March 20, 2017

Free Talk: Skip Beat [Chapter 246]

Well, Ren is back with some Ren pictures for the colored magazine cover and inner black and white cover to celebrate his return. =P But, no, he has nothing to do with the audition since he’ll just go to Lory’s place while Kyouko finishes her audition. Hehe, with him looking like that, he won't. I mean, as a reader, it has to be something more special after all the waiting.

I don’t know what is ‘he didn’t say anything about it’ referring to Yashiro. Is that important? Was it about the surprise Yashiro mentioned before? Is it connected to his next speech bubble, ‘I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it because of my schedule…’ 

I guess it is better to burst one’s bubble and not expect it being White Day or romantic related since he would almost never discuss that with Yashiro. Perhaps, it will link to the next arc. That means, we probably won’t see more of Ren until a few more chapters or until when the audition arc/this audition day ends. 

[EDIT: The Chinese is already out. In Chinese, it is: "Even if he [/Yashiro] didn't write it in detail, but it seems that he is busy with something. After all, he couldn't get in touch today. Even if [he?] also ought not able to catch up but according to plan... ---Right now, at this time, he ought to be still in the middle of Mogami-san's audition."]


Everyone is tense about the kind of action scene the girls have to do. After watching it, Kyouko decided to close her eyes as noticed by the other actress. So, what do you think Kyouko was thinking before she closed her eyes? 

I’m imaging it like, “Gawd, that is so boring that I can even do that while closing my eyes. Actually, just listening to the footsteps and rhythm of the swords clashing, I can just use that but do my own kind of fighting. And not just that, do it even better than they demonstrated it. ”

So, if Kyouko can pull this off better than the pros, she’s most likely in. Though I’m thinking that Kuresaki is really putting a lot of weigh regarding Momiji can do action rather than just acting. So, if she can pull off some acting rather than just action while she’s at it, she practically got the role ^^

And, the Chidori-s came to watch. Hehe, and of course, Kyouko goes fangirling over her. Luckily[?], I guess that only Kanae noticed it. Regarding the Otohime reference, she is a sea goddess/princess. So, you’ll notice how low Kyouko compares herself to Kanae since she’ll just be a ‘splendid kelp/seaweed’.

I was actually glad that Kyouko got to be first because I wanted to at least see her in action rather than everyone acting it out, and then the cliffhanger would be Kyouko’s turn. I was just thinking before, if I were a sadist mangaka, which part of the story based on the current situation would I make the cliffhanger for chapter 246? But alas, the ending fulfilled my fear that it will be that kind of cliffhanger for this chapter. ^^;

So, after it was decided that Kyouko is going to be first, the next half of the chapters are the girls gossiping about Kyouko. ^^; Just when Kimiko is smirking over the talk that Kyouko closed her eyes, her joy is short-lived when they start talking about Kyouko’s accomplishment as Mio and all the other rumors associated with what happened in Dark Moon.

Kimiko doesn’t know all of that since she is based in the US. I think that Kimiko’s manager knows that it is the truth based on Yashiro’s reaction. I guess that is an ‘act ignorant’ type of expression like ‘my eyes and lips are sealed’? I’m not sure if that is how it is typical interpreted but in an ordinary situation, I would think that I was ignored/snubbed. I mean, you’re asking someone a question and he’ll just close his eyes and lips/smile a bit. ^^;
Nevertheless, the girls’ discussion incited enough curiosity for Kimiko to go upstairs and watch the audition. The other girls are very curious too so, they all head up. Based on what Yashiro said, I’m actually hoping that Kuresaki finds out about it so they’re all ‘fired’ for not following instructions. At least, we don’t have to see their auditions or they all give up after seeing Kyouko’s audition. 

Well, I’m not sure if Kimiko will easily give up and admit defeat so she might continue on being the main contender for the role. We still has to know for sure if she indeed did that to Erika, and if she’ll try to pull that off again. 

So, pass or fail? It has to be pass. And again, we’ll just have to know the how. And, as mentioned above, the chapter ended in that kind of cliffhanger again…just when Kyouko is about to show what she can do. And, that’s another month of waiting.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I think she closed her eyes so she could do a simulation of how to fit her character's personality into the moves. And I think she saw something that made her want to divert from a certain point.

    1. Yeah! That sounds very plausible! Perhaps she also doesn't want to be influenced by the demonstrator's actions? Like when she did Mio, she said at some point that she was afraid of watching the original because she didn't want to end up accidentally copying it or something. I'm soooo psyched for the next chapter! Hopefully Nakamori-sensei won't keep us waiting too long.

    2. Thanks for reading, Carol ^-^

      Possible, so it will be adding more to that action routine.

