April 16, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 37 - Devil Boyfriend]

At the dorm, while some guy is talking about going to the activity room, Yu’s mother tells her on the phone that her father’s friend has suddenly given him a couple of ‘Countdown to the New Year’ sightseeing cruise tickets. Yu exclaims that she cannot go home during winter break.

Haruto overhears that while he is passing by with Kaji who is complaining about the bus making his throat dry. Yu tells her mother that it is alright for her to be all alone in the house. Her mother says that she still hasn’t lived in the new house.

“You also don’t know the neighbors yet... besides, you also cannot cook. *Yu sweatdrops* Making you stay at home alone really makes me worried.” Yu says that she really wants to go on this trip right. Sparkling, her mother asks how she knew. Yu says that it is because for her [mother], New Year’s Eve is very special.
On the bulletin board, it is noted that the dorm is closed from Dec 29 to Jan 3. While Haruto continues to eavesdrop, Yu assures her mother that she doesn’t have to worry about her because the dorm is always open. After hanging up, Yu thinks that her parent’s relationship is really good.

“Forget it. I’ll just have to think of a way regarding the end of the year.” Her thoughts are interrupted by a guy who suggests to everyone that they have a party. He says that on the day of the closing ceremony is also Christmas Eve so they have a high before going home.

A girl says that they don’t have to pay any fee if it is at the dining hall or perhaps, the conference room. “Dorm president, how about it!?” Having car sickness so Haruto is giving him a drink, Takumi says that it’s okay with him. “How about you, Kuro?”
The guy pats Haruto’s shoulder and asks him what about it. “Let us have a high...” He is startled when Haruto glares at him. Haruto tells them that on the 24th, there is the dorm’s big cleaning day so they better not get carried away. The others look aghast and say yes, that’s right...

To everyone’s delight, Haruto says, so it has to be on the 25th but they will still strictly implement the time for ‘lights out’. As everyone cheer over Haruto agreeing to it, Kaji tells Yu that it’s their turn to show their full capability so let’s go talk things over.

The others are delighted to be able to spend Christmas with the two princes. “Everyone, let’s properly prepare for it. Akabane, Kaji, we’ll leave it to you!!” Yu tries to protest but ends up saying yes. She thinks that she planned to talk for a while with Haruto... Haruto is already going to his room to sleep.
On the school’s closing ceremony day, while holding her report card, Meiko exclaims that they won’t go on a date on Christmas. Tarako tells Yu that today is Christmas’ Eve. Embarrassed Yu says that it is because today is the dorm’s big cleaning day.

She tells them besides, tomorrow, they’ll prepare for the party so she’s very busy until evening. Meiko whispers if she is really going steady with Haruto. Tarako asks if it isn’t her fantasy. Yu sweatdrops and asks how they can say that... She thinks that Haruto indeed said, ‘I’ll go steady with you’.

“...yes, that is an answer. I’m very certain about that but...that’s right, we didn’t have any chance to spend time alone.” Flashback: On the way to school, Kaji was happily talking about anticipating Christmas and it would be good if Tarako and others can come. He told Yu who had overslept to do her best in decorating the venue.
As Yu said ya, Haruto just quietly walked with them. In class, Kaji is sitting in front of Haruto. Kaji asked asking him to go buy a gift with him for the exchange gift. Haruto refused. End flashback.

Narration: “There is no change at all. It is like before we went steady... On contrary, Kaji-kun’s relationship with him is better...” Sparkling Yu says but then, they’ll have a Christmas party and they are going steady. Meiko says isn’t that a dorm activity.

Tarako says that they’ll go on a date tomorrow and that is before the Christmas party. This made Yu really gloomy that she is so envious...date... To cheer her up, Meiko suggests that they buy some clothes together. Tarako says that she definitely has to cosplay as Santa Claus.
As Yu and others are preparing to leave, Haruto calls out to Yu. Meiko whispers that’s great. Tarako tells Yu not to mind them. Yu blushes really red. Haruto asks if she’s going out. Thinking that this conversation is too stiff, Yu says that she plans to go and buy something with Meiko and others. “...rare...rare opportunity...can we go on a da...”

