March 24, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 61] Shizuka is puzzled upon noticing that he was handcuffed. Policeman 1 says that he was caught in the act at 15:40. Shizuka asks, caught, ha, what? Policeman 2 says that it is not good for him to take advantage of an unprepared girl who has a boyfriend and make a sneak attack on her.

Recalling that he had hugged Yuki, Suzuka starts to freak out. In jail, Shizuka nervously tries to explain and he was just... In a military uniform, Shou tells him that he’s noisy to death and don’t try to look for excuses, pervert. Shizuka is really furious as the words ‘pervert’ kept echoing in his head. He snaps out of it when someone calls out his name.

Shizuka says ah, what it is. The Osaki coach[?] asks what Shizuka thinks after watching Osaki’s practice and what’s up with his hands. Shizuka is holding up his hands as if he was handcuffed. Shizuka nervously says, ah...about that...compared to Misuzu, there are more people and the scope of the practice is also a lot more... 

The coach laughs and says is that so, but Misuzu also... Then, he and Yuki look aghast while standing near each other. They both think, “It’s awkward to death...” Nervous Shizuka thinks that he messed up again. “I had temporarily got all muddled up that I was unable to think calmly.
...So even if I’m scolded as a pervert, I also won’t be able to refute it...! No matter what is said, she ought to have already found out about it...” He imagines aghast Yuki saying that it turns out that he...towards her! Yuki is nervously wondering what that action of Shizuka just now meant.

“It seems that this type of thing happened before... Maybe, at a rate of 1 over ten thousand, towards me, Hakamada-kun has this tiny bit...” She imagines blushing Shizuka saying that he...towards Machida-san, he always...! She snaps out of it when Natsumi calls out to her.

Natsumi says that it seems that it is raining a bit outside so can she trouble her in helping her in getting the umbrella at the back door for the visiting students. Shizuka nervously exclaims that it is fine and the train station is just outside.

Natsumi says no because he’ll catch a cold and the National preliminaries are going to start soon. Yuki sighs and thinks that it is no good, she definitely has to act normal during the club activity and he didn’t come here to play. Shizuka also sighs and thinks, right now, he’ll normally...”
While both are telling themselves to act normally, Yuki gives him the umbrella and he apologizes for the trouble. Then, both freezes as they both imagine the other saying, ‘it turns out that, towards me, you..!?” They both become tense and think that they have to act very normal...!!
At 1-12 convenient store, Yuki is working at the cashier. She thinks that in the end, she came home without saying a word. “I don’t understand why Shizuka did that kind of thing. During the matsuri [/festival], he also did the same thing to me but afterwards, it seems that he told me, ‘forget about that thing’... 

...From that kind of normal attitude that Hakamada-kun has today and his personality, that kind of action shouldn’t be due to love so he did it it, right...!? Is it the proof of friendship? Enduring his dread of being touched...? [<- think security blanket or teddy bear] Then...why did he...the more I think of it, the more I don’t understand.”

She screams in surprise when Shou bends to her and asks what she is thinking. She says that he came. Holding a bottled water, he asks why she is lost in thought and he has been there for a long time. “Are you exhausted again for working and doing club activity at the same time?” Yuki says no, it isn’t like that...
Yuki thinks that he’s worried about her but she has no way of answering that question. Shou says that right, their practice will end at 5pm on Saturday so can he go to her house. She says no for she has to work until 6pm. Shou says then, he’ll wait for her then they can go together. They were surprised upon hearing some giggling.

The manager, together with other two female staff, is smiling. The he says that he found a pair of lovey-dovey young lovers♥ Nami says that Yuki’s boyfriend is really a male high schooler. The manager says that in this age, geez, he [Shou] is going in and out of his girlfriend’s house and he’s a willful hot blooded young guy!

Tsuchiya says, but, this is right since it is proof that Yuki is trusted by his [Shou] parents. This made Yuki go !!? She thinks, his parents..? She says, no...about that...totally haven’t yet... Tsuchiya exclaims that it isn’t like that. 

“The family head won’t easily approve over this kind of thing! One’s young son would always go to the house of a college girl. That is extremely a big deal!!” Shou glances at gloomy Yuki who now has blank eyes. She wonders why she is always totally unaware of it until just now...!!! 
At a different university, it is still raining. Some girls are talking about hating the monsoon and there’s a thunder. A couple of girls are bidding goodbye to Kira. Kira notices Shizuka bending down at the corner with an umbrella. He says that it is a homeless cat. Shizuka says, captain...

Kira says that he [Shizuka] is the captain. Shizuka says no, for the time being, let him temporarily call him captain. He asks what it is. Looking aghast, he says that this is about a friend’s friend’s matter. Kira asks if it isn’t about club activity and looking at the situation... 

At a restaurant, Kira asks, is the practice alright? Shizuka says that it is continuing with 20 points[?] his [friend’s friend] current situation, he cannot totally concentrate in playing basketball...or rather, he couldn’t...

