April 27, 2017

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapters 7-9]

Chapter 7: While sitting on her bed, Koiko recalls Tsurugi kissing her on the forehead. This made her blush and think that although it is just the forehead. “It is just the forehead, that’s all!! Wrong, the problem isn’t about where he kissed!! Ah...

...*holds her pillow tight* There ought to be no problem when I lifted up my head, right!? Do I have a pimple or perhaps, I looked a bit smug. *takes out her cellphone to look at herself* Ah, my face. Bu—but, at that time, my forehead absolutely look oily! It is definitely sticky and slippery!

...Geez—it is forbidden to kiss at the t-zone-! *nervous* Wrong. As I said before, the issue isn’t about where I was kissed-!!” Looking normal, Koiko asks her mother, that’s strange, where is that guy? Her mother says that he isn’t coming to work today.

Koiko says is that so. She looks depressed as her mother is looking really happy. While walking upstairs, Koiko wonders wh-at. “So-I’m-saying!! For real, what’s up with me. It is really abnormal for me to be like this.”
The next day, Koiko frowns and scowls upon recalling Tsurugi telling her that she isn’t a bit normal. She thinks what’s not normal about her. She slams the door and exclaims that she’s going out. Her mother wonders if she is on a rebellious stage or it is a period when feelings are sprouting.

While walking to school, she thinks that yesterday, she properly slept just like she used to even if she felt a bit jittery. “Today, I also wake up like how I used to even if I’m somewhat distracted. When eating breakfast, fixing my face and dressing up, all of these are normally finished. Even if I still recall a bit about what happened yesterday.”

There is a scene of Koiko is daydreaming during breakfast that someone tells her that her bowl she is holding is going to fall down. She recalls Tsurugi telling her that it feels that her attachment to being ordinary is close to being abnormal.

She is startled when Tsurugi greets her a good morning from behind. She tells herself that just now, it wasn’t counted. “My heart beat fast. It is just because he suddenly called me so I’m startled.” Tsurugi tells her that she left home early. Koiko says that it is the same as usual. Tsurugi says that he passed by her house and the lady boss said that she already left. “Ah, it is because you’re walking faster.”
Koiko says that it is the usual. “By the way, could it be that you came to meet me!?” Tsurugi says that it is because she quickly ran home yesterday and at school, she is ignoring him when he tries to talk with her. Koiko tries to protest that is because...

He tells her that if there are no people from West High here so it is okay, right? Koiko thinks that it turns out that he is considering her feelings and finally, he understands things!! Turning around, Koiko says forget it. He laughs and asks her to forgive him.

She says that they are not totally strangers with each other and besides, he still always works at her family’s store. “But about this, I don’t plan on progressing this relationship with you. So, about yesterday, just forget about it. I’ll also forget about it.”

Tsurugi looks at her. Koiko looks down and wonders what’s going on for she felt that her heart is tightening up. Tsurugi tells her that is impossible for how can he forget it. “It is the first time I did that kind of thing.” Koiko starts to blush and become nervous as his words ‘it is the first time’ echoes in her head.
She thinks is it possible that what she and her mother occasionally mentioned about a guy who believes in virginity is a well[/good?]-match! She tells him that he is too pure when he is obviously so popular. Looking down, Tsurugi laughs and says is that so. “So, I’ve said, I really have no way of forgetting it. *looks at Koiko* Natsumi-san, can you forget about it.”

Looking at him, Koiko mutters, “Ea...easily.” Koiko feels her heart tightening up again. While walking at the hallway with her friends, Koiko thinks, “No, no, it is simply easy to forget it. *Rino is saying that Christmas is coming soon and Sara asks if she has plans. Rino says none.*...

...It is just the forehead. I already have experience with kissing on the lips! *Rino calls out to Koiko* Right now, I practically cannot remember anymore that scene *Satou kissing her* at that time. *Sara calls out to Koiko* But, this is just being kissed on the forehead and I will definitely be able to quickly forget it.”
She snaps out of it when her friends call out to her at the same time. Koiko apologizes and asks what they are talking about. They inform her about Christmas and what are her plans. Koiko says none. One of her friends says that after all, she had already broken up with that guy -> Satou.

