April 24, 2017

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 21 - Being Stalked]

Yumi narrates, “Hello everyone. Let’s start the frightening lesson. In an apartment, there is a girl who is cooking dinner while waiting for an important person to come back home. Ah ah...it’s such a beautiful scene, right. Let us look on together as to what will happen next. Lesson 21 – Being Stalked.

The girl tastes the soup she made and says that the taste is not bad. Narration: “Orino Ai [guesswork from 檻野愛], a first year college student who is currently cooking at her boyfriend’s house” Ai says that Saitou-kun [guesswork from 齊藤] will be very surprised.

Her cellphone vibrates. She reads the messages in her group text. Marina [guesswork from 麻里奈] asks if dinner is done. Yui [guesswork from ] asks could it be that she had already lovey-dovey with the boyfriend. Sako [guesswork from 咲子] says that Ai is so slow-witted that she couldn’t do anything so gambatte [do her best].
This made Ai smile happily. Then, Marina asks if Ai had talked with him regarding the strange things that are happening lately. “Make him protect you well (><).” This made Ai look aghast. Then, the door knob starts to move loudly. Then, a black haired guy wearing gloves comes in.

Ai nervously calls out to Saitou-kun! Saitou says that he’s back. Ai cheerfully says that she came in by herself and welcome home. Saitou says ya. Starting to ladle the food, Ai nervously says that she’ll give him a bowl of soup.
Looking into the pot, Saitou asks if she made it. This made her blush. She thinks that she met Saitou-kun three months ago and lately, they had just started going steady. Ai asks where he went today. “Work or you went to school?” Saitou says that he went to work.

Ai wonders if she’ll tell him about it. Recalling her friend cheering her on, Ai thinks that she cannot back out since she is his girlfriend so she should have a bit of self-confidence. While they are sitting on the table where the food is served, she calls out to Saitou.

She says that there is something she wants to tell him. He asks what it is. She tells him that lately, some strange things are happening around her... “After school, on my way home, I always feel that there is someone following behind me... I have this feeling that I’ve been watched. Could it be that I’ve encountered a stalker.”
Saitou says, stalker... He tells her about that kind of thing, it is useless to tell him and shouldn’t she call the police. Ai protests that she did but she feels that it is useless. “...how can I say it. That stalker...it doesn’t feel like a living person... *Saitou looks at her*...

...For example, when I go to take a shower... I would see a strange thing... *there is a scene of a head floating in a bath tub filled with blood and water with the faucet open* Then, when I’m going to sleep at night...*scene of Ai looking terrified at a shadow of someone hanging behind her* I...what should I do.”
Saitou tells her to sleep here today and he’ll accompany her. This surprises Ai and she says, okay... Soon, it is 11:05pm. Marina texts Ai to ask what their progress is. Ai replies that he let her sleep at his house tonight. Marina says then she can relax and sleep tonight and by the way, her boyfriend is also dangerous

Lying in bed, Ai wonders what she is saying. Saitou asks Ai if that is her friend. Ai nervously says yes, it’s Marina and the others. “We are a group of four in college and our relationship is very good. Before, we also message each other.” Saitou says ah, is that so. Ai is blushing. She looks at his lips. She holds his arm and calls out his name.
Then, she suddenly recalls a scene of a guy calling out if she is finished already. This surprises her. Then, they hear a loud sound. Ai says that it is coming from the bathroom. She is nervous for the strange thing is coming again. Saitou says that he’ll go and check it out.

Ai grabs him and tells him not to. “Don’t leave me, I beg of you...” Then, a hanged person plops down behind them. After seeing it, Ai says no...no...stop it, you people are already dead. She tearfully cries that they are already dead.

Saitou asks if until now, she still doesn’t understand the situation clearly and it is useless to tell her. Ai tearfully asks why. Holding on to him, she tells him that since it is like that then think of a way to make her understand. She wonders why, why she is encountering this kind of thing.
Saitou says that he already told her. This surprises her. Saitou looks at her and this made Ai back away. Puzzled Ai calls out his name. Saitou says okay, she should also notice it already. Ai is still puzzled. Saitou says that she couldn’t thoroughly understand the real situation.

Gesturing to himself, Saitou tells her that in her eyes, she only see THESE GUYS’s shadow, right. “You aren’t seeing me clearly.” Ai asks what he is talking about. She tells him that she doesn’t understand and could it be that he’s teasing her.

