April 18, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 68 - Sliding Doors 2]

Narration: “Indeed, I’ve been told ‘I love you’ words. Afterwards, a lot of things had happened. My life’s first kiss is also snatched away by this person. In accordance to this kind of progress, I’ll definitely break into the domain where I haven’t gone before...

...No, it would be better to say that it is also totally alright to break into that!! It should be I’ll break into it!! Like this, but ‘I also like you’, perhaps it is the ‘correct’ choice. Is it really okay to choose that and go ahead? Me and this beautiful person. Is it really having the same desire [/idea] with this person? Is it mutually liking each other?”

Momoe looks tense when Arthur asks what does this ‘cool off’ mean... *Momoe thinks that it is because of ‘love’ that she is doing this* It’s alright. I understand. It is okay but... *Momoe thinks, “Or, it is this kind of awareness ‘want to do it because I like/love’* the cool off will be just for three days. If it were to exceed that, I ought to more or less, quit already.”
Momoe goes into shock. She thinks that’s too fast!! Just then, Momoe’s mother calls out to Momoe. She says that Momoe is already back. Then, with hearts, she greets Arthur. Arthur says that it is really rude since it is already quite late though he helped bring Momoe’s luggage.

Momoe’s mother says that it is alright and please come in. Momoe is still mentally freaking out over ‘quit’. “Does that mean stopping any romantic-related activities!? Obviously so many things had happened and I just said that we take a cool off a little bit!? Didn’t you say that you like me!! By the way, the me who is not aware of liking or not-- Do I really have the right to say that kind of words...”

Momoe’s mother says that Arthur is definitely tired so come in for a cup of tea and also the one in the car. “My husband is current taking a bath. Wait for him to come out and I’ll definitely get him to come and greet you.” This made Momoe exclaim in surprise. She shouts that it is already late!! “There is still work tomorrow so don’t make him stay too long.”
She thinks that it is troublesome if her father were to see Arthur. “He’ll definitely target him [Arthur] as a wedding partner and will proceed to investigate the all-around situation. We obviously have not been properly going steady and it will just cause him [Arthur] added trouble...

...*sees Arthur looking surprised and sad* ...ah. *Arthur looks really disappointed* Wrong!! I’m not saying that I don’t want to introduce [you to him]. Wrong. Wrong. It isn’t that. What should I have said? *tense as she watches her mother talk with Arthur* At this kind of time, what is the suitable and correct words...

Maybe when I said the words ‘let’s cool off’, it isn’t deliberately a helping me in a romantic way kind of battle? Or, it is to say that it is already...he has already done it and is ready to ‘quit’. Already ready...”
After putting down the rest of her things, Arthur turns to Momoe and tells her to give that to him. Momoe apologizes and thanks him as he takes the box she is carrying. After Arthur and Makoto left, Momoe’s mother asks her if she had a quarrel with Arthur since she felt that Arthur’s attitude is a bit stiff.

Momoe says no and it is simply because there is still work tomorrow so he is in a hurry to leave. Her mother asks is that so but she didn’t feel that it was like that. She tells Momoe that since she came home, wait a while to properly greet her father. Carrying some of her things upstairs, Momoe says yes, she’ll go put her luggage up first. Her mother tells her to definitely come down later on.

Carrying her things, Momoe opens her room and puts the things inside. She looks at all the BL stuff that is piling up. She thinks that because she isn’t at home, the games had already piled up like a mountain. “It really makes one look forward [to playing them] Ha ha. *looks glum and slumps on the chair* ...I made... the wrong... choice...”
Comment: Well, Momoe has realized where things are going to lead into based on what they are doing but it seems that she wanted to reassess that they really like each other. Rather, she really likes him, it seems and all that after stuff before crossing that line. In a way, she doesn’t want to do it half-heartedly.

Of course, as usual, Arthur is thinking of a different meaning to what she is saying. But then, anyone saying ‘cool off’ is usually bad news for a relationship. It doesn’t help that she didn’t explain it and he didn’t ask for an explanation.

Arthur will most likely jump into conclusion over what he thinks she is thinking. Then, based on what he is saying and doing, she’ll misunderstand him again and think that he isn’t really serious or in this case, already going to call it quits. ^^;

But, of course, because of what she said, Arthur will misunderstand her intention about not wanting him to meet her father. I mean, a girl just said, ‘cool off’ so it is naturally that she wouldn’t want the boyfriend to meet with the father yet. Though, I’m curious what Momoe’s father is like since it was implied that he’ll do a background check on any prospective suitors. =P

In the end, she felt downcast since it really does seem that she made the wrong choice and possibly, lose Arthur if he indeed gives up and she hasn’t sort herself out after 3 days. Basically, just saying ‘let’s cool off’ set off a chain of events/conversation and things ended up contrary to what Momoe expected. 

Haha. Of course, as a reader, for Momoe to kind of suddenly 'chicken out' though it is somewhat understandable based on her personality, well, it seems like the mangaka is dragging things with this couple. ^^; Scans by 月球坑组

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    1. I'm currently working on it, hajar ^^ Definitely within this week.

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  2. by the way,thank you for your hard work on this..i really like momoe and arthur! :)

    1. Thanks for reading and I like this couple, too ^^

  3. Oh no!!! I hope this misunderstanding doesnt break them up for good. But I do understand Momoe's feelings about hearing an I love you but not really expecting it that yet��. Of course she would freak out!!! Lol

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    1. Hopefully so, Steph.

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