Koiko laughs and says that speaking of that, that guy never mentioned Christmas in front of her and right now, thinking of it, she has suddenly realized it that it is because he already has a lover. She thinks, “Christmas...is a holiday that belongs to lovers... *suddenly recalls Tsurugi smiling* wait--!?

...*waves to pop that thought* Disappear. *recalls Tsurugi kissing her forehead so she blushed* Enough already-!! *waves the thought away but recalls Tsurugi asks if she can forget it* Easily!” She kept on waving that her friends asking who she is waving to. She tells them that she is exercising her wrist.

Then, she sees Tsurugi passing by with his friends. He glances at her and walks away. This surprises her. She thinks, “That’s right. This is fine. In school, we’ll ignore each other. Finally, he starts to understand my feelings. It really wasn’t easy.” She looks glum.
Then, to her friend’s surprise, Koiko starts slapping her face. In class, she starts to think of Tsurugi again so she waves away that thought. This made the teacher ask if she has a question. Koiko says no. She kept on thinking of him during lunch.

And so, she kept on waving, slapping her face, waving, slapping...and find it strange that she couldn’t get rid of it. Later that night, at the street, Tsurugi asks what, did she forget it? After a pause, she passes by him and says that she did forget about it already. “Didn’t I tell him that it’s easy. Right now, I’m going to work at ease so you also do your best [/gambatte].”

Tsurugi asks, “Already forgot about it, really?” This made Koiko stop walking. She thinks, “What. Using that kind of dejected tone. ...lied to you. I still haven’t forgotten. *Tsurugi is puzzled* Compared to being ignored by Satou, for you to consider my feelings and deliberately ignore me, perhaps, it makes me feel lonelier. Ah, what’s up with me all of a sudden?
...When you lightly kissed my forehead, perhaps, it made my face burn hot more than when I’m kissing lips to lips with Satou-kun. Ah, Satou-kun, I’m really sorry for using you as a comparison. Even if I myself also do not understand as to why it is like this...

...Is it because of the face? Is it the issue of value? The average me who can no longer be average again because I had a rare encounter with a handsome guy so I’m so infatuated to the point of being muddle-headed? Is it simply because of that?”

Tsurugi calls out her name and turns her around towards him. He blushes a bit and says, “Natsumi-san, *sees Koiko’s flustered expression* you basically have not forgotten it.” She turns around and says that she’ll forget it tomorrow. Tsurugi says that a day had past and she is still like that so even if he gives her two days, there isn’t much difference.

Koiko says that she’ll forget about it within the year. Tsurugi says, “Eh- Let me say, Natsume-san, could it be love?” Koiko exclaims, “Ha!? It isn’t.” Tsurugi says, “Tsk—ah, hey, hey, Natsume-san, are you free on the 24th?” Koiko replies, “Ha, wait, are you listening to what I’m saying!” Narration: “We welcome Christmas while having doubts about love.”
Chapter 8: Holding up her hand, Koiko declares that she isn’t free on Christmas. “An average [mid-level] Christmas has to be passed ordinarily!” Tsurugi asks what that is. Koiko exclaims that she’ll spend it with her friends. Tsurugi clicks his tongue. Koiko thinks that she had refused his invitation.

While working as the cashier in a convenient store, she thinks that it is because he is totally playing around with her. “The two of us spending Christmas together!? Why!” Koiko asks the customer if she wants it re-heated. The customer says no and she also wants to order in advance a Christmas cake. This made Koiko have Christmas bells on her eyes and thinks, Christmas!!

Koiko shows the customer the cake menu. The customer says this. Koiko thinks that it is a couple-size [cake]. She decides to find friends to spend Christmas with. <- lied earlier. “I cannot let him find and enter the slightest bit of gap...!”
She messages her friends and asks what they are going to do on Christmas. Sakura [<- hm..did they change the name of Sara  ^^;] apologizes and says that she has to help out backstage for her light music club senpai-s’ concert. Rino apologizes for she is very busy at work in the cake store.

