April 20, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 57 - White Christmas Eve]

Hiro covers her mouth after saying, “Thanks to that, I can stay together with you right now.” Looking really flustered, she says, ah, no... She wonders what to do. “How could I say that out!!! Right now, the mood is really quite bad. I’ll absolutely be exposed---.”

She recalls how they rejoice over going to the Nationals together. She also recalls when Kazusa tells them that they definitely have to bring back the championship or she won’t forgive them. And at that time, Chika answered Kazusa yes and does she need to say that. This made Hiro calm down.
She says, “Lo...look, I’m always together with you, Kurata. It has been a long time since I’m not this troubled[?] so I’m a bit tired. Right now, it seems that I’ve relaxed already... *smiles* ...I’m sorry! For saying some words that can make one easily misunderstand.”[EDIT: According to poo, what Hiro said is "Because I was tired from playing/partying for the first time in a while ('I said something like that' is implied). Right now, you could say I calmed down.".]

Takezou looks surprised. After a pause, he says ah...yes, it’s alright. He slightly smiles and says, “I won’t have a strange misunderstanding so relax, okay?” Hiro’s expression isn’t seen. She quickly stands up and says is that so, that’s great. She tells him that it is almost time so they should go back.
She thanks him as she returns his coat back to him. While Hiro walks away, she thinks that it’s really good and it’s great that Takezou is so slow-witted. “After all, I decided from the start that I always won’t tell him about my feelings until I retire from the club.”

She turns to the corner and notices tears forming on her eyes. She wipes them off and heads back in the karaoke room. Takezou is still sitting where Hiro left him. He is blushing really red. He says, “ah-~~~geez, I’m stupid!”

He felt so embarrassed for being too presumptuous but that -> when Hiro told him about them staying together thanks to that incident. “It will be too strange not to think of it that way...” -> Hiro suddenly blushing while covering her mouth.
Then, he recalls her apologizing for saying some easy to misunderstand words. He holds his head and wonders, what was that... The next day, at the club, the guys who had already arrived greet Takezou a good morning. He greets them back. Kouta asks if he had fun yesterday. Takezou says ah...ya.

Chika says that his complexion doesn’t seem to look that well. Takezou says is that so, and it is possible that it is because he wasn’t able to sleep last night. Satowa asks if he is alright and please don’t force himself. Takezou thanks her for the concern. Hiro arrives and Kouta happily greets her.
After Hiro greets back, she sees Takezou looking at her. He says, ah, about... Hiro smiles and greets him a good morning. Hiro looks surprised and lamely greets her back as she leaves. He thinks, “...very ordinary. There no difference with the usual. ...no. Ya, that is also inevitable.”

Hiro goes to put her things in the locker. She tells herself that it is alright. “Super ordinary greeting. Super relaxed. No problem.” Satowa calls out to Hiro but she notices that Hiro looks very serious. This somewhat puzzles Satowa as she watches Hiro walk away.
Later on, Chika asks if their playing of this ‘Haru no Umi’ okay? Sane agrees for in the end, they can play it and they ought to also able to grasp the piece’s artistic mood. Takezou says but it feels very...ORDINARY. Chika and Sane exclaim that’s right...!!!

Satowa agrees but she wonders why. “Perhaps, we have to change a bit of or add something to make it better...” Soon, they are discussing which part of the piece they should emphasis. After observing them, Suzuka says that there is something that they have to add to the koto sound in order to bring about a sudden change in its entirety. They exclaim in shock.
Suzuka chuckles and says but, for them, it is possible that it’s a bit hard--... Chika and Satowa go to him and shout, “It is okay for it to be difficult. What is it, please tell us!!” Suzuka tells them, “Charm [/elegant bearing].” This stupefied them. Satowa is speechless when Chika shouts that’s easy, jerk!

Suzuka says that just now, Chika paused for a while. Holding her head, Satowa thinks, charm...relying on this group... Chika shouts at her not to retreat. Then, he turns to Suzuka and asks how they can mix in charm. Suzuka says who knows for it is charm, stupid.
This made Chika angry that he is going to go amok so Sane grabs him to stop him. Suzuka says that charm isn’t a simple thing that can be explained using words so it is difficult. “But, *smiles* it is because of that so it is valuable. After you guys are able to grasp it, it can become a formidable weapon...

...*Chika and the three guys look surprised* It is probable that only a few high school students can play koto music filled with charm.” This made Chika and the three guys ‘burn’ [with challenge] that they say, “Bring it on. Watch us play it out for you. Charm!!”
Suzuka thinks that they are still the same, simple-minded. Takezou asks Suzuka if he thinks that they can play out this charm. Suzuka laughs and says who knows. Turning around, Takezou says but, if he thinks that they absolutely couldn’t do it, then he won’t specially bring it up, right.

Suzuka looks at him and says, ah. While the others are pumping themselves up that they can definitely play it, Satowa thinks that indeed if they can play it with charm, the piece will have depth and breadth---...

She looks at Hiro playing and thinks, “Ah, but speaking of that, lately, Hiro-senpai’s koto music perhaps is the one that has the most charmin--...” Then, she quietly looks at Hiro.
Afterwards, Suzuka says okay, that’s it for today. “Tomorrow’s club activity will start in the afternoon so don’t come over here in the morning. ...by the way, are you guys really coming over tomorrow?” While packing things up, Chika asks, ha?

Suzuka says that after all, it is December 24th and don’t they have some plans. Giving him a thumbs up, Michi says he has. “My family will have a family get-together that night.” Kouta says that before, he’ll go out on a date with girl/s every year but he has no date this year. Sane says that he is going to borrow a CD.

Chika tells him that isn’t club activity a plan so what is he asking. Suzuka thinks that these guys are obviously squandering their youth all day long. Kouta says but, it is a rare opportunity so why don’t they eat cake together. Chika perks up and exclaims, cake!!
Kouta laughs and says that kind of huge cake! While Satowa watches them, Chika exclaims that he wants one with strawberries! Kouta shouts right-! Then, Chika and the three guys look misty eyed with drool at Suzuka.

Suzuka tells them that it is useless because even if they look at him, he absolutely won’t buy one for them. “Okay, disband! *prepares to leave* Quickly pack up!” Someone calls him stingy. Hiro thinks that it is great for no matter what is said, today is finally over. Michi says that they’ll go home.
Kouta says by the way, didn’t Hiro and Takezou say that they’ll stay over today for practice. “Are you going to granny’s place right now?” This made Hiro really tense for she recalled Takezou saying that. She says ah, speaking of that, they did!!

She is thinking that it is bad for she forgot about it so what is she to do. “With this kind of situation right now and the two of us would be alone---” Sane says that didn’t granny say yesterday that she has something to do so they are not to go there today. “She said that she’ll prepare a Christmas party for the kids.”
Kouta exclaims that’s right, he forgot. Chika complains that he also wanted to go. Someone else say, me too. Disappointed Kouta says then, they’ll just forget it since they also cannot use the club room. Hiro says ah, ya... She sighs in relief.

Takezou notices that. He thinks that just now, she obviously sighed in relief. “Yes. Ah, what is this situation? What is this feeling? How depressing.” While everyone is walking home, Michi says that he’s hungry. Sane suggests that they eat somewhere while on their way home.

Kouta exclaims, monjayaki [thin battered version of okonomiyaki with far less cabbage]. Just when someone is asking if everyone is going, Hiro quickly apologizes. She smiles and says that she has something to do so she’ll go ahead.
They say okay, too bad. Kouta says that it’s so lonely without her. Hiro apologizes and says that they’ll talk tomorrow. Michi tells her to take care on her way. Takezou thinks that there is this quite annoying feeling. “What’s up with me. I couldn’t calm my heart down...

