April 13, 2017

Kasane [Chapters 90-92]

Chapter 90 – Conclusion. While everyone is standing/sitting around the stage, Yoshio is addressing everyone. His two leading ladies are also on the stage. He tells them that finally, tomorrow would be the final rehearsal then on the day after tomorrow, it would be the official opening.

“Honestly speaking, even if I felt that it is because of everyone’s hard work that the play’s degree of completion is quite high compared to what I imagined. But, we cannot be satisfied over the current situation since I hope that everyone can maintain the attitude of ‘constantly perfecting’ and do your best until the final day...

...in fact, next year, this ‘Star Drop’ will be performed internationally in London and Greece. *Saki and Iku look surprised* I and some of the staff who were my old friends had already worked 10 years ago and they had some experience regarding performing overseas...
...But this time, a lot of actors and production crew who are young people.  I’m collaborating with them for the first time. Igarashi Iku, Saki and also lighting designer, Adachi-san whom I’m collaborating with for the first time...

...I hope that they can properly increase these Japanese’s youngster’s strength [and experience]. Even if the world of stage play has many older actors [and gives attention to seniority], but it is also necessary to infuse new blood. *Saki and Iku look serious*...

...I also don’t want to admit being old yet so early. So, everyone let’s challenge [each other] *everyone smiling* towards that higher state [/peak].” Afterwards, Yoshio enters the theater to find Saki standing alone on the stage. He asks if she still won’t go home.
“To prepare for tomorrow, it is better for you to properly rest.” Saki says okay. After a pause, Yoshio says that in the end, she’s very similar. “‘Fuchi Sugeyo’s rebirth’. It seems that you were called like that by so many people.”

After looking serious, Saki with blank eyes says that it really makes one terrified. “How can I even be compared to that person when she is a one in a ten thousand?” Sitting down, Yoshio says no, no, actually, they are very similar.

“For others, it is probably because of the acting skill or perhaps, the appearance so they’re saying that. But apart from these things, there is this thing that is indescribably very similar...”

Saki asks what it is. Yoshio tells her that it is probably a kind of dangerous attitude. Saki asks, ‘dangerous’? Yoshio says, “Whether it is Sugeyo or it is you...AT FIRST GLANCE, you are a very strong person who has self-confidence with matching strength...
...Both of you are perfectionists who has this remarkable talent who had untiringly strived hard--- Even if you can understand and give consideration to other people *scene of Saki and Iku* But you absolutely won’t show a bit of your weakness. [/won’t talk about being discouraged]...

...*scene of Saki alone and glanced at everyone who were talking* You absolutely won’t depend on anyone. But, that...I’m afraid that it isn’t being strong but on contrary, an expression of weakness. You only let people see your ‘expression’. It seems like you’re completely afraid of letting others see your ‘inner being’...

...It was as if Fuchi Sugeyo is acting out ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’. You are acting out a woman known as ‘Saki’ but you two ABSOLUTELY won’t let anyone know the real you. So, before...when I was working together with that person, I had once asked her, ‘How come you aren’t willing to show to your heart [/innermost being] in front of others’...
...*there is a scene of a gathering when Yoshio asked that to Sugeyo. Sugeyo was speechless.* She didn’t answer but she merely showed a very lonely smile. I don’t know the meaning of that smile but in that instant I felt that it seems like I had peeked into her heart...

...From then on, I always wondered if that person has some deep type of painful past that she couldn’t let others know. And you, aren’t you like that, too?” Saki didn’t reply. She looks at the side. She says that it turns out that he’s so worried about her.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have any painful past at all, although I also have almost the same worries as everyone. *blank eyes* Right now, I’m very happy. I felt that I had never been... so free, so alive. *Yoshio just looks at her* I’m very thankful that you’re worried about me. I’ll do my best tomorrow.”
Yoshio is lost in thought then he says, yes. Saki leaves with a smile. While Saki is sitting by the window at her house, Kingo exclaims that it will be an international performance. Saki says yes. Kingo says is that so...she can finally go into a stage that Fuchi Sugeyo has never set foot on.

“Right now, ‘Snow Drop’ is already the most highly-anticipated drama. It is the same with Macbeth. The tickets are already sold out last month in order to see ‘Lady Macbeth’s Saki, Ophelia’s Igarashi. Add to that, they all flock to watch Fujihara’s new peak [/masterpiece]...

...*getting excited* You just keep it like that and improve your reputation domestically and internationally... *notices Saki is lost in thought* Saki? Hey. Hey!” Saki snaps out of it. She says, ah...ah, sorry. Kingo tells her to pull herself together for tomorrow is the [final] rehearsal.
Saki says that she is so distracted... Kingo looks at her. Putting down his mug, he says, “Ah, I’m sorry. Always until now, you are really working hard.” Saki looks surprised that she says, huh...?

