February 28, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 89]

There is a scene of Reishou wearing a hat as he holds a plant on his hand. And, there are many court officials lined up watching him. Narration: “Underneath the brightly shining full moon, His Majesty wears a snow white magnificent garment...

...He serenely conducts the sequence of the moon viewing ceremony. We, the court officials are all holding our breath.” Looking astonished, blushing Yuulin says, that is to say, His Majesty looks incomparably dignified, isn’t that so...!

Houen says that it is already so perfect that he isn’t like a person who belongs in this world but rather, he is an existence which is similar to a supernatural being. Trembling Yuulin holds her fan and cries, “Wah...so envious of you all...!!! Really want to go see... I also wanted to see it...!!” Houen ignores her.

Narration: “My name is Tei Yuulin. Ah ha ha, this is really good. I’m so envious... The me, who always come over to the imperial palace in order to meet with the husband, is currently listening to someone who is describing the ‘Moon Viewing Banquet’ that was held at the imperial palace the other day...
...It is because I stayed at the harem at that time. *there is a scene of the officials telling Yuulin about this and that* Hum...hmph, even if I heard all sorts of thoughts from everyone, but no wonder it is Ryu Houen...! He is able to totally convey out the Wolf King’s valiant look during the ceremony...!!”

Clenching his fist, Houen says that simply, it ought to be recorded down into history, His Majesty’s-- Narration: “My husband is Hakuyou’s king, Haku Reishou who suppressed the armed rebellion and cleaned up the country’s internal affairs. He is a young king who carried out a lot of change in this country...

...He is feared by a lot of people that they would describe him as ‘Cold-hearted Wolf King’. After going out of the harem, I also actually felt it. *blush as heart goes doki-doki Then, goes @ with a smile* ...incidentally, this morning at the harem, it is like this.”

Flashback: with Reishou hanging on her back, Yuulin could barely walk from the bed. She said, “Your--Majesty, it’s almost time. Please be good wake up already. I’ll help you change your clothes, okay?” Reishou replied, “Don’t want to. I want to lazily lie down for a while. Why do I have to wake up?”
Yuulin tells him, “Your Majesty, you also have to handle a lot of official business that you’re so busy, right!?” This made Reishou angrily pout. Yuulin sweatdrop-ed and said that it is no, even if he makes that kind of expression.

Reishou asked her if this expression he copied from her looks like hers. Yuulin angrily ask how would she know. Waking up with an affectionate smile, Reishou said, “Yuulin, you’re so cute whether you’re angry or that expression wherein you’re panting with rage.”

Yuulin blushed and goes, ‘gah’ as her heart went doki-doki. She shouted for him not to be drowsy anymore and prepare already!! He yawned and said, yes--... Yuulin said, geez.

Narration: “Living in the harem where no one is looking around, His Majesty would lower his guard and become the adorable Puppy King whom the court officials had never seen before especially like this morning. Is it because finally, the banquet is over and it has been a long time since he returned to the harem---”
Reishou said, “Then, Yuulin call my name, okay?” While holding a small pitcher, Yuulin paused and said, “Reishou?” This made Reishou smile. He clung on to her. With hearts, he asked for her to call his name again! Yuulin said geez, here he goes again. End flashback.

Narration: “Even if it isn’t the same as a few days earlier, but in brief, this is one of those dillydally everyday, His Majesty who specially loves to act like a spoiled kid. After I had once again confirmed that the King that everyone knows and the King that I know isn’t the same, he rarely revealed that side to me. That pair of scary eyes that look like a vicious wolf.”

While Houen is praising how great Reishou is, Yuulin thinks that if a type of person like Houen where to see the Puppy King, would they immediately pass out? Yuulin asks Houen when he started to like His Majesty. This surprises Houen.

He shouts for her to please speak cautious about that kind of light talk! “Before I had entered the imperial palace, I have already heard all sorts of magnificent feats that His Majesty had undertaken that I always wanted to see him!”
Thinking that Houen is a good person who’ll definitely tell her, Yuulin asks, “--...then, from how you look at it, Houen-sama, is there any changes between His Majesty now and compared to how he was before?” She recalls Kikyou says that Reishou had changed when obviously he was such a wild person.