Saitou tells her to look at that pot clearly. Ai opens the pot and it is empty. Surprised Ai asks how can that be... “I obviously cooked a lot of food...” Saitou tells her that from the start, she didn’t cook anything. Holding her cellphone to her, Saitou says that it is the same with so-called ‘texting friends’.
Ai looks at the ‘girl’s group’ wherein there is a note saying that the three people had already left the chat room. All the messages are from Ai herself. Ai asks what...is this... Saitou says that she is simply living in a world of her own wishful thinking.

Stunned Ai repeats, ‘wishful thinking’. “What are you saying, so mean... You are my boyfriend.” Saitou says that actually she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Ai becomes teary-eyed. She thinks that this is a dream...it definitely is a strange dream. She grabs an ash tray and hits Saitou with it.
Saitou falls on the floor all bloodied. Ai says that she really had enough. “Having this kind of dream AGAIN... Again? ...? *bends down to hit Saitou again* It’s alright. I’m going to get rid of this nightmare.” She is startled when Saitou looks someone else [short haired guy] and stares at her.

She backs off and wonders who...that face, where did she saw it before... Saitou sits up and now, he looks like a wavy-haired guy. Ai thinks there it comes again, the face changed...what’s going on!? Bloody faced Saitou says that she killed all those people. This stuns Ai. She thinks,..wh..at..?

She recalls a short-haired guy saying if she is finished already. “I am not your boyfriend. You perverted female stalker!” Flashback: After looking stunned, Ai angrily took out a kitchen knife from her bag. Then, there was a blood splatter. Narration: “I’m the one who killed them... I arranged the scene to make it look like suicide...at the bathroom... using a rope... End flashback.
Aghast Ai thinks says that it is all their fault. “They refused to say that they like me...” She hits Saitou with the ashtray again and again. “It also serves them right that I killed them. Suddenly dumping me who took courage... Damn...die!!”

Looking crazily happy , she says that she has good friends, she has a handsome boyfriend, she is a happy girl. She is surprised when someone holds her shoulder and calls out, hey!! Ai looks puzzled at the two policemen who had arrived.

They tell her that a guy ran off and reported to them that they heard a girl screaming... *Ai looks aghast* What are you doing here ALL BY YOURSELF?” This puzzles Ai for he said ‘by yourself’. She turns around to see that she had been beating up a pillow.
She recalls Saitou telling her that she is simply living in a world of her own wishful thinking. This made Ai laugh aloud. She shouts that she obviously killed him and she ought to have already killed him. The police look at each other. 

They tell Ai to come to the station with them to explain in detail about this situation. After a pause, Ai asks what he is saying and would he want to go steady with her. Soon, the police car’s siren is blaring loudly. Someone wearing gloves is holding a cellphone that was used to call the number 110 [police emergency number].

The policeman asks a guy wearing a printed shirt if he is Saitou-kun and is he the tenant of this room. While the neighbors are watching, the real Saitou shouts that he’s scared to death because after coming home from work, she found an unknown girl and the police inside.
The police ask if he knows the girl. Saitou exclaims that he doesn’t and lately, in SNS [Social media apps like twitter, FB, etc] there is a girl who is always harassing him. “Perhaps, it is her!” The gloved guy watches them then mutters to three shadowed people if they are satisfied.

He says that afterwards, they won’t follow him around again like a stalker. The guys [whom Ai killed] look happy and satisfied. Then, they disappear. The gloved guy turns around and says that finally, he can properly sleep. Yumi narrates, “A girl living in her own beautiful fantasy world. *scene of policemen holding crazed Ai*...

...In this kind of meaning, it is also considered a blissful thing. But, while paying attention to the fantasy, do not provoke the grudge of the ones *ghosts* around. Otherwise, if one is careless, it is possible that it will be destroyed at the side by someone *gloved guy*. Hihi...what is the world like in your eyes. See you in the next lesson.”
Comment: Apparently, the gloved guy appears in college scenarios based on the two chapters he appeared. So, the chapter started innocently enough. It turns out that the scary person here is a psycho stalker girl. Will she pay for her crimes? Most likely, she’ll just be put in a mental hospital-type of facility. Scans by 离境

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