April 6, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 90]

Yuulin, together with her court ladies are walking at the hallway. Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin, the princess consort of Haku Reishou, the king of Hakyou. ...Right now, I’m giving my all-out effort as I proceed towards the government hall where my husband works...

...Why is it like this? It is because I must be noble and stern [awe-inspiring] in front of the officials of the royal palace,... and also, show a ‘life-giving spring breeze and rain’ [/stimulating influence] appearance. *scene of the officials looking at sparkling Yuulin as they go ah ah*...

...This is doing the princess consort (barest minimum) basic appearance. *gazing sharply* I must completely carry out Li Jun-san’s instruction...! *looking imposing yet stern* I’ll make you all see in practice the result of my day and night severe princess consort training!!!”
While standing beside Houen, Reishou smiles and greets her, “Ah, you finally came, my beloved consort. *sparkles* Just by appearing in front of me, the whole world seems to be filled with radiance.” Sparkling Yuulin smiles back at him. She answers, “Your Majesty... I also think that way.”

The officials are quietly looking at the side. Narration: “There is no problem here because during work before, we repeatedly practice this kind of dialogue. ...the problem is His Majesty’s tendency afterwards. *looks dark and nervous * --That’s right...

...Roughly looking at it, there is nothing different as if it is the usual thing. The Wolf King is pampering the princess consort. Then, when the two of us are alone, he’ll be the gentle Puppy king. But...”
Flashback: In the morning, Yuulin is stunned when Reishou is nibbling on her fingertips. Pushing away his face, trembling Yuulin asked, “Your Majesty, what are you doing. It’s morning so wake up already.” Reishou asked, Eh-? She is surprised when Reishou grabbed her hand.

He opened his mouth and bit her hand. Then, he stared at her. Really nervous and flustered, Yuulin shouted that it will be very troublesome if it leaves a mark. “Please stop it-!!!” Snapping out of it, Reishou goes into puppy mode.

He said, “Eh-? I didn’t bite that forceful, right? No problem! *wagged tail* No problem!” Above the roof, Dai thought, ah really, tiring~ End flashback. Narration: “Starting from several days ago, His Majesty acquired a bad habit of biting people [/her]...

...*aghast and glaring at Reishou* In any case, it isn’t that bad, right. At the government hall... in front of everyone, he ought to not do that kind of uncivilized thing...right (for example, opening his mouth to bite on one’s face)...
...I cannot understand... that smile... I totally cannot figure out what is he thinking...always feel...it is a bit scary...! *perspiring profusely* Basically, there is no difference to when I was still a part-time bride. Paying attention to the surroundings...

...A married couple with deep feelings for each other, the Wolf king and the doted consort. There’s no problem if it is only like this. *tense upon seeing Reishou coldly glancing at her* I can do it well, but when I come into contact with that cold glare, I cannot help but be rattled and become tense...

...What’s up with that? *smiles* After all this time, I would unexpectedly still become tense? –Why *heart beating as she manages to smile back* Like this, His Majesty will--... *looks surprised* Eh!? *someone is staring* That side, there is also someone looking at me!!” Yuulin turns around to see Kikyou looking at her.
She thinks, “Kei Kikyou!!! That strange official who regard me as a youkai!! *Kikyou with a smile continues to stare at Yuulin* He is staring while looking at me!!! *looks aghast* So scary!! What the-- there was something staring behind me and won’t let me off!! *Kikyou goes ya, ya while nodding*...

...Not only that, he looks like he understands something so he is nodding nonstop!! I have to pull myself together. *aghast, tense while slightly smiling* As a princess consort...if I were to exist in this world, I must have...the most important thing...that is, resilient mentality [/spiritual strength] I won’t lose. Right, my heart’s teachers...!!!”

There are chibi Ranyou, Ruka and Shuon chuckling. Later on, Suigetsu smiles and greets Yuulin, “Isn’t it too tiring when it had been a long time since you visited the government hall? Would you want me to play a [wind instrument] piece to make you relax?”
Yuulin thanks him for his consideration but then, everyone is still working... “But yes, in a place with so many people, it is possible that it makes me quite tense. *looks sideways at Kikyou carrying a box of scrolls* The main reason is, at His Majesty’s side is...”

