February 7, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 88]

Flashback: Flustered Yuulin wondered what to do. She looked at Reishou and wondered what she should do about this feeling...that is buried deep in her heart. End flashback. At Hakuyou’s imperial palace, Yuulin stiffens which causes Reishou to also stop on his tracks from going to her.

Narration: “I’m Tei Yuulin. I’m also the princess consort of the Hakuyou king who is in front of me. Because of public affairs, my husband cannot go to the harem. So, I’ll go on a trip to the imperial palace every day to meet with him then, I’ll head back again. Until now, it was like this, but... this kind of ‘I was caused to cry in fright by the scary Wolf King’ thing had happened last night...

...Today, when we meet each other at the imperial palace, I had once again stiffened up.” Yuulin is stiffening up which causes Reishou to stop midway from approaching her. Right now, they are all alone in the lounge. Narration: “Upon seeing me like that, His Majesty also freezes up. Thus, this kind of scenario arises.”
Looking really aghast and freaking out, Yuulin thinks, “...I’m a fool-!!! Properly toughen myself up a bit and perform well under pressure-!!! Big idiot-!! Look, it’s very distressing! His Majesty is super distressed! Ah ah ah, his whole self is backing away and shrinking back!!!

...*Trembling Reishou looks nervous as he is slightly moving backwards* I totally didn’t think that after not seeing the heartless and scary ‘Wolf King’ for a long time would unexpectedly rattle my heart up to this extent. I’m basically unaware of this feeling...

...By the way, how long have we been a married couple already? *blushes and closes her eyes* Towards my own husband, I would unexpectedly still...” Reishou apologizes for scaring her last night. Thinking that he is [in] wolf [mode] because they are in the imperial palace, she tells him that no, she is alright. She tells her heart to become be still.
Reishou tells her that starting tomorrow night the imperial palace will hold its moon viewing banquet. “So, according to what was agreed before, you’ll celebrate it together with the court ladies at the harem.” After Yuulin says okay, he tells her that there’s no need for her to come over tomorrow. This surprises Yuulin.

Reishou also tells her that it is better for her to relax a bit “...and, there’s also no harm for you to go back now.” Yuulin puts her hands together and timidly says yes. Narration: “...normally, during this time, he ought to be hugging me nonstop.”

While walking at the cloister with her two court ladies, Yuulin looks really gloomy. She thinks, “--...I really want to cry. Such a failure. It is related to me stiffening that His Majesty is so troubled. He probably felt that I’m still scared... Hu hu, even if it is true, that I’m still scared.
...In the end, it was concealed up. It is also normal for it to become like this since I was shaking all over, trembling nonstop, and crying like that. Being scared is real, but so is, ‘like’ [/love]... I myself don’t understand what’s going on...

...Normally, the doting Majesty won’t use that strong strength to grab me nor would he have that intimidating kiss. *blushes while frowning* There won’t be a second time again, right?” At Reishou’s office, Jun can hear the seething sound of Reishou’s dark mood. He asks Reishou if he quarreled with Yuulin. Looking really gloomy, Reishou mutters that he didn’t restrain himself well...and he messed up.

Recalling Yuulin crying, he asks, “--...Li Jun, right now, am I still the king that you people looked forward to in the former days?” Jun replies, “...of course, and today’s public affairs work are still a lot, Your Majesty.” Reishou sighs and says, is that so.
Still walking through the cloister, Yuulin sighs and tells herself to first calm her feelings down after returning to the harem. From below, someone calls out to her and says that it is quite unexpected that he is able to see her. “This is quite good luck!”

Upon seeing Kikyou, Yuulin calls out that it is His Excellency, Kei Kikyou. [<- not sure why he has that title, perhaps due to his grandfather? Or, he is higher rank since she is still a ‘princess consort’.] Kikyou asks if she is currently going back to the harem. Yuulin says yes. She thinks that yesterday, this official said some baffling things like magic, training-whatever!

Kikyou asks if she is tired and wasn’t it said that the closer the full moon approaches, the stronger her power ought to be. Yuulin is mentally irked for she is being treated as a youkai again. “What is he saying to the princess consort!” Yuulin keeps her cool. With sparkles, she laughs and says that it is because she totally doesn’t understand that kind of magic that he is talking about.

Kikyou says that during the moon viewing banquet’s preparation, he heard the officials at the government hall telling His Majesty, ‘Isn’t the Lady princess consort like a tennyo [/celestial maiden] who has descended from the moon?’

This surprises Yuulin. She frowns and sweatdrops. She thinks that compared to a youkai, that way of saying it is really a lot beautiful... Kikyou asks, “So, Lady princess consort, did you come from the moon?” Yuulin looks at smiling Kikyou and thinks that this is stupid to death. “Is he going to say something about magic and training again?”

As he continues to look at her, Kikyou smiles and asks, “Or perhaps, you are from some other place?” Holding his gaze, Yuulin thinks, “...? Is he really treating me as a youkai? Or better still, is he probing the princess consort whose identity is unknown?”
Yuulin smiles and answers, “Yes, you tell me. Looking at the beautiful moonlight causes one’s mood to become a bit excited. Everyone is like that. I’ll pray that all of the officials will be able to enjoy the moon viewing banquet and have a nice time.*turns to leave* Until we meet again.” Kikyou keeps on smiling but he isn’t saying anything. Yuulin recalls what Ranyou had told her.

Flashback: Ranyou said, “Do not be complacent. Everyone at the royal court has all sorts of view with plenty of deep meaning towards the princess consort. ...Basically, you don’t know under what circumstances when you’ll step on a trap.” Yuulin said yes. End flashback.

