February 19, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 55 - Memorable Temperature/Temperature that Causes One to Reminiscent]

At Meiryou’s shoe lockers area, sparkling Ousuke calls out to Ta~keru~. He greets him a good morning and comments that Ousuke’s mood is also bad today so early in the morning. “Wah. *Takeru darkly glares at him* Your glance is still quite intense. By the way-- Yesterday♪ I went to watch the Japanese music Kanagawa preliminaries.”

Takeru says is that so. Ousuke congratulates him for Tokize is advancing to the Nationals. Turning to leave, Takeru says that this has nothing to do with him. Ousuke asks if he isn’t happy that his older brother got in the Nationals. Ousuke says that since yesterday, his parents are always in this excited state, and it’s annoying.

Ousuke smiles and says that after all, they played really well and it would be good if Takeru listened to it. “Come and listen during the Nationals. I’ll also go onstage there.” Ousuke glances at him and tells him to look at the mood. Ousuke slightly smiles as he watches Takeru leave.
From behind, Kou asks if Tokize’s performance is that good. “Honestly speaking, I thought that the one who’ll definitely advance to the Nationals is Himesaka. I didn’t except that the outcome will be like this.” Turning to leave, Ousuke says that it isn’t strange though it causes one to be surprised.

“But, if you also heard them perform, you ought to also agree with that outcome. Tokize is already totally not the previous Tokize. It’s true. I’m astonished that I didn’t think that their change would unexpectedly be that huge.”

Kou says that for him to unexpectedly say that kind of words, it seems like they are really amazing. “Are we a match to them?” Ousuke says about that, if they played like how they played yesterday, they’re [Tokize] amazing compared to the current them [Meiryou]. Kou tensely asks if they’re that amazing.
Ousuke tells her that even if he said that, but this is the first time Tokize is going into the Nationals. “The Nationals is a scary place. *walking together with Kou* There is a very long blank period between the preliminaries and the official competition...

...For Kanagawa, that is a gap of around 8 months. If they always maintain their situation like that during the preliminaries, that tight stretched string might break apart before the official competition. But, they also cannot become too relaxed...

...Even if they further their strength, if they weren’t able to put out their best condition, then, that is ‘failing due to lack of final effort’. Based on that aspect, a strong school that always participate in the Nationals won’t be scared♪”
Kou says that if they win against them based on that, it really couldn’t make her happy about it. Ousuke asks what she is saying when the Nationals also includes the test of [this] time! “Starting now is Tokize’s crucial moment. If they cannot overcome this, then they are not our, Meiryou’s match [/opponent].”

At Tokize’s koto club room, Takezou tells everyone that he thinks that they should right now decide on what piece they are going to use for the Nationals. Chika approves of it so that he can quickly start practicing. Satowa wonders out loud what kind of piece would be good.
Kouta suggests that they choose a piece that doesn’t have a complicated melody. Hiro scolds him stupid because if it’s too simple, it is impossible for them to win the Nationals. Michi suggests that they play a cool piece. Sane suggests that compared to it being hard, how about a piece that has more vigor.

Standing by the door, Suzuka says that compared to all that, didn’t he tell them yesterday that for them to properly rest, they won’t have a morning practice and morning meeting today. Takezou casually answers back that even if he says that, but how can they possibly listen to that kind of words---...

He stops and looks back to scream that Suzuka is there. Smiling Suzuka says ‘that kind of words’ so since when did he [Takezou] become so cool. Aghast Takezou tries to say, that it isn’t... “I’m sorry. I simply felt that even if rest is very important, but for us, we basically don’t have enough time to...”
Confronting Suzuka, Chika exclaims that’s right, they don’t have time to rest since he also will absolutely get first place at the Nationals!! “I also said that to the people of Himesaka so starting right now, I will practice even more compared to before---”

Sane and others look on tensely yet with approval. Chika is surprised when Suzuka puts his hand on his shoulder. Suzuka tells him that he’s stretching too tight already. Scratching his head, Suzuka says, geez, if he doesn’t explain things a bit clearly to them, then they really won’t understand anything.