...I don’t know the reason so I’m really bothered by it. *starts to walk with the others* Have to quickly resolve this mood.” Satowa is watching Hiro leave so Chika asks if she isn’t coming. Satowa says ah... Then, she becomes quiet.
While walking alone, Hiro wonders if that is too unnatural. “There’s no problem, right. But today, I also have no way of...” Hiro is surprised when someone calls out to her and grabs her coat from behind. Hiro turns to see Satowa catching her breath.

Hiro asks her what had happened. Satowa says about that, she wants to say if she is free tomorrow before the club activity. The next day at Hiro’s place, Hiro apologizes that her house is somewhat messy. Satowa says it isn’t and it’s so tidy. Hiro notices Satowa looking nervous so she asks her what’s up.
Embarrassed Satowa says no...it is her first time to visit someone’s house like this... She then gives Hiro a small box as a small token for being disrespectful [for intruding/being polite I guess]...and it is given by her mother.

Hiro exclaims that it is a box of snacks. She laughs while patting Satowa’s head. She tells Satowa that it isn’t necessary to be this polite. “Just relax and you can come here any time!” Satowa says ya, okay... Hiro says that she had tentatively prepared some things. “That’s right, did you buy the strawberries and cream?”
Holding a plastic bag, Satowa exclaims that she bought them. Hiro thanks her and leads her to the kitchen. On the counter, there are some baking utensils, flour and eggs. Hiro says, “Then, let us quickly start making the ‘Koto club’s special Christmas cake’!!” Satowa blushes a bit and says yes.

After wearing aprons, Hiro informs Satowa to put in the baking powder. Then, puzzled Satowa is holding the hand mixer upwards so Hiro tells her what that gadget is. Hiro is shocked when the batter splashed on Satowa’s face while she is using the mixer.

Hiro is aghast and surprised when the flour is all over Satowa’s face while she is sifting it. Hiro watches on tensely as Satowa pours the batter into the cake pan.
After putting the cake pan into the oven, Hiro says okay, finally, it is this step so next, they’ll just wait for it to finish baking. Satowa sighs in relief. She says, okay...she really didn’t think that making a cake is unexpectedly so tiring.

Hiro tells her that they haven’t even done any of the decorations...but. Satowa looks at Hiro trying to suppress herself. In the end, Hiro burst into laughter and says that she’s no good anymore. “I always didn’t know that Houdzuki-chan is unexpectedly so clumsy!!

...*This made Satowa aghast* Yesterday you unexpectedly come and told me whether we make cake together so I thought that you’re very capable!” Gloomy Satowa says that except for koto, she is no good. “I couldn’t even make a good monjayaki. Kudou even told me to just sit, shut up and eat.”
Hiro laughs and says that in the end, Chika is actually quite capable. She wipes her tears and says that her stomach hurts from laughing. Satowa looks at her and feels at ease.

At the living room, Hiro tells Satowa that everyone should be very happy for they mentioned about wanting to eat cake yesterday. Satowa says yes, she hopes so. While Satowa takes a sip from her drink, Hiro exclaims that they’ll be happy especially Chika because after all, it’s strawberry [cake]!
Hiro notices Satowa seems to pause and blush. This made Hiro asks, “By the way, Houdzuki-chan, do you have someone you like right now?” Satowa looks at her in surprise. This made Hiro flustered that she says no, sorry, she isn’t gossiping. “Sorry. What am I saying! Just act as if you didn’t hea---”

Satowa says, “I like everyone in the koto club. I really like them.” Hiro looks surprised. Putting down her cup, Satowa apologizes and says that she isn’t asking about that, right. “But, I really feel that everyone is very important. I...I might possibly not be so reliable *looks at Hiro*...

But, Hiro-senpai, if you were to need my help...anything is okay, tell me and I’ll seriously listen.” Hiro suddenly recalls Takezou telling her before that he’ll properly listen while they are at the shoe lockers before.
She thinks, “...it turns out to be like this. The reason why Houdzuki-chan came to me today--.. *laughs* Ah, geez, what’s up with me. *hugs Satowa* Going forward confused and becoming all depressed all by myself. ---it is already not the same as before...

...*scenes of no one listening to Hiro and she is all alone, then scene of everyone in the koto club* ‘It’s really great.’ Right now, I am already a part OF THEM.” Hiro says, “Thank you, Houdzuki-chan. You and I are the same, really likes everyone.”
At the school, Satowa says that she’ll leave the cake first in the home economics class’ refrigerator. Hiro thanks her and says that she’ll prepare the instruments first. In the club room, Hiro is removing the koto’s cover. The door opens so Hiro is about to thank Satowa when she realizes that it is Takezou.

Takezou is somewhat at a loss over how to react but Hiro smiles and greets him a good morning. Takezou looks surprised and greets her back. While he is putting his things in the locker, Hiro says that today is still quite warm. Takezou agrees. Hiro says that she originally hoped that this year would be a white Christmas—
After a pause, Hiro says that she always didn’t have an opportunity to tell him. Takezou asks what it is. She thanks him for properly listening to what she says and even admitting her here when she planned to destroy this club. Takezou looks surprised.

He kneels near her and says, what, this is so sudden so what’s up. Hiro laughs and says that even if it is a long time already and obviously, she is so happy at that time but she wasn’t able to properly thank him so it always concerned [/worried] her! *looks at him and smiles*...

—thank you for willingly admitting me [here]. Right now, I really feel very happy that I’m able to stay here. *there is a scene of their goal on the poster* We will absolutely win the first place in the Nationals!”
Hiro notices that Takezou is looking at her so she tensely calls out his name. Thinking ‘—ah, is that so...it’s like that’, Takezou says, “—actually, I also has something that I didn’t have an opportunity to tell you. I’m really happy before when you ran to my house to chide me...

...For our club, you did a lot of hard work. *scene of Hiro helping them out in getting the rest house during summer* Also, I feel very happy when you, Kurusu-chan, were able to stay [with us] not long ago and also for you to be able to be together [with us] right now.”

This made Hiro blush really red. Just then, Sane and Michi arrive to greet everyone a good morning and Merry Christmas! Takezou stands up and greets everyone a good morning. Hiro is still sitting and blushing. 
She is startled when Takezou calls out to her. She says, yes. He tells her, “We’ll absolutely win first place in the Nationals. We’ll win it together.” As Takezou joins the others, Hiro thinks, “Ah. That’s right. I will strive hard. It is already absolutely alright. I’ll super strive hard.”

Blushing and moved Hiro smiles. Takezou thinks, “—It’s always on my mind since I always haven’t able to make sense as to what this feeling is. And, when I understood, I felt that my whole being had become free from worry.”

He recalls all sorts of Hiro scenes when she is crying to apologize, she is telling him that she’ll do her best in front of his important senpai and she happily exclaims a ‘serious’ person is so cool! He smiles and thinks, “I like Kurusu-chan.”
Later on, Hiro calls out to the others. Then, the guys are delighted when Hiro and Satowa bring out the strawberry cake and say, “Merry Christmas!” While Chika is happily looking at the strawberry cake, Satowa thinks it is strange for how can he be so honest [/naïve].

A chibi Chika says that he’ll eat all of the strawberries. She blushes a bit while looking at happy Chika. During New Year, Sane and the other two guys pray at the shrine. Hiro and Miyu go to the shrine together.

Chika is sleeping on the sofa while his sister looks displeased about it. Satowa is happily having tea with her mother. Then, Takezou is eating with his family. Narration: “Thus, the very long year meets its end. A new year is coming.”
Comment: Well, I guess since this is shounen, it is ‘friends/goals > romance’. ^^; Nevertheless, we have a breakthrough since the other party has realized his feelings for her. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait later on for anything more romantic to happen.