He apologizes for saying that she is to blame for Izana-san’s death. “You were always striving hard together with that person’s share.” After looking surprised, Saki says that it is for herself. She looks away and says, even if it is like that...

Kingo tells her that she will also definitely become a new ‘legend’. “For that, no matter what, I’ll definitely find the way for the ‘permanent switch’. Afterwards, until the international performance is over---” He becomes quiet so Saki calls out to him.
Kingo looks at her and asks, “Will you act in my play?” Saki looks surprised. Narration: “In this life’s waves, we always trek onwards with difficulty [/blindly]. *Yuuto looks at the moon* in order to attain the thing we wanted...

...*scene of Nogiku covering her face and Iku looking serious while in bed* Not daring to imagine [/think] about the end as to what kind of scene it will be---” Saki sees a shooting star and she quickly closes the window’s curtains.

The next day, Iku is sitting face down on the table in the dressing room. She suddenly stands up and walks at the hallway. Saki calls out to her and asks if she’s nervous. Iku says of course, even if it isn’t the official performance because she’ll be the one performing first.
Saki tells her that it will be alright and she’ll properly anticipate it while she’s at the audience’s side. “The one playing next also has one’s own difficulty... it is the same role and it will definitely be compared. *smiles at Iku* But let us properly do our best!” Iku says yes!

Narration: “I’m really not good in dealing with you [/For me, you are an annoyance], ‘Iku-senpai’. Every time I’m with you, the part of my body that belongs to ‘Fuchi Kasane’ is clamoring in pain. But these will totally disappear when I’m on the stage.”

Saki says, “Saki is Saki’s then there’s Iku’s Iku’s style of ‘shooting star’! [/Let us become the kind of ‘shooting star’ that is the most similar to us!]” Iku says yes. And, they head in the theater. Narration: “We have the same idea [/tenacity] to simply to reveal that beautiful imagination [/fabrication] of a bright star.”
Chapter 91 – Star Drop. Narration: “Similar to Iku’s [/most similar to oneself]... but what kind of person is ‘the me who is similar to me’? I---” Closing her eyes, Iku stands on the stage. Then, she recites her lines, “Light is I. *smiles* I am...light!!

...*runs around the stage* A distant star. Living things on the ground, look. Look at me. Look at this life!” Narration: “This is a picture book that has been passed down since ancient times. The story of a girl who lost ‘her sparkling glittering [/arrogant] self’.”

In the full moon stage, a woman warns Iku’s character, “Be careful, shooting star.” Then, the stage changes to a moon in waning crescent. Another woman says, “You absolutely cannot go and peek into the mirror’s spring. Just by glancing it, you’ll directly fall into the the depths of the spring’s water.”
Then, the mirror becomes a whirlpool. In a picture book, the star falls into the whirlpool and became a black star. Narration: “You’ll lose your twinkling radiance as well as your flying ability. *ghost-like blobs look at the star that has become black.*...

...No one would believe you. You were once a sparkling shiny star. *scene of Iku trying to explain things to the others* The more you want to go back to that high distant universe, *black star clings on a white snake swimming upward* the more you plunged down into the abyss...

...*Iku crying at the pedestrian bridge after being fired* Struggling like this, as it is swept away again from the spring to the river, and from the river to the sea. Finally, it is completely exhausted.”
Kneeling on the stage with tears, shooting star Iku says, “I...am so tired... Thinking back, I leaned on the thought of ‘because I have ‘beauty’s light’’ that I was able to live on. Apart from this, I actually don’t have anything. I’m like this...shamefully weak and powerless...

...*scene of Saki watching but her expression isn’t shown* A star that has already lost its radiance basically has no value of living on.” Shooting star Iku looks surprised over a huge shadow above her. Narration: “There is a huge whale that slowly passed by...

...The shooting star looked at its figure and couldn’t help but think, ‘If I let it swallow me like how it eats fishes and shrimps, then this body can be dissolved into its stomach... If I die like that, won’t my soul be able to return into the skies above.”
Shooting star Iku tearfully reaches up to the whale and heads towards the whale. There is a bright ray of light passing over her and pulls her away. Narration, “But, just like a shooting star before, she is dragged away by a long shiny white tail thing...

...The life that wanted to disappear was carried away from the whale’s stomach. *Iku shooting star glances at what got her* It is the white snake she met in the spring.” The snake carries shooting star Iku while standing in the middle of a tall ladder.

The snake says that it wanted to see her one more time so he went after her. Shooting star Iku asks why. “Obviously right now, I cannot shine nor fly. I’m merely just an ordinary rock.” The snake holds her tight and says, “Don’t say it like that... whether you are a star or a rock, you are you.”
Shooting star Iku looks surprised then a tear starts to form on her eye. Narration: “When she became aware of that, the star IMMEDIATELY ignited. [/UPON RECOVERING FROM HER SURPRISE, she found out that there is also a flickering star within her]...

