March 5, 2017

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 19 - The Overlooking Woman]

Yumi narrates, "Hello everyone, let's start today's screaming lesson. Have you ever felt very inferior for no reason at all? Each person has an issue about something that one naturally has but is unable to change...

But, if in this world, there is a god that can change your current reality, what are you going to do? This lesson is going to talk about a story regarding self-inferiority. Lesson 19 - The Overlooking Woman.
In class 6-2, the teacher asks the students if they are finished copying the notes since he is going to erase the blackboard. A guy in the back raises his hand and says that Oyama is obstructing him so he couldn't see the blackboard. This made Oyama look tense.

The teacher asks Oyama to lower herself a little bit. While the others are snickering, she did as she was told. Oyama Hagumi [guesswork from 大山育] is 12 years old with a height of 170 cm.

She gloomily thinks that she told him earlier to let her sit at the back but what's with the lottery [to know where they'll sit]. She'll already be in senior high soon so who is going to stop this.
After class, Hagumi's friends tell her not to mind the others. They say that she obviously has the good build to become a model or she can be a basketball player.

Hagumi gloomily thinks that growing up with this face, how can she be a model and she isn't a bit good at sports. Her personality is also very gloomy. Then, she overhears a girl calling to Takada [guesswork from 高田] to look at something.

Takada laughs and says that it's very interesting. Then, he pats the girl's head. Hagumi thinks that Takada is 168 cm so she's 2 cm taller than him. "I also want to become a normal girl..." At the bus station, Hagumi stiffens when someone calls out to look at that female giant!!
Hagumi tells herself that she's used to this. Then, they say that it is the woman in a dress. Hagumi opens her eyes and sees a long haired woman in front of her. Looking intently at the woman, she thinks that it is the first time she saw someone with the same body built as her and it seems that the woman is taller than her.

She also thinks that the woman is definitely very sad for there are people behind her back saying all sorts of complaints. She mutters, "I also don't want to be this tall..." The next day, Hagumi's brother screams in fright upon seeing her coming in the toilet.

He says that she gave him a startle when it's just her because he thought it is a wall. Hagumi looks gloomy. Their mother scolds the brother not to do that to his younger sister so early in the morning and just brush his teeth. She looks at Hagumi and says if her eyes are wrong but did she become shorter.
At school, Hagumi measures herself and she is now 168.2 cm. Hagumi couldn't believe it for how can that be, she became shorter. "Even if I don't know what the reason is but I've become 168 cm!! (I'm so happy...!!)" 

Her friends tell her that is great but then, rounding it up, it doesn't have much difference to 170 and she is still too tall. "You're just almost as tall as Takada-kun.” At the bus stop, Hagumi thinks over what they said and perhaps it is as they say since guys don't like girls who are as tall as them.

Then, she notices the tall woman in front of her again. She wonders if the woman was this tall before. Just then, the bus driver calls out to her and asks if she is riding or not. Snapping out of it, Hagumi says yes. She turns around and the woman is gone.
The next morning, Hagumi greets her mother a good morning. Her mother greets her back then asks how come she had once again... She measures herself and she's now 165 cm. She wonders why and what's going on. Then, she recalls the tall woman.

After school dismissal, her friends call out if she is going to measure her height again as Hagumi quickly leaves. She hurries to the bus stop and looks for the tall woman. She isn't there so Hagumi thinks that woman isn't here today.

Then, she notices the woman beside her. She thinks that the woman is taller than yesterday. "Could it be..." Then, she measures her height. She is now 163.4 cm. Hagumi thinks that she is right, every time she meets with that woman, she becomes shorter.
In class, the teacher calls out that he's going to erase the blackboard. Hagumi is delighted that the boy behind her isn't complaining anymore. She is now as tall as her friends. Someone is wondering out loud if Hagumi used to be tall but it seems she became shorter.

The other person asks if he's stupid for how can someone suddenly become shorter. And, Hagumi continues to look for the woman at the bus stop and stand behind her. Others start to say that looking at her in detail now, she had become cute.

At the shoe lockers, Hagumi tries to reach for her shoes when Takada helps her get them. He tells her not to force herself. Hagumi is delight for it is Takada. He suggests about putting lowering the position of her shoe box.
Hagumi says, ya...okay. She feels that this is such a fresh [/new] kind of conversation. He laughs and pats her head. He says that she's so cute. This made Hagumi really happy for she felt that this is okay for her to die now since she's so happy.

Then, she overhears the others saying that it is so strange for did Hagumi drank some strange medicine. Hagumi thinks that it is already time to stop because she is already short at 148 cm. After waiting at the bus stop for a while, Hagumi quickly turns around to see the woman behind her.

She thinks that this is bad for she met her again. "I definitely have to avoid her!!" In the morning, Hagumi calls out that she's going out. She is surprised to see the woman standing in front of their house.
Hagumi quickly goes back inside that and wonders why. Her mother asks what's going on. In her room, she looks out the window and wonders why that woman became so tall. "What should I do. I cannot go out..."

She notices that her body is trembling. She looks out the window and sees a black hairy thing outside. She wonders what is it, and isn't that a person's head...!? This scares her. Her body continues to tremble. Soon, everything looks so big in her room.

Hagumi thinks that the woman grew tall, and was the ceiling that high before. She is shocked to find that her body had become so small that her clothes are already loose. She got scared for she kept on shrinking. She quickly runs out of the house. Her mother is puzzled why there is a child in the house.
Hagumi decides to escape to a place where that woman couldn't reach her. She goes up to a lighthouse. She thinks that if she ran away there, THAT PERSON shouldn't be able to reach it. "What am I going to do afterwards... if I were to go home like this, they won't recognize me...*crying* who’ll come and save me...?"

Then, she notices that everything became dark. She wonders if it is already night and how long has she been lost in thought. She peeks out and thinks that it is a wall, is She is aghast for the woman is taller than the lighthouse as she looks down at Hagumi.

She got really scared for the woman only has whites for her eyes. Just then, someone calls out if anyone is there. "Is there anyone who had recklessly burst into here!!" Hagumi turns around to say, "Save, save me..."
The man flashes his flashlight at the side and becomes puzzled. He says that's strange, he obviously heard a voice. He turns around to leave. In a very soft voice, Hagumi calls out, "Sir...*her little head is only what reminds of her* Wait...

...*her head starts to sink into the floor as her eyes bleed* ...don't take away my height--..." She sees the man leaving and it is totally darkness when she closed her eyes. Yumi narrates, "Who is that mysterious woman? Perhaps, she is a god who specializes in making everyone's wish come true...

...If anyone isn't satisfied with one's height, there's no harm in calling out to her and trying it out. ? You’re asking me if there is anything that I'm unsatisfied about myself? But of course! It will be weird if there's none. This lesson is up to here. See you again in the next chapter."
Comment: Hagumi's discontentment with her height actually stems from others. How she is consider a 'bother' by her back seatmate. Apparently, yes, it would be more logical that she sit at the back but they have to follow 'rules' regarding sitting and in this case, through lottery. ^^; Then, she also wants the school's crush to like her.

Based on what she is experiencing, it is understandable that she thinks that her height has no benefit to her whatsoever. Apparently, Hagumi realized too late that the woman is stealing her height instead of just making her wish come true by making her shorter.

She didn’t realize that the woman won’t easily let her off. It’s like she isn’t the only one using the woman. So, if she won't come to the woman anymore, the woman goes to her. I think her fatal mistake was she trapped herself in a space where the woman can be near her. Thus, her height can be drastically reduced into nothing. Scans by 离境

Word of the day:
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