“Look you guys, if you didn’t wait for the start of the Nationals and continue on giving it your all-out strength like how you are in this current situation, you’ll have no more strength by that time. When I said ‘rest’, it isn’t simply saying physical rest but also, making you guys to go ‘prepare’.” 
Chika is puzzled that he asks, prepare...? Knocking on Chika’s head, Suzuka says that’s right. “During the preliminaries, you guys have already put all of your reserves [accumulated energy] out so right now, you guys are empty, understand?” To the girls’ aghast, Chika asks if he is talking about the state of feeling well [/relieved] after going to the toilet.

Suzuka says yes, that’s right. “How would you feel if your stomach is already empty and you still kept on always running around?” Chika says that it’s very hard. Holding up his hand, Kouta exclaims that he’ll be tired!! Suzuka says that is what he meant.

“So first of all, you have to eat. Music, movie, novel, manga [/comics], theater drama, any of that is good as long as it is recreation. Go and feel being moved [by emotions] then be assimilated into it. Like this, you guys can save your strength. In order to climb to a higher goal, rest up right now. So, today, after school, there will be no club activity!”
Chika shouts in disbelief. Suzuka tells them that club activity will start tomorrow but morning, afternoon and after club practice are suspended until the end of this year. “After that, we’ll resume ordinary club activity time. That would already be enough. If you understand that, then you’re dismissed. Quickly go back to the classroom.” Chika and others aren’t quite happy about it.

While walking away with the others, Chika is furious for he came over with lots of enthusiasm so how is he going to vent out all that enthusiasm. Standing by the door, Suzuka says, geez, won’t they just rest properly in an ordinary way. He sighs and thinks that next, there are still eight months...and he has to properly guide them.

At the shoe lockers area, Tetsuki notices Chika all dressed up so he asks where he is going. Chika says that there’s no club activity so he’s going home. Tetsuki asks him what does he take going to school is for. Turning to leave, Chika says that today, he’ll go for an ‘all-out rest’ so bye.
He turns around and tells Tetsuki that he’ll be eating dinner at his house tonight. “I think it’s good to eat a hot pot [chafing dish].” Not amused, Tetsuki tells him to quickly go back, go back to dust [/go to hell].

In the classroom, Takezou sighs for he lacked consideration. It is the first time he got into the Nationals so he got a bit too impatient. He recalls Suzuka telling them that he has to explain it clearly for them to understand.  Takezou felt depressed and embarrassed for he is obviously the club president yet he was the first one who got impetuous...

His classmate, Shibuya calls out to him and congratulates him for he heard that the koto club got a place in the Nationals. Takezou thanks him and says that it’s unexpected that he knew. Shibuya says that thing is still quite famous because of the showdown between the koto club and the vice-principal.
“Didn’t you know? When the vice-principal sees someone, he’ll say, ‘it is because I meticulously gave them a strict trial [/test] so it brought about this result’.” This made Takezou look aghast. He says is that so, it doesn’t matter to him.

Just then, a girl with Hiro calls out, hey, the two bumpkins over there, Kurata and Shibuya!! Hiro scolds Miyu not to call someone like that. Takezou asks them what’s up. Miyu tells him that on December 22, on the day of the closing ceremony, the class is going to have a ‘Chripa’ so would the two of them go?

Takezou is puzzled so Miyu exclaims that it is Christmas party and they’ll be holding it at the karaoke [bar] in front of the station. Takezou says ah, Christmas...it is already that time. Shibuya declines for he isn’t interested in karaoke. Miyu grumbles that he’s no good [/killjoy].

Hiro asks if they are also no good because they still have practice on that day. This surprises Miyu. Takezou says ah, yes, basically it is like that but Suzuka told them that they’ll resume normal club activities until the end of the year so during closing ceremonies, they can at most, just have a meeting...”

Hiro asks is that so. Miyu happily hugs Hiro that means Hiro can join and it has been a long time since they have fun together. Miyu is surprised when Hiro asks Takezou, “Ah...then, will you also join?”

Takezou sheepishly smiles and says, “Ah, no, I’m actually not good in karaoke so I-- *surprised to see Hiro who is looking at him with nervous anticipation* ...then I’ll just go and show my face...” Takezou is surprised to see Hiro’s expression brighten up with a smile.
Hiro exclaims then she and Takezou will be going!! Miyu happily says as it is. As the two girls go to another classmate to invite her to the party, Takezou nervously thinks, “...no... No no no. Yes, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. *scratches head* Just a rest from the club and my brain is already walking around randomly... What am I thinking?”