Suigetsu says ah, lately, she is frequently talking with Kei Kikyou, right? Going dizzy, Yuulin says ah, ya, it’s being good at communicating...? “...friendly amiable..? official...?” Suigetsu tells her that it was said that Kikyou is quite an interesting person.

“He is quite interested in our country’s continued tradition and saga [/history?] since his house is filled with collected books related to that... He also likes dazzling eye-catching people. *Yuulin looks surprised* He had mentioned it to me when I’ve talked with him.”
Yuulin thinks, huh... “Kikyou also said that he was a fan of Houen... What is he doing every day? Is it starting at eye-catching people... Using those eyes... ...does that say that I’m very eye-catching? ...Eye-catching princess consort... *sighs* Am I too sensitive...?”

Deciding to change the topic, Yuulin happily says by the way, he [Suigetsu] can naturally go and take up his official post. Smiling Suigetsu says not at all, and it is totally not the case. She tells him that is such a cheerful denial.
Still smiling, he says that until now, it is because she is accompanying His Majesty at the side so he was barely able to get back to work. “...it is because my heart is very weak.” Thinking that he is still quite scared of the Wolf King, Yuulin asks if the difference is quite huge when she around or when she isn’t.
Suigetsu says that it is huge. “The difference is like between being frozen deep in the lake during winter and wandering in the forest during spring day. Lady princess consort’s strength is something we are definitely thankful for. *sheepish smile* In the end, I still really want to run away...” 

Yuulin quietly looks at him and thinks, “That’s right. ...it is because what Suigetsu-san always sees is that terrifying wolf. Then indeed, it is still unbearable. Yeah...” At the courtyard, while carrying some scrolls, Suigetsu looks up the sky and sees a bird flying.

He muses, “---Snow white bird flying in the boundless sky huh... Ah...I really want to play a wind instrument. In the royal palace, there is not one bit of freedom. In the end, I’m still unsuitable for work in the [royal] court. Despite it being like that, why am I still here...
...Why do people have to work? If longing for freedom is my heart’s wings and I can fulfill that wish by flapping my wings and soaring up high, then, right now, I...really want to go back home...” Reishou suddenly appears and says, it’s really quite timely.

Dropping the scrolls, stupefied and aghast Suigetsu says that he also thinks so. He bows and put his hands together to say, “---Your Majesty.” Reishou asks if just now, he was planning on going out of that department. “...could it be that I’m already so near yet you still haven’t notice it...

...*trembling Suigetsu says yes* Obviously, you were always so amazing since you’re quite good at evading me, right? It is some kind of significant yet very rare ability.” Suigetsu mutters his thanks for his praise. Still trembling, he thinks that ah, it is no good anymore.
“While talking with the king and if I were to faint, won’t it be disrespectful that I’ll be put to death... it would be better to say that just by being glared at, it is possible for me to suddenly die on the spot... That way, Kouju will definitely write a work [/book] about how I died in battle...

...*Kouji tearfully writes as she shouts that it really makes one deeply regretful, older brother Suigetsu* If I can somewhat move people, I’ll also somewhat consider it as doing a bit of something, right...” <-- escaping reality.

Slightly smiling, Reishou asks him, “Or, you don’t like to come to work, Han Suigetsu?” Suigetsu says that originally, it is unsuitable for this lowly official... Reishou says ha, even if he [Reishou] doesn’t frequently see him but everyone said that he [Suigetsu] can finish a lot more work compared to the others.

“Whether it is family background or perhaps, capability, you also don’t have luck. It would be good if you have freedom to gaze on the clear sky. *Suigetsu just keeps quiet* Compared to government affairs, for you who is more interested in literature and art, do you know about psychic [/precognitive] dreams?”
Suigetsu asks, psychic dreams? He wonders if it is divination and it is really unlikely for Reishou to talk about that. “It is the first time he talked about it with me...” Reishou says that ah, ah, when he was at the frontier, he often had this dream.

“A silver dragon coils and goes around by my side. Afterwards, it goes towards the south... soaring as it leaves towards the royal capital.” Looking tense, Suigetsu says that he heard about that when His Majesty entered the royal capital. “It was said to be an auspicious omen...” 

