February 21, 2017

Kurosaki kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai [Chapter 35 - Underneath the Snowstorm]

Yu digs around on the snowy ground. She stands up and says that it’s not there when she thought that it had dropped nearby. “It’s possible that it was blown away by the wind. I’ll go over that side and try to search for it.” Later on, Yu has fallen flat on the ground.

She thinks that she is already no good. She looks up and sees a scarf in front of her. She immediately sits up and exclaims that she found Haruto’s scarf. She grabs it and exclaims that this is great! Then, she felt the cold snowy wind hitting her back.

She looks behind and finds it strange. “What’s going on, it’s just a vast expanse of whiteness... Where did I come from just now?” Meanwhile, Haruto is skiing downhill fast. He wonders out loud if she isn’t at the ski facility yet.
At the hotel, the students are praising the beautiful Christmas tree and this huge hotel is super amazing. A girl tells a guy that she heard that the one in charge of the hotel are old acquaintances with the dorm’s head.

The guy says that it’s great that he’s a student of Harumi. The dorm head tells them that they’ll start eating dinner at 6pm so everyone gather at the dining hall by then. At the lounge, Kaji goes to Takumi who is standing by the window.

He asks Takumi where Haruto is. Showing some toys to Takumi, Kaji says that he bought some things at the retail store that looks like Tarako. “I want to ask which one is the cutest. Of course, I’ll be giving all of this to Tarako as gifts— There is a doll and also a scarf-”
Takumi says there aren’t any difference, isn’t there [since it all looks the same]. Sitting on the sofa, Kaji comments that it is strange since he had also not seen Yu around. “Aren’t they skiing together? Could it be a special training! So envious of Yu-chan.”

Looking worried, Takumi says, “...but it is already past the time to congregate, and yet they are both not around. This isn’t Kuro’s style. Besides, starting from a while ago, the weather situation had also become totally unstable...” Kaji asks if he and Haruto are quarrelling. Takumi asks why he asked.

Kaji says that from the time Takumi returned to the dorm, he didn’t see them together that much. “Today, you also weren’t sitting together in the bus. Even if you guys look okay together but...”
Takumi slightly laughs and says that it is really quite surprising that Kaji is unexpectedly a calm spectator [/observant]...that it causes him to be speechless. Just then, Kaji’s phone rang. Kaji happily answered it and quickly tells Tarako that he bought lots of gifts.

To his shock, it is Tarako’s father[/uncle?] and asking about whether there is a yeti in the snowy mountain. Takumi muses that it feels that this time, it is Haruto himself who took the initiative to pull some distance between them.

He notices Haruto running inside. Haruto asks Takumi if Yu had come back. Takumi says about Yu, aren’t they together? “She isn’t back yet.” This surprises Haruto that he quickly turns toward the door.
In turn, that surprises Takumi that he quickly grabs Haruto’s collar and exclaims, “...you actually lost sight of her!” Kaji and the others look surprised by Takumi’s outburst.

Flustered Haruto apologizes and looks away. This surprises Takumi. Kaji runs to them and asks if Yu is missing!? “Is this for real!? Ah, Kurosaki-kun, are you going out to find her!? It’s very dangerous. What if a yeti-type of thing comes out... I heard that they are three meters tall. W..we ought to call the police...”

Takumi throws his cellphone to Haruto who catches it. Takumi says that Haruto didn’t bring his cellphone so use his. Frantic Kaji shouts in disbelief at Takumi and asks what about the yeti...
While Takumi covers the mouth of noisy Kaji, he tells Haruto that he’ll take care of explaining it to this side. “After contacting the people from the ski facility, we’ll also immediately go over. It will be too dangerous after the sun sets...

...*Haruto just looks at him* Do you have any leads on where she could have gone to?” Haruto says no. Takumi says then, they’ll need a lot of manpower. Holding his scarf, Kaji calls out to Haruto [who is facing away from Kaji ] that this is his, so please use it.

Putting his ski googles on, Haruto says that there’s no need. Kaji insists that it will be very cold if he doesn’t wear a scarf especially since it is still snowing. This made Haruto realize something. As Haruto prepares to leave, Kaji is calling out to him. Takumi says, “...if you cannot properly value and grasp her tightly, then I won’t give up.”
Haruto just looks at him for a while before rushing off. Takumi wonders out loud that Haruto actually didn’t answer back and it’s so unlike of him... Back at the ski area, Yu thinks the snowstorm had immediately stopped.

