March 17, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 56 - Blue String]

A car stops in front of a huge Japanese-styled residence. Akira tells Satowa that they have arrived. Satowa thanks her for the huge help. Satowa gets out of the car and sees the familiar ‘Houdzuki Group’ name plate in front of the gate. She walks in with Akira to see her mother and Doujima coming to meet them.

Chiharu welcomes her back. This made Satowa happily smile and exclaim, “I’ve come back!” Akira smiles over this. Doujima looks away and says, “Tsk, someone who was expelled from the division would really still have the face to come back. I’m embarrassed for you.”
Akira calls out to her grandmother who promptly turned around and left. Akira apologizes to the two about it. Satowa says that it is fine since what she said is also true. Akira says, “...but, even if her mouth would say that, it seems that she still approved of Tokize’s performance...

...Brother said that at the end of the performance, he saw her clapping. *This surprises Satowa.* Even if it is possible that she cannot immediately accept it but I believe that starting right now, she’ll change towards the good bit by bit.” Then, she informs Satowa that she won’t be an apprentice of the Houdzuki Group anymore.
This surprises Satowa that she exclaims if it is because she came back. “Even if I came back home but regarding the side of the Houdzuki Group---” Akira smiles and says no and it has nothing to do with her. “Basically, I also have no plans of succeeding the Houdzuki Group...

...I plan to go back to the Tsubaki Group and start re-building it from zero. *happily smiles as she is about to go in the car* It is because Tsubaki Group is my real home.” After Akira left, Chiharu tells her daughter that her luggage were already delivered so quickly come in. Satowa says yes. Slightly blushing, Satowa goes back home with her mother.
At the club room, Hiro exclaims that Satowa had gone back to her own house!? Satowa says yes, and it is thanks to her. Hiro happily hugs her and exclaims that’s great. Chika asks if she is once again the ‘successor’. Satowa says no, that isn’t yet...and she also doesn’t know how it will be. “After all, I was already expelled from the division.”

Kouta sadly says is that so and it seems complicated. The others look glum over this. Satowa says, “But, about that, it’s really thanks to everyone. EVERYONE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! This is because I still haven’t formally thank...” 
Kouta is puzzled. Sane asks what they did. Michi says that he totally doesn’t remember about helping her. This made Satowa sweatdrop. Takezou laughs and says, yes for it felt that they were the ones who were always one-sidedly taken care of by her. Everyone agrees.

They start talking about that the next piece, Haru no Umi and that it seems that they heard it somewhere. While looking at them, Satowa thinks, “Ah, indeed. It’s really great that I get to join this club. It’s really great that I get to encounter everyone.” Chika notices Satowa smile. He reaches out his hand and pats her head.
This surprises Satowa. Then, he notices her looking surprised. Chika suddenly takes off his hand from her and screams in shock. This made Satowa blush and also shout in surprise. She asks what it is!!? While the others look back and wonder what’s going on, Satowa holds her head and asks if there is something dirty sticking on her head.

Flustered Chika says ah, no... Sweating profusely, he ends up saying, “It’s because your head is there...?” Satowa asks what foolish words he is saying. Hiro calls out to Satowa and tells her that they are going to play Haru no Umi once.
Turning to Hiro, Satowa exclaims yes. Still blushing, she thinks that startled her. As she left, puzzled Chika looks at his hand. He thinks, “Un...unconsciously, I’ve patted her. Am I a pervert... Is there nothing wrong with me...” He quietly looks at Satowa with Hiro.

Sane angrily calls out to Chika to help in getting ready so don’t be lazy. Chika apologizes for that. He walks away and tells himself to be careful a bit since it will be bad if it became again like how it was before. Satowa continues to hold her head where Chika patted it. Then, she blushes really red.
Soon, with Suzuka listening, everyone just finished playing a piece. Everyone look surprised then starts laughing. Michi exclaims that it’s really amazing for indeed, after practicing Kuon so many times, they can already play it so well! Sane says that the feeling just comes right out!!

