March 7, 2017

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapters 5-6]

Chapter 5: Dream scenario: Koiko says, “It cannot be, Prince, Your Highess...I’m merely a commoner.” Prince Tsurugi replies, “What are you saying? I don’t understand what you mean. Compared to that, quickly look. I’ll give all of these to you...

...*shows her food, gown and chest filled with treasures which made her eyes sparkle* Those and...this!!” He holds out a huge heart with the words ‘my heart’ on it. Shielding her eyes from the sparkles, Koiko says that it cannot be, she is merely an ordinary... “Ordinary person, that’s all. Your Highness Prince Tsurugi ah ah ah...”

Then, Koiko wakes up with a start. She thinks that it was a dream. She blames her mother for it because she said that romance is possible with people from two different social levels. Then, she sees a covered bowl of food and a note on her table.
It read, “Passing a message from the lady boss. She said that it is possible that the leftovers will be sold so first eat these and that’s it.” Koiko looks aghast. She shouts, “Eh!? That guy went into my room!? No way. Did he see my sleeping face!? Ugh! Skirt! Did he lift it up!?

...Did he see my panties!? *looks at the side* Ah, it came off again. *sticks the calligraphy on the wall again* That guy had definitely seen this, right.” Later on, Tsurugi tells Yumeko that he’s going ahead. While walking, he sees a long haired glasses woman looking up the moon and reciting, “Miles of cloudless blue sky is also lonesome on winter months.”

Aiko is pleased with her composition. This made Tsurugi also look up the sky to see the moon that she’s looking at. Aiko notices him and coughs. Then, she walks past him. Then, Tsurugi overhears the customers at the restaurant greeting Aiko.
They laugh over she is still dressed up so neatly today and she is totally the opposite of Yumeko. Tsurugi thinks that since they ‘welcome her back’, she is--... Aiko stares at the male yukata hanged on the wall. She asks Koiko if their mother’s boyfriend came over since this is a guy’s clothes.

Koiko says no, it is someone who came to work and he started today. “I didn’t think that it would be someone from my same school. It’s like that.” Koiko thinks that indeed, it is like that. Koiko complains over some hot water not being stored up in the tub and if she does it now, her sleeping time will be shortened compared to the usual times.

“The me who yearns for an ordinary average. That person, who isn’t ordinary, is simply coming over to work. Afterwards, it is just a coincidence that it is someone I know. That’s it. Next time, I’ll welcome a new day.”
At 6:50am, Koiko’s cellphone rings. She immediately puts the phone on snooze for 5 more minutes of sleep. “Today, I can still ordinarily get out of bed and wake up. The ordinary me.” Holding a blender filled with juice, Yumeko happily exclaims that it is finished, her special skin lubricating juice.

Koiko thinks that she can finally hear the sound of the television since the blender was too noisy a while ago. She is eating an ordinary breakfast of rice, soup and some dishes. Aiko finishes chugging a glass of drink and exclaims that after eating, a glass of green juice is really amazing.

Koiko narrates that from the drug store’s cosmetic area, she would just use things that will take care of her skin. She doesn’t wear make-up though she occasionally uses this. [I have no idea what it is based on the picture.] Her mother has a lot of cosmetics whereas her sister uses the same thing that she uses when Aiko is obviously already 23 years old.
Going out of the house, Koiko says that she’s leaving. Her skirt isn’t long nor is it short. Before, her mother wears this kind of skirt which is below the knee and it is considered short at that time. Her sister’s skirt is just at her knees. While walking to school, Koiko greets back someone who greeted her good morning.

She thinks that she won’t be too bright or too gloomy. “Average. Ordinary. Average.” At the shoe lockers, Tsurugi brightly asks her if practiced calligraphy before. <- a totally non-average guy. This made Koiko quickly walk away and tell herself that he is merely coming over to work and afterwards, it is a coincidence that she knows him, that’s all.

Thinking that he has seen it, Koiko just tells him that she studied it a bit, goodbye. He asks her if that ‘average’ is an assigned task. She looks at him and says that there is another kind of meaning to it. As she walks away, she thinks that’s right. “That is also my life’s task. But, ah?”
Start of the story: The story of ORDINARY Koiko and the Prince. A long, long time ago, there is a place where a young girl yearns to be ordinary. Her name is Koiko. *scene of Koiko smelling flowers in a field* Koiko’s dream is to marry an ordinary guy in the same village. And, afterwards, pass a peaceful and happy life with him...

...That’s yesterday’s after-talk. *scene of the prince giving his heart to her* But, suddenly, one day, a prince who is passing by had fallen in love at first sight with Koiko. End storytelling. At the hallway, Tsurugi sees Koiko and waves at her. She quickly walks past him.

Then, she hears some girls saying that it is the prince, Tsurugi-kun. She thinks that it seems that there are a lot of eye-catching people around him even if Tsurugi is the most eye-catching of them all. She sees him smiling at the others as they talk.
Continuation of the story: “Because it is rare for her to meet such a person, Koiko has decided to accept his feelings. *Koiko greets the other people in the prince’s circle* In order to be admitted to the royalty and the upper social class, Koiko put out her likeable social intercourse as if her life depended on it...