Actually, is it possible for a confession to happen during the Nationals? Or, we’ll still have to wait until the next National Music Festival for it since that is when the two will resign from the club? And, who do you think will confess first/will it be at the same time? ^^

I’m not sure if we’ll get to see their concert but there is still one more romantic holiday coming soon called, V-day. And, I’m not sure if it will be followed by White day as it usually does in shoujo. But, I think we will focus more on koto again.

They have a new goal and that is to add ‘charm’ to their performances. If ‘charm’ is ‘being in love’ like what Satowa seem to notice on Hiro. Does that mean, Takezou will have it soon? =P Maybe that might lead to some questions as to why they have it and the others don’t. ^^ And yes, it is amusing how clumsy Satowa is in cooking/baking. ^^

As usual, it is quite nice how they notice each other when someone isn’t ‘looking okay/normal’. It is nice how they appreciate, help and grateful for each other. So, right now, the best way to pay it all back is to win the Nationals. Scans by 二次元秘店

Quote of the day:
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  1. thank you so much i was really waiting for this , i think i quite appreciated charm recently i mean there are people who are charming regardless f their outer appearance and then there are people who are good looking but lack charm and that quite makes them not so interesting, if people can acquire charm then someone please tell me where to find it because i think most charming people are born with their charming attitude, i don't know much about music so i'm not so sure abut how to incorporate this attitude into music but i guess it can be the same as feelings and how your mood change the way you play. yeah i think the thing with shounen is that they really don't focus much on the romance and that's why i really like the romance aspect of it (at least the romance aspect of kono oto tomare) and which for further future development , with shuojo it' like the romance is always in your face and after 4 or 5 chapters it gets tiring to see what sort of event they will have next. again since i've seen this story focus more on koto i don't think there will be anything significant for v-day or white day or maybe just like this cake a chocolate for the entire club but who knows. I love backing cakes so seeing sotawa like this was painful, well at least takezou feels the same about hiro which is at least a development i quite hope that he confesses first just because i really feel that hiro will stick to the no confession rule till graduation since she feels that her initially trying to ruin the club gives her no right to try and ruin it again by confessing to takezo (which is not true but i could see why she thinks like that) so it would be nice to see takezou confess instead. an enjoyably chapter and as you said i really like how those 7 are caring of each other and know when someone is not feeling well,reminds me why i like shounen manga (even though i'm not so much interested in it's fighting aspect) it's because of the friendship ^^ thank you

    1. You're welcome, Anonymous ^-^

      True, it is similar to charisma ^^ Yup though, I'm also not sure how 'charm' works in music. Is it like how the 'leads' like Satowa, Mio and Ousuke has it?

      True. Actually, I think this and the previous chapter can be prolonged to many chapters if it is in shoujo ^^

      Hehe, is that so.

      Yup. Though it depends since Takezou doesn't seem inclined to confess soon either.

      Ya, that is one of the aspects of shounen that I like though I do prefer it to be 'believable' hehe not like the one in Naruto =P


  2. thank you so much! ^_^ i have been waiting for this and i kinda feel a bit lost here..does it mean that takezou has realized his feelings towards hiro??

    1. You're welcome, hajar ^-^

      Yes. ^^

    2. thanks for the reply :) cant wait for any progress between takezou and hiro :D

  3. Here's hoping that some of the other potential couples take a step forward next chapter now that Takezou and Hiro made some progress :)

  4. From that line you were questioning, I got something like "Because I was tired from playing/partying for the first time in a while ('I said something like that' is implied). Right now, you could say I calmed down." from the Japanese.

    Also while charm is technically correct, the Japanese word used was more like sex appeal/sensuality (which was why Houtsuki was like "Sex appeal... with these members..." with that kind of face LOL). That's why Suzuka got sarcastic when Chika asked how do you add eroticism/perversion (i.e. the bad kind of sex appeal). And yes, this means Houtsuki thinks Hiro is the sexiest one among them. ��

    Also "Kuon even told me to just sit, shut up and eat." -> Kudou. Kuon is the song that Chika was excited had his name on it from earlier in the series (they're spelled the same). Also Hiro calls Takezou "Kurata", not Takezou, and Takezou calls her "Kurusu-san", not Kurusu-chan. The latter implies they're closer than they are and would raise some eyebrows over whether they're dating or something (though they should be at this point (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ )

    Anyway, nitpicks aside, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR HOUTSUKI AND HIRO TO HAVE FRIENDSHIP BONDING SCENES. That was my absolute favorite part of the chapter. ;-;

    As for your comments, Hiro is really self-conscious over anything she could do to rock the boat after her attempt to destroy the club, so that's why she decided not to say anything about her feelings (if Takezou didn't return them, it'd strain the atmosphere in the club, and might even affect their ability to perform). She doesn't want to ruin everything everyone's worked so hard for. As for Takezou, I'm guessing he's not going to say anything because he doesn't know for sure how Hiro feels. I don't think a confession after they perform at Nationals is out of the question, but since Hiro explicitly said she'd do it after she retires from the club, I guess we'd have to wait on Takezou for that to happen. I hope Takezou confesses first, just so I can see Hiro blush like crazy lol.

    Also we better get a V-day chapter or I riot.

    1. RIP my kissy face emoji.

    2. Thanks for the info, poo ^^ I tried 'drawing' the Jap in google translate and it only came out with 'tired' for a whole line ^^;

      Oh ^^ I decided to go for the 'tamer' word since I'm not sure sex appeal suits in playing koto music. ^^;;

      Oppsie...typo. Hm, let me re-check my notes to check if I wrote it wrong there. ^^; Thanks for informing me. ^^

      It is indeed nice ^^ Thought it seems like they are sisters in a way ^^;

    3. *checked notes* it is a typo ^^; Perhaps, I'm thinking of SB's 'Kuon' which is written in the same kanji. ^^;;

      Ah...but I thought '-chan/-kun' is used by high schoolers and '-san' is exclusively for adults? The Chinese translate it as 'classmate' Like Kurusu-classmate so I went for -chan. Hm...I'll apply this knowledge in the future summaries.

      Hm...but if it did, isn't it also possible that they'll be distracted with that? Of course, it can be also seen in a positive way as inspiration ^^ I'm thinking along the lines of the rule 'studies first before love'.

      True. I'm also betting long the lines that maybe, someone can no longer hold it in. Of course, blurting it out is already used so I don't think the mangaka will pull that again.

      Lol ^^

      Anyway, thanks for the corrections ^-^

    4. From what I know, I believe "-chan" and "-kun" suffixes are generally used to show familiarity towards another person, with "-chan" generally used towards girls or younger kids and "-kun" usually towards males but can also be used for females (but not as often). "-san" can be used to address anyone in which you choose to show respect, so that can be your peers as well as older people.

      For example, in the raws, Hiro calls Satowa by "Houdzuki-chan" and Hiro calls Chika by "Chika-kun". Hiro calls Takezou, "Kurata" without any suffixes to show that Hiro thinks that she and Takezou are fairly close and/or have a casual relationship, but not close enough to call him by his first name, "Takezou" (with the exception of when she went to his house and was speaking to Takezou's mother, because otherwise, the whole family is called "Kurata", so I assume she went with his first name when saying, "Takezou's my classmate and the president of the koto club"). On the other hand, Takezou calls Hiro by "Kurusu-san", which displays respect and also distances himself away from a close relationship. It also suits his quieter, more polite personality. Chika is pretty blunt in nature and I believe that he doesn't really use suffixes except for saying "senpai" to Takezou once.

      I hope that makes sense! I'm still learning as well, so please let me know if I have made any errors.

