February 9, 2017

Blue Glass [Chapter 23]

While the audience is cheering, Mokmok tearfully asks if it is really okay for Yuri [/Saga] to go onstage without any preparations. Juryu tells ‘her’ to wipe ‘her’ tears. “Even if she just stands there, it is also already enough. Because that is ‘light’.”

Saga recalls how the women were strictly teaching her to dance, how she practiced to sing and how she cried when they reprimanded her. Saga thinks, “Whether it is dancing or even singing, I had done those things in the palace countless times...

...Even though I also never once enjoyed it, but if it is outside the palace, everything is already different. *smiles as she holds her decorated stick* Now, I can move as I desire according to my own will.”
At some other place, some people are consulting with the shaman. The shaman tells a couple that according to the manifestation of the divination, their child is still alive. The mother exclaims, heavens, is this true! The shaman says that he is coming home soon. The parents thank the shaman.

Just then, they hear some ruckus behind with someone shouting to stand still. Spiky tries to tell Ryusu to line up but she punches him on the face and tells him to move!! Pointing at the shaman, Ryusu shouts, “Hey, it was said that you’re a very amazing shaman! Then, can you curse for me! It’s just in time that you’ve appeared here!

...That stinky girl suddenly snatched away my position! But then, she is exceptionally beautiful... But, if that girl is good, then everyone will abandon me, right? Even if she is very good-looking. *fuming in anger* I want those cheaters to see my ability! I cannot just ignore them without a care!!”
The shaman tells her that there’s nothing to be envious about. “In this world, there are people like me who cannot see the light. There are people who can become their own ‘light’. But if it is a woman, there’s no need to be envious of her brilliance.” Ryusu asks what she is saying. “Are you really a shaman?”

Holding his swollen cheek, Spiky asks if she is a real woman for her strength is like of a warrior’s. The shaman continues to say, “In order to emit that kind of radiance, they’ve burn themselves up. Unaware, that they are already in midst of the raging flames.”

Jamalta looks mesmerized by Saga’s performance on the stage. He is lost in thought until Mino touched his shoulder. That startled him. He looks at Mino then looks at the audience. They are surprised at how happy the people around them are as they are cheering the performance.
Jamalta recalls what Machanyuta had told him. “On every 15th of the month, the Third Prince will hold a banquet for the nobles. That way, it can promote the princess’ social status [/worth]. Actually, it is just to lock her up.”

As Saga continues to happily sing, Saga tells Mino, “Look, no matter what happens, she cannot go back to the palace. I’m not talking about the imperial palace...but rather, that girl---right now, she already has no way of keeping on living at that place. You understand what I’m saying, right? *stands up*...

...Improve a bit your crisis awareness. If she doesn’t have a sense of crisis, then you have to have it even if you use a lie. Anyway, the one whom the palace wants to capture is you, kid. Remember that well.” Mino looks surprised.
As the performance continues, Jamalta starts to walk away. He thinks that this time, it’s okay. “Now ought to be the time to leave. I cannot dillydally anymore.” The next day, while watching him pack, Saga asks Jamalta if he is leaving already.

Jamalta says yes, and the person who is going to accompany her to the destination had also appeared. “For me, too. It will become troublesome if I don’t leave.” Saga protests that his body isn’t agile [/well] yet.

Patting off the dust on his clothes, he says forget it. “If I were to go together with you people, I don’t know what kind of hardship I’ll encounter again.” After thinking for a while, Saga says, about that, even if it is like that... He turns away from her.
Saga gloomily says that in the end, he is angry because of that drama play yesterday. Jamalta says, so she knew. He glances at her and says, “I beg of you— Please don’t believe in anything.” She looks at him and says, “But, it is exactly because I trusted you that we were able to come to this place.”

Jamalta frowns as Saga slightly smiles at him. She is surprised when he suddenly turns to leave. She calls out to him, “Then, next time...” Jamalta tells her that he hopes that there won’t be a day when they’ll see each other again.

Just then, a top ponytail guy with no hand calls out to Yuri and tells her to quickly come for they are going to have a meeting. Then, he calls out to Riri [Jamalta] where he is leaving. Jamalta is just furious about being called Riri.
As top ponytail guy urges Yuri go quickly go with him, Yuri asks where Mi..that kid. He tells her that he [Mino] went to look for Jangjak [guesswork from 柴禾]. Saga looks back one more time at leaving Jamalta then leaves with top ponytail guy.

At the meeting, Mokmok happily say that since they have a new lead [actress], how about a new story? “What kind of story would be good? Right now, we are going to start the discussion and go decide on it.”

While the others are massaging her, offering her fruit and measuring a cloth on her, Saga asks, new story? Mokmok says that’s right, for everyone to put more importance on the female lead [in the story]. To their dismay, Saga says but right now, she cannot go on stage...
Juryu suggests that if they want something intense, then, it is better to go for a tragedy. “Everyone knows about [her?] having a noble position [/identity]. So for example, something like a princess’ sad love story.” Saga is puzzled. Mokmok asks Juryu what she meant by that.