In her classroom, Satowa looks at the empty seat beside her. Flashback: Satowa asked Chika if he isn’t going back to the classroom. Chika said that there’s no club activity so he’s going home. “I’m going to report for a while about getting into the Nationals.”
Satowa looked surprised and asked if he is going to his grandfather’s place. Chika looked surprised. He turned to look at her. He said that she unexpectedly knew. Satowa replied that she can more or less guess it. He asked her if she wants to go with him.

Satowa is surprised by that and starts to become flustered as she didn’t know how to answer. She snaps out of it when a couple of guys are passing by behind her as they are laughing over something. Satowa said how she can possibly skip class. Chika laughed and said that he also guessed that so see you tomorrow. End flashback.

Satowa puts her head on the table and thinks that it would be good if she went with him. “I also really want to go.” Chika sits in front of the vacant lot. He takes out from his bag their first place winner trophy at the Kanagawa tournament and places it in front of him. 
Then, he closes his eyes. His grandfather is sitting in front of him smiling. Then, his grandfather reaches out his hand to happily pat Chika’s head. This made Chika suddenly open his eyes. Then, he gently smiles.

Ding dong. Not amused Tetsuki opens the door to find smiling Sane and others laughing and saying that family is here. Tetsuki grumbles that hell, they’re family. He tells them that it isn’t easy for them to not have club activity so don’t they have any other place to go.

Sane tells him not to say it like that because after thinking about it back and forth, it has been a long time since they had fun at his house. With a cutie expression, Kouta says that they eat a hot pot together. The other two with cute expressions say that they brought vegetables.
 Tetsuki asks if they and Chika have telepathy. Upon seeing Chika at the living room, Sane calls out that it turns out that Chika also came. Reading a manga magazine, Chika complains that they’re so late. Sane exclaims that that they aren’t the same with him since they had properly went to their class until it is over before coming over.

Michi asks what Chika did the whole day. While Kouta is happily glomping him, Chika says that he first went to his grandfather’s. “Afterwards, I went to granny but I was scolded ‘how come you are casually skipping class’ *Shizu had hit Chika on the head*...

 ...On the way back, I was found out and chased after by a police officer. *a policeman chased after Chika as he asked why he isn’t in school* Then, I used all of my money to ride a train so I no longer have any money to go back. *leaf blowing at Chika* Afterwards, I watched the sunset and walked three stations until I reached this place.”
Sane says what he is doing on this precious break. Michi says that he used up all of his money to ride a train so he had to run back three stations. Tetsuki angrily shouts for them to come over and help him, and don’t just lazy around over there.

Chika protests that if he wants them to help, won’t that give him trouble. Tetsuki angrily shouts that he’ll beat him up. While Sane is showing him more of the stuff they brought, Tetsuki is preparing the ingredients of the hot pot. He shouts at Chika and others to quit playing around.
With the hot pot on the table, they exclaim that they super like it and it is absolutely delicious [looking]!!! Itadakimasu! They all dig in. Kouta goes hmm— Michi says that it’s so delicious. Chika is busy devouring his food. Then, he tells Tetsuki that tomorrow morning, he wants to eat strawberry sandwich.

 Tetsuki asks what, he even wants to stay over. Chika says that it is because starting tomorrow, they temporarily won’t be having morning practice. “Right now, I still definitely would wake up at 4 in the morning.” Sane says that’s right and it’s the same with him. Kouta says that obviously, it was very hard for Chika to wake up in the morning.

“But... occasionally, to be this relaxed isn’t bad either. When Suzu-chan-sensei said that they properly rest, I still wondered, can we really rest!? I totally couldn’t calm down... Right now, it seems that that I had once again thoroughly sorted out my mood, and it felt very happy [/free from worry]... *smiles* I feel that tomorrow, I can be in a completely new mood in facing the koto.” Chika and others look surprised and smiled.
Sane says that’s right. He shouts okay, today they’re going to heartily have fun and properly rest-!! Michi agrees and exclaims but, give him one more bowl [of rice] first!! Chika says that he ate so fast!! Soon, they are playing a racing video game together. Michi is winning whereas Kouta is going the opposite way.