...The sea became [like] a side of a huge mirror that will totally engulf all of the stars in the universe. Right now, is there any difference between the sea and the universe? At the last boundary of its life, the shooting star had finally understood.”

Shooting star Iku cries and says, “No matter what this body changes into, I am me and this won't ever change...!!” The snake then quietly lays down the shooting star into the waters. The rehearsal is over. Everyone was applauding and looks pleased except for Saki whose expression is still not shown.
Later, Yoshio meets up with Kingo at the hallway. Kingo greets Yoshio and says that is really marvelous, that dress rehearsal a while ago! Yoshio thanks him and says that it will be Saki’s turn next. “Are you worried?”

Kingo says that he isn’t a bit worried. “After all, that woman is the actress who perfectly inferred ‘Lady Macbeth’.” Looking troubled, Yoshio says is that so. This puzzles Kingo. Yoshio says that before he told him that the cause of Fuchi Sugeyo’s death is because she acted out ‘Lady Macbeth’. Kingo says ya.

Yoshio says, “After she passed away, I’m always wondering since I couldn’t help but feel that there is some other reason. *Kingo looks stunned* You, do you know...”
Kingo suddenly calls out to Saki who is approaching them. Saki says that they are there. “What are you two talking about?” Saki is already dressed up with a short haired wig. Yoshio says that it is nothing, just some idle talk. “Ah, there is still ten minutes left before the rehearsal.”

Looking at his watch, Kingo says that he has to quickly go back to his seat. He wishes Saki good luck and left. Saki notices Yoshio is lost in thought. She asks Yoshio when he became acquainted with Kingo. Yoshio says ah, what, Kingo didn’t tell her.

“Before, he was with me for some time as an apprentice. Originally, he was working under with a director named Kaidou but it seems that they couldn’t get along [/have a bit of hostility between each other] so he came over to me.”
Narration: “One day, Fuchi Sugeyo suddenly introduced me to this young man and said, ‘Please let him study under you to become a director.” Saki says that it turns out to be like that. She pauses and says, “I always felt that no matter who...

...if you were simply to talk about the past. In the end, I’ll notice that everything has some relation with Fuchi Sugeyo. This drama play is also like that *Yoshio looks slightly surprised* ‘Shooting star’ is actually ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’, right?”

Yoshio looks surprised and tense as Saki smiles at him. She then turns to leave. “I’m sorry...it is just a random guess. ...then, I’ll put in my utmost effort to show you, your most cherished [/important] ‘shooting star’.” With Izana’s image behind Saki, Yoshio looks really tense.
Chapter 92 – Actress. Saki is standing on the stage. Narration: “In the darkness [on stage], there is always this voice that repeatedly ask, ‘—who are you’.” With closed eyes, Saki thinks, “...I am...” The light opens. Saki looks up and says her lines.

“Light is I... *jumps and throws the ribbons* I am Light...!!! A distant star. Living things on the ground, look...look at me. Look at this life...!!!” Narration: “Mother also definitely is like shooting star (me) who searched for the radiance.”
Shooting star Saki says, “We, shooting stars, always believe that it is kind of honor that we can beautifully sparkle until we die. *looks down* But in such a dark ground, if I were to lose this radiance...what kind of life would I have lived...I absolutely do not want that!”

There is a scene of Izana looking wretched, and then she reaches out. “The me who is like this is definitely not me.” Holding out her hand, shooting star Saki tearfully calls out, “I’m a diamond that adorns the sky. Light is my life.” Narration: “Mother’s heart is an analogy of shooting star. But, Fujihara-san only had a slight knowledge of mother’s pain so...”
On the ladder, Snake is holding shooting star Saki. He says, “Whether you are a star or a rock, you are you.” Shooting star Saki looks at the vast sky with stars that reflects on the sea. Narration: “For mother and for me, this story---”

Everyone is shocked when shooting star Saki suddenly pulls herself away from the snake and falls down into the stage. She grabs the waters [/cloths] and says, “No matter what this body changes into, *looks totally devastated as tears falls from her eyes* I am me is a fact...and this won’t ever change...!!”
The audience is stunned and some are even crying including Iku. Yoshio looks tense whereas Kingo is sighing in relief [since Saki isn’t that hurt]. Narration: “It is simply an endless ‘despair’. I cannot portray it as ‘hope’ in the end just like what was in the script...

...*looks at everyone who is clapping* But, I don’t know why...the applause always won’t stop.” Later on, at the dressing room, Saki is holding herself. She is covered with bandages. The door opens and Iku calls out to her.

