January 7, 2017

Namaikizakari [Chapter 56]

Yuki recalls Shou saying that if she wants to act strong [/show off] then act strong. “...Even if it is like that, I’ll also take the initiative to go over and hug you. Take the initiative to help you carry things. From today on, I won’t miss your every move.”

Narration: “It looks like I’m being made to run around in circles. Actually, he is a person who is always supporting me. But, I unexpectedly didn’t quite understand his way of thinking. –Ah, perhaps, it is like that.” Lying on the bed with a face mask, Yuki turns to see Shou looking at her. She asks how many minutes had passed. He says 30 minutes. She tells him to quickly go home.

The scene changes to the college. Suwa is surprised to see Yuki that he asked if it is okay that she is already going to school. Yuki greets him. He tells her that she has fainted the other day so don’t force herself too much. Yuki says no, after sleeping for two days, she had almost recovered. She apologizes for giving him trouble and she’ll deeply reflect on it.
Suwa exclaims if she is going to deeply reflect over fainting. Yuki says that it is because she was also absent for yesterday’s work. Flashback: The glasses manager called Yuki stupid on the phone for what is a person who fainted yesterday saying.

“Are you a horse that pulls the cart[/carriage] in your past life? Nami [guesswork from ] said that she can come to work so go properly rest!” Nami shouted at the phone for Yuki to take care of herself. End flashback. Suwa says that it is alright for Nami came to work and there’s not much a problem at all.

“Compared to that, my right wrist that was grabbed by your boyfriend hurts a bit. *Yuki goes hah* Huh? Was it the left wrist?  *Yuki goes hah!?* Ha ha ha just kidding, just kidding. *Yuki gloomily goes !!?* But then, it seems that he is really worried about you. *smiles* He is a very amazing boyfriend.” This surprises Yuki.

Yuki recalls Shou asking if there is anything that she wants for him to do. She thinks that speaking of that, did she properly thank him during that time. “He did a lot of things for me. *flashback of Yuki telling Shou to quickly go home* I feel that I had only said that kind of words-- *becomes aghast* That’s too awful.”
At Ryuhoku High, while eating some rice crackers, Miyoshi greets Yuki and tells her to say a word to him so that he can welcome her back at the main entrance. He laughs and offers her some crackers. She declines and thanks him for his offer.

Holding a bag, she says that she’ll give this to him. “In three days, the basketball club will participate in the Kanto tournament so this is just a small gift.” Miyoshi tells her to give it to them personally and they’ll definitely be very happy. While walking towards the gym, she thinks that before, she was at a loss that she doesn’t have any thank you gift that she can give to Shou.

“What is that something that I can do for him... In the end, I can only just cheer for Ryuhoku’s basketball club.” She peeks in the gym and thinks that they are practicing. She sees Shou tossing the ball sideways to someone. Yuki quickly covers her face and thinks that she had quickly hid as her heart beats very fast over the feeling that it has been such a long time since she saw him playing basketball.
Just then, Usami calls out to Himiko. Yuki watches what’s going on. Gesturing to his left hand, Usami says that it seems that his fingers got carelessly twisted. Aghast Himiko shout to first put some ice compress on it. Usami’s classmate says that it is because Usami always walk around absent-mindedly so be careful a bit, and what’s with that ‘it seems carelessly’.

Nose-bleeding Abe shouts that Kuon [guesswork from 久遠] is right and he is getting a bit nervous since the preliminaries are coming soon. Someone shouts that Abe’s nose is bleeding. Abe shouts, why!!? Freaking out Himiko shouts that she’ll immediately get some tissues. Then, she tells Abe to raise his head and tilt it to 45 degrees. Yuki thinks that Himiko is really working hard.

