March 27, 2017

Blue Glass [Chapters 24-25 + Side Story]

Chapter 24: Saga calls out if it is Mino. She asks why is he hiding. She can already see him from behind the tree. She tells him not to be like that and quickly come over. Mino still won’t budge so Saga slowly walks towards him.

She says, “Don’t worry, I already know more or less the story about sister Nan because of the maids. Even if at that time, I was a bit scared but it is really fortunate that it wasn’t found out. Is it because you heard the drama had become like that?

...Ah, geez, it is always like this...*slips down* Ah!” This made Mino immediately turn to look at her. He quickly wades into the water and ‘calls’ out, “Princess! Are you hurt?” He holds her shoulders and this made Saga smile.  
Saga says that she is fine. “It is merely...the rock is too slippery that I fell. Ah ah, I totally fell down like an idiot.” Mino suddenly blushes. He holds her away and starts to look down. Puzzled Saga wonders what’s up with him and why are his ears red. Then, she looks down on her chest to see her cleavage peeking out from her dress.

This made her blush really red as she pulls her blouse up. Mino quickly removes his shirt, and covers her with it. He ‘tells’ her to be careful. This made her blush that she lowers her head. She says, yes, she knows and basically, she ought to be always careful while in the water. Mino gently turns her head to him and ‘says’, “I’m not talking about that-- I'm talking about people.”

This made Saga embarrassed. She looks away and says, ah, she knows, so...starting right now, she won’t perform again. “I know I have to be careful to avoid...” She starts to look down as Mino nods. Then, he slightly touches her shoulder and ‘says’, “But, the one who told them our it really Cheongye?” This surprises Saga.
She recalls the maids saying that Mino definitely likes that young lass and they already saw the two meeting together privately very late at night for so many times. Mino is puzzled when Saga didn’t answer. She starts to bite her nail and wonders if she’ll ask him.

“No, no matter what, I couldn’t open my mouth about it. If there is...if it is really like that, what am I to do?” Saga tightly holds the shirt on her. Noticing this, Mino ‘asks’ if she’s cold. He looks around and found her shabby jacket on a rock by the pool of water.

He turns to get it but Saga grabs his fingers. She stands up and hugs him. She says, “...don’t.” Mino is puzzled. Saga wonders, “What should I do...) *Mino ‘calls’ out to her* If I want Mino to be safe, we should go to the place that she [Cheongye] told me...
...But, if we went there, it is possible that Mino will go away with her. *imagines Mino with Cheongye* I don’t want that. *worried as she holds his face* Maintaining the current situation, we can be always be together... *rests her head on his shoulder* What should I do... My heart is in mess.”

Then, Saga looks surprised for she sees a long haired figure behind the bushes. She looks up. It seems to be a guy with a messy hair [the boy’s leader] who is slightly smiling while looking at them. She exclaims, ah! So, Mino turns around to look where she’s looking. He is puzzled so she says that is nothing.

Saga asks him if he’ll go wash himself in a while before going back. “I’ll wait for you.” She thinks that is probably mistaken and thinking the shadow of the tree is a person’s shadow. Later on, someone calls out, eh? It is Juryu.
She says that she thought that she was the only one who found this place. “You guys have already occupied it. Am I hindering you guys?” While Mino is tightly tying a cloth around her, Saga says no, right now, they are on their way back.

Holding up her hand, Juryu says if it is like that, then, she has a request. “Can you lend Mino to me for a while? It is darker than I anticipated. My vision at night isn’t quite good so I’m a bit worried about staying here then going back later on.” The two look at her.

Saga agrees. Mino tries to protest but Saga assures him that she’ll be fine. “It’s fine if I quickly run back. *starts running off* I’ll handle the food we’ll eat!” Mino glances at Juryu who says it seems like he lost the opportunity to get intimate.
Later on, she says that no matter how she looks at it, since the first time, he wants to be mindful [/wary] of others. “Even if someone pretends, I can immediately see through it. *waves hand* We meet again. *she’s one of the masked duo* My eye sight is very good. *smiles but Mino didn’t react* It is also alright that I’ll keep the secret that you can talk...

...*Mino looks surprised* That night, I had saw you from behind. Not only can talk, you were also able to intimidate them... *Mino keeps quiet* Also, as a result, it is considered to be lucky that you were able to sway the villagers’ wisdom...