  2. Nice talk, Kat!

    Yeah, I think she was determining how to protray Momiji with her own moves while getting the same result and keeping up the flow like Kuresaki memtioned. I think what she will pull off is like what Ren did with Katsuki in that tea cup scene. As she was watching she probably thought that what she saw couldn't really bring out her Momiji. I mean every fighting style differs based on their master and the person themselves. That's why with Kyoko's improv vs Kimiko's memorization, Kimiko is at a disadvantage. Merely copying the routine won't make her Momiji. Also someone previously mentioned, I think Vampirecat, the swordsmen might be thrown off by Kyoko changing things and even more so if it has greater impact than what they originally came up with. Yes, they will follow Kimiko's lead, but they probably won't act the same. Plus, after the first round, can Kimiko even take the blows of the swords? It doesn't matter if she remembers it if she can't keep the swords in her hands for long or keep on her feet. Also, did you notice one girl didn't join the conversation between all of the actresses? She was at the lockers, where I assume Kyoko placed her things. So either that girl decided to go home or she doesn't care about what Kyoko does and is waiting her turn.

    1. Thanks, Brittany ^-^

      Yup, most likely. True, and since they're pro, I guess they'll also revise. So, yes, she would might do it like what Ren did = lead them on to do it like how she wanted the scene to be.

      True. In a way, I'm thinking that those guys might go easy on the girls.

      I did notice that but I didn't think it was important. I was wondering though where is Erika in all of this. As for the lockers, I'm not sure Kyouko put her things there. She seems to be prepping herself outside so I assumed Yashiro has her things? I mean she was already 'rejected' earlier so she didn't went to the lockers earlier on.

  3. Hi Kat,

    I've been thinking about rhythm as well. She is not so presumptuous as to close her eyes because it's too easy. It seems that the fighting scene was long and complicated and perhaps fast too.. At any rate only those with exceptional skills would be able to be a perfect copycat.
    So I think rather than stressing that she can't follow, Kyoko is trying to nail down the tempo.

    The comment by Brittany that the swordsmen might be thrown off by Kyoko. I'ld like to see that too! Even if Kyoko is only 16 she seems to be quite strong. Whatever she will pull off will likely be original and impossible to imitate.

    The cliff-hanger was dead-on anticipated. Not that i think that the mangaka is evil but really.. I'm at the point where i can't even let the chapters accumulate. Especially now: Ren is back, Moko san is watching (and will perhaps later join in a mock trial with Kyoko? Or even Koga?) Above all, Kyoko herself makes me wonder about what she will do, hopefully we will see a bit of acting on her side.
    The suspense is too much :3 But the story is developing so beautifully so can't be too whiny ;)

    It's funny that the girls are watching. It's very likely that they may end up copying Kyoko unintentionally and forget how the actual fight should be.

    With regards to Yashiro I won't say that he meant to snub the other manager, but i get the feeling that even he was feeling something like pride for Kyoko. And perhaps even thinking along the lines: 'She's come this far, people are starting to recognise her skills.' I think rather than commenting (It looks like even he is looking forward to her performance) he is leaving Kyoko to do the answering herself.

    Yashiro is always so fuuny and I love him but at times like these he really comes off as mature. And just how a manager should be: confident and belief in the skills of the actor and calm.

    1. Hiyo, Crimson sky ^^


      Indeed ^^

      Haha, true.

      That's possible. They'll most likely regret it. And if they copied Kyouko's, it will be obvious that they watched her audition.

      Is that so. I guess it didn't come out to me as 'pride for Kyouko' rather something like 'what do you think [of course, it's true but my lips are sealed]' Something like that.


  4. Thank you as usual kat ^^
    Ren always looks handsome but i really love his Kuon look so much , it gives him more boyish charm hehe and with the whole build up for the White Gift ( and kyouko's disappointment over the lack of Ren's) i would assume our boy is thinking about it as well.. after all he arrived 2 days early,and the first thing he thinks of after messaging Yashiro is Kyouko's schedule .. oh god i can't wait to see what he prepared for her ><

    Also I have to say i really love the cliffhanger with kyouko in momiji-mode her hands on the swords handles and ready for action !!i just love the Kyouko who is ready for action because she always makes things intetesting !!
    About her closing her eyes, as the others mentioned, she was probably imagining how to incorporate her momiji in that fighting scene while keeping the same flow and desired effect (after all this part of the audition is sudder and she doesn't have time to prepare)..and she had that "that's not my momiji!!"face when she was watching a part of the fighting scene , apparently that's not how her momiji fights, after all kyouko read the manga.. although kuresaki should know about momiji's fighting style too right? Anyway he said he will judge the examinees as actors more than anything else so it's important to fight AS MOMIJI right??

