February 14, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 58]

Yuki recalls Usami-san asking if she wants to become friends with her so that they can share each other’s worries. Narration: “Her blunt words had momentarily pricked my heart. It is as if she had thoroughly seen through my cowardly hesitating heart.”

While hugging Yuki, Shou asks her to take the initiative to kiss him. She asks, huh? With his lips pouting towards her, Shou tells her to be quick. “If you kiss me, I’ll super-give it my all for the Kanto tournament.” Yuki says, eh... She reaches out to him and says, yes. Just when they are about to kiss, ...thud.

Yuki has fallen out of bed with her head luckily caught by the cushion on the floor. She tells herself to quickly fix her sleeping position. Narration: “In this important day, I unexpectedly made that messed-up dream. Obviously, today is the first day of the Kanto tournament.”

While Shou and others are walking at the hallway, a reporter introduces himself as Yoshizawa [guesswork from 吉澤] from a high school basketball monthly magazine. He calls out that Shou has grown taller again.
“Before the game, can you let me take some pictures? *click* Ah- you’re still so photogenic- *Abe and others are posing from behind* One more picture! *click* Okay, thank you. Then, in a while, I’ll also ask for an interview--”  Abe gloomily mutters won’t he come ask for their pictures before the game.

After waiting for a while, black hair guy with antenna says that it seems like that. Just then, they call out to Yuki, Tonomura and his girlfriend. After they greet everyone, Tonomura says that the others are still on their way. He told them that Shouji had said that they’ll definitely win effortlessly on the first day. Abe exclaims that they’re giving them pressure again.

Yuki becomes nervous upon noticing Shou gazing at her. She becomes slightly shy as she says that she’ll go look for the others. Yuki thinks that in the end, because Shou is always practicing a few days before, they weren’t able to see each other since that time. Yuki recalls telling Shou that they had properly practiced and have Himiko so even if she isn’t around, they[/he]’ll also win.
Aghast and feeling quite guilty Yuki holds her head and thinks that the more she thinks about it, the more she wondered why did she said such resentful [/pathetic] words. She is startled when Shou calls out to her. Holding the wrist band, he tells her to help him wear it.

She asks why he couldn’t wear it on his own. He insists that she put it on him. As he keeps on pushing it on her and she keeps blocking it, Yuki asks why. He says that she gave it to him. Yuki says that she knows that. He tells her that it can upgrade its effectiveness as a charm [/amulet].

This surprises her and she thinks, charm... She finally puts it on his wrist and thinks that she feels so jittery. “The current me can only just do this kind of thing--” He tells her that he doesn’t feel at all that it is alright that she isn’t here.

She looks at glum Shou and says, ..wha.. Just then, Himiko calls out to Shou that the coach is looking for him... Upon seeing him with Yuki, Himiko suddenly hits the wall and screams out her apology for disturbing them. Sweatdropping Yuki says no, it is alright and she should be the one who’ll apologize for troubling them.
Trembling Himiko says no, for Yuki to be able to come here can make them be at ease. Shou asks what the coach said. Himiko tells her that it seems he is looking for him to consult about the formation... Shou asks wasn’t the formation already talked about this morning. Himiko says no, just now, they saw the opponent’s practice...

As Yuki looks at them, she thinks that it is such a strange feeling. Soon, it is announced that Ryuhoku vs Sagino [guesswork from 鷺野] is officially starting. While the game is commencing, Nishiyama comments that he always feel that he’s so far away from the court. Amamiya is puzzled. Nishiyama says how should he say it, it feels very strange that those guys wearing uniform is unexpectedly quite far away from them.

“Perhaps, I’m still not used to it. The new Ryuhoku is also continuously growing...ah...wu...” Amamiya asks why he is crying, is he tired. After overhearing that conversation, Yuki thinks about the ‘new Ryuhoku’ and what she said, ‘even if I’m not around, you’ll also win’.
While realizing something, Yuki continues to look down the court where Himiko is freaking out when Shou said that his blister is going to break soon. And the game ends with 121 vs 103 with Ryuhoku winning. Usami-kun happily exclaims that’s great, first day’s breakthrough!