“Right now, it is no longer a place that I can casually step into. *turns to leave* I’ll just give this to Miyoshi-sensei or the coach.” She didn’t notice someone is behind her. Putting a basketball on her head, Shou asks how come she is leaving without even a greeting. She tells him to shh!
Holding the ball on his hand, Shou asks what she is shh-ing about. She tells him that she only came to deliver a gift and she’ll immediately go back. He asks, a gift? Opening a huge bento box, he sees a lot of different kinds of onigiri [/rice balls]. She tells him that it is onigiri and there are three boxes of it. Shou comments that it is amazing.

A bit tense, she tells him that this..she doesn’t know if it can be considered a thank you gift for she had gave him some trouble for a while before. Shou casually says that it would be better if she let him sleep with her for one night and then, they’ll so a bit of embarrassing things... She tells him that the preliminaries are already on Friday and it is really no problem that he can still go hee-hee-haa-haa.

Shou tells her that there’s no problem. “After the senpai-s graduate, we will also properly strive hard. By the way, compared to that, *points at her as he heads back in the gym with the gift* A certain person who likes to act strong makes me worry 100 times more.” As the others call out to Shou, Yuki mentally curses but then, that is also merely a bluff that’s all [<- Shou?] and she also doesn’t know the situation.
While taking a bath in her house, she thinks that perhaps, Shou feels that the pressure is very big as the new captain that he is very nervous but too bad, he totally didn’t show it at all. She recalls him saying that from today on, he absolutely won’t miss.

Yuki thinks, “There are times when Naruse can thoroughly see through my feelings that it simply scares me. But, I’m not that sharp like Naruse. Right now, I’m not his senpai from the same school or am I the manager. What can I do for Naruse...”

At the convenient store, Yuki is re-stocking the onigiri at the refrigerator. Yuki thinks that in short, she’ll properly cheer them on during Friday’s preliminaries and she also has no work on that day. Her thoughts are interrupted by the manager who begs Tsuchiya [guesswork from 土屋] to do something.

Scowling Tsuchiya says that she’ll also have a headache for him to suddenly ask her. The manager says that they really lack manpower on Friday. Yuki thinks that if there is no preliminary game, she would want to come over and help... Just when she is going to ignore it, the manager says that Nami suddenly took a leave of absence to return home for her grandfather’s memorial service.
Yuki thinks, Nami-san...? There is a scene of Nami winking and flashing a v-sign <- a 20 year old anime otaku who is always very energetic. Yuki thinks that didn’t Nami substitute for her during work some time ago. She thinks no, but Friday...she is going to give all her strength to cheer for Shou...cheer...

The manager keeps on begging Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya says no is no for she still has to look after her grandson. In the end, Yuki couldn’t take it anymore. She interrupts the two and says that she can go to work on that day. The manager shouts, ‘savior!’ After school dismissal, Amamiya is shock to learn that Yuki isn’t going to the preliminaries on the day after tomorrow.

He tells her that he’ll be going with Shouji and Tonomura. Yuki says no, she also planned to go before but she suddenly has work. Amamiya asks if that is so, and if she doesn’t come, the others will definitely be disappointed. She asks if it is so. Amamiya exclaims that it is because the new captain super-duper likes her even if he doesn’t quite understand it.
Yuki says who know about that. She thinks that when she told Shou about it yesterday, he answered this way, ‘ah- is that so- Forget it. I’ll do my best-’ She thinks that the preliminaries’ schedule is three days altogether. “So even if there are games on Saturday and Sunday,...

...but Friday is the first battle. It is a newly formed team’s first competition and they’ll definitely be very nervous.” Yuki tensely says that it is good if she can help them. Amamiya says forget it, it’s alright for watching the game isn’t the only thing that can be considered as help. “So if you have any words that you want to pass to them, I can help you out.” He waves goodbye to her.