...*with a beauty mask on her face, Koiko is studying about the country’s laws and stretching her leg* She also started to temper herself. *while moping the walls, the others sneaker that Koiko is an ugly girl* She also endured the jealousy and prejudice against her. *being held by the prince, Koiko thinks about loving him*...

...This romance that is hindered one after another had ignited Koiko’s passion. It causes her to become deeply enchanted by him. But there’s a huge gap between her and Prince Tsurugi’s position as royalty. He started to linger between the second wife, the third wife, the fourth wife (and so on). In the end, Koiko cries as she passes each day.” Turn page to The End.
Narration: “Look at how tragic it is. It’s so sad. *turns away to leave* It will definitely become like that if I get involved with that guy. *Tsurugi looks at her as she walks away* I absolutely do not want that. *recalls the prince giving his heart to her* He also haven’t told me that he likes me, that kind of words! I’m just excessively imagining things.”

After school, Koiko passes by and sees Tsurugi heading towards the outdoor sink. He notices her looking at him so she quickly looks away in an effort to ignore him. Suddenly, Tsurugi starts to shout as the water is splashing all over him.

Koiko looks at him and wonders what he is doing. She catches herself and continuously tells herself to ignore him. Tsurugi kept on shouting about it that Koiko rushes to him and says, geez, what he is doing when it is obviously cold today! Tsurugi closes the faucet and says that he forgot that this one is broken.
Koiko says that it turns out that he knew. She offers him her handkerchief and says that he is unexpectedly clumsy. Somewhat surprised Tsurugi looks at her as Koiko looks away but still holds the handkerchief to him. She turns around and says that it is because no one is around so she came over.

“About that, give it back to me during work! Do not give it to me at school! Goodbye!” Tsurugi calls out that it turns out that it is quite perplexing for her if she gets involved with him. She stops walking and says that it is very perplexing. “Perplexing. Perplexing. Perplexing. Perplexing. After all, why do you mind my business!?

...Even if from the start, perhaps it is because of some righteous feeling but isn’t what you did already enough!? How come right now, you still...” To her shock, Tsurugi says, “Indeed. Why. *looks serious* Why is it.” Koiko asks, “You’re also asking me.” Koiko looks flustered. Narration: “Later on, I learned that faucet was never broken.”
Chapter 6: Tsurugi asks why. Koiko answers, “That. Just now, that. Could it be... (That cannot be) love? *long pause* Just joking. *smiles* Ah ha ha, how is that possible. *waves* Goodbye and good luck on your club activity.” Tsurugi watches her walk away and mutters, “”

Looking aghast, Koiko hopes that guy’s memory within the five minutes to disappear. “Geez--! What the hell am I saying! Love!? That guy!? Towards me!? How is that possible! Even if it is so, I’ll also be very perplexed. Wrong, it should be, it is basically impossible!!”

Koiko arrives home and looks at yukata. She looks flustered and thinks, “But. But ah. Thinking back about it... That guy specially told me about the (ex) boyfriend’s affair (though I’m actually the other party). He’ll pay attention to my expression. *Tsurugi told her that she doesn’t look happy*. He chased after me. He quarreled with someone because of me. He came to my house to work...
...He’ll also pay attention to the unremarkable detail by helping remove the leaf from me. Laugh at me. *Tsurugi said that her expression is unexpectedly rich* Said thanks to me. *Tsurugi thanked her and said that he’ll pay attention to that* Receiving a shock because of me...

...*Koiko apologizing that she cannot keep him company* Also breathing a sigh of relief because of me. *Tsurugi smiled and said that it’s great that she doesn’t hate him* Said that he’ll protect me. *Tsurugi said he’ll protect her* In short, he always taking great pains in minding my business. *Tsurugi asks why*...

...Conclusion, it’s love, right. *flustered and tense* Because, because, the key factors and proof are already so many.” She is startled when her mother asks what is it, since she is staring at the yukata and isn’t moving. Koiko says that she’s there. “It’s nothing. I’m only thinking whether or not it needs to be put aside.”
Yumeko says that she wants Tsurugi to wear it one more time before washing it. “Can’t it be hanged like that? Looking at it, you’ll think of Tsurugi-kun and afterwards your heart will beat fast, right?” Koiko says that she won’t. “Besides...I cannot be moved.” Her mother looks glum. She calls out to Koiko as she is heading upstairs.

She says that the name ‘Koiko’[/love child] is really amazing right. Her mother smiles and Koiko wonders what’s up with her. Koiko says that obviously, she was the one who chose it. “The name doesn’t reflect the reality. *mother surprised by that* For real, choose a good name.” She wonders if that guy really likes her. Then, she hears her mother calling out to Tsurugi so she realizes that he’s here.

