May 10, 2017

Hatsu Haru [Chapter 14]

Narration: “Whether or not Newton advocated the scientific law of gravity, people already know for a fact that a fallen apple cannot return to the branch. But at the moment, let me ask intelligent Newton a question...”

Looking at a picture of Newton on his physics book, Kai asks, “Love is the same, right? Ah.” His friends all look at him. Tarou asks what, did he just say, ‘carp’. [<- Carp and Love/ sounds the same in Japanese = koi] Pointing at the book that Kai is holding, Taka tells him that isn’t the scope of the exam.

Closing the book, Kai exclaims that he knows! Taka is puzzled that he wonders why Kai would look at it so intently then. With sparkles and hearts, Miki says that after the exams, it is summer vacation. “It’s the first time I’ll spend it together with a girlfriend... I’m so excited that it feels like my chest is going to split open.”  That irks Kai.

Narration: “After entering high school, we are now going to welcoming summer vacation for the first time, but I’m still infatuated with a girl who totally doesn’t view him as a love partner. It’s an indescribable gloomy summer vacation’s premonition.”
The scene changes to Kai trembling upon seeing his exam result for physics. It is a score of 2. He wonders, what!? The teacher tells those who failed that if they still failed on the make-up exam, they’ll have to come here for extra lessons during summer vacation. The students groan.

At the hallway, Miki tearfully cries over his make-up exams. Tarou says that Miki has to do that again. Taka notices Kai looking aghast and everything so he asks what happened. “..Could it be--”

Miki holds on to Kai and exclaims that Kai is also going to have a make-up exam!? “We have the same fate!!” Kai shouts for him not to lump them together. Looking at the Kai’s exam, Taka and Tarou notice that all the answers are correct but they are just filled up on wrong space.

Holding his head, Kai thinks that he unexpectedly committed that kind of mistake!!! “All of it is because of that slow-witted girl who caused me to become distracted---” Miki is happily cheering, ‘com-ra-de’. Kiyo calls out to Miki that she also has to get the make-up exam.

Miki is surprised by this. Kiyo exclaims that if they fail the make-up exam, summer vacation will fizzle out and she thought that she can date him as much as she want~~
Tarou notices Kagura looking gloomy. He asks if Kagura also failed. This startles Kagura. She tries to deny it but in the end, she tearfully says why...when she obviously strived hard. Tarou says that it is because she failed to grasp the main points. This made Kagura hit him.

Then, Tarou overhears Kiyo tearfully asking Riko to help her. Riko asks them why they would want to study after they failed. “I know already. Let us study together so that you’ll pass the make-up exam smoothly!” Kiyo tearfully calls out Riko’s name.

Kagura and Miki ask for Riko’s help, too. Kai is still stunned over his mistake. After observing this, Tarou suggests that is good, they study together! This surprises everyone. Ayumi appears and asks what, what, are they talking about something interesting?

Tarou says that this weekend, they’ll teach and study at his house’s [Buddhist] main hall so that they can happily welcome summer vacation together!

At Tarou’s place, Kiyo exclaim that it turns out that his place is a temple. Tarou tells them to come in. Kagura complains why they are going to study in Tarou’s place and in any case, her house is also a shrine that has historical origins. She complains about this being a heretic place.
Tarou comments that she had already brought sufficient things for an overnight stay. “By the way, regarding that, I feel that there is totally nothing to worry about.” Pointing at the side, Tarou says that her father frequently comes over to play.

Kagura is shocked to see her father playing shogi with Tarou’s father. The fathers greet them. Shocked Kagura asks what he is doing... Kagura’s father says that it is because his work at the shrine is finished at the moment. Tarou’s father says that they are partners in playing board games.

Kiyo exclaims over a Buddhist and Shinto priest together. Ayumi takes a picture of the two. Kagura angrily scolds her father about a Shinto priest would unexpectedly play at this heretic place!!! Her father tells her not to say such a narrow-minded statement.

Tarou’s father says that the people of different teachings are just mutually approving one’s ability to bring peace to the world. “That is the true duty bestowed upon them as people of theocratic priesthood.” Taking out his cellphone, Tarou’s father says that John had sent a message to inform them that he has finished up his work and he’ll be coming.

Kagura’s father says that he’ll definitely win the diamond Chinese checkers because they have three people now. Kagura couldn’t believe it when Tarou tells him that John is the priest of a nearby church. 
Pushing up her glasses, Ayumi exclaims that it is ‘for world peace!!” and it feels like she just witness it firsthand. Taka says perhaps, it is. Tarou leads them into the hall. While everyone is sitting on the table, Tarou says in order for the people who are going to take the exams to smoothly pass and enjoy the summer vacation together...

“The outstanding teachers are paired off hand in hand in a teacher-student model according to their grades so everyone do your best.”

This is how they pair everyone:
First place in the whole year Ayumi with grade 998 is paired off with Miki who has a grade of 523 with 5 failed exams.
Third place in the whole year Taka with a grade of 991 is paired off with Kiyo who has a grade of 530 with 4 failed exams.
Twelfth place in the whole year with a grade of 978 Tarou is paired off with Kagura with a grade of 572 with 3 failed exams.
Fifteen place in the whole year Riko is paired off with Kai who has a grade of 771 with 1 failed exam.