    5. Ooh, you tried using that handwriting thing in Google Translate? I don't know stroke order at all so I've never tried it lol. I've heard jisho.org has a better drawing thing (I've only ever used them for their dictionary though, it's really useful). But yeah, she basically just said her being exhausted from the party made her say weird things.

      I think the tamer word for sex appeal would be sensuality then, most likely. I don't think it including sex appeal in the song is too out of the question, since some geisha played koto for example (although I have no idea how sensual koto music would sound like. Maybe something you'd find at a spa?)

      And yeah, there was definitely a sisterly vibe between Hiro and Satowa, probably because they both relate to/have empathy for each other.

      Japanese suffixes just imply relationship distance. You hear "last name + -san" a lot among adults because more often than not, they're acquaintances or just doing business with each other. In a high school setting, "last name + -san" usually implies someone you're unfamiliar with or someone you occasionally talk with, but who's not someone you'd call a good friend of yours. There are a lot of exceptions though, like whether the person in question is just really formal (like Takezou), or whether "last name + -san" is just a habit from before you got to know your now friend, and you're not sure on whether to switch to something more casual.

      For the more casual ways to call people, "-kun" is used often among guys (sometimes you get teachers calling girl students with "-kun" because back in the day, it was a formal way of calling anyone below you). "-chan" is often used between girls, or for someone younger than you (initially, Hiro wanted to call Chika "Chika-chan" but he got mad lol). Hiro is above Satowa and Chika socially as a senpai, so that's why she uses "-chan" and "-kun" with them, but she's on the same level as Takezou, so she calls him by last name only (dropping the "-san" suffix implies they're friendly). On the whole, Hiro is not a very formal person. (This whole thing touches on the hierarchical nature of Japanese society, which is some sort of bullshit that's too complicated for its own good in my opinion.) ((Also don't ask me about "first name + -san" cos I wouldn't know, unless it was like there are siblings or family members with the same last name so you have to differentiate.)) Basically what Mint said is correct and I'm babbling here.

      Hm...but if it did, isn't it also possible that they'll be distracted with that? Of course, it can be also seen in a positive way as inspiration ^^ I'm thinking along the lines of the rule 'studies first before love'.
      The whole distracted by love thing got addressed during the Cultural Festival (when Satowa got kissed and Takezou defended Hiro, so no one could play koto properly that day). For Satowa, it's definitely "studies before love," since she wanted Takezou and Hiro to go to Nationals and therefore buried the feelings that were interfering with that. For Hiro, Suzuka told her to use her feelings in her music, so that seems like inspiration there.

      I think the way the mangaka is setting it up is a conscious confession. Takezou doesn't seem like the type to blurt things out without thinking them through (although he did that to Chika once so who knows,) and I doubt we'll have Hiro blurting anything out since she already did that here.

    6. oops forgot to sign that, above is me too.

    7. Thanks for the info, Mint ^-^

      So, without a suffix is closer to surname-suffix? Maybe because of how Takezou calls her, it makes her think that she isn't 'close'/no chance with him.

    8. poo, when I tried it, it doesn't follow the stroke order. I 'draw' then several 'characters' come out. I just choose the closest thing/the right character.

      Lol. The closest thing I can think of in traditional music band that has 'charm' would be the twelve girls band.


      I see. I guess that is like when to go from surname to name in a romantic relationship.

      Hehe, is that so.

      I see. I see. In the end, either way is not really a huge hindrance towards their goal.

      Indeed. It makes me wonder if the mangaka will pull something really romantic for it ^^

    9. Ohh, so it separates them into radicals (I think Chinese calls them something different, something that starts with a p?) I have a tough time with decomposing shit into radicals, maybe I should try out the draw feature.

      I have never heard of the twelve girls band but I am glad this is a thing. I have to listen to them more, but I think you may be right on that. tbh when I think of sex appeal in music in general, I think of either jazz or like chill edm.

      Yeah, when you go from surname to name in a romantic relationship and use the first name publicly, then everyone thinks you're dating. That's why you sometimes get the trope of opposite sex childhood friends calling each other by last name in middle/high school when they previously used first names, because one or both of them don't want other people thinking their dating/joking about it.

      I totally trust Amyuu to go out swinging when it comes to the romance in this series, so all I can say is A) I'm looking forward to it, and B) pls soon, I must have it.

    10. No, poo. Radicals are the old fashion way of looking for words in the dictionary. You must know the 'root' of the word then count how many strokes the rest of the character have. Hm..since you are familiar with it, I guess searching for kanji is used with radicals.

      The new one is pinyin. It uses English words to 'read' the Chinese. Perhaps, it can be used to look for the dictionary but then, there are so many words corresponding to a certain 'pronunciation'/character.

      I used to use radical when searching in the dictionary or draw with correct strokes but thanks to technology, it can just be drawn without minding the correct strokes. ^^

      True. I guess some try to force that sex appeal so they dress up 'sexy'.



    11. Holy shit, I just tried that drawing thing and it's amazing. Maybe I can potentially graduate from being a scrub and read things without furigana now! Goodbye searching by radicals, I will not miss you.

      But yeah kanji are just Chinese characters with different pronunciation (or same pronunciation, depending on the word), so that's why I know about radicals. It goes by stroke order and stuff too in Japanese. Pinyin is the word I was thinking of, so it's like romaji? i.e. uses the Latin alphabet? I'm sure it's more complicated that romaji though since Chinese has those accents and stuff.

      Yeah I guess dressing sexy helps. In live performances, visuals do matter a lot more than it would in a recording.

    12. Amazing, right, poo? When I found out about it, it is indeed goodbye searching with radicals. ^^

      Yes, romanji and yes, complicated because a 'pinyin' word can mean a lot of characters so it is basically used for reading.

      Indeed ^^

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    Reading the last chapter made wonder if they would just drop everything and go out. After reading this chapter, I think the author played it out really well.

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      Yea, thank you. I'm still awake, tbh, so I can say it's for the better 'cause I couldn't sleep and had other things keeping me from falling asleep. But yea, somethings that I had to take care were already taken care and it seems my pays are coming, though only this month. So thing are getting better, even if my health isn't really improving.

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      I get what you mean. For her, she is making things up for what she did rather than doing things/helping being part of the group. So, for Satowa to be concerned for her in this chapter reminded her that she is now part of the group.

      I'm actually thinking that 'charm' is because she is in love. ^^;; I do think Take will since in this coming Nationals, I believe that his issue with his younger brother and his HS batchmates will be somewhat/totally resolved.

      Hm....if this is shoujo, it can go to the kind of scenario that you hate. Since this is a feel good series/shounen, I think things will go quite smoothly.

      - - -

      That's good. Well, thinking of things can keep one awake...even if personally, I don't want to think of it. It is bad when I have to wake up early the next day. ^^; Body isn't cooperating.

      Indeed ^^

    4. Yea, but I want to see her thinking as us/we like, not them/they. I didn't noticer nor do I remember any dialogue/monologue of hers as I don't want to drag us down, is always, them. That's the sad part, but is good the author touched, 'cause most of the times it seems the 'bad ones' that got redeemed don't even feel remorse for what they did, so seeing how she still feels it's good by itself, sad, but good nonetheless, lol.

      It might as well. People say that when someone's in love, they tend to shine, look better/different etc, so it might as well be like that, yes. And I hope you're right and thank go this only has the vibes of a mature shoujo and isn't one itself, lol. But I think she'll touch again in this scenario, she went as far as show to us this scene that took half a chapter to 'clear up' and still isn't really clean up, so I think the author'll have some more consideration than most shonen ones and show us not only the result/ending, but the path it took towards that. Well, at least I hope, lol.
      Yea, like today was bad and good day altogether. Couldn't get up, then got up and did some exercices that I need in order to not get worse, and then couldn't move for some time since it hurt like all hell, lol. But right now isn't as bad, so I even took more time to be in front of the pc and am working to help some guys with somethings that I can do, besides catching up to some manga like Magi - don't know what going on anymore, lol.

      well, thank you and hope the best for us all.

