January 12, 2017

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 87]

Narration: “Being immersed in an incomparable sweet love had led me to the time when I had noticed it. It is somewhat a bit late.” Jun slams open the door and shouts, “Your Majesty! Time’s up! Get back to work!!” While hugging Yuulin tightly, scowling Reishou says that he doesn’t want to for the princess consort has just arrived, right.

“I’ll simply hug her and the work will be okay.” Aghast Yuulin says that isn’t good. Jun shouts, “What foolishness are you saying again! Wasn’t it you who said that it is also okay to just let you see her in just a glance! *waving the two away from each other* Okay. Okay. A promise is a promise.”

As Yuulin hops away from him and prepares to leave, she tells Reishou that she’ll come back tomorrow at the same time. “You properly work and I’ll also strive hard in studying!” Jun nods in approval. Reishou is disappointed for his rabbit has hopped away.
While walking at the cloister followed by her court ladies, Yuulin narrates, “I’m Tei Yuulin, the sole consort of Haku Reishou, the king of Hakuyou. The reason why I hurriedly and busily on the move by make a round trip back and forth like this is because the imperial palace’s system is sprucing up [/renovate] the proposed regional area’s comprehensive report as well as the imperial palace’s routine affairs...

...It caused His Majesty to become super busy for a long period of time. He had no choice but rest at the royal court just like before. The time when he couldn’t come back continued to lengthen. *Gloomy Reishou kept on calling for his princess consort that Jun said that it won’t do if he [Jun] didn’t do a bit of compromise*...

...As a result, I was instructed to come over and show my face at the government hall... *sweatdrops* Ah~ Even if we had already become a real married couple, basically, I only pass time at the harem... Just like a consort...

...It isn’t that good that starting from being newlywed, His Majesty would come over every day. *flashback: puppy Reishou happily called out to her and said that he sneaked out from work.* That situation isn’t good and actually it isn’t normal... Obviously, that person ought to be very busy. Huh?”
She notices three officials whispering to each other. When they notice her, they immediately become quiet and bow down to salute her. She thinks that it has been a long time since the court officials gave her that kind of look. “Am I some rare animal? It is because from morning to night, I’m so busy studying on how to become a good princess consort...”

There is a scene of Reishou looking dismayed as Yuulin jumps away from him. She says that even if it’s very lonely but she also cannot interfere with his work. Narration: “This ‘I’ll go and show my face in a while to His Majesty at the government hall then immediately say, see you tomorrow’ continued on like this.

Then, on a certain day... At the government hall, a court official ushers Yuulin to a chair and tells her to wait a while here for His Majesty is still talking with Prime Minister Shuu. Yuulin takes her seat and thanks him. The official bows as Yuulin and introduces himself.
“This subordinate is Kei Kikyo [guesswork from 惠紀鏡]. A few days ago, I was transferred from some other division to the government hall. Let me first pay my respects to you. *smiles* ...I unexpectedly was able to see the FAMOUS Lady princess consort that it seems like a dream. Actually, it is quite fortunate!

...*Yuulin looks tense and thinks, ‘like a dream? Is he referring to the youkai consort thing?’* ---after Lady princess consort has returned to the palace, everyone said that His Majesty had changed. *Yuulin asked, is that so?* It is! He had become a lot gentle... To the point that a few days ago, he had even permitted the preparations for the palace’s moon viewing feast which really astonished the cabinet ministers...

...*tilts head* Lady princess consort, what kind of magic did you use? *Puzzled Yuulin wonders, ...magic? She imagines herself creating some lightning magic while shouting, hiya!!!* You definitely had undergone a lot of challenging training, right...

...*Yuulin nervously thinks, training? She imagines herself shouting hiya!!! while sitting on a rock in some yoga position as she emits a huge aura* After all, previously, when His Majesty had just barely returned from the frontier to the court, he is so, so wild [/violent].”
Yuulin looks surprised by this. Just then, Jun came in and tells her to please go to the lounge where His Majesty is waiting for her. Kikyou bows and says that this subordinate will take his leave. After he left, Yuulin follows Jun and asks just now, that is...

Jun asks if it is Kei Kikyou, he was transferred here lately... “...he is also the grandson of His Excellency, Kei Sai [guesswork from 惠彩], one of those old men whom you’ve met several days ago during His Majesty’s sword practice.” Recalling those intimidating grandpas, Yuulin says that they are also the five influential family clans...

Jun says, yes, the other division had recommended Kikyou by saying that he is considerably clever with literary talent. “Currently, his performance is being observed. For us, training a talented person is very important...” Yuulin thinks that the way Kikyou talked caused her to become bothered.