“Besides, it seems... that the sound quality? In the end, it isn’t the same as before, right? Are we already very skilled?” Suzuka says that it is probably because compared before, right now they can see the piece’s feeling more clearly.
“Doujima-sensei had upgraded your technique ability a lot and you guys also listened to many high level pieces. So, you already possess the ability to display breadth and use the piece to express it.” Blushing while looking tense, Michi says oh, oh, even if he doesn’t really understand but it feels really amazing...super amazing.

Suzuka says that even if he talked about it for half a day, they still won’t understand it. Burning Kouta exclaims that he can see the piece. “I feel that I can see it already!!” Sane exclaims that they play it one more time. Later on, they continue to practice on their own and at times, with Akira and Suzuka.

Satowa notices something from Hiro’s playing. She calls out to Hiro and says that it feels that lately, her timbre seems to have changed. “Did something happen?” This surprises Hiro. Blushing Hiro says that nothing had happened. “Could it be that I’m producing that kind of lifeless timbre!?” 
Satowa says no, she should say that her timbre had become more fully clear and attractive. “In short, I felt that it is really amazing.” Hiro exclaims if that’s true. Satowa says yes. Hiro looks amazed by that. Sitting on her bed, Hiro is really happy that her playing was praised by Satowa. 

She looks at her organizer[/schedule book]. She eagerly anticipates December 22 = closing ceremony ♫ Christmas party. As she puts the organizer on her face, she happily recalls Suzuka advising her to try USE THAT KIND OF FEELING to make it as her strength. Hiro thinks, “I did it.” 
Soon, it is announced that closing ceremony has ended. In the club room, Suzuka tells them that it is written on the paper when they’ll have practice during winter vacation so if it isn’t scheduled, don’t come here. Holding a paper, Chika curses and says no way.

Sane says that practice is also until today when there isn’t much time before the New Year music concert. Hiro is surprised when they say that their practice isn’t enough and they’ll go to granny’s house. This made Hiro nervously asks if everyone is going to practice at granny’s house right now.

Chika says yes and does she has something to do. Takezou says yes, in a while, they are going to their class’ Christmas party. Kouta exclaims that’s great-!! Hiro protests that if they are going to practice then, she’ll cancel it. Someone exclaims why she is going to cancel it, quickly go!
Hiro tensely says again that everyone is going to practice. Noticing her expression, Takezou goes in front of Hiro and apologizes to everyone. He says that they’ll go first to the class side for today because they agreed on that earlier. This surprises Hiro. Kouta and Sane exclaims of course, they can!

Hiro tries to protest to Takezou. He tells her that if she goes, her friend will also be happy. “Besides, it is better that you first do what you had first agreed on. As an exchange, we’ll stay behind tomorrow and make-up for today’s practice. How about it?” This made Hiro blush. She says, “Ab...about that...okay, then...”

Soon, Kouta happily waves for them to have fun. Chika asks if the Christmas party has a strawberry cake. Michi says yes, it’s possible. While walking on the streets, Takezou asks if the karaoke bar is nearby. Hiro says yes. She happily thinks that for the two of them to walk on the street, it feels a teeny-bit like a date. 
“Next, we might sit together, right!? It feels that it can become naturally like that, too!?” Takezou says that it is here. Hiro thinks that she’ll be very happy as long as she can sit beside him today. And, she happily follows him in the karaoke bar.

Inside, Miyu exclaims that Hiro came and a rare character! Hugging her, Miyu says that she came so late that she thought Hiro is going to say again, ‘I think I’ll still go and do club activity today’-- Hiro laughs and apologizes to her. Miyu then says, what, she came with Takezou. Takezou says that it is because they are in the club together.
Miyu goes, Eh--~~? Nervously looking at the side, Hiro asks, ...what. Miyu asks, not what but let’s not first talk about that, Azuma and others also came today. “Lately, it seems that he’s single. Isn’t it very good? Want to get an opportunity? First, come over here” 

Hiro tells her to wait, actually...she isn’t too interested. Miyu tells her that she is boring when it is rare that there is a wild handsome guy [with them] yet she won’t come and select-! Looking at Takezou, Hiro says, ah, but... Takezou smiles at her and says, “Ah, there’s no need to mind me. Go and have fun, okay?” 