With a smile, Koiko tells her boss that she is free on the 24th so she can come to work. Her boss says there’s no need for they have enough staff. At the department store, Koiko thinks that this is bad. She is free on Christmas and she gave that guy a gap where he can charge in. Then, she sees a knitted hat.

Soon, it is inside a pretty package bag with a note, ‘for you’. Koiko goes orz on the floor. She calls herself stupid for buying a gift. “Even if it looks that it really suits him! Even if the price is very affordable! Even if that kind of popular yet absolutely safe gift, I also shouldn’t have bought it! I obviously don’t have plans on spending Christmas with him...”
She recalls him asking if she forgot, then, saying she basically didn’t, and could this be love. She glances at the gift and thinks that this is bad for if she let him charge into that gap, it isn’t arranged for Christmas but rather by herself.

At the gym, Rino stretches and says that finally it is over. Sakura says that it’s winter break. Looking at the side, Koiko thinks that she has already broken up with Satou-kun, exams are finally over. “It turns out to be like that! It is because right now, my head is completely empty so I let him take advantage. Ah, it’s him.”

She sees the back head of a black haired guy behind a lot of people. She starts to zoom in to get a clearer look. She seems him smiling. She thinks that in the end, just by looking the back of his head, she can unexpectedly recognize that it is him.

“Wrong, who made him to be so tall. The back of his head is emitting the aura of being part of the upper layer. It is his fault for being too eye-catching. *looks down* geez~~~” Tsurugi turns and sees her looking down.
Koiko is surprised when her cellphone vibrates. She looks at the message and it is from Tsurugi asking if she isn’t feeling well. She quickly looks at Tsurugi’s direction and sees him looking at his cellphone. She blushes a bit. Then, Tsurugi’s phone vibrates. It is a message from Koiko saying, ‘You’re mistaken.’

Koiko looks aghast and thinks that it isn’t a bit cute. “Just looking at words, there is no cuteness attached to it... *tense* It turns out that I’m so not cute. It should be like this. ‘Ah, you’re looking at me. ^^; Thank you-! I’m alright☆’Then, a sticker of a teddy bear with a thumbs up.’...

...An answer like that. At least, I should also send an emoticon. Ah, which one is good? This? This one is a bit too cute. Ah, this one? But this...” After several minutes, Tsurugi gets an emoticon of a crew-cut guy holding a thumbs up and saying, ‘No problem’. After looking surprised, he laughs.
Then, Koiko’s phone vibrates. Tsurugi had sent her a cat sighing emoticon. Frowning Koiko thinks that the one he sent him is unexpectedly a lot cuter than hers. “Really such a good guy. *turns to look at him* His posture even looks really good while he is sending a LINE [msg app] to me. Darn.”

Tsurugi’s friend asks what’s up and he replies that it’s nothing. Narration: “I feel a bit teeny-tiny, teeny-weeny regretful that I turned down his Christmas invitation. Honestly speaking, it is really, really just a little, little bit.”

At the restaurant, Tsurugi says that’s strange. “Today is the 24th, right? Why are you staying in the house? Didn’t you say that you have an appointment with your friends?” Koiko looks aghast. She quickly makes up an excuse that her friend is sick. “By the way, how come you are working today? Aren’t you from the upper layer! You can have lots and lots of people who’ll accompany you for Christmas!”

Removing his coat, Tsurugi says that everyone have boyfriends and girlfriends while he is single dog. “Besides, the one I invited had also refused me.” Koiko looks flustered. Just then, Yumeko exclaims, ah~~~huh? Scowling Koiko asks what it is.
Her mother happily asks if they can run an errand for her. “The two of you together.” This surprised the two. Soon, the two are walking at the beautifully decorated and sparkling Christmas streets. Koiko apologizes for her mother being like that.

Looking really happy, Tsurugi says that it’s okay, he feels really lucky. Koiko thinks that he’s really sincere. Then, she notices a couple of girls looking at her with scowls. Koiko thinks that honestly speaking, the one who is truly lucky ought to be her.