Miki is surprised that Ayumi is first place in their batch, so amazing. Kiyo feels a bit nervous with Taka. Kai and Kagura are surprised to learn about their teachers.

Looking at Miki’s test papers, Ayumi sweatdrops and says that his grades are like hanged red lanterns and it is valuable for him to have a one on one tutoring. Sparkling Miki exclaims that her brain is super intelligent and it’s really dependable!! Ayumi says that as a reporter, studying is also part of the job. 
Taka greets overly nervous Kiyo who greets him back. Kagura is protesting why Tarou is her teacher and she wants a switch. Tarou says that she’s so mean when he teaches her every time and it wasn’t easy to be qualified [to teach her?].

Looking at Kai’s exam paper, Riko says that he only answered on the wrong space but all his answers are correct. Blushing Kai says that’s right. Riko comments that the grades in his other subjects are not bad so there is nothing she can teach him, right? Kai didn’t reply.

Ayumi suddenly exclaims to Riko, “No no no!! This is a rare opportunity to review and it is okay to be teacher-student, right?” Tarou tells Kai that’s right, Riko is also intelligent so let her teach him. Smiling Tarou and Ayumi look at each other.

Ayumi says that he really can talk. Tarou says the same with her. The two happily shake hands. Kai and Riko are puzzled while Taka just sighs. Later on, Kai is looking at Riko’s eyes, lips, and neck. He snaps out of it when Riko closes the physics book.

She asks him what part he doesn’t understand. Playing with his pen, Kai says none. “ isn’t that there is none...” Riko asks which part. He glances at her and wonders, “What should I do so that I can totally give up on you? By the way, it is impossible for me to ask her, stupid.”
Kai sighs very loudly that Riko asks if he doesn’t understand to the point that he can just sigh. Ayumi and Tarou are trembling. In the chat room for ‘support Kai’s romance’ with four people <- Ayumi was included now. Ayumi writes that seeing Kai so filled with love really makes her extremely sympathize with him...!!

Tarou says for Kai to do his best (T_T) Taka tells them to concentrate as teachers. Soon, the girls are having a bath. While shampooing her hair, Ayumi exclaims that she didn’t imagine that the temple’s bath is so huge!

While she is in the bath with the others, Kagura says that this temple’s master is an investor [/financial backer]. Kiyo is whispering to Riko that Ayumi’s chest is quite huge. She tells the others that they were sufficiently reviewed and it’s really great for Taka is good in teaching.

She admits that he’s so handsome that her heart is beating so fast when she was so close to him but keep this a secret from Miki. Kagura says that even if Tarou is so close to her, her heart doesn’t beat fast. Ayumi asks Riko what about her, isn’t Kai very handsome and did he make her heart beat fast?

Riko laughs and says no, totally no. This infuriates Ayumi that she exclaims why, isn’t he handsome!? Puzzled Riko says that even if it is so, but it is because they knew each other since elementary and she doesn’t have that way of thinking towards him in that aspect.
 Ayumi exclaims that right now, they are no longer elementary kids!? Riko says that it is so... Kiyo wonders out loud why Ayumi is acting abnormally excited. Kagura says that she doesn’t know. Riko says, but perhaps her impression of him has changed. 

Perking up Ayumi asks how it changed. Riko says that before, he would always tease her by saying, ‘shortie’ so she always retaliated back. “Ever since junior high, he suddenly act around as a fickle playboy and I always chide him for my friends. In short, he is a totally infuriating guy---

...But, lately, I felt that he is actually very nice, and he is also very considerate person. He also has a side of being infatuated... It turns out that he is not such a bad person...”

At the men’s bath, Taka receives multiple messages from Ayumi saying, good news, it’s an ‘almost’ a bit, perhaps. She informs him that she is going to get Riko to go to the main hall so he brings Kai over that side. Then she puts a hihi tree stump emoticon.
While wondering if it is for real, Taka calls out to Kai to accompany him in going to the main hall to get his wallet because he is a bit afraid. Kai goes ha!? While walking at the hallway, Kai nervously asks if Taka is still afraid of something. Taka says yes.

Then, they meet up with Riko. Kai asks what she is doing here. She tells him that Ayumi forgot something and she’s scared so she came with Ayumi but she also couldn’t find it. She asks what about him. Kai says that he is accompanying Taka. He turns around but Taka is gone.

Taka and Ayumi are watching them at the side. Kai thinks that it is the first time he saw Riko’s hair let down and it feels a bit different. Kai then shouts why she didn’t dry her hair. Riko says that it doesn’t matter since it will dry by itself because it is summer.

Kai exclaims if she is an idiot and what will she do if she catches a cold. He tells her to come over and sit on that side. He starts to rub Riko’s hair dry with a towel. Ayumi says that Kai is really a considerate person and that scene makes one feel gratified.
“As long as there are many opportunities for them to be all alone, then it will be just a matter of time!” Taka asks is that so... Ayumi says that it is because they are childhood friends so since childhood, they are an intimate existence.

