March 2, 2017

From Five to Nine [Chapter 67 - Sliding Doors]

Arthur and others had already dropped off Junko at the temple. Momoe looks tense as she sits behind the car. Narration: “Underneath the clear new moon night, perplexed women, more than unsatisfied women, these two people, what awaits them is...suffering or paradise.”

Junko quietly opens the door and calls out good evening. She says that she’s sorry that it’s so late but she’ll be intruding. A monk welcomes her and says that madam wanted to pass a message to her. “Right now, madam is currently taking a bath so I’ll help you carry your luggage to the room.”

As the monk is taking her bag, Junko thanks him and says that she can carry it herself. The monk says that it is fine and compared to that, please be a bit quieter. Junko cringes when she heard someone saying, ah, she’s really working hard.

It is Izumi. She comments that Junko came here so late yet she brought a lot of luggage that causes too much noise. “Even if it doesn’t matter to this house but I don’t know what the neighbors will think. Still coming in and going out as you please.”
Junko tells her that it is because of work that she came back late and she apologize for that. “I have already told Hoshikawa-san’s mother about the time.” Izumi tells her to please call her madam.

“Isn’t it very strange for you to always call her Hoshikawa-san’s mother? You ought to also have more or less remembered well our temple’s rules. Aren’t you an expert in the field of language?” Junko slightly bows and says that she understands. “I’ll pay attention to it later on.”

Just as Izumi is about to leave, Junko calls out to madam-sama [<- higher than madam], and says she’ll be under her care [otsukaresama] again. “I will look for an opportunity to properly greet grandmother and parents. I will give my all-out effort to properly work here so please advise me.”

Holding up her head, Takane’s grandmother says that she is still really useless. “We are not responsible for taking care of you. The same goes with Tokiko. *starts to walk away* We also have a trip coming soon and right now isn’t the time for us to be responsible for taking care of you. So you just properly do your best.”
After she left, Junko asks the monk about that trip. While leading her to the room, the monk says that no, it is the month end’s delegation trip. Since Junko is puzzled, he explains that it is a pilgrimage-type of trip for everyone with the donors wherein they'll go to the Buddha destined temple. “This year, the abbot couple will also participate.”

In the room, Junko bends down on the floor and sighs. She thinks, geez, she doesn’t know the things here and she doesn’t know if her grandmother had gone to that kind of trip before. “Besides, from the start, I’ve been scolded... *starts to open her luggage*...

...After all, it is already night and as much as possible I cannot make a sound while doing things. It isn’t easy to stay far away from the director’s place...” She suddenly goes into a ‘hmm’ expression after recalling Makoto telling her that he would be very happy if they broke up.

She thinks that she’ll treat it as if she didn’t hear what he said a while ago. After repeating that thrice in her head, she thinks that’s right, she only have to properly show that director... She is surprised when someone calls out to her. It is Amane. He tells her that his mother said that she can take a bath now, and welcome back.
“You unexpectedly run back to the temple while brother isn’t here. What is it? Are you attracted me? If you say that that you want to be with me, I’ll be very happy to slee...” Junko goes out the room and tells him that she won’t be fooled by him again. “It would be better to say that I would like to know, Amane-san, in the end, what do you want to do?

...If you are really interested in me then it isn’t necessary for you to specially go and tell Hoshikawa-san. Your goal isn’t me at all. You only wanted to rattle him and hinder his training, that’s all. *pushes him away* About this dispute, please do not involve me and please go quarrel among yourselves...

...*folds arms with a rosary on her wrist* You and Hoshi—Takane-san, go and quarrel together, okay. (I also have to more or less get used to this kind of address [/way of calling him]).” At the Kyoto temple, Takane suddenly sits up from his sleep. He thinks that just now in this dream, it seems that he was mistaken about some important moment.
Back at the temple, Amane asks if that rosary is given to her by her brother. “You are unexpectedly doing as you wish... that grandmother-sama has not yet approved of it and it isn’t time for the betrothal [gift/engagement].” Junko says that this is her important charm so it has nothing to do with that.

“Since you don’t plan on answering my question then I also should go take a bath already. After all, it is my turn right now. *immediately closes the door* I’ll have to go and prepare. Sorry.” Amane seems surprised that Junko closed the door on him.

As he walks away, he wonders what he wants to do. “It is also the first time for me to encounter that question of yours.” In front of Momoe’s house, she thanks Makoto for driving her. Makoto says that it’s okay, and it’s on the way after all. “For it to be faster, I’ll help you carry the luggage.”
She is surprised when Arthur tells her to keep on sitting in the car. "I'll help you so just stay there." Taking the things from him, Momoe says that it’s fine, she can carry it herself. He says that he’ll help her with these, and she first go and get the permission first from her parents regarding moving to the share house.

Then, he notices her looking glum and serious. She tells him, “I won’t go. Today, I’ll directly go back home. Also, one more thing, it is regarding our romantic relationship...can we take a cool off [/rest] for the time being." This stuns Arthur.

Back at the temple, Junko thinks that even if right now, there are all sorts of uneasy issues but currently, what’s important is waking up in the morning to do the things that has to be done in the morning. “Ah, I’ll quickly check my mail then go take a bath...” She looks surprised at an email from Agnes Clark regarding a business trip at the end of the month.

“Dear Junko, It has already been decided that you’ll be going with Director Kiyomiya for his business trip to New York at the end of the month. I’ll trouble you to revise your personal schedule and give me an answer regarding this tomorrow at work.” Narration: “Two perplexed people. What is waiting for them, suffering or paradise.”
Comment: We have two surprise bombs at the end. First, it is Momoe’s. That is really a surprise and I wonder what led to that. In contrast with Junko’s which does have a possibility of happening given the circumstances that she is in but Momoe is a total surprise.

So, was it because Arthur is too fast? She isn’t ready to be that committed to him when she isn’t as attached to him as he is? She obviously needs to think through some things. She was a bit ready for it until she heard that what magic words he wanted to hear from her. Was that it?

As for Junko, if she goes for practicality and would really want to spare herself from the trouble, she would just go. It is her dream after all and she cannot be sure if there will be this kind of opportunity again. It slipped past her before.

Rationally, the good things that will happen is already there for that US trip whereas staying at the temple for Takane isn’t. She still has to get an approval from the family, and get used to the traditional things that they do in the temple. Is Takane worth all that and giving up her dream?

Well, that was the question before. It was okay before but, maybe she’ll just falter a bit. She can indeed do her best to suit the the traditional temple lifestyle but in the long run, I'm not too sure if she'll be happy about it.

The title of the chapter is based on a US movie regarding one’s possible fate due to a certain choice/event. I think it is more aimed at Junko. Looking at the current situation, it seems to be leading towards suffering. For Momoe, it might be losing Arthur if she lets him go, I guess. Scans by 月球坑组

Quote of the day:
Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed. ~ James E. Faust


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