Puzzled Houen says how he should say this--- Then, Yuulin notice someone staring at them behind the divider. Thinking that there seems to be something there, aghast Yuulin asks, “What is it, Kei Kikyou-sama?” Holding up his hand, Kikyou says nothing, please don’t mind his existence and they continue on. Yuulin thinks that she definitely minds!!

Approaching them, Kikyou asks if they are finished, too bad... Sweatdropping Yuulin says that it doesn’t matter...after all, it is simply just some gossip, that’s all... Yuulin stiffens when Kikyou calls out to her.

“It seems that you haven’t flied and returned to the moon. *Houen quietly watches* I’m very happy that I was able to see you again. He he” Thinking that he’s still saying that, Yuulin smiles and says, “But of course, after all, it’s is impossible for me to fly towards the sky.” Houen looks aghast.
Just then, Suigetsu says that he found him. “Ryu Houen, I’ve come to look for you because of some related things after the banquet--” He sees Yuulin and Kikyou going ‘Oh ho ho ho ho’ at each other with a dark mood around.

Puzzled Suigetsu asks what’s up and it seems that those two’s relationship is not bad at all. Aghast Houen says who knows and he doesn’t want to get involved with them. Later on, while walking at the hallway, Houen sighs and wonders about what’s the difference with His Majesty compared with before how he was before?

“In the past as always, His Majesty is completely wise and capable. Apart from that, what else had changed? That princess consort. With countless feats and overwhelming ability to command, that king had renovated and changed this capital city’s corruption and imperial palace’s politics beyond recognition...

Even if His Majesty conflict with the traditional faction of old officials lead by father hasn’t ended yet but lately, I heard that the relationship between them had also improve little by little. Like this, His Majesty can also do a lot more wise strategic decisions, right. I also have to strive harder in order not to fail him. --that day”
Flashback: Holding a document, Reishou said, “I heard that you were the one who wrote this position letter, am I right. ...it’s written really quite overly cautious [/restrained]. Raise your head up, Ryu Houen.” Narration: “That is a year after His Majesty ascended to the throne.

...at that time, I had just assumed the position of a court official. Even if since young I had been taught to dedicate my life for the Ryu family. ---but, I cannot be a bit better than my older brother. The me, who always clung on to this kind idiotic notion and not living up to my ability, really admire that person.”

Reishou told him, “If you want work under me, then do it with your all-out effort. I don’t want this boring little way [of doing things].” Houen was shocked. Narration: “This person is our king. His person always insists on his own way of thinking. That really makes one admire him.” End flashback.

Houen thinks, “Always until now, His Majesty is extremely wise and capable. –but...the choice for princess consort. Actually, it’s very subtle that it is really beyond one’s expectation. Sigh.”
Back at the waiting area, Kikyou laughs hehehe and says that Ryu Houen is a pretty good person. Yuulin asks what? He tells her that not only is he the second son of a famous family, but he is well-versed in both literature and military affairs, and the king also really regards him highly. Furthermore, his relationship with lady princess consort is amicable.”

Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks even if she is the one who always infuriates Houen. Kikyou continues to say, “Speaking of that, Houen-sama’s older brother is Ryu Keitaku-sama. Not long ago, he was exiled to some place! According to the rumors, it was his father, Minister Ryu who had issued the order...

...Could it be that there is a quarrel between the father and son?” Yuulin says, who knows...she also don’t know it clearly. Yuulin thinks that before when she was working to become a real princess consort, Ryu Keitaku is affiliated with the Dark Merchant who conspired a rebellion plot...
...His Majesty said that he would no longer pursue that matter. *chibi Keitaku screamed, ‘But, I’m Keitaku-sama-- I don’t want to-- I don’t want to go and live in the province--!!!’ In the end, I heard that he was only demoted down as a disciplinary action.”

Kikyou says, “There is a discord between current head and the successor... the outstanding second son is staying at the royal capital... Looks like it there are some VERY INTERESTING things that are going to happen. He he.” Yuulin looks surprised as she realizes something.

She suddenly has a serious look. She says, “...Kei Kikyou-sama, I’m not at all fond of discussing with someone regarding other people’s trivial matters. It is because of this that one would let one’s imagination go wild. Outsiders do not at all have any right to discuss other people’s family matters, right.”