After looking stunned, Yuki thinks ‘words to pass’. She suddenly calls out his name. This startles Amamiya as he exclaims, what, for he thought that she is going to violently hit his back..! [<- trauma?] Clenching her fist, Yuki says that there is a favor that she wants to ask of him. At her apartment, Yuki wonders if this can really help Shou. “No, I don’t know. This kind of thing perhaps is merely just to satisfy my ego, that’s all.”
Yuki lays down newspapers on the floor. Then, she folds up her sleeves. Looking serious, she mutters, okay. Yuki thinks whatever is okay, right now, this is the only thing that she is capable of doing. On Friday, at the competition venue, Hatori darkly says that it is no good, no good [2x] and the preliminaries unexpectedly can make one so nervous that he’ll really die.

Freaking out, he starts to shout how come Tonomura and manager Machida isn’t around. Noda tearfully tells them that they had retired earlier on. Holding his wristband, Shou says no, they already graduated. Aghast and nervous Himiko calls out to them to please calm down a bit. She shouts for them to give something good for the senpai-s who came to see, the new Ryu..Ryu..this basketball club!

Someone shouts for her to calm down for she is more in terrible shape than them since she couldn’t even say, ‘Ryuhoku’. Pointing at Usami, Abe asks how come he is so calm. Suami asks Kuon to let him have a drink. Kuon asks if he is joking around when he has his own drink. Someone is shouting how come Yuki isn’t coming and didn’t she give them so many onigiri-s some time ago.
Miyoshi says to look, everyone is so uneasy. The coach says after all, it is like that. As Shou quietly fixes his wrist band, he recalls Yuki says that no matter where they go, she will always cheer for them. He kisses the wristband.

At the audience section, Nishiyama and Kanda call out to Amamiya who is with Tonomura and Shouji. Kanda asks if Ryuhoku already came out. Amamiya says that they’re up next. Then, someone says that it’s great that Shouji is still quite spirited when he heard that he and his girlfriend broke up. Shouji exclaims that they haven’t broken up and where did he hear that. Kanda asks what’s in that bag that Amamiya is carrying.

Amamiya says that this is given to him by Yuki. He pulls out a huge banner which writes ‘Solidarity Ryuhoku High male basketball team’. He exclaims that it is a personally created cheering streamer and she is simply a god for writing it within the streamer. [<- exact size calligraphy to fit in the banner?] At the convenient store, while mopping the floor, Yuki looks at the clock and thinks that she heard that it should almost be Ryuhoku’s turn to play during the third game.

She tells herself not to stare at the clock and properly work. “It’s alright, I had also asked Amamiya-kun to help me bring that. *flashback: the twins are shock to see Yuki making the streamer with brush and ink* Right now, that is the only thing that I can do. I hope that it can convey my feelings...”
Then, Suwa arrives and greets everyone. Yuki greets him back. Suwa is surprised and asks isn’t she off from work today. “Aren’t you going to cheer for the preliminaries...” The manager asks what are the preliminaries? Yuki says that she is substituting for Nami today.

Suwa looks at her then asks what time does it start. She says that it is at 3pm. It is currently quarter to 3. Suwa asks if she wants to go and watch because right now, she can still reach it. Yuki says, no, but... Pointing to his watch, Suwa says that even if it isn’t yet time but he can start early. “I’ll just drag my rest time a bit longer...

...Together with the manager, the two of us can hold on here for a while. Isn’t it so, manager.” The manager exclaims no way, Yuki has to do something important. Yuki tries to say no, actually... Slightly chopping Yuki’s head, Suwa says that it is very important! He pats her head and says, “Isn’t it so? Don’t tell a lie.” This made Yuki blush. The manager says if it is like that, then say so earlier~~~
Suwa says that it is because of the manager who had begged and pestered her to death. He says, okay, okay, quickly go already so she can quickly come back. As she goes to finish her mopping, Yuki shouts her thanks, and she’s really sorry, she’ll go and watch then come back. Suwa says that she’s so fast. The manager shouts that she didn’t even forget to mop that side.