Kikyou says that the lady princess consort’s existence causes a violent rage that it is like destroying this court’s king who had also already changed. Yuulin slightly glares back. He says that please definitely let him know when she’s going back to the moon. After a pause, Yuulin answers back that she has no plan of that sort.
After she left, Kikyou starts laughing he he he! He thinks, “No wonder she is that famous lady princess consort! Perhaps, she is more difficult [to deal with] compared to what one had imagined. He he...but this is what grandfather had briefed [/explained] to me.

...gambatte [/do my best] Hehe The princess consort who had brought about change to the king ...if he were to lose her, what kind of development will happen next? To the disagreeable WOLF KING who stands at the highest position of my country. He he.”

Walking again with her court ladies, Yuulin darkly thinks that official is weird. “If Shuu Kouren is ominous, he is weird... Back to the subject, from the ‘harem’s akujo’ to ‘youkai consort’ up to ‘tennyo’... *sweatdrops* the way [/how] the princess consort is being called isn’t being taken cared of... Ah, even if being called tennyo, ought to have been used to flatter His Majesty but that is also too exaggerated...
...Who’ll go back to the moon, geez! *court ladies are surprised to see someone behind them* But, I’m very ordinary. I’m already extremely lonely just because I won’t be able to see His Majesty tomorrow.” She is surprised when Reishou suddenly carries her up from behind. While going !?, she calls out to him. “What’s up? Did you forget to say something...”

Reishou tells the two court ladies to walk ahead and they are not to allow anyone to come over. Slightly blushing, they say, “As Your Majesty commanded.” While Reishou walks and carries her, Yuulin asks what’s going on. “Say something. I was going back. About that, Your Majesty...?”

Reishou looks down on her and this startles her. She thinks that this is bad, she stiffened up again. “But those ice-cold eyes.” Reishou says that in the end, starting last night, she looks very scared.” She tells him that no, not at all. She wonders until now, what kind of expression does she has in front of the Wolf King? And, Reishou kisses her.

Yuulin wonders, “Why? That anger-like thing on him that I had pried into yesterday is exposed out once again. From beginning to end, he has been concealing it within gentle pampering with the idea of not letting me see... *looks flustered upon looking at Reishou* ...that ice edge [/icicle] which is deeply buried in the heart.”
To Reishou’s surprise, Yuulin holds on him and kisses him on the forehead. Pleasantly surprised Reishou says, “---...it is really rare for you to unexpectedly take the initiative at the imperial palace... Usually, you’ll go, don’t, don’t.” This embarrasses that she exclaims loudly and apologizes for taking the opportunity to...

This made Reishou let out a laugh and tells her that there’s no need to apologize. She blushes over this. She says, about that...is there no issue regarding his work on that side [for him to go to her]!? He tells her that he has no way of working so Jun drove him away. “He told me to use the quickest speed in making up [/reconciling] with you. ...ah, I really don’t want to go back...” This made Yuulin tell him to please immediately go back.

Narration: “Ah, it’s like this. Becoming husband and wife, our feelings are interlinked. Even if it is like, there is a part that you still won’t let me pry into. I also harbor a feeling that I’m unable to tell you in detail. Unable to convey is a kind of like an unrequited love. I couldn’t sufficiently grasp its end and limit. I have no other choice but to continuously sink into it.”
Comment: The first part is really funny how the two just freeze up like that. It seems for Yuulin, being scared and freezing up is also more on her instinct. Perhaps, it is an animal/human instinct to be scared and want to cry/run away upon facing something terrifying. I cannot exactly blame her because everyone is scared of it.

Perhaps, that is something that had become ingrained in Reishou due to his past experience. Still, good job on her part to assure him that she isn’t that scared/hate him for it by kissing him on the forehead. That’s probably her first public display of affection. I already forgot if it is the first time she made the first move. ^^;;

I guess because of that, they might still see each other tomorrow. Hm...due to what Kikyou mentioned, I wonder if they are going to hatch the plan against Yuulin during the banquet when she is in the harem. I’m not too sure if they plan to do something to her, force Yuulin out of the palace or force Reishou to let go of her just like what his father ended up doing.

Since Yuulin is attracted to forceful Reishou, I guess she is a M[asochist] ^^; Kind of scared yet attracted to that wolf side of his. It is indeed complicated for her to understand. Because of that, Reishou is starting to have doubts if he is still the king that Jun and others are longing for? Perhaps, because he made the one he loves cry and be scared like that?

Since Yuulin is viewed as a tennyo now, ah, it seems like a slight improvement? For them to view her that way does work a bit on her favor. Thanks to having Ranyou as her teacher, Yuulin manages to be on guard at that moment and became more aware of Kikyou’s possible intentions. She is already having some ‘not so naïve’ looks so that will be good in the future.

Well, it is now confirmed that Kikyou, possibly with his grandfather, is the antagonist of this arc. I wonder what his grudge with Reishou is. Perhaps, he is just curious of what the possible outcome will be if what they wanted happens. Perhaps, it is more on the grandfather’s grudge for not getting to have his and the others’ way with Reishou.

So, aside from that issue, the other issue is between the couple. It is the things that they kept/try to keep a secret from each other. Reishou would most probably not want to reveal it since Yuulin is already acting that way. But for Yuulin, I guess she still couldn’t pinpoint what is this feeling she currently have for him even as she is making expressions that would make him misunderstand. Will these issues be resolved during the banquet? Let's wait and see. Scans by 水月梅漢化 

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