Then, he looks surprised over Hiro’s expression. Miyu happily pulls Hiro away and says that even if she doesn’t know what’s going on but Takezou is right. “Let’s go” Takezou wonders what’s with that. Sitting beside the door, he thinks, “...did I say something inappropriate? Where did I make a mistake!?
...But just now, that kind of situation is ‘If I were to go, that is leaving him by himself there...’ and it’s difficult [for her] to come here, isn’t she thinking that...!? *gloomy* And, the people I have a good relationship didn’t come here, too. *recalls when Miyu said ‘so boring’ so he told Hiro to ‘have fun, okay.’*..., I felt that I already said the most suitable response... I should have, right... but... *recalls Hiro’s sad expression then she looks as if she is on the verge of crying with disappointment* Why did she show that kind of expression!!?”
He holds his hair then recalls her asking if he is also going [to the party]. He viciously shakes his head sideways. He dismisses it rather as a possibility that she isn’t quite good in dealing with someone like Azuma. “It’s possible that she actually doesn’t want to go. I should have said some things to make her stay.”

Sitting beside Azuma, Hiro looks really gloomy. Miyu calls out to Hiro why she is like that in front of Azuma and what’s up with that stinky face~~ Hiro tells herself that it is nothing since she actually knew earlier on that Takezou doesn’t have any interest in her. She bites her lip and thinks, “But after experiencing reality...”
Azuma asks Hiro to sing a song. This made Miyu excited for Hiro. When Hiro tries to tell him no and there’s no need to mind her, she sees some girls calling out to Takezou that it is rare for him to come here since he doesn’t go to this kind of activity. Takezou says yes. They ask him to sing a song.

Takezou says that he isn’t good in singing. The girls say is that so but that’s right, he is from the koto club. “Music! You guys made it into the Nationals, right? It’s so amazing-! By the way, I’m actually always a bit curious. Are the members of the koto club very interesting? *Takezou says about that...* What’s the activity like?”
After watching them, Hiro grabs the mike and angrily says, bring it on. She casually decides to sing. Miyu happily exclaims that’s really great, and she just sing as if her life depended on it- While Hiro sings, someone calls her a mic hog. Miyu says that this is the song/s which Hiro is good at.

Soon, Hiro laughs when they say that she’s amazing. Takezou quietly watches and feels all alone at the side. After Hiro finishes singing, she sits down and exclaims that she is already at her limit. Miyu says that she’s very energetic and she chose too many songs. Hiro glances at Takezou who is quietly sipping his drink alone. She abruptly stands up so Miyu calls out to her.
Hiro recalls him telling her not to mind him. Hiro sadly says that she sang too much that she felt hot so she’ll go out for a while. Miyu calls out to her if she’ll just wear that when it’s very cold outside. Takezou notices Hiro going out.

Outside the karaoke bar, Hiro looks up and wonders what she is doing. She mutters, “Don’t even say about sitting together when I couldn’t even say a single word. It’s so funny to death already. *looks down* (I obviously really anticipated today’s...)” Carrying his coat, Takezou heads out of the karaoke bar. He looks around and thinks that Hiro isn’t around.
He looks at the side to see Hiro sitting at the alley between the two buildings. She has her face down on her folded arms. He is about to call her but he stops himself. Then, he notices a couple of guys smirking as they gesture towards Hiro.

Then, Hiro notices someone beside her. She looks up to see Takezou. He nervously tells her, “About that... are you okay, Kurusu-chan?” The two guys scowl for it turns out that she is with a guy. Hiro looks flustered that she asks, why... He tells her that he saw her running out without a coat so he thought that it isn’t good if she catches a cold.
“About that, this... *offers her his coat* even if it is mine... *Hiro didn’t reply so he looks embarrassed* don’t want to wear it, right!? I’m sorry! Ba..basically, I planned to get your coat but where you were sitting... about that, actually it isn’t good to go and get it but I still feel...” 