    5. True.

      I see. Well, hopefully, the mangaka does ^^

      - - -

      I see. Reminds me of when I was in dialysis. Sometimes, it is good and brain is clear but at times, everything is all a blur and feeling really sick.

      Lol...that's not good =P


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      You were pretty unlucky to have to go through that in such young age. Nevertheless, yes, sometimes every and anything makes you worse, it's strange, but well, as long as I can at least pull throught it..
      Lol, yeah, it's most likely 'cause we had a flasback in between something that's not very well explained, but if re-read I think we can understand things better, hopefully, lol.

    7. Indeed.

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      Hehe, ya. Yup ^^

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      True. For me, sometimes I have to reread the previous chapters especially if it is forgettable ^^; Like, what was the story is at again... Like Blue Exorcist/AoE or Kuroshitsuji, it has been a while since I read those then I was like where was the story at again. ^^;; That's why I'm no good if the 'break' is too long. I tend to lose interest.

      Lol, so I won't read HxH aside from not liking the art. The same with series that takes too long to be scanlated. =(

    8. Tnh, I wasn't like that before getting sick, but nowadays, my god, I don't remember even our conversation if I don't read again, lol.

      Well, you should read HxH, it's very well written, and even the art, sometimes only the art tells you the message the author tried to achieve, but I agree, most of the times it's horrible lazy, lol. And ofc, the hiatus, god, the hiatus kills most readers, young and older. Same thing with Berserk, but you don't even get any kind of drop in art, at least. But it's running since 1989, if I'm not mistaken, so take that as you will, I already resigned to see the end. Or the author dies first, or I myself, lol.

    9. Ah...side effect of the meds?

      I only watch HxH anime. Well, the old season. Then there was a long hiatus off and on with the insect/bugs arc. Someone urged me to watch the second season where the old season left off due to the 'love story' So, I finished that one.

      I did got a bit loss on where the story was at again. Gon/Kon's goal was to meet the father and that is already achieved, right? The election of HxH seems to be 'battle of the brains' but at times, it seems like it is just going around in circles ^^;;

      Berserk...I watched the first anime episode...the new one. Seems a bit messed up. I heard that it was edited/fit too many chapters in one episode. The premise is intriguing but I think it was suppose to be gory and everything? Tried to watch episode two but couldn't get any idea who are those knights and why are they after him. ^^;;

      Of course, I could have read the manga but then, I also read that it was in hiatus which you confirmed so....better not get started on it and just watch a bit of the anime even if it is a bit messy. ^^;

      AoT/SnK is out. What do you think about the new revelations? Like about having royal blood and the Ackerman.

    10. I think so, and the pain too.
      Never did watch the first anime, but saw some episodes of the 'new' with the best arc imo, Chimera Ant, that's the one you mentioned of bugs, lol. I found it nice and all, but as always, the manga - the edited part - was sick awesome to tell the least. And yes, the anime of HxH had a lot of censored stuff, a lot more than I can find the Berserk, both versions.

      Now, this new version of Berserk you have to at least have watched the ovas/movies before, else you woun't understand unless you've read the manga. And, imo, those that complain about the new Berserk anime does only to have something to bic** about it. Ofc, the new stile of animation is strage and uncommon, but so was the ovas before, but about censorship I have to disagree. The anime is not as gory 'cause no one needs to see more gory stuff to know that's gory or what else is going on, like in an profane orgy scene, or the scene where the woman got possessed and tried to 'ride' the sword, while naked... The possessed scene wasn't show any pubes, but you knew instantly what was happening even if you haven't read the manga. The orgy's the same, who doesn't know what that is? If you don't know, you shouldn't be reading or watching this show anyways. So we only have the animation issue, and the white Casca - properly fixed after the second episoded...

      Anyways, both have great story and are awesomely written, but have those moments that push too far, there are those that love those moments, there is me that doesn't really care as long as we can understand the scene. That said and taking into account that you're not so fit to some gory and other stuff, I'd say, as regregtable as I can be, that you should perhapes let those series go. T___T.
      Yea, tbh, I liked the clan revelation, at least it's not relied upon the fantastic story of Ymir and her deal with the devil - if that's trully what happened and not some 'metaphore' to other scientific/military discovery.

      I thought the royal blood was common sense for some reason, since the Zeke revealed as royal and the Eren thing from before and the Grisha's memories, I gathered that was what happened, since both of them have royal blood, so, ofc they'd be able to give orders to normal titans.

      What I don't know is what Zeke's hiding if not for his royal line? 'Cause it sure looked like he has his own agenda, despite swearing loyalty. It's kinda good to see they're meeting place is in shambles, after what they've done to the eldians, I liked to see that, what I don't like is the potential of seeing a winged titan, nor did I like the end Ymir had, though it was better than a lot of chars had. My heart goes to Krysta/Historia, and I like to think that she won't be a titan, much less a winged one, like that parady the author did with everyone is a titan.

      Hope Sasha isn't one either, the anime did a lot of funny things that people took as joke, but it can as well end as real thing, like what happened to Armin and his titan joke.

      Gotta admit, the anime does it's role to leave a lot more things open/cleared and we can even go as far as making some new theory for the manga, you have to at least watch the open to know what I'm talking. And admit too that the author knows how to make someone really unlikeable and unpredictable, like Reiner - it doesn't matter what he does and how he does, he's really unlikeable to be.

      And ofc, the trolling can never evend, Annie, are you ok, Annie? Are you alright?
      In case you don't get the joke about Annie, listen to Smooth Criminal, or read it's lyrics, lol.

    11. Pain...isn't it suppose to suppress the pain?

      - - -

      Is that so. Well, I don't mind censored stuff especially about bugs and iirc, giving birth bugs. I actually don't want to watch it since I'm weak against 'ugly things'. Lol, I couldn't watch alien and 'ugly' mutant movies so I gave up watching Star Wars among other things. ^^; But then, these days, I just read the plot of Western movies and ending, that's it. =P

      Oh...ova/movies. I skipped those. ^^; Ah...I think it was something like that. The woman seems to be in pain or being possessed and everything is black. ^^;

      Lol...push too far as in drag those kind of scenes for fan service? Oh...so it is that gory. Well, I only plan to watch the anime and that's it = know why it is so popular. Hm..I think I'll have to check those ova first like you mentioned to know what's going on aside from journey with a fairy as he wants to free himself from the curse while having a bounty? on his head.

      - - -

      True but doesn't that mean that before they were defeated, the king and his people were tinkering/experimenting with the clan already. Then, perhaps, somehow, this clan managed to sneak in with them while they are in exile in that island?

      Ya...ah, but if they already have that power, why would they still need Eren/original titan? Actually, with that kind of power, what's stopping Zeke from turning against the rulers?

      I agree. He does seem to have some sort of plan of his own. Winged titan...is this because she is a 'goddess'?

      Lol...you'll never know. I recall in Vampire Knight, the ending depicted the lead girl with butterfly wings. We thought it was just for aesthetics but it ended up happening in the manga. ^^;;

      Hehe, is that so.