...After all, no matter when the place collapses, it won’t be anything strange. Even if it is like that, if it is me, I won’t be able to say that kind ‘it is better to simply leave’ of words. After all, transforming one’s lifestyle [<- life at one’s homeland] is extremely...” 
Mino says that no matter what is said, one has to survive, right? “As long as one just survives, then there is a future, isn’t it so?” Juryu thinks for a while. Then, she says, “Then-- you mean to say that you do not want at all to escape from the palace.

...*Mino looks surprised* Even if outside, you can be free but it seems that you ran away together with the palace’s treasured princess. This isn’t seeking survival [/will to live]. It is simply bringing one’s own suicide [/destruction]. You lowly ominous appearance. Just like what I thought, all of your conduct and deeds...especially the reason for pretending to be mute---

...*grabs Mino’s coat* It is because only with that, you can decrease the people who were bullying you. Compared to fear, it is easier to attain hate and sympathy especially, if it is for someone, who is in an eminent status, has a compassionate heart...
...Even if it is very painful but you can still endure it because you can ensure that you can survive...*touches surprised Mino’s shoulder* I understand your fear at that time.” Flashback: Young Mino was beaten by some adults. They shouted, “What? What are you saying, quickly say it!

...At one side, you’re crying yet on another side, you’re asking me [to stop?]. You cannot say any words. You don’t even know what to say! Ghost! Ha ha ha” Mino was trembling as he holds both hands together. The man suddenly grabbed Mino’s shirt.

He shouts, “Come, go to the princess said since she wants to see you little one. You cannot make her wait. What, you don’t want to go? Right now, you ought to know already that you have an audience with the princess, and you won’t be beaten [there], right?
...What to do with this sore~ *held crying and frightened Mino’s head* If you disobey the princess command, do you know what will happen? *bent down to Mino and pointed to the side* Can you look at that side? That blunt blade will chop off your neck...

...The day you go whining in front of the princess, or perhaps, you let her notice your wounds, even if you merely inform her a bit of your little worries. Your head will roll down from above there. *Mino became scared as he seen the heads of animals below the blade and the tree stump.* Remember your life is held by the princess in her hand...

...*crying Mino starts to walk as he wipes his tears* You listen to what she said. Do not disobey. Make her happy. That way, you won’t be killed and you can preserve your lil’ life.” Mino walked towards young Saga who happily waited for him with outstretched hands. Then, she happily hugged him. End Flashback.

Mino sighs and admits that it is so. “Regarding that point, what does it have anything to do with you... Although I’m very apologetic but I don’t understand. Also, it is a fact that you said that my appearance is very dangerous...
...Even if it is like that, you were the one who said that you’ll help us. If there is an opportunity, I’ll definitely repay you. *slight bows and turns to leave* Ah, also-- Taking advantage of you since you’re helping us, can you help me in sending a letter to Cheongye. I heard that she was making inquiries about news regarding her sisters.”

After a pause, Juryu says is that so, okay. After Mino left, Juryu is joined by the other masked person. He says, “Did you see that? You used that special skill that you were good at [<- grasp to threaten then pat Mino’s shoulder to empathize] yet it still won’t do. The plan to use your method to control him seems to have failed...

...Using the slave-owner topic here is too harsh. Even so, because he has awareness, no matter what method is used, it will emerge. Not only that, no matter what method is use, he’ll use it.” While looking serious, Mino keeps on walking.
Chapter 25: In the morning, to everyone’s dismay, Mokmok tells them the bad news. “As you can precisely see our food which we saved through our hard work, are totally gone last night. *furious* Those damned thieves!!”

Everyone tearfully shouted those scoundrels, they would dare...why they didn’t steal from the rich, those damned shit!! Someone asks Mokmok what they are doing to do now. Mokmok exclaims that he also doesn’t know. Someone asks Mokmok that means that they also have no breakfast today.

Mokmok exclaims yes. Someone exclaims that there ought to be some hidden money, right. Mokmok exclaims what! Rabbit tooth says that unfortunately, when they weren’t around... Then, they start cursing again about those damned scoundrels!
Saga is aghast for there were thieves. Mokmok confidently tells everyone to calm down for they only need to have a performance tonight and they ought to be able to eat. “It is also nothing for us if we were to go hungry for a day!”