Hiro grabs his coat and says that she’ll wear it if he doesn’t mind. He blushes a bit. He sits down and says, please go ahead. She thanks him. While the two are sitting together, Hiro, who is now wearing Takezou’s coat, glances at Takezou.
She looks away and asks if he isn’t going back because like this, he might be the one who’ll catch a cold instead. Takezou says that he is totally fine. “Ah, sorry. *starting to stand up* If you want to stay here alone--” Hiro immediately grabs him and shouts, “I didn’t say that!!!”

Takezou says is that so. Hiro nods twice. Takezou sits down again. After a pause, he apologizes regarding what happened a while ago. Hiro is puzzled. He explains that just now, when Miyu drags her away, she looks as if she is very listless. “I should have been smooth and evasive and get you to stay. I’m sorry.” This made Hiro blush. 
She thinks, “ way, he already noticed that. This is bad. I’m so happy that I’ll soon cry.” She exclaims that she is totally fine!! He asks is that so. Hiro says, “Yes. Right now, I’m super lively!! *happily smiles* Thanks to that, I can stay together with you right now.”

Then, Hiro’s expression freezes. She thinks, “, ah, just now...did I just...say it out...? *tense* can’t be. *tensely looks at Takezou* I ought to be thinking too much--...” She looks surprised as she sees Takezo blushing. He is looking surprised at her. He watches her as she covers her mouth and starts blushing really red. He says, “---eh...”
Comment: So, the break from the koto stuff is once again about character/relationship development. ^^ Satowa is finally back home. It seems that there will still be some disapproval regarding this but I think it is only a matter of time before they make her the successor again like what Akira mentioned.

And, they’ll be stupid not to especially since she is very gifted at such a young age. It’s better to train her early rather than it happening all of a sudden like what happened to her mother. Aside from Satowa, Akira is also going back to her home and group. She is still continuing her job as a coach to Tokize.

It is amusing that the others don’t quite understand how they helped Satowa. Still, it was indeed really good that she got in this club and met everyone. Chika’s unconscious patting of her head is amusing. He is obviously clueless. I don’t think Satowa knows why he did it either. Hm, but does she know why she is reacting that way?

Unfortunately, due to what happened before, Chika will try to restrain himself from doing any kind of things like that. Haha, if he can. =P Hm, so who’ll clue them in? Will it be Tetsuki for Chika? Or what will happen between Hiro and Takezou will make them aware of it?

So, things didn’t turn out well at first regarding the much anticipated karaoke party. Miyu is totally clueless about her friend. But then, it probably never occurred to her that Hiro would fall for Takezou, of all people.

These two are cute here. Takezou tearing himself up over what he did wrong yet totally dismissing what should be already obvious. Hiro getting jealous over the attention that the girls are giving Takezou so she belted out some songs to get everyone’s attention.

It seems that Takezou is very much a ‘gentleman-type’ of guy regarding what he did so that those guys won’t bother Hiro. He even brought her his coat. Hopefully, they won’t catch a cold because of this ^^; Anyway, there is some awkwardness between the two as they try not to do anything that the other doesn’t want.

In the end, the feelings she is trying her best to hide is already out in the open due to a slip of the tongue. And, from her reaction, he ought to know what she meant and how she feels. ^^ Thinking about it, does he like her romantically? Or, he just never thought that it is possible so he doesn’t entertain such thoughts? Scans by 二次元秘店

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    4. Yea, and I agree, but since the author went almost in detail to give us some HiroxTake and hinted how Hiro's sound had changed, maybe she'd work with that a bit more. And ofc, the guys'd pick on Take for beeing 'sneaky' and land a girl before any of'em. Maybe we hear a 'sasuga senpai', lol.
      Yes, he looks too strained, 'much more worse' than Eren, that didn't have that grim face - though they're supposed to be the same age and beeing a titan for the same time, I guess.
      I haven't thought about it, yea. I don't know what to think, I can't see this story going beyond Eren's death - so even if it were to be continued, I think'd be as spinoff and maybe Levi or some new guy comes to take is part as titan. Even Mikasa, like, taking his legacy or something like that.