The coach says yes, yes, maintain the situation and continue on striving hard tomorrow. Usami-kun winks and exclaims that they’ll advance towards victory. Abe says that Usami-kun’s really giddy. Kuon says that in the end, their opponent for tomorrow is... Hatori with Noda suddenly come in and exclaim that as they expected, Misuzu won and will be the one advancing in the fourth round. So, they’ll encounter them again.

Usami-kun asks Misuzu is...ah, the one whom they played against four times yet they only won once, and the one whom Ryuhoku has a ‘they’re better than us’ relationship with. Hatori shouts for Usami-kun to shut up or he’ll sew up that beautiful mouth of his! Usami-kun protests that isn’t it good if they just win next time. Hatori shouts that he’s too easy-going.
Shou reads a message from Yuki that her younger sisters are coming to visit so properly rest up and she’ll still come again tomorrow. Yuki thinks that she finally understands why she said that kind of ‘even if I’m not around you’ll also win’ words. It is probably after retiring and graduating, she can no longer stand beside Shou during practice and during the games...

Recalls seeing Himiko dealing with Abe’s bleeding nose, Yuki felt that she is really envious of Himiko who is standing where everyone is. Then, she wonders what is going on with this kind of feeling. At the station, Shou meets with Shizuka and both say ‘eh’. Just as Shizuka is leaving, Shou asks what’s with that ‘eh’, is he a frog. Shizuka says that isn’t he the same.

Looking back at Shou, he asks isn’t that person together with him? This made Shou look very serious. He pinches Shizuka’s cheek with one hand. He warns Shizuka that he’s not allowed to keep on pursuing Yuki and he better be careful or he’ll strip off his shirt and throw him into a coed school.
Trying to free himself, Shizuka angrily tells him to quickly let go and does he know that they are going against Misuzu tomorrow. While Shou asks what about it, some women think that those two guys have a good relationship. After freeing himself, Shizuka tells him that he better not use that person’s retirement as the reason for losing. With that, Shizuka left Shou looking serious.

At Yuki’s apartment, Rin asks what, choosing a good looking guy with a bad character or choosing a non-good looking guy with a good character. Rin says that as long as the guy is handsome guy yet very scum-like, she also likes him. Usami-san protests but one will quickly get tired of looking at a handsome guy.

The twins exclaim that they absolutely won’t get tired of it! Holding her head, Usami-san says that in the end, one won’t get tired so do they understand her predicament!? Yuki thinks so that’s what ‘sharing each other’s worries’ meant even if she doesn’t think that Suwa is that bad.
Seeing that it is almost quarter to eight, Yuki calls out to the twins that it is almost 8pm so they should go home. They ask if they can’t stay over. Yuki says no for didn’t she tell them that she has something to do early in the morning. As she sees them to the door, she tells them to contact her when they get home.

As Usami-san bids them goodbye, the pouting twins tell Yuki that next time, let them stay over. After they left, Usami-san tells Yuki that her younger sisters are quite interesting and what’s up for tomorrow. Yuki says that the high school club she was in charge of before as manager is going to have a game... Usami-san exclaims in shock if generally, would someone who graduated would still join that kind of activity!!? That hits Yuki.

She nervously asks if generally, one won’t go, and in the end, she is giving them trouble. Usami-san says no, she only felt that Yuki is so serious whereas she doesn’t quite understand her younger brother’s club. “Ah! That’s right! Could it be that your boyfriend is participating in the game?” Yuki blushes a bit and says, yes, but...actually, whether she goes or not, it is possible that there won’t be any difference. Usami-san asks why.
Yuki says, because... She thinks that this is bad because if she tells this to Usami-san, she’ll only be perplexing her. Yuki says that even if she went, she can only cheer for him. “I can no longer do the work of a manager...” To Yuki’s surprise, Usami-san asks why it is no good to just cheer for him.

Since Yuki is puzzled, Usami-san explains that it is because even if the current manager isn’t Yuki, the person he likes is still Yuki. “There is nothing more comparably amazing than for the person you like to cheer for you.” Yuki recalls how Shou told her to come over.

Flashback: Shou hugged her and told her that he’ll help her recharge her energy. Then, there was that time when Shou says that even if he is very lonely, but he’ll do his best, and she also does her best. End flashback. Yuki mutters, ah..right, that’s right...