After the waitress give them their orders, Kira thanks her. He then says that he [friend’s friend] is already acquainted with someone’s girlfriend... Shizuka says, “But, he [friend’s friend] doesn’t have any improper [/presumptuous] thoughts at all. He also didn’t want to develop things with her. He definitely knows this bit, but...
...(My head really knows it. I’m already satisfied by just looking at her from afar. I obviously decided it like that yet I wasn’t able to control myself. I want to do more things for her).” Kira says that friend’s shortcoming is once he encounters something, he’ll immediately fall into a state of distress.

Aghast Shizuka protests that he doesn’t feel distress...! Kira asks then why he is being secretive. “Always going around in circles in the same place. More or less, he should find an exit already.” Shizuka looks slightly flustered.

At Osaki University, Usami-san asks, boyfriend’s parents? Yuki says yes. “Didn’t you mention that you had a boyfriend during high school? For roughly how long were you going steady with him when you meet with his family...?” Usami-san says that she couldn’t remember it in detail because when she went to his house, she just greeted them and that’s it “It’s very casual...”

Usami-san’s phone is ringing. On the phone, the other party is written as ‘idiot’ on her cellphone. Usami apologizes for she’ll take this call. “Hello? ...ha? I don’t know. Go ask mom where it went. By the way, why the hell did you leave that t-shirt in my house? Can I throw it away?”
Yuki thinks that in the end, they were going steady for some time already. “I had already called him to come over at the house many times. Not going and giving my greetings to his family is actually not quite right... After all, Naruse had already met my parents...

...But, it is only half a month before the National preliminaries. Besides, even if he is fooling around but in the end, he is a high schooler. *scene: Fooling around -> Shou asked her where she usually hangs her underwear while Yuki is hanging her clothes; she ignored him*...

...Right now is not the time to be thinking about this kind of thing. In the end, he’ll say... *imagines Shou saying that he doesn’t want her to see his parents.* If he were to say that, *nervously sweating* what should I do...!!” After hanging up the phone, Usami-san tells her not to worry about that kind of thing.
She says that it is okay for it to naturally happen. “Because, it isn’t like you’re going to marry that you have to go to his house to meet the family head-whatever. That’s too serious, right!!” Yuki says, what... She thinks that it seems that Shou would really think that way!!!

Yuki has finished work. She meets up with Shou who was waiting for her outside the store. While walking, Shou asks if there are many customers. Yuki says no, for it was already raining for some time so there weren’t many customers. Noticing something, Shou is about to tell Yuki about the puddle in front of her but Yuki stepped right into it.

Shou says that since yesterday, she is always lost in thought. Yuki denies it. She thinks that after hearing all kind of words from all sorts of people [Shizuka, Tsuchiya and Usami-san], she already doesn’t know what she should do.

“All sorts of people’... Wrong. The person who is going to decide is me. What’s important is how ‘I’ want to do it. ...I” Just then, she calls out to Shou who tells her to wait. She is surprised when he suddenly pulls her to him while looking at the street.
While she is puzzled over this, a truck passes by and splashes water all over Shou. While Yuki looks surprised, Shou causally says that it’s so cold. Yuki thinks that he totally puts her in a dead urgent situation had happened.

At her apartment, Shou takes off his shirt. He asks Yuki if she has a plastic bag. While sitting in seiza position at the other ‘room’, nervous Yuki asks what he wants with it. He says that he’ll bring his dirty clothes home. She wanted to say that it is alright she’ll wash it.

But instead, she blurts that it is at...the sink’s shelf below!!! Shou says that there’s no need for her to shout when he can hear her. Yuki thinks that it is too strange to say it like that!! She didn’t think that because of that darn truck and her own fault that Shou unexpectedly came to her house to take a shower.

“But then, I also cannot let him go home covered with mud all over... it will be bad if he catches a cold... Actually, it is inevitable.” Peeking out, Shou asks Yuki if she wants to take a shower together. Yuki angrily shows how that is possible and is you stupid? He asks why she’s getting angry. He goes in and start singing, ‘Shua la’.

Aghast Yuki calls Usami-san on the phone. She asks if Usami-san has a loose shirt. Yuki wonders why she is quite agitated and uneasy. “Anyway-- anyway, it is simply like...” Coming out of the bathroom with just his underwear, Shou asks whom Yuki is talking with just now.

Upon seeing him like that, Yuki screams. She shouts for him not to walk around naked! [<- ah, weren’t they in the pool/beach before and that is also what basically he’s wearing ^^;] He tells her that it is because aside from his underwear, all of his clothes were splashed by mud so he has nothing to wear.

Yuki says there is. She holds up a ‘Umai wa Amai with a rabbit holding an ice cream’ shirt. She exclaims that just now, her neighbor lent to her and it is her younger brother’s shirt! Aghast Shou says that the younger brother’s taste is really bad.