Haruto darkly tells her that when it is evening, all the students in the dorm will do the big cleaning together so she has to come back before the curfew time. “Understand? *Yu isn’t answering* Answer.” Embarrassed Yu says that she’ll come back before then.

She tells him that he’s so pesky to keep on mentioning about that big cleaning the whole day. Waiting by the door, Meiko and Tarako wonder if the two are quarrelling. Haruto asks her what’s with that attitude. He uses his cellphone and slightly hits her head.
While Yu holds her head since that hurt, Haruto tells her to type in her cellphone number and be quick about it. After a bit of confusion, Yu does as she was told. Then, she asks what, she entered it... He holds the phone to him and presses the call button.

Yu’s cellphone starts ringing. Haruto then bends to her and tells her, “If something happens, you definitely have to call me.” After that, Haruto leaves. Some fangirls are calling out to him if he has time, can they have fun together. Haruto ignores them as he continues to walk away.

Yu leans on the wall. Meiko asks what Haruto wants when he didn’t come to ask about a date. Blushing Yu says that it is about the big cleaning day. Tarako asks if she needs to buy an apron. Narration: “Even if it isn’t a date but Christmas still makes me anticipate it...”
Standing near a Christmas tree, Kaji wearing a reindeer costume holds a glass and greets everyone a Merry Christmas. Holding a gift, a girl asks Yu if that is for the exchange gift. Wearing a snowman costume, Yu says yes, wear this party hat for the exchange.

Then, some girls ask to take her picture since she is dressed up as a snowman. Embarrassed Yu says that Kaji told her to wear it but then, it’s good if everyone is happy. Someone exclaims that Haruto is number one in darts.

Another guy says so amazing since he is always hitting the bull’s eye [of the dart board] He says that if it were him, he won’t be able to hit near the target. Wearing a crown, Takumi says bull’s eye huh, it’s his turn. With a lot of screams from fangirls, a guy screams that Takumi also got the bull’s eye.
Yu thinks, “...but, from the looks of it, we have no opportunity of staying together alone.” Holding a bottled drink, Takumi asks Haruto if it is really okay that he cannot spend Christmas together with Yu. Haruto says that weren’t they together right now?

Takumi says that last night, during the big cleaning day, Haruto had viciously ordered everyone about. There is a scene of everyone totally tired since it is already midnight but Haruto wanted them to clean the roof next. Haruto says that Takumi had goofed off and didn’t join them.

Takumi tells him that anyway, he isn’t good in cleaning and sanitizing. He says, “If Christmas is like this, even if Yu-chan is going steady with you, it isn’t fun at all, right?” This surprised Haruto which caused him to throw the dart on the 1 point.
Takumi muses out loud that is strange. “One point... Ah, why are you feeling uneasy? Kuro, what’s up, hey--” Haruto tensely asks Takumi what he is to do. Takumi smiles and says that he won’t tell him.

Soon, everyone is screaming at Haruto that the dart board is over that side since he threw a dart at smiling Takumi who avoided it. [<- do not throw darts at people in real life]. Kaji exclaims that they take opportunity of the mood and exchange gifts.

The numbers are in the hats so that would be their numbered gift. Yu recalls smiling Takumi showing Yu that these are his and Haruto’s gifts so it is good if Yu draws up Haruto’s gift. Holding a huge gift wrapped package, Yu tearfully thinks that regretfully, Shirakawa-kun, she didn’t get that gift...
Sitting by the sofa with Takumi, Haruto calls out to Yu and tells her to come over and sit. Yu tells him that she’ll change her clothes first but he sternly says that there’s no need, come over. Sitting beside him, Yu thinks that he’s really tyrannical and wearing this kind of clothes, she basically isn’t in the mood to stay at...

Then, she overhears some girls screaming why a guy got Haruto’s gift. Really distressed, Yu is really envious for she really wants to know what’s inside. She asks the two guys what gift they bought. Haruto says that he doesn’t know.

Takumi says that he chose for his and Haruto’s gifts since Haruto said that it is troublesome. Yu says ah, is that so. Yu thinks that she also prepared a gift for Haruto. There is a scene of Yu wondering what to buy for her boyfriend and what would he like while Tarako is telling her that the costumes are over that side.
Blushing really red, Yu thinks that the gift is in her room and when would she give it to him. Kaji exclaims that Yu got his gift. Yu says is that so. She opens it and it is a long snake[?] scarf. Kaji tells her to wear it and says that this is the same with his cellphone’s design.