Then, together with Tetsuki, they check out what movie to watch. Tetsuki suggests that they watch a foreign TV show. It is ‘The Running Dead’. [<- I think it is based on the Walking Dead] While watching, Tetsuki comments that those zombies are so fast. Chika and Kouta got scared that they hug Tetsuki and shout that’s disgusting, don’t come over, ah ah ah, blood--- Michi and Sane look aghast. 
It is time to sleep. Tetsuki puts out the futons [/quilts] and spread them out. Sane angrily tells Chika that he always get the bed, so cunning. Hugging a cat[?] pillow, Chika tells him to shut up for this is his bed. Tetsuki angrily kicks Chika and says don’t say that it’s your bed. Sane laughs over this.

Soon, the others laugh as Chika and Tetsuki are quarrelling. It’s morning. Tetsuki looks at his cellphone and it is already 7:03am. He thinks that this is bad for he overslept. Recalling the others saying that they are awake every day at 4am, he glances at the others to find them all sound asleep. [And, Chika did get the bed as Tetsuki slept on the sofa =P]
He sighs and says that a year ago, they didn’t know anything about koto yet for them to be able to work hard up to this degree, good job [otsukaresama]. At the club room, surprised Takezou asks, did he say New Year concert? Suzuka says yes, on January 7th, they will perform at Kawasaki Shopping Center and this is a commissioned performance. Hiro is shock about it. Suzuka says that for the time being, they are considered Kawagawa’s representative.

Sane says that this is bad, it seems like they are celebrities. Michi says that it’s so cool. Hiro asks where in the shopping area they will be performing. Suzuka says that there ought to be a special stage being set up, and the person who commissioned them hopes that they’ll play three pieces. Satowa repeats, three...
Suzuka says that it is fine to play a simple piece. Chika asks if they aren’t going to practice the piece for the Nationals yet? Suzuka tells him that within this year, they’ll first concentrate on this and after they finished the commissioned performance, they’ll decide on the piece for the Nationals. 

“At the same time, you’ll practice the piece that will be played during the orientation [/welcome freshmen meeting].” Takezou looks surprised by this. Kouta exclaims that’s right, the orientation [<- welcoming of the first years]...! Sane exclaims ya, and starting this April, new students will be coming. Michi exclaims if they’ll be senpai!?
Looking gloomy, Hiro says then afterwards, they’ll finally welcome third year high school...college entrance exam...look for work. Takezou looks tense, too. Suzuka says so today, they are going to practice playing the piece for the New Year concert. He gives them the music sheets. Someone asks what this piece is.

Suzuka says that this piece is a mixed arrangement which is fitting for the year. [<- I couldn’t find the meaning but it literally means ‘year flavor’ so perhaps a popular song during this time of the year?] “This piece is a simplified version of ‘Haru no Umi’ [Spring Sea]. Probably, you’ll understand [/know] it when you’ve listen to it. It is a familiar piece that is always played last year so it would be easier to play it...

...–Afterwards, another piece. If it is all new pieces, it will be strenuous so how about for the last piece, we choose Kuon which you guys have played before?” Chika exclaims that he wants to play it. All fired up, Chika exclaims that he failed playing it before so he’s challenge to do it again!! Michi nervously thinks that this is bad for he had possibly already forgotten about it.
 Satowa tells him that it will be fine for this is a piece that they practice so many times before and he’ll recall it once he starts to play it again. Michi asks is that so. Sane shouts that he’s burning to challenge Kuon again and he definitely will play it better than before! Takezou looks at the piece and thinks that it feels...

Chika says that it feels that it has been such a long time since they played when they didn’t play for only one day. He looks at Takezou and others and asks, “Right?” As the others look as if they agree, Takezou happily says that he is totally thinking of the same thing. “Okay, then let’s start to practice!!” The others shout, “Roger!!!”

Comment: For some reason, just reading that scene of Chika and his grandfather moves me. That was beautifully done. I’m not quite sure what Takeru’s issue with his brother is. Is it sibling rivalry or something? Iirc, he was disappointed with him since he didn’t get in Meiryou.