      Yes, it was only the Ackerman family blood.
      I didn't know there were people who'd hate Yuki, let alone intenely. But I guess it's bias, indeed.

      I think they fit well together because they don't agree on a lot of things, nor view things in the same light or even like to do the same things, but they like each other personality, as a person, as a human being and that's a lot stronger than, we have the same hobbies and such.

      And yea, you're right on that. There's so much we could work without involving third parties. I mean, have read Horimiya, Bonnounji?
      They simply don't care here. I mean, sometimes is even seen as a good thing, a symbol of equality with men and suck.

      It is, like I said, some girls land jobs through that means as hosts of tv shows and etc. That's why I said that it's different around here and I've never even seen any case that it wasn't consentented or manipulated by the girl/woman herself.

    5. True. Maybe, somewhat of a fanservice for those waiting for the romantic side of the story ^^ I do wonder if there are more female readers of this series than male. =P Well, those are the possibilities ^^

      - - -

      Oh...I always thought that Reiner and others a bit older than Eren and others. But then, perhaps, it is because they lived a harsher life? I would presume that just like the new characters, they were already 'soldiers' before being trained soldiers at the same time as Eren and others. That would explain why they especially Annie are more skilled.

      - - -

      Spinoff...not too thrilled about that. ^^; It's like Boruto of Naruto. I'm just thinking that Eren seems to be disappointing as a lead. And since the title refers to the 'name' of his titan so perhaps, the series will outlive him.

      I see.

      - - -

      There are.

      Well, I think it is more than just hobbies and stuff. Their priority is problematic. Lovey-dovey is important to him but for her, it is more on work. He will prioritize her but she'll most likely prioritize any work-related things. She does have a tendency to easily give in to others' requests. Some things are a big deal for him but for her it isn't and vice-versa.

      I get your point but I think there will indeed more friction to the relationship so there will be a lot of adjustments and compromise. Of course, if they get through all of that, the relationship will be a lot stronger and it won't be that, I guess superficial like liking just for like/love but rather, loving everything including the 'defects'. And of course, help each other become a better person, etc.

      I haven't read those. I only read a bit of Horimiya but I wasn't interested enough to read through it. ^^;; Though I know what you mean. I have read series with no active third party.

      - - -


      I see. It is different...and they got jobs through I guess guys better beware.

    6. Despite beeing in a shonen magazine, the feels I have reading is more similar to a josei or a pretty mature shojo... I don't know, that's a tough question, lol.
      Yea, Reiner looks a bit older, but I wouldn't say he's that much older. 2/3 max. Though we don't know how many years he's been titanized, so maybe that makes it him looks even older now, but what you said is true and I had somewhat forgotten, they train soldiers for a very young age so that must be a factor too - and I don't know what I'm picking on Reiner about looks and age, when I was 15 people often took me for 25+ so I'll just keep quiet now, lol.

      Yea, I won't watch Boruto, same way I'm not reading it, but at the same time, I can't say I can see the story going past Eren, I mean, he's the link to everything we know and every mistery that still has to be resolved - so I just can't see Eren dying, even if the majority of people dislike him, and SnK continuing without him. BTW, the Lost Girls spin off is quite good, one is about Annie and the other about Mikasa, though nothing really new, it's a good read to have a better insight of their motivations/characterization.
      That's what I'm talking about, I don't see any reason for a third wheel to be there in order to create those problems/frictions in their relationship, especially now since Yuki is so dense she seems to doesn't give a **** about Shizuka, but, at the same time, she doesn't seem to give Sho too much room in her mind either.. Well, I'm just tired and really disapponteid with Namaiki. Hope it gets better soon or ends soon, then I'll read, perhapes, depending on how it goes, lol.
      Yea, things here is pretty f***up in a way that is hard to understand. I drop all hopes I had, lol.