Kikyou looks surprised by that. He says that if he caused her to be unhappy, he apologizes about that. “Since before, I really admire Houen-sama... so without thinking, I just casually blurted it out.”
While still smiling, Kikyou says that this is bad for he carelessly provoked her to anger. While frowning, Yuulin thinks, “What’s up with this person. Even if I cannot tell if he has any malice, but he is always saying some very subtle words...

...Even if one is to say that it is because he is a person in the imperial palace so it is very normal. Hm...those strange eyes of his, where are they staring at. In the end, what is he looking for? Whether it is His Majesty’s true colors or my family background, there are so many things that I cannot let other people know from my side.

...I must be careful. Hmph. ...forget it, I also do not know for how long I can still go back and forth to the government hall like this. Looking it as a whole, it is based on the degree of His Majesty’s busyness.” There is scene of chibi Reishou looking bored with all the paperwork that he has to do.
Later on, Yuulin looks surprised as she reads a paper. Jun says, “And, that’s what it meant, Lady princess consort. I have drawn up your new daily schedule of government hall visits. From today on, your princess consort studies will decrease and afterwards, I hope that you go and stay to the government hall.”

Yuulin asks if this is okay when obviously after she became a real princess consort, she always stayed within the harem... “This time around, it is because of an emergency situation...” Jun tells her that it is like when she was working. “Looking from His Majesty’s work efficiency, I have decided that like this, his efficiency will become higher.”

There is a scene of gloomy chibi Reishou calling for his bride and sparkling energetic Reishou calling for his bride. Yuulin sweatdrops and says, ha..? Looking serious, Jun pushes up his glasses and says, “Very good. From today on, you are to display the princess consort’s training result...
...I hope that you are able to give your utmost effort to display in front of the people the ‘(most minimum degree) of being like a princess consort’. I hope that you’ll pay attention to all aspects and do not once again cause any quarrel-type of problems!” Yuulin thinks that it’s a new problem.

At the harem, while writing something on her desk, she tells Reishou that is what Jun told her so starting from today on, ‘otsukaresama’ [/she’ll be under his care] Reishou laughs and says that when everyone heard that Yuulin can come back after such a long time, the mood in the government hall had become better. This surprises Yuulin.

She thinks that there is a new person -> staring Kikyou, whom she isn’t good in dealing with so she also need to do a bit of something [about it]. Reishou says that he heard that while she was waiting, she was happily chatting with Houen so what did they talk about.
Thinking that his ears are really sharp, Yuulin says that she heard that his performance at the moon viewing banquet is really dashing and Houen was just narrating it to her in detail for a while! After a pause, Reishou says is that so. He smiles and says that she also really wanted to see it, right?

Clenching her fists, Yuulin exclaims but of course! Reishou apologizes that he cannot make her join... Yuulin says forget that, it is also inevitable. Narration: “The side of a scary wolf that this person is hiding, I also really want to understand it more. But, in the end, I still don’t want to say it out to His Majesty... (–ww-)

...*doki doki and blushes* His Majesty had returned to normal. I also do not want to show that startled-scared expression. I’ll just secretly hide it in the bottom of my heart...” Yuulin is surprised to see Reishou looking kind of surprise at her so she calls out to him.

He gently leans down to her and holds her face. She asks what it is. Reishou gently smiles and lightly caress her face. He asks if she is happy that she can go to the government hall. She says that is indeed true.
Narration: “Just like, a pampering king. My hands and my lips everything is gently caressed that it’s ticklish. Even if I really wanted to see His Majesty looking valiant and formidable during the ceremony *as the other officials had told her* But, this is His Majesty [side] that only I know.”

She smiles and says that in the end, she’s really happy that she got to chat and talk about things with everyone. Yuulin is surprised when Reishou goes into wolf mode and says, “Is that so.” To her surprise, he pinches her left cheek. ‘Gonna bite you’. And he goes to nibble nom nom on her cheek. Holding her cheek, trembling Yuulin freaks out and shouts, “Why did His Majesty bite on my cheek!? It’s so sudden.”