Anyway, if we are only to base on his complaint about his parents being annoying, it might be his jealous of the attention that Takeru now has. In the end, I think he will watch the Nationals and there will be some sort of resolution between the two brothers.

It is surprising though that Ousuke thinks that Tokize has a chance against the current them. That is, unless they improve or Tokize somehow pulls out an inferior performance than the prelims. What he said is true though, one won’t know what will happen during the performance just like when Chika hurt his hand before.

So far, Tokize had overcome the obstacle of not resting thanks to Suzuka’s advice. Rest is indeed important for them to re-energize. Even if it is just for a day, it seems that they truly had fun with Tetsuki ‘babysitting’ them. =P And, they’re now eager to play again ^^

We won’t know the piece they’ll play yet for the Nationals but there are other things to look forward to. First, there’s the Christmas party. Takezou had finally noticed it but dismissed it as ‘thinking too much’. Still, that is one step forward. I like how that scene is depicted when he says that he’ll show up after seeing her expression ^^ And, of course, her expression afterwards ^^

It is still a stalemate for Chika and Satowa. I think the impact of that scene won’t be the same if Satowa is there so maybe next time. ^^ Then, they’ll play for the New Year concert. Maybe have more fans and people supporting them. There is also a hint of new students. PS. The colored picture above on the right is the cover of the CD. Scans by 二次元秘店

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      Yea, quite right.
      It's not like front line soldiers can say they have a bright, long a prosper future to look ahead, right? Specially in their conditionsm but I get what you're saying I agree. Since there were a fairly amount of pages focused on her and her dreams and maneirisms, I bet she'll be appearing more and will have such luck, lol.

      Yup. We see a new armored titan, meaning maybe Reiner died - it's been over 13y, right? Unless, we're on another time line. And we see they put the eldians to work towards their own destrution with this war and wanting to invade the island, so now it's not only infighting and the other guyz they must pay attention, but to their 'own people' from the other side too.
      Just prolong in any kind of way, be it Sho graduation and going to college or Yuki college graduation and going work and etc. I just can't stand the way things are, she doesn't tell off/push away Shizuka - or anyone for that matter - but she must know he has feelings for her, and not telling him off just creates more hope in him. And the only one she can say no is to Sho, though in this part I can see why, but it off putting, imo. She says yes to everybody, even when she's clearly uncomfortable, but to her boyfriend...

      Well, it's one of those things I really hate in romance stories, so, like I said, I don't know if I'll ever go back before the ending, if she's planning to develop this triangle hell and prolong for whatever else reason.

    7. It is already out ^^ It will be my next update. ^^ It's good for those who are waiting for some romance in the series ^^

      - - -

      True but then, being reckless makes the lifespan shorter, or decrease another chance at the battlefield. I think so. Or at least, the guy with her.

      Ah, I think that was Jaw titan. I forgot the other one which starts with M, I think. Iirc, Reiner is in that airplane and looking older when it was mentioned that the older guy in their troop will be armor titan. But then, with the mangaka's drawings, I might have mistaken him for someone else. =P

      True, so I would think that Eren and others would just infiltrate them and brainwash their fellow Eldian. Kind of a reverse of what happened in the island. What do you think? I don't think it is a good idea to just charge and fight them.

      - - -

      True. And, ya, is that good or is that bad? I mean it goes to show Shou's special that she treats him differently. Bad since she should be more nice to the boyfriend. Honestly, I would think that it is just the mangaka's way to prolong the sex scene.

      Still, I would think that it can happen in real life if the girl doesn't want it yet and if the guy force it...you know what that becomes. ^^; The opposite would be a girl who would agree to everything what the guy wants.

      Somehow, I'm thinking of those possessive bf who force girls to do naked pics or video the bed scene then extort them later on if girl doesn't do what they want. ^^;; Extort as in post it online in exchange for cash or don't break up with me, etc. Curious, is there such scams there in your place? Been hearing it here at times.

      Before that hug, it seems that she still doesn't know about it. And seems to assume that Shou is just being overly jealous.

      I see. It's understandable since you hate prolonged love triangles, and those type of conflicts.