“That’s great... *sees a building below* Ah, is that the hotel? I only have to go and ski down that direction then it will be fine, right... *stands up* This time, I’ll properly hold it for I cannot lose it again. Why would he always hold back on the answer after I confessed? *slowly skiing down*...

...Basically, the person who first said ‘I’ll go steady with you’ is Kurosaki-kun even if it is only limited to the lovers’ competition. I feel that there are many trees here... Ah...the kiss, too...
...He...took the initiative so many times... Even if he deliberately wanted to provoke me to anger, but it always made me anticipate a bit... *her foot slips* Ah!?” Just then, Haruto skis to the place where he thinks Yu is. He curses since Yu isn’t there. Then, he notices a strip of cloth on a branch.

Meanwhile, Yu is already lying on the snow. She mutters that startled her. She is shock that her coat has been ripped [by a branch of the tree] and one of her ski is broken. “...I’m going to die here all alone... I also haven’t obtained the answer to the confession. I’ll die in this kind of situation...

...I don’t want it to be like that!” As Haruto is skiing down behind her, Yu screams, “---this isn’t a bit like Kurosaki-kun! Compared to the usual, who’ll just say whatever he thinks, you--- Black Devil, you’re a big idiot---” She is surprised when Haruto asks her from behind, “...who are you calling an idiot?”
While she is still surprised, Haruto sighs in relief. Yu wonders if she is dreaming but realizes she wasn’t when Haruto threw his coat on her. He tells her to wear it. Yu sneezes and tells him that she’s fine. He tells her that her clothes were ripped so wear it.

Then, Haruto calls up Takumi to inform him that he has found her. Takumi, together with the dorm head, asks if Yu is fine. Haruto says, yes. Takumi informs him that cellphone can pinpoint his location so the rescue team will immediately find them.

“You go and find a place where you guys can keep away from the snow storm. Then, wait there.” Soon, the two are waiting at a cave-like area. Yu looks at Haruto wonders if he isn’t cold [since she is wearing his outer coat].
She thinks that he is angry for he only told her to wait there, and then he didn’t talk anymore. “After all, we’ve already alerted the rescue team and that had possibly caused a huge disturbance.” Yu calls out to Haruto to apologize for giving him trouble.

He asks her why she ran all the way here when this is already outside the ski path. Yu looks flustered. She tells him that it is because, in the end, she still couldn’t just let this go... He sees her holding the scarf. He tells her that he ought to have told her clearly not to go and pick it up.

Yu says that she knows and she’s sorry. “It is natural for you to be angry for I’ve acted on my own initiative... In spite of it, I even caused you to come and look for me here...”
To her surprise, Haruto says that he isn’t angry at her. Just then, the search team flashes a light towards them and asks if they are the Harumi students. “Are you injured?” Yu calls out that they aren’t.

One of the men contacts someone that the two are safe and sound so they’ll be returning right now. The other man tells Haruto that he’s really reckless for unexpectedly looked for Yu all alone. Haruto then says, “---Akabane, I really hate you. That is my answer. Don’t come near me again.” Yu looks surprised.

At the hotel, the dorm head tells Yu that it’s great that they came back safely. Yu apologizes for the trouble she caused. Kaji exclaims to Haruto that it’s really fortunate that he is fine, and the yeti didn’t appear, right?!
Yu glances at Haruto who is leaving. She looks sad as she recalls what Haruto just told her. Takumi arrives and calls out to Haruto. Haruto gives him back his cellphone. He thanks Takumi and says that he’ll be going back to his room.

Haruto enters room 1001. He is breathing hard as he throws down his coat on the floor. At the dining hall, Kaji squeals in delight over the delicious looking spread of food on the table. He says that he can finally show his skills in a buffet for he can eat all of it up.

Another guy laughs and says that Kaji got a lot of food. A couple of girls call out to Yu and says that they heard that she was in danger, is that true? They ask her if she got lost and they even dispatched a search and rescue operation.
Gloomy Yu says that it wasn’t up to that degree and she’ll go over here to get some food. The girls ask her if Haruto and others knew, and they’ll definitely make her write reflection letter, poor her.

While putting food on her tray, Yu says that if it is a reflection letter, she wants to write a hundred of them so that she’ll properly reflect on her foolishness... The two says that they ought to be very angry to make her do that.

Just then, Takumi calls out to Yu and says that as the dorm president, he wants to talk to her about today’s incident. The two girls just cheer Yu on for Takumi is also angry. After the girls left, Kaji goes to the two and says that he wants to eat with the two of them, and about Haruto...
Takumi casually tells him that there is roast beef on that side. This made Kaji leave them to get some of those beef. Offering a hot drink to Yu on a table, Takumi tells her that he isn’t angry and he just want to chat with her for a while.