Usami-san scowls and says isn’t it so, geez— her younger sisters are more quick-witted and experienced compared to her [Yuki]... “Where are you going!?” Going towards the door, Yuki apologizes and says that she’ll immediately come back, probably after half an hour. Usami-san calls out to her that half an hour isn’t considered ‘immediately’.
While getting out of the train, Yuki wonders what she is hesitating and distressed about. “Even if I’m no longer the manager, even if I’m no longer his senpai from the same school, even if I’m not at his side, I also have some things that I have to do. Things that only I can give him.”

While Shou is watching TV, his dog is barking out loud. Shou’s mother[?] wonders what’s going on for Ken the dog to be barking like that. Standing up, Shou says that someone is probably looking for him. His mother asks if it is a friend.

Kneeling near the gate, Yuki is startled when she hears the door open. Shou says that it turns out to be her. Holding her cellphone, she asks how come he knew when she was just about to contact him. He tells her that their dog will only bark furiously at her. He tells her that if something’s up, he can go to her house, so what is it?

Blushing Yuki says that no matter, she wanted to directly...tell it to him clearly... While Shou looks puzzled, she wonders if Shou actually knew that that from his embrace, she obtained strength. “It is because he caressed my hair that I felt fully energized. Hearing his voice makes me feel very at ease.”
She tells him, about that, it is because she felt that telling someone ‘strive hard’ [/gambatte] to someone who is working hard [by giving it his all] is very strange so it has been a long time that she didn’t do that. “...but in the end, I still want to say it to you... I should help you as if my life depended on it so ‘strive hard’ tomorrow.”

Shou looks at her and asks, “It’s for that? You ran all the way here just to say that? *Yuki looks gloomy and speechless* By the way, how come you’re glaring at me? *turns around* Forget it. I’ll walk you to the station. Wait for a while and I’ll just get a jacket...” Yuki suddenly grabs him and pulls him down so that she can kiss him on the cheek.

Shou looks surprised. Blushing really red, Yuki shouts that it’s for that!!! Shou asks what that is for. Turning to leave, Yuki says what he is pretending not to know for, when isn’t that what he said. “Kiss you and you’ll ‘super-give it your all for the Kanto tournament’!?”
Shou hugs her from behind and says that it is totally not good for it is totally not enough. He turns her around and they kiss. Then, she pushes him away and says that they are outside his house. To her !!?, he carries her up. She exclaims what he is doing, stupid.

He tells her that during the preliminaries, she’s the one who made that ‘solidarity’ cheering banner. “With just one look, I knew. I can recognize your handwriting. At that time, I felt, ‘Ah, senpai is here’. Supporting me in this fight are those guys in the team, also there’s the coach and that weird uncle [<- Miyoshi] as well as Himiko-chan. Of course, there is still senpai who is always in my heart. ...it is like that.”

Yuki blushes as she looks at Shou smiling at her. She thinks that even if they have to separate, even how far the distance is, she will continue to support him. “Yes, I’ll use whatever kind of method to transmit my feelings.”

The next day, at the basketball venue, Shizuka finishes tying up his shoes. He tells the others that they’re going. At the court, as Ryuhoku faces off with Misuzu, it was announced that the game between the two schools is now going to start.
Comment: Well, as usual, the mangaka isn’t going to drag things. Yuki immediately makes it up for her earlier ‘failure/mistake’. I guess being Yuki the manager who is on top of everything, she feels that what she’s doing is quite insufficient to help Shou out.

As the others were talking about, it is some feeling of ‘no longer with the team’ since they are just watching from the side and just cheering others on. Yuki probably wants to still feel ‘needed’ and she also kind of forgot her role as the girlfriend.

Thanks to Usami-san, Yuki has finally realized how simple lovey-dovey can be a great help. It was like how Shou did it to her before. And as Yuki observed before, Usami-san is pretty much like an older version of her younger sisters. ^^;

I guess the younger brother she is referring to is indeed the one in Ryuhoku club.  Anyway, that is now resolved so time for more basketball in the next chapter. I think Ryuhoku will win it this time. Scans by 红莲汉

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      Indeed. Yes, there are readers who don't like Yuki's personality. Well, in Chinese that is. I haven't heard of taking advantage but more on, not appreciating him, and infuriated with how she treats him.

      True. The opposite of that from what I had read would be the female lead letting the guy do whatever he wants with her even if she isn't that into it then flunks the exams. ^^;

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