“What’s with that magic? Treating me like a youkai. ‘Wild’?” With hearts all around, Reishou hugs Yuulin then Jun shouts, okay, time’s up. Reishou grumbles that he doesn’t want to, and no matter how he thinks of it, it felt too short. Yuulin glances at him and thinks, he just returned to the royal court, ...the past Wolf King’s wildness...
Later on, at the harem, the court ladies tell Yuulin that it is a rare night when the moonlight is so beautiful. “But His Majesty is still staying overnight at the imperial palace.” Looking out the window, Yuulin says that it is really beautiful and soon, the moon viewing banquet will start as she was told by that court official -> Kikyou.

One of the court ladies says that’s right. “After His Majesty had ascended to the throne, there was a long time when a lot of the routine court affairs had been suspended but there are some ceremonies that are gradually re-started again. It is because it was one of the long-established ceremonies so we heard that a lot of the ministers are very happy...”

Yuulin recalls Kikyou saying that everyone said that His Majesty had changed. Looking at the moon, Yuulin thinks that at the harem, day in and day out, she had forged ahead vigorously in order to become a good princess consort. “I don’t know what His Majesty at court is like. At the harem, His Majesty always dotes on me [/loves to spoil me] and he’s so gentle---...”
The court ladies are surprised when Yuulin asks them to help her in getting contact with Jun for a while. Putting in some pastries in a lacquer box, Yuulin thinks that after returning to the harem, even if she heard that His Majesty had changed but she also didn’t particularly think about it as anything.

“...I simply felt that I should do some things that a princess consort ought to do. *covers the box* Okay, this is fine. I don’t know why but I suddenly wanted to really see his face.” At Reishou’s office at the government hall, Yuulin quietly peeks through the door. She thinks that in the end, His Majesty at work is so handsome...

She goes doki-doki <- the wife’s preference. Reishou calls out, “Li Jun? That side of the work is already done so you can take it away---” Realizing that he noticed someone is there, Yuulin opens the door and says that it is her. Suddenly raising up his head, surprised Reishou says, “...Yuulin? How come you came to the government hall at this time?”
As she goes to his table, Yuulin says that it is because she had asked Jun about it and unexpectedly, she smoothly... There is a scene of chibi Jun sighing and says that it cannot be helped for His Majesty’s mood is very bad. Yuulin asks if Reishou wants to eat some midnight snake with her...

“Ah, if it’s troublesome, I’ll immediately go back!” Reishou replies, “---Is this my mind’s illusion for wanting to see my beloved consort?” With ? marks all around, Reishou is pinching Yuulin’s cheeks. Yuulin says that he is really very tired..!

“But then, please don’t pinch my face like this.” After one more pinch, Reishou rests his head on her shoulder and says, “If I cannot see you for some time... I’ll start to worry and think whether or not you are really still here.”

Realizing that he’s showing his weakness, Yuulin blushes and exclaims that he is worrying too much and didn’t they see each other every day! Hugging her, he asks, “Really? You won’t fly up to the sky and return to the moon?” [<- in folklore, there is a rabbit that lives on the Moon]
Yuulin angrily shouts, “Wha- Including His Majesty, [you all] don’t see me as a person!? But, I was studying day and night as if my life depended on it to become a good princess consort and I was striving hard to forge ahead vigorously! What’s up with everyone. Darn it---”

She is surprised when Reishou holds up her head as he opens his mouth. Then, they kiss as she goes, hm..uu..hm. Afterwards, she slightly pushes him away and tells him that it will be very troublesome if there’s someone there since this is the imperial palace... He tells her that no one will come over.

Nervous Yuulin tries to protest when she suddenly stops. She thinks, “Eh? How come my heart beat is so fast? It seems that it has been such a long time since I’ve gotten in contact with the Wolf King while at work. *looks at Reishou as the moon is shining brightly behind him*...

...Ah ah, so scary yet beautiful wolf. *Reishou leans to kiss her again as she closes her eyes* A kiss as if it will swallow me. A huge hand strongly locking [/holding] me. As well as, that focusing ice-cold and penetrating gaze which can be fatal [/cause someone to die].
*recalls Kikyou saying that Reishou is so wild* What is that official saying about His Majesty’s wildness? Did he really change? I feel that this person in front of me, no matter how I see it, is like the insolent [/wild] cold king who is hugging me in this place...

...From time to time, there is an expression of ‘hungry wolf’ that will appear but in a split second, it will disappear. His Majesty will immediately gently smile again. His Majesty didn’t at all change because I came back. He is merely getting better at concealing it, that’s all?” Reishou is stunned to see Yuulin crying.