His stomach growls so everyone shouts that he’s a liar for he is already hungry. Everyone starts to look at Saga. They wonder if they’ll have a performance but Ryusu is gone and they need a female lead. This made Saga nervous. She tensely looks at Mino. Mino just kept quiet.

Mokmok notices Saga tightly clenching her fist. This made Mokmok exclaims that it is no good, they cannot make things hard for Yuri. “If she constantly appears in front of people, we cannot safely leave here! Beautiful people can easily be found out.”
Rabbit tooth protests that the one responsible for Ryusu disappearing is... Mokmok immediately hits his head. Shaking him around, Mokmok exclaims that didn’t they agree to help them in smoothly arriving at their destination! “No matter what, we’ll always properly resolve any difficulties...”

Everyone is surprised when Mino suddenly turns around to leave. Mokmok says what should he say, but just now that guy has this indescribable feeling that makes one afraid of him. Rabbit tooth says that it feels like he is in a bad mood.

Twin ponytail exclaims that no matter what is said, they are also their benefactor and that’s too mean. Saga nervously tries to explain that it isn’t that, just now, he was just worried about her, that’s all... “I really understand him because he is a kind-hearted kid and he won’t blame you.”
Mokmok sighs then smiles at her. He tells her not to worry for they are already used to being hated. “It is as you saw it. It is because we’re abnormal so we are wandering around. Also, that level [of scorn] is nothing at all!

...Okay, let’s get to work! Even if life is suffering, we only have to persevere and move on~” Rabbit tooth says that they are also used to people’s contempt towards them or perhaps, always being hungry. Twin ponytail says that he is already in a delusion that he recalled the memory of sleeping in a quilt with a roof above his head.

As they turn to leave, Saga looks sad about this. In the cart, Saga looks over some things in a bag. She recalls Mino suddenly leaving. She tightly holds the bag and wonders if he is angry or he doesn’t like listening what the other people are saying.
“Since when did it seem like it is inevitable that Mino is always angry? *recalls smiling Mino* Every time it is like that, my heart is always going plop plop... *leans on the wall and looks up* I don’t know why but I’m really uneasy. *sighs* I also have nothing that I can sell...

...I had already thrown away what I took out from the palace. [<- I think when they were running away from the kidnappers before] Nothing... “Except from dancing and singing, there is nothing that I can do to help... *recalls Mino telling her that she doesn’t know a thing about the outside world* Is that what he meant?

...When I was in the palace, I want to know about the outside world-- No matter what, I’ll always strived hard to study while in the palace. *there is a scene of Saga studying in a dimly light room as the maid is telling her to hurry and go to bed* ...always until I’m got out... *shakes around her bandaged feet* No. Don’t be too anxious.”
She puts her hand inside her sleeve and took out a pouch. She looks at the hairpin that Mino gave her. She thinks that it is good that she always carried it. She recalls Mino ‘telling’ her that she made it for her. “Want to go out, right. Right now-- you can already go to the place where you want to go.”

She happily thinks, “That’s right, Mino. Right now, I. Because I have you so I won’t be afraid again. So-- I'll strive harder.” She hears some noise outside. She looks out to see Mino giving the others some things. He brought them some fish, a dead fawn, and a bag of mushroom and wild herbs.
They exclaim if he got it in the mountain and it’s a lot. “How did you get them? Kid! Right now, you look really amazing!” Mino glances at Saga who happily smiles at him. Just when she is about to go out, someone shouts, “Hey, it’s here! Which one is the hired performer?”

They notice three men up ahead. This made Saga quickly cover the curtains. She wonders who it is and could it be that they are people from the palace. As the three men approach them, Mokmok asks who they are. The hat guy happily gestures to them a fat guy as the savior of Son [], their small village and market.

The fat guy says that he’s called ‘Gyurong’ []. Rabbit tooth exclaims that speaking of Son village, isn’t that the place that has undergone a great change. Gyurong says that’s right. “It is a flourishing village that has around a thousand families residing in it.”
Mokmok exclaims a thousand, that’s a lot!!! Gyurong says that he is managing the biggest market. Twin ponytail exclaims, market! Mokmok asks why such a person would come for them. Hat guy says that he heard of the news! Gyurong says that he’ll get to the point.