While Haruto quietly watches, Yu laughs and says that it is cute and Kaji got the gift she bought. Kaji exclaims no way. He whispers to Takumi if he wants him to give Yu’s gift to him. Smiling Takumi covers Kaji’s mouth.

Instead, Takumi asks Yu instead when she is going home to celebrate New Year. While Haruto is observing her, Yu couldn’t directly answer him. She thinks that there isn’t much money left from her part-time job and actually she still hasn’t thought of where to go.
She changes the topic by asking Takumi what about him. Takumi says that he’ll go abroad tomorrow to visit his parents since they can only see each other during long vacations. Kaji exclaims going abroad, what about Haruto. Haruto says that he won’t go home.

Yu thinks that this means that in the end, Haruto might stay at the dorm and they can stay together!? She starts to daydream that the two of them are laughing as he carries her. Blushing really red, she thinks that she really kept on insisting on her own ideas but then, it is okay to let her fantasize a bit.

Takumi says that Haruto is going to stay at his family’s villa this year again. Kaji exclaims that no wonder they are from the upper class because for him, his whole family will just go and join the ‘pound the mocha [rice paste]’ competition.
Yu wonders why he said ‘this year again’. She recalls the encounter between Haruto and his father so she thinks that their relationship isn’t too good. While someone is shouting that they sing karaoke, Yu tells Haruto that he should go home this year’s end.

Haruto darkly tells her that no one is asking for her opinion, so don’t meddle in other people’s business. This made Yu flustered so she apologizes to him. Takumi just sigh. Then, Santa dorm head tells everyone that they should end the party soon.

Kaji shouts for Haruto to make the ending speech. Haruto refuses. Takumi stands up and says that as dorm president, he also should timely display his function. Yu glumly thinks that she wants to give Haruto the gift but right now, she has to tidy up the place.
Takumi calls out to Yu and tells her that there is no one at the balcony above right now. “The two of you properly spend some time alone. Merry Christmas!” Yu looks surprised.

At the balcony where there are some Christmas decors, Yu is holding a paper bag. She is about to call Haruto on her phone. Then, she hears some noise and thinks that it’s so fast. [<- I’m not sure if she got to call or Takumi told Haruto about it because] Haruto is suddenly there and

[Edit: I learned from mona that there was a missing page so I rechecked the source and someone else had uploaded it. The paragraph below is the missing page

Yu starts to call Haruto on her phone. He immediately picks up the phone so she thinks it’s so fast. When she is telling him to go to the bal..., Haruto is suddenly behind her with his phone. He whispers to her, what she is doing and she cannot leave his sight without permission. This causes Yu to drop the bag.
She blushes as Haruto picks it up. He says if there is some other thing beside the scarf. Yu is puzzled what he meant. She tells him no, that is for him, a Christmas gift. He looks surprised after he opened the gift. It is a pencil case.

Holding her head, Yu is irritated for she wants to give him the gift a bit more formally since it is a rare opportunity that Takumi gave her. Haruto says that he didn’t prepare anything to give to her. Yu tells him that she just wants to give him something. She says that a pencil case shouldn’t be a hindrance to him, right.

After looking at the pencil case, Haruto asks what she wants. Yu is puzzled. Haruto repeats his question what she wants and answer him. Blushing Yu summons her courage and tells him that she wants to stay together with him for some time during winter vacation...
Haruto asks is that it. Yu says that’s it. She thinks that she also wants to see him during the time when the dorm is closed. Haruto tells her that she basically hasn’t decided yet where she is going to spend the New Year. Yu is surprised by that. 

Haruto asks why she lied to her parents and said that the dorm is always open. Yu asks how he knew. He tells her to answer him. After wondering how come he knew about that, Yu tells him that New Year’s Eve is her parents’ wedding anniversary.

“It is also rare for me to board [/live] in school. *looks up the sky* So, I hope that this year they can happily have a romantic time together.” Haruto says that he saw them already fully enjoying it during the sports’ festival. There is a scene of Yu’s parents sparkling as they say that they’ve arrived.
Embarrassed Yu says that is true and they are also like that outside. “Until now, they do not conceal their conjugal love at all in front of me, their daughter. They were also the one who decided on their own that I board in school... 