“On Christmas, this average me can unexpectedly be with this kind of boy at my side. Wrong. No! I don’t feel lucky or happy at all! Being average is true happiness! Right now, this kind of situation isn’t a bit happ..” Koiko asks if it is better for her to wear something a bit pretty.
“After all, everyone is dressed up quite fashionably today. Ah, I’m not all thinking of that because I’m walking with you. It is just because I don’t like to differ much from others, that’s all.” Tsurugi says that it is alright because look, he is wearing something more ordinary.

Scowling Koiko says that even if he wears something ordinary, it doesn’t make a difference whether he is a bit up or down the [top] level. Have a bit of self-awareness! Beside, no matter how well I dressed up, it can be assessed that at most, it is at the mid-level...

...Looking at me in detail, it will be found that that in the end, I’m still at middle level or at most, it is below average.” This made Tsurugi laugh. He says, “Natsume-san, for you to regard yourself as very average, is it feeling proud or feeling inferior? Which one is it?”
Koiko looks at him in surprise. She says that for him to ask which one, does he need to say it. “Of course, it is feeling proud...” Then, she recalls her all taped up ‘average’ calligraphy. Tsurugi notice her looking glum. This made Tsurugi quickly rub her hair.

He apologizes because it is obviously Christmas yet he made her distressed over some things. “What I said just now, treat it as if you didn’t hear it!” Koiko exclaims wait..what is he doing. Tsurugi looks surprised and says that her hair is so soft. This made Koiko blush that she quickly moves away from him.

She exclaims that, “...Ha!? It is a very average hair.” He tells her that it is very soft. “In the end, it is a girl’s. Because, look, *bends down to her* my hair is very stiff.” Surprised Koiko thinks, “Ah, does he mean he’ll let me touch it? Eh, is this for real? No, no, this little thing, there’s no need to think too much about it, right? Bu..but.”
Tsurugi says, “Natsume-san, actually, I do not understand thoroughly this upper or lower layer stuff, but for me, if Natsume-san can be happy together with me then I’ll already be very happy.” Koiko looks at him in surprise. Then, her expression softens.

Koiko says that’s very strange Japanese when it is obviously forceful. He asks is that so. Koiko wonders if they had the same way of thinking. “Perhaps, this guy is actually pure spirited. *looks at his hair* He is a candid guy.” Koiko reaches out her hand and strokes his hair. This surprises Tsurugi. Blushing a bit, he asks, “Isn’t it so? It’s very stiff, right?”

Koiko says that it is very cold. Tsurugi is puzzled. Koiko says, “Your hair is very cold. Let me ask you do you want a knitted hat?” Tsurugi asks huh? Narration: “Ah ah, what’s up with me? What is this feeling that I always feel that it would be very nice if it snows right now.”
Chapter 9: While Tsurugi gives her a small pastry box, Yumeko says that this is something that her family will eat. She asks him to help her put it aside while he is going to change his clothes. Tsurugi says okay. Grinning widely, Yumeko says, by the way, how is the city during Christmas?

Smiling Tsurugi says that it is very cold. Yumeko is surprised by his answer. She tells him that he’s so proper [/serious] to the point of being a bit boring. Still smiling, Tsurugi asks, what? Yumeko changes the topic and asks where Koiko is. “Did she go upstairs already?”

In her room, Koiko opens her cabinet and takes the packaged bag. She frowns. Opening the bag, Koiko mentally apologizes to the saleslady who helped her wrapped it so delicately. She goes out to see Tsurugi about to change his clothes. She is shock as she sees his abdomen.
Quickly turning around and covering her head with the door curtains, Koiko calls out to him and asks why he is changing here. He laughs and apologizes but then, it isn’t like he is going to strip naked. She says, nak...he can’t even if it isn’t naked. “Let me remind you that the people in this house are girls so you should at least change in the toilet.”

Taking the yukata from the hanger, Tsurugi says ok-ay, the toilet is over there, right. Blushing red Koiko thinks that she was really startled to death and he has such a beautiful curved lower abdomen <- saw it clearly. “In the end, I totally have no immunity against this compared to ‘average’ quality type.”