“I’ll allow you people to perform at my market. Come to my village.” The hat guy exclaims that they should be honored. After recovering from his surprise, Mokmok says about that, how to say this, he ought to have heard about the play shown yesterday. “Too bad but right now, we lack the person who’ll play the female role. I’m very sorry...”

Trembling Gyurong looks flustered. He angrily points at Mokmok and shouts, “This person is noisy to death!! Someone like you would dare disobey what I said?! You damned person! Someone come- Cut off this person’s finger! So, that ‘she’ll thoroughly wisen [/sober] up!!”
Mokmok is frightened when the bodyguard beside Gyurong unsheathes his sword and says okay. Turning in shock, Saga exclaims what, no! Just then, Gyurong exclaims eh?! He points to Mino and exclaims, “Who is this person? Why is this person’s face covered? Could it be that this is the girl?!

...I heard that she’s beautiful that it makes people become distracted. It turns out that she is being hidden!!” Saga quickly jumps down from the carriage. Gyurong grabs Mino’s wrist. Before Grurong can remove Mino’s covered veil, Saga shouts that she’ll do it!

“Be...because I had dropped something! I originally wanted to find it... and I plan to leave. I’ll do that performance. Then, then, it’s okay?” Mino scowls over this when Saga opens her mouth. On the verge of crying, Saga ‘says’, “I’m sorry. Do not get angry.”
After reading her lips, Mino looks at her and it seems that his expression had softened. Saga thinks, “Ah... He smiled. Good...then, it’s alright. As long as Mino is fine, I can endure the rest and move on.” Soon, Son village had brightened up with all the lights and hanging papers are decorated around. The people are all in a bustling festive mood.

They were walking around or eating. Everyone is having a great time. The drama troupe are preparing for the performance. Some are putting up the theater. The others are dressing up. Twin ponytail notices Mokmok looking really glum. He tells Mokmok not to have that frowning worried face.

“Didn’t Yuri go for us? And it is an advantage for us at this time to make some money.” Continuing to fix the tent, Mokmok says that it isn’t because of that. “I don’t know why but I have this ominous feeling. *twin ponytail is puzzled*...
...I thought that there were all sorts of ominous [feeling/events] before when my sons had died. This kind of situation, a celebration-whatever, is basically just like a noisy chaos. It’s very easy to lose one’s important thing. Tsk. Groundless worries.” He turns around and goes back to work.

At some other place, Saga touches glum Mino’s face. She asks him, “Why do you show that kind of expression? Could it be that you’re worried? We aren’t found out yet, right? It’s just like before, it will be okay after I’ll perform one more time.”

After a pause, Mino ‘says’, “...aren’t you doing this because of me? You already said that you hated singing in front of other people...” Recalling this, Saga says that’s right, she had said that before. She thinks that it is because in there, she can also smile out towards a scary person. <- her brother, Choegeum.
Saga smiles and says, “But it isn’t the same here. Here, I’m singing because I want to help people. What’s more, just now, I get to properly protect you.” Surprised Mino anxiously ‘says’, “Right now, it is also okay for you not to be like that. Princess, right now, I...”

Saga looks at him and he stops what he is saying. She is surprised when he suddenly bends down to her. He takes out something from his shirt. Saga is surprised for it is a pair of shoes. As he helps her put the shoes on, he ‘tells’ her that right now, it is completely repaired.

Mino looks at her and notices that tears are falling. Saga bites her lips. She holds him and hugs him tightly. She thinks, “Ah, finally...” In town, everyone is still quite bustling with excitement. A hooded man with a sack suddenly bumps into a boy carrying a basket of fruit.
The man apologizes and helps him pick up the fruit. The boy thanks him. As the man leaves, the boy thinks, “Eh? That person... The color of his eyes...” It is Jamalta. He looks around over the noisy place. Then, a couple of guys are talking that they heard that female actress is so beautiful.

They say that so many people came. “Ah~ really anticipate it.* Popped veins are sprouting all over Jamalta. He curses, “That damned princess. You...until when will you be able to be aware of it... It’s really madness!” And, he continues walking through the crowd.
The boy from the cursed village is eavesdropping on Gyurong who were talking with two other men wearing the same outfit. One of the men asks if it is a very beautiful girl. The other man asks if that is true and it is hard to believe their eyes.