“So, it is very easy to ignore each other’s male-female feelings. And right now, they are frequently getting in touch with each other and are becoming acquainted with each other so there’ll be a change!! This is a transition period!!”

Taka says that it is so and from the start when Kai became a committee member he started to fall in love. “Your view isn’t necessarily wrong.” Sparkling Ayumi says isn’t it so, isn’t it so-!!? She happily holds his hands but he pulls his hands away.

She says that no matter what is said, summer vacation is absolutely a good opportunity and it is the season of love. “By the way, an average person would really anticipate for summer vacation to come!”

Taka glances at her. He looks up and says that he doesn’t at all specially feel that summer vacation-whatever is worth anticipating. This puzzles Ayumi. She calls out that he’s lying and what kind of high schooler is he!? Taka says that her voice is so loud that they’ll be found out. He tells her that he’s going back.
Meanwhile Kai is glances at Riko’s back. He hugs her tight then turns her towards him. She calls out his name as he is about to kiss her. Then, Kai snaps out from his delusion when Riko is calling out to him. She tells him that it is dry, thank you. He says, ah ya.

He thinks that this is bad, because from this angle, he start to become careless and go into a delusion. Her hair is also so fragrant. Riko worriedly asks could it be he has something that’s troubling him that today, he is always sighing and look quite listless...

“Unexpectedly filling up the wrong answers that caused you to fail, this is quite unlike you. You should look like an idiot and not this kind of frivolous guy!!” Kai sweatdrops. He wonders if she is praising him or being sarcastic with him. “Darn, who do you think it was who caused me to do that.”

Somewhat embarrassed Kai says that before he told her about the girl he likes and it is because of her that he is a bit affected. Riko says that girl who likes some other guy. “Did she smoothly go steady with the guy!?”

Kai says no, that guy is already together with some other girl and honestly speaking, it is almost impossible for them to be... Riko exclaims that this is a good opportunity!!! “Go and confess!!” Kai shouts that he confessed even if he confessed... Riko exclaims if he was rejected.
Kai shouts that he wasn’t rejected and even if he wasn’t... He tearfully says that she simply didn’t realize it... Puzzled Riko says wha..what’s up with that!? Thinking that he also wants to ask that, Kai says that she basically didn’t look at him as a guy. “I already...want to give up on liking her but it always won’t go smoothly...”

After a pause, Riko says that he is the same with her. “Me...and onisan [/bro not related; Suwa]...obviously I want to give up but I couldn’t give up. I tried forcing myself to like someone else but it failed. ...I don’t know what I should do... heart is really chaotic. Onisan and Oneesan are obviously preparing to get married and up to when will I stubbornly like him.” Kai looks at her and thinks that it is as Riko said.

“[But] this girl’s feelings and mine are different in the years she experienced it so she has no way of quickly giving it up. No matter how I dazzle in front of her, she won’t see me--”

Riko says, “So, I already...decided not to hesitate again and slowly wait for these feelings to quiet down. *looks up and smile* Afterwards, I’ll wait for the moment when I can love someone again-- I hope when that time comes, I can properly convey my feelings of love for him... 
...*Kai looks surprised* For me to be able to have this kind of thinking is thanks to you, Ichinose. You said that the one who likes me is definitely at my side, right? *smiles* Thanks to that, I can look onwards. Thank you.” Kai blushes.

She tells him that his situation with that girl isn’t totally impossible. “It is simply because you have not properly conveyed your feelings so there’s no need for you to give up early.” Kai protests but he wasn’t able to convey it because he is basically not in her eyes-- 

Riko says, “There is no such thing. Because the feelings that one gives to someone can change. I feel that until you can convey to her your feelings, you should be loyal to your own feelings.”

Kai looks at her and thinks, “I like you. Beyond redemption, I love you. Love you that I cannot free myself from it. I want to become the one whom you’ll like. That kind of dependable guy so--” Kai says, “—Ya, I won’t give up.”

Narration: “Whether it is the fallen apple or love, it already cannot go back to its origin. I will concede to Newton. So, my question has changed. What should I do to become the guy she’ll fall in love with?”
Comment: So, Kai failed in the exam due to being distracted over Riko. But of course, that leads to something better later on with everyone having an overnight group study. It is amusing though that Ayumi is now part of the group supporting Kai’s romance ^^ I do wonder who added her in. Was it Tarou?

For now, there is a bit of change regarding how Riko views Kai but it isn’t up to that level yet. It is amusing how they can confide to each other. It is really amusing that Riko is actually giving him advice on how to deal with her who loves someone else. Nevertheless, Kai is credited for helping her start to move on from that unrequited love.

Taka is still quite the mysterious guy. Why would he hate summer vacation? I wonder if Ayumi will figure it out later on. I’m surprised that she’s actually the most intelligent one in terms of grades. Miki and Kiyo are the typical airhead type of couple.

Whereas Tarou and Kagura, they seem to be at Kai-Riko stage before...still bickering with each other...ah, it’s one-sided though. ^^; Tarou seems quite skilled in handling her. Scans by Draw Club同萌绘汉

Quote of the day:
Love is metaphysical gravity. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller


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