After staring at her, he becomes aghast and wretched. He holds up his hands and says, “...sorry, I’ve seized the opportunity and didn’t choose a proper place. I also didn’t listen to your opinion. Ah... *starts backing away while holding his face* I’m truly sorry. I’m so tired that I lost propriety. I didn’t plan on frightening the cherished princess consort. ...I’ll go and run outside for a while.”
Blushing and sweatdropping, teary-eyed Yuulin exclaims, “No, it’s..fine! I’m okay! Also, that side is the window!! This isn’t that. This is but just...how can I say it, tears of astonishment!! Even if it is kind of crying, but it’s ‘I’m fine’ tears!! Don’t mind it--”

Trembling Reishou goes into puppy mode and mutters, tears of astonishment, what is that... He becomes gloomy as he continues to mutter, “This is terrible. I’ve messed up.” Thinking that he became a puppy, Yuulin frantically tries to assure him that it is really okay.

Narration: “While I was working, I thought that it is only the puppy king that is real whereas the scary ‘Wolf King’ is just an act and in fact, it doesn’t exist at all. But, in reality, ‘the cold-hearted Wolf King’ really exists. It is merely after becoming a married couple, he won’t let me see it. But, actually...
...*Reishou continues to gloomily mutter that no, isn’t it better for him to run off for a while* What to do, what to do, what to do, how come I wasn’t aware of it until now. I...*heart beating loudly* At the harem, being immersed in this person’s tender sweet love, I totally didn’t pay attention to that deeply hidden feeling...

...*scene of smiling Reishou with a loose robe while blushing Yuulin is covered in a blanket* In case I’ve been looked at by that penetrating glance, my whole body becomes stiff that I cannot help but cry. Scared to death. Legs shaking. If I were to be touched by that Wolf King, I’ll be so happy that my soul would tremble...

...Feelings interlinked. As if cherishing a precious pearl, I obviously already like him so much but it is already like this. *blushing as she covers her mouth* Have I unexpectedly fallen in love with his concealed cold-hearted side? –the one who had been casted by bad magic ought to be me instead!”
Comment: If that ‘bed scene’ is just Yuulin’s imagination and it might be, it means that she is turned on by Wolf mode Reishou. Unfortunately, trembling in fear and crying won’t make him think that way =P He’ll most likely try to act more on his puppy mode. Is that the new dilemma for our couple?

In a way, it will be a delightful revelation if Reishou knew. Yuulin is indeed the only one who loves both/all sides of him ^^ There won’t be a need to hide that side and he can just act natural. Maybe at that time, what  everyone most especially Reishou and Gen wanted to happen will happen by then ^^

I somehow feel sad when Reishou mentioned about his fear that she’ll be gone. I think it is more than just worrying/being possessive. That is because they are in this place where most people are known to disapprove of her. In the first few chapters, there are people who had no qualms in trying to get rid of her.

Well, it seems that Yuulin is Jun’s ‘carrot’ for Reishou to work for a long period of time. Even if he is strict and everything, it is good that he can be lenient at times...or rather, when it is really needed =P Hehe, Jun can be a slave driver when things has to be done.

We have a new character. From his character design, he seems to be a suspicious person. I wonder if he’ll work with Houen and Suigetsu, and what would it be like. Even if he is talented and highly recommended, because of his relation to those old men, I would assume that he is somewhat of a spy for them.

So, was his conversation with Yuulin is just out of plain curiosity or he is probing her reactions to what he says? Yuulin’s imagination about it is very cute though. Anyway, because of that, Yuulin has found out something about Reishou ^^

Quote of the day:
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~ Mignon McLaughlin


  1. Thanks for the recap. I really hope Yuulin lets Reishou know that she loves his cold-hearted wolf king side. Can't wait to see his reaction when he hears that. Would he pounce and gobble her up? Or would he think she's trying to make him feel better and continue hiding that part of himself to make her feel better?

    1. i hope he is so happy they kiss, and he is finally 100% truly happy for being who he is with Yuulin

    2. Thanks for reading, Lidy ^-^ Yup, though would it be telling him or showing him or both ^^

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    And who knows...maybe he'll 'bite' Yuulin accidentally again, like he did just before she fled to the Han house in the early chapters (when he had drunk a little bit too much sake, one thinks... lol), and he'll find out that she won't run away again, unlike previously...and he'll figure out how much she loves him...?

    1. Yup, indeed, Nelle.

      Maybe. Now that you mentioned it, he seems to be biting in one of the scenes. The part after the picture of him holding her hand. I was trying to figure out what he was doing then. ^^;

    2. Hmmm, well, he bit her nose last time, so maybe he did that again, and that is why she had her little revelation/epiphany on loving everything about him? Couldn't tell what he was doing exactly in that picture. But he certainly did step it up a gear. Love his reaction of "I should go run it off!" Rofl!

      Thanks for the great work! ^^

    3. I see so that's probably what he did ^^

      Indeed ^^ He did lose it a bit and probably had gone further if she didn't cry =P


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