Reishou says, huh, why? “It is because you are so cute.” Yuulin shouts what kind of reason is that. While going ‘!?’ many times, Yuulin wonders what was that just now. “Originally, it was being cute [moe moe] like the usual so I’m at ease [lower guard]. Eh!? I felt that scary wolf is going to jump out in an instant just now!?”

Yuulin is looking scared and aghast. Going into puppy mode with puppy ears and wagging tail, sparkling Reishou apologizes to her and says that he won’t bite her cheek again. Narration: “My feelings had unconsciously mixed up the feelings of fear and love. But afterwards, the shadow of the wolf behind the husband will become more and more intense.”
Comment: Hehe...Yuulin didn’t realize it but that side came out because he was jealous that she is happy talking with the others at the government hall. =P Houen is specially mentioned ^^; Well, she didn’t think it is bad since they were talking about him.

Nevertheless, the biting scene is cute. Never thought chibi lovey-dovey can be quite amusing. Hm...he seems slightly clueless over what happened unless he knew that he was jealous but he couldn’t tell her that so he just brush it off by saying that he won’t do it again. Though I think he can get away with biting something else. ^^; Can we consider that as making a hickey? =P

It is hinted that there will be more wolf mode lovey dovey or other types of wolf mode stuff so that will be interesting. Of course, it is difficult for Yuulin since her basic instinct to it is to be scared. Gambatte. The first part lovey-dovey is also so cute. Reishou even copies her pouting. ^^; She is able to say his name more easily.

Anyway, Houen is back in the story. We now know what happened to his older brother. I’m not quite sure what Kikyou is hinting about it but is it really that scandalous if the second son become the successor during that time? It would be like what happened to Reishou or he’s an exception.

I think Kikyou is indeed probing both her and Reishou to find their weakness. Hopefully, Yuulin is able to fend him off like how she did here. She is already showing some signs of being a princess consort that one mustn’t mess with.

So, Yuulin is now going to put what she learned in practice as she will always go to the government hall again. Well, let’s see how things go and how she becomes more like a princess consort. Hopefully, she gets more approvals so that she’ll be a lot closer to becoming the queen. ^^ Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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    1. Hehe, Dionne. Well, I think it is more of a natural instinct especially since she is depicted as a 'rabbit' =P

      You're welcome ^-^

  2. So.... They're really husband and wife, right? So... I can't tell if that means they're doing husband and wife things or not. Yuulin freaks out over such minor things. So I don't know whether to wonder when she's going to get pregnant or not. Because giving birth to an heir will do a lot to raise her reputation. Or it should. So it should be a boy. A girl would not be as prestigious. But.... I'm not entirely convinced that Yuulin getting pregnant is really a possibility with her freaking out over fairly minor things.... Any thoughts? Because time is passing and they don't have birth control or anything. I guess I'm a little bit Gen because I WANT A BEBE!! ha ha ha

    1. Yup, Tohru13 ^^

      If this is a realistic series and it is going to end after she became a real princess consort, that should happen. She gives them a heir and they all shut up and accept her. End story ^^

      From how things are going, I think the mangaka is portraying it more on 'going steady' stage since they technically didn't 'go steady' before marriage. Something like 'living together'? And, the focus is for everyone to accept her because of who she is/will be rather than just because she gave them a heir. For story purposes. ^^

      Hm...it will happen sooner or later. Lol, after she gets used to his wolf mode. =P Given her instinctive reaction to him, those two might get traumatized if they did it without her ready for it.

      Personally, I like it this way rather than going too fast or too slow ^^ I think she is just 18 years old so I think they have plenty of time unless they have a short lifespan. Just think of it as those couples that wants to have 2-3 years of marriage before having a kid. =P

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  3. And Reishou is still jealous of Houen. Lol! He was jealous of him when she was constantly a the government hall before...many chapters ago, now. But it looked like he was over it. Obviously not. How cute...he goes into wolf mode when he's jealous. Considering Houen is closer in age, one feels, to Youlin, Reishou might have reason to feel jealous. Houen probably has no idea about this. Lol.

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    Kudos to the mangaka though, for maintaining the cuteness and coolness of the characters so adorable till date!(+ the story never stops being exciting)
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