      Lol...I know the song but I didn't know the lyrics was like that. I just recall MJ saying blha-bla...blaha...smooth criminal, that's it then those screaming. ^^;; And yes, I couldn't bear to watch Thriller when I was a kid or now...ugly =P

    12. Yea, but I was always strong agains any kind of medication, so now it seems that I have to take more and it doesn't even has the same effect, though I admit that it lessen the pain a lil' bit, only a little, but it's already a relief. The other day I could barely talk, that was one helluva scene that no one should be able to see your relative like that.
      Yea, there's a lot of that in Chimera Ants, gory, ugly, unsightly etc, the manga is worst 'cause it actualy shows and shows some other stuff that the anime downright cut, like implied sex scenes and such, but overall, it's really a good read, but if you can't take, don't force yourself. It's not like your life's gonna change because of it.

      Same goes for Berserk, it's trully brutal, especially at the beginning and at the part the anime is adapting, but the anime somehow makes it less impactant, since it doesn't detail not does it minimalistc things like the manga usually does. I'll say again, it's one heluva story, one of the best and I don't think it'd lose to any kind of bestsellers or great classic literature books, but it has these moments and, again, don't need to force yourself. It's good, not life changing.
      Plothole? Or maybe they themselves don't know the full origin? I don't remember if the Mikasa lost girls touch this subject, I'll read again sometime. I know that it's pretty messed like, you'd think the author didn't planned for that at first. 'Cause it's such a rarity being oriental like Levi's mom and Mikasa's, but Mikasa got her name from her father, and no one knows Levi. His uncle didn't reveal anything on that note either so...

      They don't know that. I mean, they know about Eren being royal and thus having the ability to command. It seems the original titan is supposed to be special, strong or immortal, I don't know. I still don't understand why Krysta's father turned into that mess, being the original - or thought it to be.

      Nah, I said 'cause in that parody she was shown as some kind of goddess/saint, the only one with wings, and now that general said something about winged titans. This author is good in preparing such terrains to some revelations, even if he messes in others situations, like the one we're talking about the clan and the original power.

      And the Claymore anime ending was somewhat similar to the manga, that's to be considered, really.

      There's a lot of meme around that, I tell you. I got even tired of 'em at some point, now is okay, though, lol.
      I'm struggling to sleep, being wandering the internet, doing stretches and gaming. Everything but still... I'm already seeing the time I just turn off like a robot and fall down here, lol.

    13. True, it is better if one doesn't go to the strong ones immediately since they'll soon lose effect that you'll need a stronger one. Of course, I heard that the strong ones can be quite addictive and prone to be abused.

      Wow, that's scary. Is it because of the medicine or the spine? Good thing that it's only temporary.

      - - -

      Lol...I actually have already watched the Chimera Ants so yes...basically I do something else at the same time so if something gory is going to happen, I'll just do that something else then if it seems that it is over. I watch again.

      Lol, I tend to do that with horror movies. I like them but if the uglies come out, 'cover' and listen if it is over. Of course, if the timing is wrong...gah, what did I just saw. So, it helps to watch with someone else and ask, is it over. =P

      I see.

      - - -

      You mean the Ackerman don't know the full origin or the royalty? In a way, maybe it is implying that the Orientals were experimented on?

      Immortal? I think they are all immortals if being titans are kept on being passed on. I got the impression that the original's sole power of importance is that it can command other titans.

      If I think about, I think it is possible to make all titans have royal blood = all royalty just eat the current titans and tada, they can all control other brainless ones.

      About Krysta's father, I think it is because he only licked/slurp a bit of the fluid and it wasn't fully injected in him via a whole vial of syringe. Ah, is that the 'mess' you're talking about or 'mess' being that pitiful? ^^;

      Oh, I see.



      - - -

      Because of the pain? Or insomnia?

    14. Yea, but the 'ligther' ones never had any kind of effect, didn't notice tbh. And these strong ones I barely notice either, but at least I notice something, lol. Yea, that's my fear so I restraint a lot even when I can barely stand the pain, don't need more problems than already have, right? Some call me crazy maniac for not taking when in pain, but as someone who saw first hand what any kind of addiction can do to a person and a family, I send them politely to hell, lol.

      Both, sometimes everything just collapses and when that happens it looks like you're having a convulsion or something, so yea, not pretty to see, even if you don't know the person, it's not something someone should be seeing or used to it, unless you're a doctor, lol.

      As I see, I always had insomnia, though a ligth on since I'm more of a nightly person, so at day I'd be tired and sleepy, but at night... But now I can't just sleep at any time, only when about to collapse, and if I haven't already collapsed, lol. The pain makes it worse, and I don't need even to guess. But it's somewhat better, like, I can do things I couldn't, but still far from good or really better, since I still can't do most of the daily thing one does in life. But it's getting there, it's getting there, lol.
      I see, nice one, good strategy. And with that, you can enjoy the rest the story that has an awesome plot. Maybe you can do this with Berserk, then? Though, like I said, the anime is far from really censured stuff people complain. It's just not openly detailed. But if you're really planning to watch Berserk, go after the first three ovas first, they tell the story that happened and the anime now is following what went through down the ovas.
      The roayls should know, but now the only one remaining, to our knowledge, is Krysta, Zeke and Eren, and neither of 'em know sh**. And the only Ackermans we've seen know nothing too, though Levy has an inkling of an idea, it still wasn't shown to us. Don't know, would say that the Ackermans should be orientals, but the name itself has nothing oriental on it, only if it were Oriental side of Germany/Europe, which is where the story takes place, it seems. REally don't know, like I said, the author shouldn't have thought of this at the beginin, maybe he'll explain in the future, but I gotta admit, it doesn't seem like a part of the story that we can't miss.
      Immortal like, the person with the original titan doesn't need to pass down the power and can live forever or something like that. It should be, right? But the royals can command so, what's the real importante of the original?

      If they did that, if the memory thing, it wouldn't take much time 'till the eldians come back striking the Marley and taking the power again.

      Being that pitiful. He didn't transform into nothing but an irrational and gigicant mess of flesh. But I didn't even know that he didn't injected himself properly. I mean, didn't even notice, was so mad at the story at the time, lol.

    15. Oh...ah, did that someone recover? Well, I also did that before. Remember about my shin which was suppose to be tuberculosis but it was just plain infection. It has to be cleaned and rotting tissue removed multiple times. The doctor injected anesthesia and I can still feel it so in the end, I said, forget it, just skip the anesthesia. It is just giving me more pain with the pricks. Lol

      Hm...isn't that bad. Is it even normal to do that? True.

      I see.

      - - -

      I see. Ah, that is the golden age arc, right? It seems that the usual place where I got torrents is shut down. ^^;

      - - -


      - - -

      Ah, but they say that Eren is going to die? Wasn't the original being passed on among the royals that's why they have that cave with chains where the owner becomes titan food?

      Maybe we'll know more about it later on.

      True. So, what do you think the story is leading? Going to battle at the island one final time then probably make titans permanently extinct/confined there?

      Lol, is that so. Iirc, the syringe broke after it fell on the floor. All beaten up, he decides to take the chance and be a titan by licking it off the floor. Since it is in a syringe, I guess it is something that has to be injected into the veins to go to the spine/within compared to licking/drinking it.

    16. Some of them, yea. Some not, unfortunately. Did people mistake you for a masochyst? I have an S&M pretty much stamped on my face, according to my troll friends, lol.

      It's bad and it's not normal, but, what else can I do? I do what I can to prevent those things, but sometimes my nervous system'd just breakdown like that, I already told all the doctors and all, but, you see the situation I'm in. And that got worse since they took out my name from the surgery list 'cause the state stopped to paying me from some months, so I couldn't 'contri
      bute' to the health care system and now I got to start over... But I ain't gonna be mad at that.
      Yeah, yeah, most people regard it as the best arc. I don't, but you know me, lol. And there's a bit more than just the golden arc, and what is really compressed are the ovas, not the anime, tbh.
      So, you arrived at my problem. Then, why the original is so important? It doesn't seem to do anything much different than any other power. The only one useless are that carrying titan, imo, but it looks like the original could be too, and that'f be anticlimatic, lol.