    And i am loving Yashiro's mature professional side , it's no wonder Ren is so fond of him ^^ and i honestly have the feeling he doesn't like kimiko or her manager and idk why ( remember his serious expression when looked at kimiko's pic on the pc) after all he doesn't know about Erika incident and the possibilty of kimiko being behind it (even tho i dont think she is ) ..

    And I find it really cute how Ten calls Loru "darling" haha

    1. I love Yashiro's fangirl side and i feel like it's been too long since i saw that side of him ( i kinda miss it) , in a way it's like he is aware that things btw Kyouko and Ren became more intense so he is treading carefully? Or sth.. i have been feeling for a while now that he sensed some change in them (after all kyouko admitted her feelings and Kuon overcame his darkness) .

    2. You're welcome, Lilian ^-^

      Ya...if there is. ^^ Well, we can just wait what he has planned for the two day break.

      Yup ^^

      Yup, so she should be fighting like Momiji and not just copying it. ^^

      Hm...haven't thought of that but it's possible.

      Hehe, but they have a relationship, right?

      I see. Hehe, it seems a long time already...the only thing I recall is he was freaking out that Ren didn't get that role in the drama. ^^;

    3. Ten and Lory have a relationship? As in lovers? It's possible but it was never shown

    4. I'm just kind of assuming that they do. ^^; If not, it seems like an unrequited one of some sort.

  5. Thanks, Kat! :)

    Yes, I also thought Ren's dialogue at the beginning was confusing! Guess we'll have to wait to see what he was talking about! I wonder what his white day gift will be, whenever we finally get to see it. I hope it's something that hints at his feelings and makes her wonder.

    Your idea makes sense about Kyouko closing her eyes to listen to the rhythm and timing. Don't know just how detailed her training was, but maybe she can sense the strength/intensity of the swings by the sound? Or maybe it's like a StarWars "Use the force" lol.

    I also didn't understand Yashiro closing his eyes... it just seemed strange.

    My favorite part was when Kyouko melted and swooned over Kanae in costume, and Kanae's reaction to it! So cute and funny!! I laughed out loud. Nice break from the serious mood.

    At the end I just felt it's so unprofessional for the girls run off to watch Kyouko. Not even just for not following instructions, but, shouldn't they be more concerned about doing their best to prepare for their own audition? ^^;; Oh well, they're all young I guess.

    1. You're welcome, squeaker ^-^

      Indeed ^^

      Hehe, well, it must be pretty good training that she decided to close her eyes. ^^ Lol, that will be super powers ^^

      You think so, too.

      Indeed ^^

      Or, they were just too curious. Unless, they somehow think that they can probably copy in some way and do a better performance? It is very risky for them, that's for sure.

  6. Hi Kat, thank you for the summary :)

    What I think is that Kyoko closing her eyes to listen to the rhythm and getting herself become Momiji (like how she did whenever she became a character). Of course it all flew away as soon as she saw her Orihimesama lol.

    I think what the director want to see is their acting skill (as in how they would portray their own Momiji) as well as the action. I remember on the last chapter he said that they should memorised the movements as much as possible but also in the event that they forgot, they should continue with their own version of improvised movements.

    As for Kimiko, to be honest I don't have much hope in her performance considering how she imitates Erika's movement on the previous audition instead of doing her own style. She might be able to copy the movement, but it won't have much impact I think.

    As for Erika, I'm just wondering could it be the Manager instead of Kimiko?

    1. Thanks for reading, Anna ^-^

      Indeed...but then, the demo is already over by then ^^

      Yup. In a way, he really doesn't expect them to memorize all of it.

      I think so, too. So, doesn't it mean like, she is where she is now because of merely 'imitating' and connections?

      I didn't get the impression that the manager is that kind of person. Maybe, if she was asked to do it. If the manager did it, is it possible that Kimiko has no idea about it?

    2. I think if the manager is the one who did it, then I don't think Kimiko knows anything about it. It sounds to me when the manager talk to Yashiro in the previous 2 or 3chapters, that because Kimiko has been based overseas, this role will either make or break it for Kimiko?

    3. does seem to be like that but then, what was she doing in US, in the first place? Acting, studying and playing around? At least, I guess we can say it is to make a name [or become popular again] in Japan showbiz?

      For a manager to do that, she must be desperate and think too lowly of her own skills. I mean, won't there be a next time or can't she find another job for Kimiko? She doesn't seem to be the type who'll do underhanded things like here, she tried to stop the girls from peeking into Kyouko's audition whereas Kimiko doesn't care about 'rules'.