her face, Nogiku said that in the end, she only got him involved into this, he also got embroiled into her fate [/tragedy]...!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Yuuto didn’t reply. She glanced at him and asks if the blood on the knife is Habuta’s. Yuuto said yes. She stood up and asked if he’s dead. Yuuto said no, he only caused him to fall unconscious and then, he came over here. “So, we must hurry and take advantage of it now that...”

Yuuto is surprised when Nogiku suddenly grabbed the knife and headed upstairs. Yuuto chased after her and shouted for her to wait. Nogiku thought that right now, she’ll immediately end this fate.

“Before you get involve deeper [into this]... *ran at the hallway and saw unconscious and bloodied Habuta on the floor* I’m going to totally eliminate Habuta and Kasane in a blow.” 
She ran to Habuta and is about to stab him when Yuuto called out her name. She felt her hand was stopped so she turned around and shouted for him to let her go... She is startled when she saw that Yuuto held the blade to stop her so his hand is now bleeding.

He shouted at her, “, aren’t you the same, simply getting involved in your mother’s (other person) fate...!!! *let go of the knife as Nogiku became teary-eyed in surprise* Please stop it...

...You should live a different fate [path], a different life, so right now, we should leave here first! *grabbed Nogiku’s hand and pulls her* Quick!!” Then, he ran off with her. End flashback.
Sitting on her futon, Nogiku looks at sleeping Yuuto. She thinks, “—like this, continuing on living with you here is perhaps also my fate (path). I had already thought of it so many times. But—

...*dressed up and carried her bag* if I do that, then sacrifices like that of mother and Nina will also continue to appear so--” Upon reading the door, she turns the door knob. It made a noise. [<- I think it’s locked]
She is stunned when Yuuto stands behind her. He asks where she plans to go. He grabs her shoulder and throws her down on the floor. Yuuto angrily asks if she plans on going through the same thing [/still wants to the same foolish thing].

After looking at his bandaged hand, Nogiku tells him not to mind her anymore. Yuuto says that he cannot do that. “As long as you continue on being like this, doing things at all cost regardless of your own life...
...I won’t let you leave here no matter what kind of method I use...!!” She is startled upon seeing him cry as he is clenching his bandaged fist. She recalling her mother and some notes on a notebook.

Nogiku wonders, “What should I do when obviously I already couldn’t stop? [/I’m the only one who can stop her] *cries and looks at her hands* I obviously have to kill her...that sister (Kasane)...!!”
At some place, Kingo is smoking while reading a script. He says out loud, “It’s alright. Kasane will definitely recover. Whether we’ll be able to re-capture and bring back Nogiku or perhaps, use some other woman’s face...

...*puts down his cigarette and looks out the window* ---Izana, I’ll definitely bring that girl back and stand below the light. Afterwards, the stage play that I wasn’t able to do with you... *looks at script* this...

...Darn! *throws the script on the floor* ...where are you...where did you disappear off to!! Kasane...!!!” Somewhere, while wearing a mask, Kasane is looking sadly out the sea.
Comment: Kasane was indeed caught off guard by what happened and she has realized that she has lost this round so she finally revealed to Iku who she is. But of course, she hates being called her name especially with everything that is associated with it.

Iku hit the spot when she told Kasane her theory over why she acted out those lines in extreme despair. Of course, Kasane is frustrated over Iku’s naiveté that she even threatened her. Unfortunately, Iku called her bluff by countering it with her intense desire to act no matter what role it is.

Then, she turned the tables on Kasane by asking her own will as an actress. In the end, Kasane admits defeat and even complimented her. Perhaps, she was a bit envy of her. Based on Iku’s reaction, that wasn’t how she wanted Kasane to react. She is basically challenging her to be as she is.

Though in a way, it is indeed a bit too naïve because do ugly people get a lot of roles? At most, one will be typecast. Kasane is also right that most people would want their leads to look perfect. After all, actresses do have to look their best at all times.

What Kingo shouted at Kasane ought to really hurt. In a way, it boils down to she is nothing if she’s ugly. She had become confused on what should she be. Kingo was totally clueless that something is already wrong with Kasane since she is always in thought. In the end, it was too late, she’s gone.

Unlike Kasane, Nogiku now has someone who really cares about her instead of just using her. Yuuto’s goal is to stop Nogiku at all cost from continuing to live that tragic fate filled with hatred and revenge. Based on how Nogiku is acting, she had also started to care for Yuuto.

But, it does seem that Nogiku believes that her mission in life is to kill Kasane to end the tragedies. So, for now, Yuuto is hindering her from doing just that. It is understandable though that Nogiku cannot easily let go of it all after everything that had happened. Everything is currently stagnant as they await Kasane’s next move. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. Although I believe that Iku means well, I too think that Iku is naive. I don't remember the last time I've seen a truly ugly person act as the lead character in a movie. Typically the lead actors of movies are good looking if not at least average looking.

    Even if Nogiku managed to successfully kill Kasane, I don't think that it would bring her true happiness. It won't take away her pain, anger, hatred and all of the negative events that have happened in her life. Maybe over time she'll slowly start to heal. It might help if Nogiku were to see a therapist.

    I wonder if it will be so easy to find Kasane a new face? Even if Habuta found someone, Kasane has taken a blow twice now. Her career as Nina and now Saki are over. Kasane is also in a no-win situation. If she acts with a different face, she is 'denying' and 'hiding herself' as Iku put it but as Habuta stated, she cannot act with her own face.

    I assume if Kasane managed to make it big on stage for the third time, she'd be more careful so that the young woman she'd be using will not end up falling into despair and dying like Nina or result in a situation such as with Nogiku.

    1. Indeed, Anonymous.

      True. In a way, she views herself as some 'crusader of justice' who has to stop the 'evil'/Kasane.

      Indeed. So, the issue now is how would she resolve that dilemma?

      True or perhaps, they should compensate that person handsomely? Though I'm not sure if theater actress are paid that well.

    2. I think they should find a pretty NEET,( and not a NEET because of social anxiety or depression, but a NEET who is happy with the NEET lifestyle and would be happier never leaving the house. Habuta would turn into the errand boy for the NEET.) and give the NEET a full image of what would happen and the consequences of their decision before they make a choice. Imagine Nogiku finds the NEET and tries to help her escape and the NEET goes, "WTF. No! I like it here, I like the deal!"

    3. Lol, that's a very good idea, Coconut Eater ^^

      But then, a NEET is usually 'hidden' so how to find one? ^^

  2. Thank you for the translation. I don't know why but I've got the feeling that whatever comes next will be the last arc, as of now too many people know Kasane's secret and for various reasons they want to stop her so whatever will be her next decisions they surely won't left her alone(I'm still of the idea that this story will end badly).

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^

      You are correct. It has currently entered its final arc.

  3. Thanks for translation. I don't like Iku a little, since she forces her ideal to Kasane. She has everything so she doesn't know what Kasane's suffering would like. I hope Kasane would play Habuta's script. It should be based from her mother like Yoshio's script and would be fitting ending for "Kasane" By any chance, would you do the summary for "Izana", the side story of Kasane? Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading, Uni ^-^


      I also assumed that the play would be about her mother.

      Sorry, no.