    7. Is that so. Regarding the koto tournament stuff and 'fun' between the guys, it is quite shounen. I usually don't see 'inspire/work together' for a certain thing with friends/nakama in shoujo. I think the series would be in trouble if it is like josei/shoujo yet running in a shounen magazine = they aren't the target readers. ^^;

      - - -

      Lol. It reminds me of Slam Dunk when the lead asked why they are letting a college student play in high school- something like that. ^^; It is the opposite for me. I look younger than my age.

      True. Is that so... I only read a bit of the other two spinoffs about Levi and before the fall, didn't like it that much. Perhaps, it is because the writer is different. In the end, any revelations will be in the main series.

      - - -


      - - -

      Haha...well, in other areas, we have that, too. =P

    8. Sorry for the long time no response, but I've been pretty out these last days, too much to deal and much to down/blue to deal with everything,lol.

      Yea, but I don't get this vibe from Koto. I mean, the guys are working extra hard for Take and Hiro's sake, worked their best to Satowa's sake too, but it's not over the top like any normal shonen'd do, like Luffy did for Sanji, for example.

      The shojo/josei vibe is because I feel this work is a bit more emotionally mature, slow paced slice of live with bits of romance here and there. More to do it with the emotionally mature, like, I can't remember the last time I saw a 'normal shonen' deal with themes like Sato's and her mother and with all the seriousness and even a bit of realism in it. I don't know how to explain, really.
      Lol, that's good, right? Especially if you're a woman, looking younger is a lot better, at least that's the common thinking around here. I myself look like and old tired bear, if not for my bulky strutcture, though I lost a lot of muscular mass after getting sick, I'd be thought of as oldman already. Espeacially with the crane and back stuff, lol.
      Have you being watching the second season of the anime? My couple friend and way to hyped for it, I myself haven't even read the last chapter, though I'm assume that I'm eager to see my potato girl only time to shine in the anime. Hope they make it even more awesome, lol.

      The lost girls are only good - imo - 'cause it's actually thought off and drawn by the original author. So it feels like it's a part of the original series and you can kind of it's importance, though there's nothing you'd miss without reading it.
      It's a crazy world, right? Tell me about it, lol.

    9. No problem ^^ Hope you're a bit better now. Ah, are painkillers contributing to it?

      I see. But there is still that 'nakama' thing. It isn't often seen in shoujo.

      Ah. I do get your point. It is somewhat shoujo-ish though not too much to make it into that genre.

      - - - depends. One time in immigration abroad, they don't want me to enter because I looked too young for the age stated in my passport. @_@;; They probably thought I faked it. It was a problem when watching movies before, have to show ID. In a way, I cannot gauge how old a person is based on looks because I'll base them on me when they were actually younger. ^^;;

      - - -

      Oh, it's out already? I'm still thinking if I should since I already know the story so... ^^; It's like going through it again except if the execution is better. Is it good?

      New chapter...I was right about that certain part. But basically, it is just a continuation of the last chapter. Take your time, it isn't exactly a must read.

      I see. If it is 'you'll miss nothing', so it is more on making profit from the series with a spinoff?

      - - -

      Indeed. This year, it seemed to have gone a faster pace? ^^;

      Take care, okay.

    10. Yea, not really, but we're getting there. Just tired, tbh.
      That happens a lot to my sis, lol. Never happened to me though, this oldbear face of mine.
      Yea, I actually watched the eps and I quite liked Sasha's brightest moment, though her only one, and it was quite well adapted Connie's saddest moment, so I say, guess that it's worth it. You remember somethings, the anime make some adjustments so some important stuff'll have more relevance in hindsight and yea, I'm not a fan, but as I don't/can't have much to do, watch might be a good ideia.

      Like I said, nothing new, just 'new' insights about the character.
      Yea, way faster. This country of mine I can't even start, lol.

      Take care Kat, sorry for the time again, really not being well and being really tired lately.

    11. I see.

      - - -

      Haha. Is that so.

      - - -

      I see.

      - - -

      No problem. Just rest up and hope you feel a lot better soon ^^