Gyurong chuckles and tells them that they’re noisy to death and don’t lose their souls. The boy smiles over this. He turns around and calls out, “Leader! According to what you said, I spread the news everywhere. Things had become huge already. Then, from now on...!”
He is surprised to see an unfamiliar figure with a hat. The man asks, “Could it be that you plan on plotting it together with this brat? It is beyond me that it really makes me speechless.” The leader pats the boy’s head

He says, “Don’t say that kind of words, master. This child’s experience isn’t inferior to an older person’s hardships. Greet him, kiddo. It is said that he is this village’s general.” The general says that because there’s no time, quickly tell him the condition. “For what reason are you calling me out here? Pension?”

With an eye cover, the leader with an eye cover, slightly smiles. [<- I’m not too sure which one said ‘pension’ = compensate a bereaved family/disabled but since leader’s mouth is closed, I assume that it is the general.]
Side Story: Young Cheongye asks her grandfather, “Why do you grow flowers?” While planting a seedling, her grandfather says, “Child, flowers can make us know the season and the time. They can become dye for bright-colored dresses...

...They enable us to taste delicious fruits. They can also become medicine ingredients to treat a sickness. *Looks at grandparents checking their patients* So, they ought to be specially taken care of.”
While her father is tending some flowers, Cheongye asks, “Why do you take care of flowers?” Patting her head while gesturing to the flowers, her father says that her mother will immediately come back from studying at Tang. I want to show her this beautiful garden...

...Look, they’re so beautiful that even if one just looks at them, it makes people happy, right?” Cheongye sees her father showing the flowers to her mother who smiles. He tells her that it is her favorite Chinese peony. Later on, Cheongye picks some flowers to make a bouquet.
Then, she gives it to her older brother. Her brother thanks her. “But, next time, can you bring me to the place where there are flowers?” Flustered Cheongye asks if he hates picked flowers. There is a sound of bells ringing.

Holding a stick with bells, another brother says that it is because when flowers leave the soil, it will immediately wither. “Like that, it will fade away faster. *Cheongye looks happy with her family at the garden*...

The more beautiful it is, the more one cherishes it and the more one hopes that it will stay longer in this world.” Older Cheongye happily turns around and sees her family growing more distant from her. Narration: “Together forever...” Cheongye cries in her sleep as someone puts a blanket on her.
Comment: Well, it seems like Saga will be separated from Mino, soon. Too many flags are raised that indicates that it will happen. Currently, there are technically three factions who want him. The first one is from the palace. Will they reach this village at this time?

The second one is the leader and the kid. I would think that they are in some sort of cult who needs Mino to be their leader/mascot of some sort as a god for some unknown reason. Since they think of him as a god, it makes me wonder if he is the ‘god’ from the legend of Nakrang’s origin that Saga told Mino about.

I also wonder if that general is forced to be his ally like being blackmailed or he wants to take the position from Gyurong. Based on his appearance, it is the latter. I would tend to assume that the drama troupe are forced to perform there is a plot by the leader like the kid stole their stuff. He’ll use this opportunity to take Mino.

Mino has his own secrets that he has kept from Saga. The leader mentioned about severing the bonds so he might force Mino to talk and perhaps, Mino ends up saving Saga. This will destroy the illusion for Saga that her duty/purpose in life is to protect Mino. Something like, he doesn’t need her.

I guess it is fortunate that Jamalta reappeared at this time. I wonder if his conscience bothered him so he returned or it just so happen that he went to this town, too. ^^; Then, the third group who wants Mino is Juryu and her partner.

For some reason, she isn’t around anymore. Is it because Mino asked her to send the letter? I’m not too sure what their goal with Mino is. I’m thinking that since they are also ‘doctors’, it is possible that Cheongye asked them to help her get Mino away from Saga. I’m a bit puzzled about the mention about Cheongye’s sisters. I had assumed that she was the only one left in their clan ^^;

Nevertheless, Juryu’s psychological approach had revealed to us that Mino is just forced to be nice to Saga in order for him to survive. It was also pointed out to him that with Saga outside the palace, it is practically suicide for him. So, perhaps, his concern for Saga is out of habit? Or, in the end, he happens to realize that the princess genuinely cares for him.

Anyway, something big is going to happen. Everyone is coming together in that village. I think the plot will change into a different direction again. And due to the ominous feeling that Mokmok is feeling, things might become tragic. Scans by 水神汉化组

Word of the day:
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