March 31, 2017

Kasane [Chapters 88-89]

Chapter 88 – Star/Celebrity. Everyone is smiling while they watch Iku’s rehearsal. One of the actors grabs Iku and shouts, “Grab her!! Where is she? It’s useless, don’t chase anymore.” Someone grabs Iku from the people with veils [sludge]. She asks, “Who...?”

Then, Iku confidently smiles. Yoshio mutters, ...good. Clap! Yoshio exclaims that’s very good. “It had become better when you pay attention to the movements of the surrounding people and also, match their pacing. I underestimated you.”
Iku thanks him for his praise. Then, Iku is happily talking with the others. Saki tells Yoshio that cowering side of Iku isn’t her original appearance. “Did you already saw through it?” Yoshio says yes. “Actually, a few years ago, I had seen her performance. She was rehearsing at a friend’s play...

...At that time, Igarashi is a high schooler. *scene of Iku in the play* Even if her acting skill is still insufficient, she is an actress who pays the most attention to the people around her. Not only with the people on the stage, but also the stage director’s instruction and what’s happening backstage.

...Her art is even if she can only acted out the gist of the role yet she can sufficiently understand it immediately. Then, she’ll completely act it out as requested of her. She is a special child [/or has sharp sense]. Besides, I haven’t seen her for so many years, and her acting skill has also progressed a lot.”
Saki says that it seems like she cannot take it easy and she has to strive more to temper her own acting skill. After a pause, Yoshio says, no. “Just like Igarashi, before you do that, there is a problem that needs to be resolved.”

Saki looks surprised. Then, she asks, “My ‘problem’?” Yoshio says yes. While Saki looks tense, Yoshio tells everyone that they are going to have a break since he’ll have a meeting with Saki. At a room, Yoshio tells Saki to listen up. “It is possible that your acting can destroy the whole play’s sense of balance.” Nervous Saki repeats, ‘destroy the sense of balance’?
Yoshio says, “Honestly speaking, as an actress, you’re too prominent. Whether it is acting skill or your expressive power, and the most important of it all is that OVERWHELMING PRESENCE. *Saki looks surprised* So, in order for you not to stray off too much, you should also adapt yourself to match with the people around.”

Saki asks if he is also saying that she’s too conspicuous. Yoshio says that it is like that more or less. “I hope [to have this effect] that everyone can move forward together [as a whole in a consistent pace]. During ‘Macbeth’, the lead actor is Uno who isn’t a least bit inferior to you so the sense of balance can still be maintained.

...But this time, you’re the lead. Even if the lead should be outstanding compared to everyone else but if you stray away too much from the surrounding environment, it will break the whole work.” After a pause, Saki says is that so... Her eyes widen up. She says, “I already understand. I’ll think of a way to resolve it.” Yoshio just quiet watches her.
At Yuuto’s house, while facing a laptop computer, he is looking at some documents. He curses for there are totally no clues. “What should I do to find Nogiku-san... *looks at images of Saki smiling on the internet* ---Thinking back, I only seen her smile once in that distance past...

...Normally, you are always saying like, ‘except for revenge, I don’t need anything else’. It was just a cold gloomy and listless expression or else, showing that penetrating glare, filled with hatred that is sharp like a knife blade. *imagines Nogiku tied up with tears on her eyes*...
...If right now, you are always freely taken advantage by the person you hate. That will be...what kind of pain. *becomes tense upon recalling her with a burnt scar on her shoulder* If there is no clue, how can I rescue you from where you are---

...*looks at documents* Nothing. There’s nothing here. So few... Fuchi Kasane’s past that can become Saki’s weakness. Huh...? *sees Iku’s name in the list of members for the high school drama club* This name... it seems that...”

He realizes something. He looks at the crumpled flyer for Star Drop. He thinks, that’s right. “Igareshi Iku... This time, she is the female actress on the same stage as Saki. She has the same name as the drama club president that Fuchi Kasane had joined. Age... Alma mater... These two Igarashi are definitely one person!” He sighs.
Yuuto stalks outside the stage building where Star Drop will be shown. He thinks, “If it is her, she should know something-- At this time, I cannot let go of this clue.” He starts to follow Iku after she left the building. Yuuto wonders if he can strike a conversation with her.

“Perhaps, I’ll only be treated as a strange person...” He looks tense then bites his lip. Becoming determined, he shouts out, “Ab...about that!” This startles Iku that she turns around to him. He asks, “Can I ask, do you know ‘Fuchi Kasane’?” Iku looks surprised.
Back on stage, Kasane is wearing a hood jacket while stretching on stage. Yoshio wonders how Saki resolved that problem. He calls out that from today on, they’ll be playing out the whole play and they’ll start with Saki. Saki stands up and says okay.