Juryu says, “Ah~ for example, the princess’ biological parents separated when she was around 10 years old. She became the king’s adopted daughter. She felt lonely being all alone in the palace that in the end, she fell ill. Then, she mutually fell in love with a doctor who came to treat her...

...Regardless of her romance, the king gave her hand in marriage to someone else. But, princess was driven out from the palace again because she is already pregnant...” Mokmok says that the furious king arrested the doctor and all of his relatives in order to execute them all.
“What- If you are talking about that story, there is already that kind of drama. Although, there is an exchange of position [/identity] in the story.” With a finger on her lips, Juryu says, “HERE, there is the truth that is mixed in that people knew yet they cannot speak out about...

...The second prince had defiled the princess and caused her to give birth to a child. *the princess being raped* The king who took advantage of that child to eliminate the clan that is usually objectionable to him. *hanged people displayed in public* And also...”

Flashback: Choegeum talked to someone, “You say that the Malgal wanted to kill the child in order to let her [/you] return?” Then, while talking to somewhat bewildered Nan, he told her, “Then, declare, who the father of the child is. Perhaps, the king will let you two get married-- *smiles* Let him [king] know of the deep love in your heart for him [doctor]!” End flashback.
Juryu continues to say, “Embracing despair...” Then, a cup drops on the floor which surprises Juryu and the others. Trembling Saga looks aghast. Juryu looks at her. Mokmok worriedly asks Saga, what’s up?

While Saga looks at her with wide eyes, Juryu says, “And, she did [as told]. Without a funeral or a grave, she disappeared from this world like that. She basically doesn’t need to be consoled, right?” Saga looks at her in surprise.  

From above the cliff, a messy-haired man watches the wandering troupe’s encampment below. He looks at disguised Mino who is making some gestures to a man who tells him that if it is Yuri, she went to that side. Beside the man is the boy from before [whose mother had the black curse].
The boy points to Mino and says, look, that is the white person he told him about. The man smiles and says that from the looks of it, he’s the god that the leader is looking for. [<- I’m not sure if he is talking to himself in the third person because from the silhouette before, he is the leader or leader is someone else ^^;]

“Ah, you did well, young boy-- Come, I’ll tell you what you’ll do next. *boy nods* God doesn’t know that he himself is god. We’ll help awaken him. *watches Mino rushing somewhere* In order to awaken him, we must first eliminate the rope that is intertwined on him.”

Then, there is a scene of Saga washing herself by a small waterfall. While catching his breath, Mino finds Saga by the waterfall. Saga glances back and asks if it is Mino. Somewhat surprised Mino is hiding behind a tree.
Comment: Saga did impress everyone with her performance. Jamalta seems bewitched by it but was snapped out of it by Mino. I guess the shaman was referring to Jamalta regarding what she is saying to Ryusu. Based on what Jamalta is telling Mino, it seems like a parting advice.

After tasting freedom, it is unlikely Saga can go back to her ‘imprisoned’ life. So, Mino must prevent that at all cost. He also advises him to be more aware of potential dangers. In a way, Mino has to because he was the one the people from the palace are looking for.

From the looks of it, Jamalta wants out before he sinks deeper in trouble. I would somewhat assume that he is subconsciously trying to go against his fate as predicted by the shaman. And, if the shaman is right, he will meet her again. In a way, they always meet during important turning points of their lives. ^^

Juryu is somewhat suspicious for she knows too much. Perhaps, the servants in the palace are very talkative and gossipy. Or, perhaps, she is part of the doctor’s kin or friend within their medical profession so they knew about this. Well, a reason why the king wants them exterminated.

The rape by the second prince and the ulterior motive of the king is already hinted before. But what Choegeum had possibly told Nan, how did she know about that? From what was implied, I’m guessing that Choegeum tricked Nan to confess about affair to their father who then used that as a reason to execute the doctor and all of his relatives.

I’m not sure if she knew who the real father was or Nan told the king about the second prince’s misdeed. It seems to be the latter since he was calm when Machanyuta mentioned about it. Perhaps a reason why they had the child aborted? So, most likely, aside from whatever Choegeum was doing to her and despair over her fate, Nan was also driven by guilt to commit suicide.

Anyway, the boy earlier is still part of the story. It seems that leader is going to make Mino their god and would want to sever his relationship with Saga who is preventing him from being awakened. If they succeed, then, Saga will be on her own.

Hm, currently, I’m not sure where the story is going. Contrary to expectation, Jamalta isn’t going to continue the journey with them. Saga isn’t the only ‘special person’ in this series. Somehow, I think that Mino might be the one who’ll cause Nakrang’s downfall. Compare to Jamalta right now, Mino had more reasons in doing so and is in the position to do so as a potential ‘god’. Scans by 水神汉化组

Quote of the day:
Be ever vigilant, but never suspicious ~ Proverb


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