She tells him to be quick and is he finished. Tsurugi blushes a bit. He looks away and says that for her expression to be so embarrassed, he’ll also become embarrassed with her. After a pause, Koiko turns to look at him. Putting on a ‘normal’ expression, she says, “Ha? That’s nothing at all.” This made Tsurugi laugh that Koiko can only bite her lip and curse.
Then, she thinks that she almost forgot her business with him. While sitting behind the door, Koiko says that didn’t she ask him just now whether or not he wants a knitted hat. While tying the obi/belt, he says huh, ah, she indeed asked.

Koiko thinks that she can hear the sound of the clothes’ chafing [<- while wearing yukata?] and her mother told her about that before. She says, “About that. Here for you.” She holds up the knitted hat. Tsurugi looks at it and says, eh? She tells him that basically, she planned on buying the hat for herself.

“Right now, I recalled that it seems that I have many hats with the same color as this. I made the wrong decision of buying it. *there is a scene of the package bag stuffed in the wastebasket* So, I’m giving this to you.”
Tsurugi comes out and says, eh, can I? Koiko thinks that he believed her. Putting on the hat, Tsurugi happily says that it’s amazing, thank you. She is surprised that he wore it. Then, she blushes a bit and thinks he’s happy. Tsurugi says that this is a Christmas gift from her. Koiko denies it.

Then, she realizes the meaning of what Tsurugi said earlier about becoming happy if she is happy with him. While Tsurugi is looking for a mirror, Koiko thinks, “Seeing this guy looking happy, I also feel happy. The me like this is also not bad. Hm-ya, so it’s like this.”

Tsurugi turns around to her and says that if he knew earlier, he would also prepare a gift for her. Aghast Koiko thinks that it turns out that he didn’t prepare one. He says that after all, she refused his invitation so if he were to prepare a gift, it would always feel that it’s strange.
Koiko frowns and blushes. She tells him that she also doesn’t need one. He insists that he has to give her something in return. She says that there’s no need. He tells her that he wants to give her and don’t say, ‘no need’. Koiko thinks that for him to be so proper to the point of being a bit boring is also cute when he is obvious part of the upper layer, darn.

Just then, they notice that Aiko looking at them. Aiko looks aghast over a handsome guy who just changed his clothes, her younger sister dressed up nicely than usual and they are standing near a private area (toilet). She turns around, bows and says, welcome and she’s back.

Tsurugi asks if she is Koiko’s sister. The two sisters look surprised. Aiko says that it seems that he is... Tsurugi says that no long ago, they saw each other for the first time. Koiko asks what this is about. Tsurugi says that Aiko was looking up and wishing on the moon while reciting a haiku [/poem].
Aiko says that wasn’t he also looking up and wishing on the same moon at the same time. Tsurugi smiles and says that he couldn’t help it. Koiko wonders what...she didn’t know this. Koiko says that her sister is a language teacher. Tsurugi says is that it.

Aiko says that it isn’t because she is teaching language so she is reciting a haiku. Removing his hat, Tsurugi says that if it is Aiko, she can make freely make a haiku. Koiko thinks that he removed the hat. Aiko says that reciting a haiku is merely just hoping that one’s longing can be passed through words to express it even if when using words cannot express it, that’s all.

Tsurugi says is that so. Koiko just looks quiet. Aiko informs them that right now, she is merely an instructor and she has not yet passed the hiring [/board?] exam. Koiko says is that so. Aiko pauses and says but then, high school students won’t be able to understand that.
Aiko asks Tsurugi if he is the new worker who recently started working here. Tsurugi says yes. She bows and says that she’ll trouble him with the things at the store. “And also, I’ll also leave Koiko up to you. *Koiko tries to protest*...

...This child had already troubled you with her numerous ‘average’ what and how. Denying this and denying that. She also might nag you a lot. But, honestly speaking, this child actually easily indulges into love’s constitution [/easily falls in love?]. *Koiko is speechless as she imagines herself drowning in the sea*...

...That’s right. *holds up her glasses* Totally different from me! *the two look surprised* Ah, the last part actually doesn’t matter. I’ll take my leave.” The two watch Aiko leave. Tsurugi starts laughing and tells Koiko that her sister is very interesting.
Koiko recalls Tsurugi saying that her expression is unexpectedly quite rich. She looks glum and thinks what. “Don’t show that same expression when you were laughing at me.” Koiko glumly says that’s good. Tsurugi says that it feels that Aiko is a bit the same with Koiko.