...Ah! *turns to Haruto* But, it is also because of this reason that my family is always very happy...” Haruto says that she really loves her family. Haruto is surprised when Yu smiles and says, ya.

While Haruto is lost in thought, Yu is thinking that it is strange for weren’t they talking about her winter vacation problem. Yu notices Haruto calling someone on the phone. She thinks that it is better for her to stand farther away [<- etiquette of not eavesdropping]
 To her surprise, Haruto grabs her and tells his father on the phone that he’ll come home this New Year. The father calls out why he is suddenly... Haruto hangs up on him. Recovering from her surprise, Yu says that he’ll be going home.

Haruto says that she is coming along with him because didn’t he say before that he’ll watch over her. Haruto takes her scarf and starts to head inside. He says that they go back since they have to finish tiding up the place before the time for ‘lights out’.

Yu calls out to him about her scarf. Haruto says that it doesn’t suit her even for a little bit. This surprises her. Then, she thinks, going to his house...to...together!? Eh eh eh---” Soon, the dorm is quiet.
In France, there is a party. Takumi calls out to a waiter, “Où se trouve la terrasse?” [Where is the terrace]. The waiter says, “C'est là –bas”. [It is over there] Takumi thanks him and heads out. The waiter wishes him a pleasant night. At the terrace, Takumi looks out while holding his drink.

He muses that right now, it is morning in Japan. “Although Kuro decided to go home which really surprised me but I didn’t think that he’ll unexpectedly bring Yu-chan home along with him...” A man calls out to Takumi and asks if he feels uncomfortable because there are many people inside.

Takumi replies, “Father. I’m just a bit worried about the things. *looks at the side* ...Just starting to go steady, would then meet that uncle [not related]. It is really not easy, Yu-chan,”
In Japan, Haruto and Yu arrives at a huge Japanese mansion with a door plate, Kurosaki. Yu thinks that it is huge. “Is this a hotel!?” Haruto tells her that they’ll go in. She tells him to wait, for she didn’t know that his house is this huge. “It is better that I don’t. I’m going back...”

Haruto asks him how come she is being capricious. The door opens and Haruto’s father says that this is really a disturbance. Haruto glares at him while Yu looks surprised. With folded arms, Haruto’s father asks, “So, you finally decided to give in [/bow down your head]?” Aghast Yu thinks, “...two devils?”
Comment: Hehe, I guess no wonder Takumi is worried about Yu. She can barely handle one and here comes another devil. And, she’ll live with them for about a week. I guess with this development, Yu can more or less know more about Haruto.

That encounter at the end gave me a sudden theory of what his family background might be. Contrary to Haruto turning out like that because of his father/parents, it seems that Haruto basically inherited that personality from his father.

If that is so, I would suspect that the mother is missing/deceased and right now, his father is a single parent. So, it would be understandable that Haruto’s father is practically dealing with a younger version of himself/clone. And he is probably at a loss on how to make it ‘normal’ and is dealing with Haruto based on how he knows.

So, how Haruto acts, is basically what he thinks is how people would act because of his father. It was mentioned that Haruto is touched by Takumi’s gift. If his father is like Haruto, he is probably not into gift giving, too. Though I’m curious what the mother was like. Someone like, Yu or different?

Still, I wonder when Haruto became a clean freak and become good in cooking. Clean freak might be because of the maids at the mansion that keeps everything clean. The cooking might be afterwards when he left home? But I guess, being with Takumi helps him know some basic ‘normal’ interactions.

I know it is for comedy but Kaji is indeed annoying over how he is unconsciously hindering Yu from being alone with Haruto. ^^; Is it because he is also for Takumi? ^^;; Or, he doesn’t know that they were going steady. Even if it isn’t her ideal, Yu is satisfied with some of the things that Haruto are doing to show his concern.

Nevertheless, even if Takumi didn’t get the girl, I think he is having a bit of fun teasing Haruto. In a way, he is still being kind as he is helping those two. As for the scarf, well, it is possible that Haruto is jealous that a guy gave Yu something when he didn’t. =P Scans by 腾讯动漫

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