Sitting beside her, Takumi says that in short, it is great that she can come back safely. Yu bows and apologizes for the trouble she caused. She tells him that she’ll sincerely write the reflection letter and she’ll also properly accept the punishment for it.

While sipping his drink, Takumi says that doesn’t matter since what he wanted to talk about with her is something else. “Kuro didn’t come.” This made her look flustered. He tells her that after the cultural festival, he felt that the two of them are acting a bit strange. “What had happened? I’m very worried.”
Later on, Takumi asks what Haruto’s answer was. Yu says that he told her that he really hates her. Takumi says hate huh, so does she plan on giving up? Yu protests that Haruto told her not to come near him. Takumi asks if it is only at this time she’ll listen to what Haruto said.

Holding the cup tightly, Yu thinks that even if he says that... Takumi says how about choosing him? “Until now, this feeling of wanting to hinder Kuro and Yu has not changed.” As Kaji arrives and says that there is also sushi over there, Yu asks what hindrance is he referring to.

Takumi continues to say, “Besides, do you think that Kuro likes you? From the start, the two of you are just quarrelling nonstop. But then, right now, you have a face that looks like you’re going to cry. It’s really unexpected that you’re so spineless.” This made flustered Yu stand up and denies that she’s going to cry.
He tells her, “The new building’s room 1001.” Yu is puzzled. Sparkling Takumi smiles and tells her that is Haruto’s room as well as his. “You’ll go and clearly ask, right? *blushing Yu is speechless* Please take your time--- If he were to make you cry, I can comfort you.”

Yu exclaims that she won’t cry and he is really teasing her! As Yu leaves, Takumi laughs and says that he is obviously cheering her on as her friend. Yu asks a waitress where the exit is. Blushing a bit, Takumi sighs. After overhearing part of the conversation, Kaji tells Takumi that he really likes Yu.

Takumi says, geez, that side of Kaji is really infuriating. Yu has arrived at room 1001. While holding the scarf, Yu thinks that even if she went there spontaneously, on the other hand, she’ll cause him to be angry again.
She trembles and thinks, “...but, even if he one-sidedly rejected me, I also have no reason to listen to him. *recalls Haruto telling her that he really hates her and a tear starts to form on her eye* --I cannot cry. He braved the snowstorm to find me and I have to properly say my thanks...

...I’ll also properly give the scarf back to him. *shaking as she knocks on the door* ...It is precisely as Shirakawa-kun said, he basically don’t like me. –even if it is like that, I still want to tell him that I like him.” It is all quiet that Yu thinks that this is strange. “Is he already asleep!?”
She is startled when Haruto suddenly opens the door. He asks her why she came. Just when she is about to tell him, Haruto is falling over that Yu has to hold him steady. She wonders what’s going on when she notices that he feels warm. She realizes that he has a fever.

She tells him to pull himself together because he’s heavy so first go to that side. Yu manages to put him on the bed. Yu asks if he is okay. Haruto says that didn’t he tell her not to come close to him. This made Yu look flustered.
Covering him with the blanket, she apologizes and says that she cannot listen to what he says. “...For you to come and look for me just now, I’m really thankful about that. ...besides, I still have to give this to you...” He takes the scarf that she holds out to him.

Turning to leave, Yu says asks if he needs something like medicine and water. “I’ll also go and inform Shirakawa-kun...” She is surprised when Haruto suddenly sits up and grabs her hand. He tells her, “...do not go, stay here...”
Comment: Obviously, something unusual is going on with Haruto after the confession since he isn’t acting himself. It makes me wonder his ‘answer’ is just to stop himself from falling in love/whatever he feels for Yu since it shouldn’t have anything to do with Takumi being his friend who also likes Yu.

With Takumi’s kind of reluctant support, Yu isn’t going to give up so easily. Thumbs up to Takumi for doing that. Perhaps, there will be progress since Haruto might show his real feelings while he’s sick. Well, they usually do in shoujo manga =P Unless, something happens and he forgot all about it-type of scenarios ^^;

I do find Kaji quite annoying in this chapter that I almost wanted someone to smack him or something for keep on talking about the yeti thing. ^^; Is that supposed to be comedy? ^^;; Anyway, it is good that Takumi knows what makes him tick so that he can shoo him away from a while as he talked with Yu. Scans from baidu

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