This puzzles Koiko that she asks what part are they the same. “We are not the same. I’m very ordinary.” Tsurugi says that here she goes again. Koiko insists that she is very ordinary! She thinks, “Doesn’t ‘similar’ mean like how you are interested with me. It is also possible that you’ll definitely harbor an interest towards sister, isn’t that so?”

Tsurugi says, “Compare to that, Natsume-san, do you want to watch the New Year’s sunrise together?” Koiko immediately says sure. Then, she goes orz later on. “What ‘sure’! But, it feels that my heart has this indescribably jittery feeling! Feels indescribably jittery! Indescribably jittery!”
She looks at her ‘average’ calligraphy and shouts, geez, it is because my calligraphy is so ugly so it won’t come true. “But thinking of it in detail, how can a male high schooler have that kind of thoughts towards sister, a woman who is a lot older than him...

...My imagination is really quite active. Even if in case he really have that kind of thoughts, it is also impossible for my sister to pay attention to him. By the way, even if they dated, it doesn’t show that their relationship is already stable...

...By the way, I’m also not thinking about certainly having some relationship with him!” While Koiko is heating herself under a kotatsu, her mother exclaims, rea-lly!? “You’re going for a New Year Eve’s date! Go wear a kimono when you go out!”
Koiko says that she doesn’t want to and why would she have to prepare meticulously. “And, it isn’t a date.” In her room, Koiko laid her clothes on the bed. She then takes out all sorts of cosmetics on the table. She prepares her face.

There is a hair curler on the table and other cosmetics. As she gets ready, Koiko thinks so she’s saying, she isn’t at all thinking of establishing a relationship with him. Then, she goes orz for she had dressed herself up in a kimono. She thinks, “I’m not..”
Outside her house, Tsurugi sees Koiko all dressed up. He blushes and says, wow! She tells him that it is simply casual clothes, that’s all. He says, yes, yes. Yumeko comes out and says that she’ll leave Koiko up to him tonight. Tsurugi says okay!

Yumeko asks if he’ll also wear a kimono. Tsurugi declines. “Because today, I want to wear this hat.” Koiko blushes over this. Yumeko says, huh, is that so. Tsurugi happily tells Koiko, right? Koiko shouts how would she know?

Then, they say that they’re leaving so Yumeko tells them to take care. Narration: “He is wearing the hat that I gave him.” While walking, Tsurugi says, kimono. She says, casual clothes. He laughs.
Narration: “Seeing me wearing a kimono makes him happy and seeing him like this makes me happy.” Inside the house, Aiko asks her mother where Koiko is. Yumeko happily says that she went out to fall in love After a pause, Aiko asks if it is with that guy...

While walking, Koiko says that let her say ahead of time that she didn’t at all dress up in a kimono to make him happy. Tsurugi blushes and says that it turns out that she wore it to make him happy.

Koiko says no, didn’t she just tell him. He says, kimono. She insists that it is casual clothes. Narration: “In the end, the me who is like this isn’t bad at all. Or perhaps, I’ll say it is very good.”
Comment: Well, the lovey-dovey is starting. ^^ Koiko is obviously trying to resist it but it is futile. Starting with that stolen forehead kiss, she couldn’t get him out of her mind. She is also getting jealous over his interaction with her sister since she wants all that to be just for her.

Her senses are picking up that she can detect him among the crowd. Then, she also bought and gave him that hat. And, of course, wearing that kimono ^^ Tsurugi is indeed quite innocent and in a way, easily pleased with whatever affection Koiko shows him. Hehe, even if she tries hard to deny it. ^^;

Of course, I really hope that Koiko’s fears of anything romantic happening with Aiko won’t happen. If ever, at least for Aiko to unintentionally progress their budding relationship rather than a full blown love triangle. Nevertheless, things are shaping up well. Scans by 正宮汉化组 

Quote of the day:
Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable. An event you can’t control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course. ~ Jackie Collins