She removes her coat. Everyone look surprised over her outfit. Yoshio asks if that is the official costume for the play. The curly guy says no, it isn’t and it is probably made by Saki. As he sits down, Yoshio thinks that they had already decided on the design earlier on and it was showed to her.
“She can unexpectedly make a similar simple but elegant thing. This doesn’t matter at all by itself but...” Yoshio calls out that they’ll start. He thinks that he told her about her strong presence is a problem then what is she thinking!!

Everyone look tense and surprised as Saki ties up her hair to a ponytail. Instead of throwing the ribbon cloth sideways, Saki throws it up and shouts, “Light is I. I am Light!” While everyone still looks surprised, Yoshio thinks that it isn’t the same as before.
“It is with a high clear ear-piercing sharp voice. Not only that, like this, it exerts a more stronger pressure on the people around her than before...!!” The veiled actors become tense and serious. They ran around Saki and call out, ‘So noisy. So noisy.’

Then, Saki looks really scared as she holds up her hand up while the veiled actors grabbed her. Yoshio is surprised that he thinks, wha... Getting excited, Adachi thinks, “Why. Each of the actors is displaying a more true-to-life acting skill compared to the usual! It is simply like the official performance...”
Iku is observing intensely. The costume [curly haired] designer thinks that all of the rehearsal feels intense that it isn’t the same as usual. Then, someone pulls out Saki from the sludge’s grip.

Yoshio tensely thinks, “This person... she had stretched out to the extreme what she should be suppressing. On contrary, that kind of intensity and stress caused the attention and acting skill of everyone around her to forcefully improve...!!” Saki confidently glances at the side and slightly smiles.
Chapter 89 – Déjà vu/Familiar Figure. Saki continues her dialogue, “Unexpectedly, it’s so far. It is with great difficult that I reached the water surface [here]. That universe [sky] is actually too distant-- Too cold. It is as if the universe that I knew is totally different.”

Iku is looking very tense. She tells herself how it can be. “Don’t think about it anymore. It is impossible. THIS KIND OF THING---” Flashback: Iku was surprised when Yuuto asked her if she knew Fuchi Kasane. Iku admits that she knew of Kasane-chan but who is he...? This made Yuuto look tense.
He said that his name... He looked sideways then said that he is Amagasaki, a high school teacher. “ is because I want to help someone. *clenched fist* Someone who is very important to me that she is like family...

...In order to know that person’s whereabouts, I started investigating things regarding ‘Fuchi Kasane’-san so I came to look for you” After a pause, Iku said about that, after she graduated, she wasn’t able to keep in touch with Kasane-chan.
Yuuto told her that person can steal SOMEONE ELSE’S FACE. Iku is puzzled. He explained, “That ‘Fuchi Kasane’... right now, she had stolen someone else’s face and voice. She changed her name and she’s at your side. It is that beautiful female actress, “Saki’!!” Iku looks apprehensive.

Turning to leave, Iku apologized and said that she doesn’t quite understand what he is saying and she must immediately go home. Yuuto asks, “During high school, did something happen between you and Fuchi Kasane?

...For example, SOMETHING THAT NO ONE WILL BELIEVE EVEN IF YOU TELL THEM. *Iku looked surprised and tensely looked at him* Could it be that your face was already stolen by her before? *Iku looked puzzled* Perhaps, the reason why Fuchi Kasane joined the club is to steal your face...”
Iku shouted for him to please stop while he’s ahead for she basically don’t understand what he is saying. This surprised Yuuto. After a pause, he apologized and gave her his contact number.

“If you remembered anything about Fuchi Kasane... No, if you want to know things regarding her, you can also contact me. It is regarding her ‘lies’ and ‘sin’. End flashback. Iku snaps out of it when she notices that everyone is clapping.
She is surprised that they were unexpectedly applauding during practice. Then, she overhears Yoshio saying that it really startled him to death [/make one admire her]. “I told her that her ‘overwhelming presence’ is a weak point...

...In the end, she unexpectedly gave it her all to make everyone around to also become intense that it had maintained the cast’s sense of balance.” Iku thinks, “‘Overwhelming presence’...!! That’s right...before when I saw Saki, I thought of Nina...

...It is because the two’s presence is very strong... Not only that, it isn’t just Tanzawa Nina, but also, ‘Giovanni’. ---Wrong, the first time I felt it and had the same shock is when---” Flashback: Young Iku overheard from the door, Kasane is shouting, ‘Campanella!!!’ while inside the theater. End flashback.
Iku thinks that this is actually... She shakes her head and thinks that she is definitely thinking too much. “Even if I heard of that kind of thing, it is also impossible. Impossible... *looks at Saki talking with the others* that Saki-san is...”