Yuki wonders what she can do for Shou, it’s really difficult for the current her totally doesn’t know. Back at the game, Shou manages to steal the ball. While some people are screaming over how cool the captain is and Ryuhoku is on the offensive, Abe and others shout that it’s great and it’s a chance! The ball is passed to Kuon.

Unfortunately, the opponent manages to slap away the ball from him and scores with a jump shot. The audience shouts that Meisei [opposing team] is great. Shouji shouts ah, from the starting a while ago, it is regrettable continuous. [<- mistakes?] Tonomura says that obviously each player’s movement is quite perfect. The first half still has two minutes.
Then, there is a time out [/halftime break]. At the locker room, Hatori asks why Usami is waiting to pass the ball at such a strange place. Usami says that it is because Kuon is at Hatori’s side. Kuon angrily shouts, what, passing the blame on someone else.

Noda tearfully says that in the next penalty shot, if it didn’t get in, he’ll be hated by Shou. Himiko nervously wonders what’s going on. Obviously during the usual practice, everyone’s coordination is quite good. It is possible that this is the team’s first competition so everyone hasn’t grasped the pacing [tempo] yet... She wonders out to Yuki on what to do during this kind of time.

Just when the team goes back to the court, Amamiya calls out to the captain to pull himself together! Shouji shouts that there is still 20 minutes left. Shou looks at the streamer that is hanged. Amamiya shouts if Shou heard what they are saying and where is he looking, hey!! Shou mutters, isn’t that senpai’s writing...? Hatori asks what, who? Shou says it’s nothing.
Then, he looks serious. Shou tells his team that it is okay for them to just maintain their usual pace. “Let us not do anything that surpasses the range of the training. If we fail, then we’ll just do it once again. Everyday, we had repeatedly practice...

...It isn’t just to fight alone but rather, for five people to coordinate together to score a victory, right. *faces his teammates* All five of us are here. There is no reason for us to lose.” This made Noda blush while the others look surprise.

The train has just arrived. Yuki hurries to go to the north exit for the venue is the same as in the previous years. She thinks that even if she doesn’t know if she is able to do something for Shou but she had thought of it, she--- At the court, Ryuhoku players kept on thinking of doing the usual pace.
Hatori passes the ball to Kuon. Kuon back passes it to Usami. Kanda and others are cheering them on as they go on the offensive. Yuki has arrived and asks if they’re leading. She quickly looks at the court. Noda is about to shoot the ball but two opposing players are blocking him.

Noda thinks that if it is the usual, he’ll let Shou have it. He passes the ball at the side. Shou grabs the ball and does a jump shoot. Yuki blushes and thinks that she is really likes being engrossed over dazzling Shou when he is in basketball mode. Pfftt-- The game is over. Ryuhoku wins with 102 vs 97.

As everyone celebrates and Kuon is furious that Usami is putting him on a head grip, Shou looks up to see Yuki with the others. He kisses the wristband and looks at her. The others happily point and wave at them. Narration: “Properly think of it. Next time, what else can I do for Naruse for him to work hard [/fight bravely] at the court.”
Comment: From this chapter, it looks like Suwa isn’t going to be a love rival as feared/expected since he is turning out to be the one who’ll lead Yuki into appreciating Shou more as an amazing boyfriend. He even urged her to go to the game and will cover for her at work while she’s gone.

Yuki is really very dutiful and responsible that she just have to payback Nami for helping her out when she was absent. Still, it is good that she thought of a way to encourage Shou and others while she isn’t physically there.

It was quite effective, too since it inspired Shou to give some pep talk to the others which enabled them to shake off their nervousness. In a way, Yuki still helped them out since the team was pretty much crumbling apart since they couldn’t get into their pace. And, of course, the wrist band she gave him is his charm ^^ Scans by 红莲汉

Quote of the day:
Encourage others, help out where you can, give an ear to listen, and hands for help wherever you can. ~ Anurag Prakash Ray


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    1. Thanks for reading, Nelle ^-^

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