Going through his bag, Shou says forget it, he brought a PE uniform that he didn’t wear today. He tells her that he will wear that instead. Yuki turns around while he’s dressing up. She asks him if he can go home first today after changing his clothes. He asks why.
She says that it is because they’ll get worried as to where he took a shower. He asks, who? She nervously says that it is his family. She continues to say that besides, in the end, always calling him out to her house. “That is is possible that it is a bit too inappropriate.”

He goes to her and asks why it is too inappropriate. “It is because it will be seen by people around? Because I’ a high schooler? *corners her to the wall* It is because I might go to bed with you?” Shou imagines Yuki getting angry and shouting how is that possible, are you an idiot.

Then, he notices that she is slightly scowling yet blushing. He turns her around and kisses her. Then, they slide down on the floor. She goes ah, ...wait as he puts his hand under her blouse. He starts going for her neck. While Shou is doing all that, Yuki is thinking of other things.  

She wonders what she should do, what’s going on, her parents coming to her house, Usami-san said that doing this kind of thing is very serious. “It is no good. I have to sort out my thoughts...” Shou glances back and notices Yuki’s feet twitching and trembling. He sighs then he stands up.
Yuki is puzzled that she shouts what, where are you go... Shou goes back in the toilet and turns the shower on while he’s fully clothed. Aghast Yuki exclaims what he is thinking!!? He tells her that he couldn’t figure out what she is thinking.

“Before I lose control, you want to deliberately maintain distance but when I don’t mind at all, you’ll sit beside me. But if I touch you a bit, you’ll fly into a terrible rage. But you’re always teasing me that you’ll show that incredible cute expression... *closes faucet* ---can I say two things?

...*puzzled Yuki says yes.* It is possible that I’m a very serious [/anxious] person but I want to properly cherish you. ...perhaps. So, I’ll do my best. Before the major competition-type of thing ends, I’ll suppress myself... It is because senpai is too stupid that it is really exhausting.”

Yuki thinks that he does as he pleases, headstrong and also capricious. “He is hardly concerned over things aside from basketball. Anyhow, this guy seems to really want to properly cherish me.” Yuki throws a towel over his head. She asks if she can also say a couple of things. Puzzled Shou says yes.
While toweling his hair, Yuki says that even if it is possibly he is very serious [/anxious] but she also wants to meet with his family... “Of..of course it isn’t meeting them immediately. Wait until club activity and studying has ended...”

Shou suddenly hugs her. She shouts what he is doing and her clothes are also wet... He kisses her. While she is pouting, Shou smiles and asks, “Can I say two things? Senpai, you’re so cute.” Yuki asks, “...what are you doing.” *kiss* Hey, wait... *kiss* ...wait, don’t kid around... *kiss*”

In the end, since his PE uniform is also wet... Wearing the Umai wa Amai t-shirt, Shou asks what she is laughing at. Pouring a pitcher of drink, blushing and trembling Yuki says that she isn’t laughing. He insists the she’s laughing. She insists that she isn’t.

Then, there is a scene of Shizuka’s friends laughing as they walk. Shizuka is lost in thought. Narration: “Distressed and perplexed, always still persist. Currently, we are in the process of transformation---”
Comment: The mangaka is really playing up the similarities of Yuki and Shizuka here. As well as the need of a mature friend to advise them. Well, Shizuka knew what he did is wrong and because of that, he already believes that he is a pervert.

And this pretty much confirms that Yuki is totally unaware of Shizuka’s feelings for him. Ya, even if he hugged her tight twice, she doesn’t think that it isn’t THAT. ^^; Thankfully, the mangaka isn’t going to drag it further.

With Kira’s advice, Shizuka ought to know that he has to let go and not keep on dragging it further. Continuing any interaction with her will just make him fall for her further which can make him lose his control. So, how does he plan to ‘get out’ of it? Confession? In the Nationals?

So, from what was Shizuka’s intention for hugging her, Yuki is agonizing about meeting the parents. I guess this is a culture thing. I would think that it is usually a no-no for very conservative parents and there is always a possibility of conception that some parents would want to prevent.

Well, they are on their way to doing it until Shou noticed that trembling. Actually, aside from that, she is thinking of something else. ^^; Nevertheless, good job for stopping especially in that kind of situation. He has valid points over Yuki’s attitude since it bewilders him.

Actually, it does seem to be the common complaint I heard from guys regarding girls that there are jokes about it. ^^; I still think that the problem is the timing and the mood. She isn’t in the mood, and he is. He isn’t and she is. She wants to go slow and he is going fast...well, as far as she is concerned. ^^;

Yet, because she’s cute, irresistible, etc, he is controlling himself and well, he loves her. It ought to be love since he is accepting her along with her bad points. Anyway, telling him about meeting his family is enough to make Shou happy about how serious she is about their relationship.

Based on the ending narration, aside from love, it is implied that this is also about transforming to becoming better and more mature especially for the clueless and ‘innocent’ ones. By the way, the mangaka is taking a break for a month. It will resume on April 20th in Japan. Scans by 红莲汉.

Quote of the day:
Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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