Reishou says, ah, in the end, he is well-informed. Suigetsu thinks that Reishou was being shown the way...thus, this person possesses the fate of becoming a king. Reishou smiles and says of course, that is merely just fabricated. Stunned Suigetsu asks, fabricated?
Reishou laughs and says that even if he is the prince but he was already banished to the frontier. “A little halo is still necessary.” Puzzled Suigetsu asks if this is good, and he’s telling that to him. Reishou says that at this time, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“...but, perhaps, someone like you might be able to make some sense out of it. Han Suigetsu, if you want to believe in it, then believe in it. Whether the dream I had is fake or real, you chose what you want [to think/do?].” Suigetsu looks surprised as Reishou leaves. He thinks, “---silver dragon, is spiraling around his head.”

Later on, Suigetsu is picking up the scrolls that he had dropped. Trembling again, he thinks, “---...really an incomparably scary person. *shivers* It is nothing but an exchange of 2-3 sentences yet it has this kind of formidable power---...

...So, I desperately want to run away. ...if it is determined that he is a king worth serving, then, I have to properly and seriously work--... It doesn’t suit my nature...” That night at the harem, blushing Yuulin shouts, “So-I’m-saying- why are you biting [me]!” Frowning Reishou says, huh, it is merely in front of the court ladies, that’s all. “It’s not that bad, right?”
Holding up her hand, blushing Yuulin shouts, “Not good! Totally not at all! Hate it--” Reishou says eh. She tells him if there is something that he wants to tell her. Staring at her, he says, eh... Yuulin looks really angry. Reishou smiles and says, “Yuulin, you... 

...*hugs her* it makes me so happy when you’re annoyed and your mind only thinks of me.” Going !?, Yuulin asks what he meant by that and he is talking like a child-- She wonders if he is jealous so he is doing that kind... Reishou holds her hand and puts it on his face.

He smiles and says, “Also, Yuulin, like this, you really hate it?” This made Yuulin blush and become speechless. Pushing him away, furious Yuulin shouts that she doesn’t care about him anymore. Your Majesty is an idiot---” With hearts, Reishou laughs. He says that she is also very cute when she is annoyed. She shouts that she is angry.
Narration: “Dominated by him including the fingertips. *they look at each other as Reishou holds her hand* My heart is completely plundered. *Reishou smiles at her* Even if it is the ice-cold gaze, I cannot help but yearn for more...

...*Yuulin holds up her hands to him* From beginning to end, it is definitely his person who obstructs my difficulties.” The next day at the government hall, Suigetsu and Houen are working by looking at some documents. Suigetsu says, but he feels that lady princess consort...

“‘She can be at His Majesty’s side every day and yet keep that kind of ‘everything is fine’ [demeanor]. She might have a first class steel-like spirit in this country. Ah, in the end, I really want to go home.”

Aghast Houen says that he is saying that kind of nonsense again. “...ya, indeed. It cannot be said that it isn’t so...” Suigetsu says that it is rare that they have the same opinion.
Comment: So, Yuulin is back as a regular in the government hall. Apparently, she is some sort of ‘comforter’ for the officials who are really scared of Reishou. ^^; As she mentioned, currently, it is the same as usual when she was working there before except for Kikyou who always stares at her.

Honestly, it is creepy that he kept staring, nodding and saying ya, ya. But I guess he is just an eccentric. Suigetsu gives us a bit insight that Kikyou is fascinated with eye-catching people. Perhaps, it refers to people ‘breaking the mold’ of what was expected by society.

I guess he perceives ‘eye-catching people’ as people who can change history and tradition so he finds them interesting. Suigetsu is also focused in this chapter. He is practically the same as before since he is really scared of Reishou. I do wonder what Reishou was thinking for him to tell him that dream.

Is it like hinting about why he should work seriously for him? Of course, it is difficult for him since it is against his nature and it isn’t what he is interested in. Hehe, well, he would most likely want to be a bum, or rather just pursue his other interests. ^^; In a way, it is like Reishou would rather go fighting rather than do paperwork.

As for our couple, Reishou is really enduring that he is resorting to nibbles/bites for he actually wants to ‘eat’ her. =P Or, perhaps, he is starting slowly with nibbles. =P In the end, he seems to have changed tactic by making her touch him instead. I cannot help but think he is ‘training’ her in some way towards THAT as his goal ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化 

Quote of the day:
Courage is not the absence of fear. It is rather not letting your fear control your actions. ~ Alex and Brett Harris: Do Hard Things


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