“If I’m not careful and fall in love with that guy.” Koiko heads out the store and says that she’s going out for work. Tsurugi watches her leave. Yumeko comments to Tsurugi, “Really such a boring kid, right~” Tsurugi goes Eh!? The two look puzzled. Yumeko says ah, of course, still very cute, right?
Tsurugi laughs and says that’s true. Then, they both look puzzled at each other again. While walking, Koiko wonders if just now, Tsurugi was looking at her. “There’s no problem with what I’m wearing today, right. Ah! *looks at skirt* Does my skirt have a rolled side!?

...This kind of cloth will stick up at the edge at times...*looks tense* See, see, see, see! Like this! It is like this! I unconsciously started to mind small things! This kind of situation will become more, a lot more, isn’t it!? The more one throws oneself into love, the more increasingly serious it is, right!? I hate that the most-!!”  

At school, during PE class, Koiko tells her classmates that faucet is broken. Her classmate says that she always uses it during club activity and it is okay. Koiko tries to protest so her classmate shows her that the faucet isn’t broken. Koiko exclaims, ah!? Why... Then, she recalls Tsurugi asking why. Looking flustered, Koiko thinks, “In the end, why is it. Actually, I know the answer.”
While sweeping the classroom’s balcony, Koiko thinks that it is that ‘from the time I’ve become aware the other party have a good opinion about me. At that moment, I started to pay attention to the other party’ rule. “The unconsciously fallen in love with that person rule...

...It is that type of drugging [/poisoning] oneself-type of thing. After all, it isn’t like I totally have no love experience. Regarding this kind of thing, I still can understand it. But I will stop it at ‘drugging one’s mind’. Stop it at ‘imagine that one’s love is reciprocated’. I will make it end because it is fine for me to just be ordinary...

...*looks down to see Tsurugi with a girl below* It’s that guy!! *quickly hides* Look, it has already appeared!! A person belonging to the upper layer is like this!! *sees the girl holding Tsurugi’s sleeve* Ah ah, In the end, she’s very passionate. Confession...  That girl comes on strong...
...It is okay for those two to go steady. Like that, I can go back again to my ordinary life. Besides, he is very well-suited with a person from the upper layer. Go and answer her.” Then, she suddenly shouts, “Ah~ Ah Ah~~~” like a female Tarzan. This surprises Tsurugi. Looking around, the girl says, geez, what’s that!?

Tsurugi looks up and sees someone darting back in the balcony. Koiko berates herself, “Idiot-!! I’m an idiot-!! Why why why why.” The window opens. Tsurugi finds Koiko sitting below the window. He says that he found a Tarzan. Koiko asks if he answered the girl. He says no, he rejected. “It seems that just now, someone came to disrupt us.”

Koiko tensely says that it is simp...simply because he looks like he is very perplexed. just...” Koiko looks really tense. This made Tsurugi burst into laughter and calls her Tarzan. “You’re really a strange person in all sorts of meaning to it.” Surprised Koiko exclaims what’s strange about her when she is obviously very ordinary! The two goes ‘eh!?’ at each other.
Looking down on her, Tsurugi says, “Let me say, you aren’t a bit ordinary. *Koiko is shocked* It feels like you have this attachment to being ordinary that it is close to being abnormal. *Koiko exclaims, abnormal!?* You are also not like the other female friends at my side who are clingy.” Aghast Koiko says that it turns out that in his eyes, the girls who have him for their target are the ones ordinary!

He tells her, “It always feels that I care about you a bit.” Surprised Koiko replies, “In the end, this is so-called love, right?” Scowling Tsurugi says that he doesn’t know for he hasn’t fallen in love before. Koiko is shocked that she protests if this is his first time-kind of type... He leans down and kisses her forehead. This made her blush really red while scowling.

Tsurugi holds his lips and looks surprised. She shouts, “Hey-!! Why.” Tsurugi repeats, why. While going ‘!!’, Koiko shouts that if he doesn’t know it then don’t do it-!! Tsurugi apologizes because even if he doesn’t know but he unconsciously did it. Narration: “What am I to do. Will I really become ‘Koiko-chan [/love child]’ for real?” And, her ‘average’ calligraphy falls down on the floor from the wall.
Comment: Apparently, Koiko will be Tsurugi’s first if they ever get together. He is already doing all of that while not fully aware of his feelings for her. ^^; Koiko must be regretting that she gave him that hint or even shouted during the confession.

Contrary to her expectation, she is also unconsciously falling in love with him but still insists on her being ordinary. I guess she is more of a realist since she is fully aware of how hard it is to be with someone from a higher social class.

Now, the one thing that makes me kind of wary of this series is the possibility of a love triangle between the sisters and Tsurugi. ^^; Hopefully, the mangaka won’t go that way and keep thing simple by focusing on the two. It is okay if there would be a bit jealous and stuff but not a full-blown love triangle. Anyway, so far so good ^^ Scans by 正宮汉化组

Quote of the day:
Falling in love is not an act of will. It is not a conscious choice. No matter how open to or eager for it we may be, the experience may still elude us. Contrarily, the experience may capture us at times when we are definitely not seeking it, when it is inconvenient and undesirable. ~ M. Scott Peck

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