Saki suddenly turns to look at Iku who is surprised. She suddenly overlaps Kasane on puzzled Saki. Saki backs away and leaves the others. Outside, she wonders what’s up with her that she couldn’t calm down anymore when she looks at Saki.
Then, she looks at the phone number that Yuuto gave her. Meanwhile, Kingo goes to the basement. He suddenly overlaps Izana all alone with books and withered flowers with Nogiku sitting on the bed. He looks away and scowls. He sits down and calls out to Nogiku if she is sitting like that every day.

Flipping some books, he says that he gave her so many magazine-type of things. “Don’t be so crabby and look at some of it.” Nogiku didn’t reply nor move. Kingo bites his lip. He closes the magazine. He says, forget it and he’ll just go straight to business.
“You said before that you’re beloved ‘Fuchi Sugeyo’ always kept ‘Izana’s face until she died. That also means that the two mothers had successful accomplished the ‘permanent switch’... Even if it is like that but even if I want to know how it is done, the dead also won’t talk...

...*stands up and walks towards Nogiku* But, when the two of them carried out the permanent switch, you were the only one at their side. Do you remember anything?” Nogiku says that she doesn’t remember. Sitting in front of her, Kingo says that anything will do, just say what she can remember.
Nogiku says that she really couldn’t recall. “Forget it. Even if I can remember, I absolutely won’t tell it to someone like you.” Kingo grabs her collar and asks if they spoiled her a bit [/overdid it]. “It seems that you still don’t know the current situation.”

Nogiku asks, “You want to threaten me? *looks at him* I’m not afraid. When I’m at father’s side, I’m simply a simple home-style meal [nothing of the ordinary]. If I don’t listen, I would be beaten and also raped.” Kingo suddenly recalled the time when he was young.

It was when he witnessed his father trying to rape ‘Namino’[/actually Izana after she stole Namino’s face]. This made Kingo immediately stand up from Nogiku. Nogiku is puzzled by it.
Holding his head, Kingo says that it is just...that if the complete ‘switch’ is successful then, there’s no need to lock her up in the basement anymore. “If you want to obtain your freedom, then immediately remember it already!” With that, Kingo left.

Nogiku scowls and thinks, “‘Want to obtain freedom’...? Who are you deceiving...!! If I lose my usefulness, I’ll definitely be killed because I knew the secret about the lipstick... *lies down* Actually, I’m not afraid to die... but... *clenches fist*...

...I don’t want to die in vain!!  Even if I’ll be killed, I’ll also drag you along with me. Whether it’s Kasane or Habuta, I’ll kill them. *with a determined expression* After I end everything, then I’ll die!!”
Comment: Kasane had successful helped Iku to fully go back to her old form. It helps that Yoshio knew Iku before her performance as Giovanni. So, unlike the other directors, he knew her real good points.

It is amusing how Saki solved her own acting problem. It is typical of her. She won’t tone down but rather, make everyone else match with her. Yoshio and everyone else are indeed impressed with that.

Yuuto has finally found a clue and got in touch with Iku. Iku is already swayed and would most likely believe Yuuto when she learns the whole story.

Nogiku definitely won’t help them with the permanent switch. Of course, I’m not that convinced that they will kill her if she is no longer useful to them. Since what is the use of the secret of the lipstick when the switch is already permanent.

Nevertheless, will Nogiku carry out what she planned when she gets out? Currently, Kasane and Kingo are at a disadvantage since they don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Scans by RAD汉化组

Quote of the day:
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. ~ Anais Nin


  1. Yay thanks for summaries!! I kinda like Iku more than Kasane in terms of acting. I really didn't like that it was said that Iku is imitating someone(Kasane?), I really think that Iku is different from Kasane, and she is still good at acting. Kasane is a natural born genius at acting and truly a superstar but Iku seems to get a grip of her own style too and maybe she is going to be Kasane's rival.

    1. Thanks for reading ^-^

      I think it is more like Iku is changing her 'way' of acting to accommodate what she presumed to be what was expected of her. So, the director who knew her real style asked, if she was imitating someone since it isn't the real her.

      They are indeed different just like what Saki/Kasane mentioned during the planetarium talk.


  2. Thank You for the translation. It seems like things won't go so well for Kasane and Kingo, although i really want to know how the permanent switch happened.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sua ^-^


      Hm...I do wonder if what young Nogiku saw 'mothers kissing' when she went down the basement has something to do with it or it was just an ordinary switch that time. Nevertheless, it seems to be a life-threatening method based on what Kasane's mother hinted before.