      I don't really know, there're a lot of stuff to cover, like what's going on inside the walls, besides the war outside the continent. Remember that the people weren't too much pleased with Eren & co. Now we know that somehow they're sinking all ships, might have developed those cannons and other weapons that took down the armored. So, I really don't know.

      I didn't notice, tbh. Didn't even remember, lol. Ah, one thing nice about the anime are the opening and endings. In the ending we have the Ymir pact story. Maybe the lyrics might have some tips about what really happened. It's quite interesting.

    17. Forgot to say, don't know if you're be travelling or working, but take care at this time you'll be 'gone' from the site. And don't worry about the sumaries, just take care of you must and then take your time and do things at your pace. Your health always first.

      thanks from everying Kat.

    18. Oh...lots of them. It depends if I'm no the mood. Sometimes, I would cringe on injections but sometimes, I go, 'bring it on'. =P

      Couldn't contribute = isn't working to pay taxes? Haven't they thought that if they fix you up, you can contribute again? Hopefully, they aren't like thinking it is a lost cost so they won't bother.

      Hm...isn't it a side effect of the meds? Is it possible to change the meds? Maybe they aren't suitable for you?

      - -

      True. Special because it is the original? Hm...it makes me wonder where they are getting those spinal fluid they are injecting around. Is it possible that it is from the original? Perhaps, they are running out of it unless they are already capable of manufacturing it artifically. Oh well, we'll know later on if it is special. Or even the female titan...it's just a female titan? Or it has amazing crystallization powers.


      I see. Hehe, still haven't gotten the time to watch. ^^;

      It's traveling ^^ Thank you ^^

      You, too...take care. I really hope things turn for the better soon.

    19. Though I overcame the fear, still today I'd kinda cringe when taking injections, nurses'd always make fun 'cause of my build and ogre face 'fearing' the injection, lol. But I'm kinda good, now.

      No, they stopped paying me, so I couldn't pay the health care - which was supposed to be public anyways - so it's just a burocracy mess they got me into. I have to start over again and try everything that I already being doing again...

      Maybe it is, but we changed the meds more then ten times already. The one I have now are the ones with best results so far, though, like I said, I've build some defense against it.
      That's what I thought, like, since it is the original and the, it should have something that others don't, right? But nothing has being said, besides the 'belief' that it can control other titans. And that's a good question, I assume that they get from the random titans and make more from they, but the first random? Have no idea, good question indeed. Yea, aside from the obvious appearance, the female titan showed a lot of things like crystalization, speed, stamina and fast recovery/regeneration. Now, we can say that's Annie own's attribute, or maybe it's the female titan, and I think, since they clearly said we lost the female titan as if it was a huge loss, fearing the people had it's power it'd be somewhat a mix of the two, but the female indeed would be a powerful and useful titan, more than the carrier and the 'jaw' at least.
      I see, so, good trip, have fun and take care.

      Yea, me too, but I'm really down and can't pretend I have any kind of high hopes right now, T___T.

      Thanks for the best wishes, though.

    20. Hehe, same here. Sometimes I can watch the needle being pricked...sometimes, I look away. Of course, the times when I'm most tense is when I watch and they cannot draw blood = let's try some other place. ^^;;

      That's very discouraging. It feels like they're getting 'rid' of those who really need the health care. And of course, the healthy ones don't need it now = give us your money but if you're sick...just wait in line for who knows when.

      Ah, the health care there is like free/full coverage or just a discount from the original cost?

      I see. Hm..that's not good.

      - - -

      True...true. So, do you think that except for the beast, they sent their most powerful titans into the island? A major miscalculation since they lost two important titans.

      Oh...it reminds me of something. The past and current bearer of the colossal titan has a 'relationship/thing' with the female titan. =P

      - - -

      Thank you ^-^

      I see...so it is now a glimmer of hope?


    21. Yea, I'm in the phase that I don't even care anymore, being pricked is the least of my problems and pains, lol.

      It is exactly how I feel. Couldn't put in better words, ever more so now with all the crises, as if it wasn't bad before and is only now...

      No, the private health care is quite costy, but they usually cover everything and is usually fast. The one I have is directed discounted from my sallary, and, though it should cover everything, you already know the hell things are. The only good side it'd be the price, but even if I don't pay much, if I don't get to use when I need, what's it for then? It ends up being costy too.
      You know, I don't remember any moment between Annie and Berthold, but this conversation made me remember the ship people always arguing about AA - AnniexArman and AE - AnniexEren, the funny thing is only Annie that comes first, like if there was any kind of relationship, Annie'd be the 'alpha', lol.

      Yea, it was, they admited recently, didn't they? The big failure and etc, now we have to deal with this and even without tbe titans they lost and everything. Now's our chance to see Annie again, unless the author pull an Ymir on us, lol.
      Yea, quite dim, but yea, we still live, we still hope and we still fight, somehow.

    22. Lol, true, true.

      And getting worse? Hopefully, not quite at Venezuela's level yet?

      That is really infuriating. So, practically the same with no health care? ^^; It does feel like one is being swindled. ^^;;

      - - -

      No, but iirc, he has a thing for Annie which Armin tried to use to rile him up but it failed. It was during that last battle. But yes, there was no moment between them so I'm somewhat confused and assumed it was a secret crush of some sort that Armin figured out?

      Lol but then, it isn't surprising. =P

      True. If she is still crystallized, I wonder how they got her out.

      - - -


    23. Thank God it's not quite Venezuela and I dread to say yet. And indees, that's quite the sentiment I have, I'm being swindled by 'my own' gov to which I work for directly. Quite the sensation, I tell you, lol.
      Honestly, I didn't remember that, even now it's vague, really vague, but if you're saying, I'll go with you're words. Won't read again, no I won't, lol.

      I think is possible, with those weapons that broke the Armored, maybe? And we have some crystals from Eren too, so they could be studiyng it too.
      Life as it is, but like I always, though it seems I'm complaining, I'm actually quite the grateful one for the life, family and friends I have.

    24. Lol. Ah, and the frustration of not being able to do anything about this 'injustice'.

      - - -

      Lol. The anime won't reach that part? =P

      Make miniature ones to chip the crystals? Possible.

      - - -

      That's good to hear ^^

    25. I don't have any more hair to dispense for any other frustrations, bald to the bone, lol.
      Maybe, I don't know. They already expose themselves - the anime made a slightly better transition of how Reiner just 'breaks' and tell Eren. Next they'll fight. But with this, I already spotted another plot hole, so I won't even bother to take it as canon, lol.

      Yea, furthermore, they have more knowledge now about the titans and can research other things with their 'tech' being 'boosted' with these news revelations/info. I don't even know even if I'm making any sense right now, lol.
      You see, I took another peek at Namaiki and saw the public confession and Sho obviously pissed. Do you think, since Yuki has been denying into annoucing their relationship, that maybe he'll want to 'vent' his frustration and haste things, like having sex? We know he's being respectfull and taking time to treasure Yuki more, but now... Is it possible, maybe?

      And I was right to take my time to not read, as I am now, I'd been really stressed if I've read the chapter, lol.
      Yea, one has to be grateful, despite everything.

    26. Haha...

      - - -

      I see.

      I got your point. I think their 'tech' improved fast because for a short period of time, they can already think of a way to almost kill the colossal when outside, they are just getting there.

      - - -

      Possible. It's the usual route but I don't think he can do it soon with the prelims for the Nationals happening in a few days. Based on the 'delay announcement' that was mentioned, I think this will just lead to a public announcement during the prelims which they'll most likely win. Perhaps, it will be Shou's 'fuel' to finally win this.