She asks where Saki’s manager is. Saki says that he went ahead. Saki becomes silent. Iku says, “About that...I want to ask you about the last part. Can we go to the station together...?”
Soon, the two are walking by the canal lined with trees. Iku asks Saki if she is alright since she fell from such a high place. Saki tells her that it is just some scratches and bruises.

“Habuta-san and Fujihara-san are very angry but... *scene of Yoshio telling Saki to act like that from tomorrow on* ...saying it like that [/he approves of it] *smiles* but of course, they won’t allow me to jump from the ladder.

Iku says, “‘A strong sense of self-denial.’ *Saki looks surprised* In the final rehearsal, that is how Fujihara-san evaluated your acting. Is that because you have that kind of thing in your heart?”
After a pause, Saki asks Iku if she doesn’t have that. Iku admits that she does. “There was a time when I had taken a blow over not having talent to the point that I thought of wanting to die. But don’t you possess this kind of extraordinary talent?

...Even if it is like that, won’t the ‘despair’ in your heart disperse...” Saki looks serious then says, yes. “So...I choose to continue on acting. *a moth is flying around* Stepping into hope from despair.” The wind blows. Iku says is that so...
“Despair. It turns out that it is your source of strength. It is because you gave your utmost effort and is filled with pain that you were able to act out that strong and distinct expression [/acting] with your mind and body...

...I’m really lucky that I’m able to stand in the same stage with such an outstanding actress [/person] by alternate acting the same lead role. *looks up the sky* Because of that, I want to put more effort and polish on my acting.”
After a pause, Saki says that it will be good if she can become Iku in body and soul... Flustered Iku says how can that be when she obviously wanted to become more like Saki-san...

The two look at each other and they start laughing. Narration: “Afterwards, we talked about a lot of trivial matters. It is like we were friends who knew each other before.”

Saki is saying, “Then...” She is interrupted by a phone call. She tells Iku that it is her manager. Walking downstairs, Saki apologizes and tells Iku to wait for a while. Iku says okay.
Iku watches a moth flying as it heads towards the light with the other moths. Saki answers the phone. “Hello. Huh? What? I cannot hear you clearly...” Saki is stunned when Kingo shouts, “Nogiku has escaped...!!! Darn it.”

Then the phone went dead. Saki looks tense. She is surprised when someone behind her says, “...sorry...” Saki turns around to see crying Iku who continues to say, “...Kasane-chan.”
Comment: That ending came out of the blue. It is quite an impact for they were just talking like ‘old friends’ then, bam, someone got backstabbed. I cannot help but think that Kasane wasn’t able to successfully ‘act’ cold-hearted to the point of throwing away her heart since she seemed to have lowered her guard.

The theme of the play which is based on her mother doesn’t help since it is making her reflect on her own life. She even made a different ‘tragic’ ending for it. In a way, it does reflect the series. Will it be a ‘happy’ or ‘tragic’ ending? Will Kasane have a ‘tragic’ ending like her mother?

I do find Yoshio kind of ‘scary’ at how he can ‘see through’ people. He was spot on with Saki and Izana but of course, he won’t know in detail what was really troubling them. I guess in a way, he was infatuated with ‘Sugeyo’ so with an actress who is like a rebirth of ‘Sugeyo’, he wrote this play.

Of course, with the play being destined for international performances, they will have to do something with Nogiku whom they’ll probably be forced to bring with them. But then, that is no longer a problem since Nogiku has already escaped. That means, if they don’t get her back, Kasane can no longer perform as Saki. Scans by RAD汉化组

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  1. That's got to be a blow. Kasane has been betrayed twice now and this time by someone with a good heart. Iku probably thought that she made the right choice as her betrayal would mean Nogiku's freedom.

    I guess that's it for the permanent face swap then. I wonder if Kasane will ever be allowed or be able to act with her own face? Though it might help, I don't think Iku would offer up her own face to Kasane.

    I suppose it's out of the question for Kasane to talk to Yoshio, admit who she is and continue acting in the play?

    1. Indeed, Anonymous. True, most likely.

      I thought of it but it seems unlikely because everyone knew Iku's acting style. It would be very strange and will get people curious if she starts acting like Saki.

      I'm not sure if Kasane has enough confidence to act with her face. I think it will be 'death' for her if the audience reacted negatively. Also, won't her real face be distracting?

      Not sure if Yoshio will. He seems like a nice guy though I'm not sure how big a factor for the lead actress to be beautiful/good looking.

  2. Thank you for your hard work. I knew that sooner or later things would have gone badly for Kasane!!
    (has seriously something ever gone right for her?) And now I want to see how she will resurrect once again or how she will meet her demise. Although I love this manga, I don't think there will be a happy ending, but i don't hate this idea since this manga was never about achieving happiness.(Sorry if I have misspelled something). Thank you again for keeping up the translation.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^


      I think so, too but somehow, I still have a bit of hope that it will have a happy ending in some way.