      Lol...well, I think it's pretty good. I actually hoped from that, Shizuka is finally going to move on. Usually, the other guy gets all depressed after that kind of confession.

      - - -

      Indeed ^^

      By the way, I might not be able to reply tomorrow so talk to you again on June ^^ Take care ^^

    27. Yea, and since they have cannons and powder, I think it's possible that they have improved their tech on this camp, and have being sinking those ships with those cannons. Though I wouldn't say to the level the continent has improved as to almost take out the Armored with 'only shots'.

      I'm not really following, so I didn't know the nationals were so close, but as a man, I think Shou'd be prone to that kind of feeling/sentiment that - has to make her mine asap - after the confession. I agree with you on Shizuka's case, he just needed to get that out of his chest, let's see how things fare from now on.
      I see, pretty long tbh, lol.

      Hope you have a very nice and fun trip, take of yourself and enjoy yourself, don't forget to enjoy yourself, really. Only now that I can't that I know how I 'missed' things that I didn't even care back then.

      And don't think too much of blog stuff, it's really nice of you, but that can be somewhat stressful, so, just try to take it easy there.

      See you, take care too.

    28. Hehe, cannons huh...would it help if Eren and Armin just throw them cannons on the ships as well =P

      It is currently at the preliminaries for the Nationals. True though currently, he also has to concentrate in winning. True.

      - - -

      Thank you ^-^ It was quite nice until the last part when a nasty bug got me. At first, I thought it was the cold weather...it was too late when I realized that I was chilling then the awful sore throat came that I couldn't even eat or swallow. orz Thankfully, I survived the trip home ^^

      I'm actually still recovering and still on antibiotics. It is a battlefield currently with the germs that leaves me a bit fatigue than usual. So, how are things on your side?

      True, thanks ^^ Hehe, I guess it is because of a habit in school that I got to finish this and that at this time then health is taking a toll soon. ^^; I keep forgetting that this is a hobby.

      Anyway, hoping that things are okay with you ^^

    29. Lol, that's another possibility, yea.

      In other words, the author pulled one good on us, 'cause it can go anywhere, though the 'cliched' path is the more likely. That's why I can't really stop with Namaiki, but also why I've been on hiatus and only willing to read again after is over.
      That's horrible, I've been through that, even water seems hurts like hell. But yea, thankfully, and considering the half day delay on your flight, you actually a survivor, lol.

      Nah, on my side things didn't change, it actually got worse, but I won't complain. This week I have another check up and will need another sick leave too, hope it doesn't get even worse than already is, but like I said, won't complain. All things considered, I can't really complain.

      Know that, though I myself never was one to 'fret over' anything, always had the urge to finish it asap so I could enjoy the little moments of freedom, lol.

      Thank you, and hope you get better and in full health soon.^^

    30. Hehe, I see.

      - - -

      Haha, ya. It is quite hard at night that I'm not sure I'm sleeping or not since it hurts every time I swallow. ^^;

      Can't complain = it won't do anything but lower morale? Hm...so you have to renew the sick leave after a certain period of time? I thought it is 'permanent' until they fix you up. Ah...assuming that it is the same department = health.

      Lol, indeed.

      No problem and thanks ^^

    31. I see, know how it is, hope you get better asap.
      Can't complain as I'm still have my two legs and two arms, can take care of my own needs, and as bad as it is to walk or do anything else, I still can do, barely, can I'm still able so I won't complain. Don't think I have the 'right' to complain, I mean, my uncle, father and grandma were in a state that they couldn't do any of what I mentioned above. I had to bath them, wipe them, give them water or feed them with a spoon as they couldn't even eat by themselves nor take care of their needs. And while I'm going or waiting at the hospital I see people with missing members, or people that don't have anyone or anywhere to turn to, but I, thank god, have, so I won't complain. Promised to myself that I wouldn't and couldn't complain.

      And no, unfortunately, when - and that's been really rare and lucky for me to that those sick leaves, it's really rare to honestly/without bribes get one - someone is on sick leave they have determined days to 'care of' their disease. Assuming one couldn't - my case - you have to iniciate another process and so on. So, as the public health care and public hospital and doctors still haven't fixed me, I need to go every one month, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less to try and have another sick leave 'cause I honestly can't work as I am now, or was back then, as seeing I only got worse so...

      It's really a shi**y system only made to ***k us oveer, us as honest workers. But what can one do? If I get a lawyer and such I spend as much or more money than if I'd have the privite surgery. Not really in a good spot, but like I said, won't complain. Just do I can and hope for the better, my conscience is clean so I kinda gave up, I'll do what I have to, do my exercises and such, go through this hellish system and try not stress over it.
      Changing the subject, have you read Shingeki? As good as this chapter was, I didn't like, lol. And the parallel it tried to do with Eren and Reiner didn't really work in Reiner's favor if the goal was to have us create some sort of simpathy for him/his cause/his situation. Though, it was good seeing how bad they had and how much they were 'brainwashed' to think the islanders, all of them, were devils and such. Other thing I liked 'bout this chapter was how is creating a sort of hype to when the two sides clash again.

      And I didn't know Gabi and the others were really kids. I thought they were young and the youngest of that army, not actually kids. That was kind of surprising to me.

    32. Ah...ya. I was about to get well then, it seems that to had come back for some reason. I'm confused if it is still the cold before or allergies. ^^; It doesn't help that the antibiotic side effects are also a pain now = acid reflux and white tongue. I'm getting tired of eating more medicine than usual. ^^; Probably have to see a doctor again to see what's going on. orz

      - - -

      True. In a way, it depends on whom you are comparing things with. There is always someone much worse and it is embarrassing if they can cope more than oneself. But then, everyone isn't the same.

      I see. Obviously you can't since they haven't fixed you and it is unfortunate if it gets worse. It seems like common sense, isn't it? Perhaps, they are expecting you to fix yourself up through other ways?

      Lawyer...ah, it is also expensive there. Here, it also takes years to win a case. Then, more years at the appeals and a few more years at the Supreme Court. In the end, the winner is usually the lawyers. So, aside from money, you have to waste time going to court and the judge will suspend the hearing over the smallest excuses.

      That's good, I guess especially since realistically, there is nothing much one can do. Has anyone there trying to fight the system or something? Here, it is mostly saliva and nothing is changing. It seems someone tried to impeach the president there but it was dismissed. No other better alternatives there?

      - - -

      Hehe, that's somewhat of a paradox. I'm not sure if I have sympathy for him but I guess I can somewhat understand where is he coming from. Maybe that's the reason for that 'confused mental state' before? He wanted to think of them as devils but in reality, they aren't and they are 'friends'.

      With that parallelism, I guess both have a mother thing =P True...though some are saying that the one whom the Falco helped was Eren. So, it might be a reverse this time. 'Islanders' invading/spying on the mainlands.

      Is that so. So, young is teens? I assume they are at around 12 years old.

      By the way, do you understand the scene wherein Annie is rubbing her shoe one the ground? I don't get that part.

  10. Yay my ship is confirmed! I really like this pairing. Hiro usually acts like a mommy bear, so it is refreshing to see her getting all flustered in front of Takezou. And it makes me internally scream that Hiro looks really beautiful in Takezou's eyes.

    Regarding the sex appeal thing, I think it refers to the sound as in when you say/sing "ah❤" in sensual tone. In this context, they need to produce the sound with koto. I dont know much about music, tho.

    1. Yup ^^

      Possible. Perhaps, it is some sort of 'captivating sound' like the difference between two singers singing the same song but one of them sang it better due to how it was sang.