December 28, 2016

New Year Greetings & Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Side story 3]

[Free talk: This short story is all I can finish before the family trip tomorrow for Taipei. Another early morning flight. @_@; For the rest of the pending summaries, I’ll work on it when I come back on Jan 2. So, Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the holidays ^^ ]
 For the short story,...

Narration: “Even if the feelings of the Hakuyou’s king and princess consort as a married couple, are deep, but there are also times when they have small squabbles.” At the harem, Yuulin seriously says, “-Your Majesty, we are not going to sleep in the same room tonight.”

Reishou looks surprised and asks “...not in the same room? Ah, why? *puzzled* ...could it be because I hid from Li Jun during the day and secretly went back to harem which caused him to get angry? *scene of Reishou happily goes to Yuulin*...

Or is it, [because] afterwards, I got you involved and played hide-and-seek together with him [Jun] which caused him to get angry? *scene of Reishou and Yuulin are hiding behind the bushes while Jun is angrily looking for them*” Aghast Yuulin shouts, “You, this person... After all that, it is inevitable that you’ll be caught by him...
...Furthermore, you’ll be strictly preached upon since [if you] add all that up, those things will make him angry! *scene of Jun looking furious* In short, it is because of this reason. So please, Your Majesty, go to your own bedroom to sleep! *looks away* This is my room!”

After looking surprised, Reishou approaches her and says, “...sorry, Yuulin but if I were to go and rest in my own room, then I’ll also bring you there. If you don’t want to go then we’ll sleep here together.” Blushing Yuulin nervously asks if this is something that he won’t give in to.

Feeling dizzy, Yuulin reluctantly agrees which made Reishou quite happy. Becoming very serious again, she exclaims that she is going to sleep at the consort’s chair. “So, please Your Majesty, go lie down on this bed. In short, we are going to sleep apart.”
Bewildered Reishou says that if he would let her sleep on the consort’s chair then it would be better for him to sleep on the floor. Angrily stomping her feet, Yuulin shouts, “How can a country’s king pass the night on the floor!? Like that, Li Jun-san will toss me away outside from the harem!!”

There is a scene of Jun bundling Yuulin up and tossing her away as she keeps rolling around. Reishou says no, he won’t let Jun do that kind of thing. Quite frustrated, Yuulin says, okay, she understands, then... Putting a strip of cloth vertically on the bed, Yuulin says that she’ll divide the bed in the middle with a dividing line and it should be okay with her belt.

Reishou just says okay, okay. Turning around, Yuulin shouts, “It’s like this. *holds up hand* From today on, please do not trespass into my side! We cannot go into each other’s territory!! It’s perfect like this!”
Reishou whines, “Eh--? You’re quite unreasonable like this, Yuulin! I oppose the promotion of this kind of extremely brutal maltreatment towards the husband!” Sitting in seiza form on the bed, Yuulin exclaims that it isn’t so and obviously, it simultaneously satisfies his and her requests! “Sleeping in the same room but sleeping apart!! It’s perfect!!”

Unhappy Reishou frowns over this. He asks if she can’t be a bit flexible. Looking away, Yuulin says, hmph, she can’t. He asks how about just holding hands. Yuulin says, no. He asks if he can casually stroke the tips of her hair. Yuulin blushes really red and says,...ah.

She quickly turns around and shouts, “I said no then it’s no! Your Majesty, you are always very quick in grasping my weakness so it’s a no! Do you think that I’ll let you because I’ve been taken in by that kind of method so many times... Your Majesty is an idiot!!” Pouting Reishou asks if that won’t do.
Soon, the two are lying together in the same bed. Reishou looks towards her and says that if they always go along with her wish, it will be very boring. “We’ll reconcile tomorrow, right?” Blushing yet pouting, she says that she’ll see if he shows the heart of wanting to comply with the arrangement, and then, she’ll think about it. “So, good night! Definitely do not cross over the line!”

Reishou laughs and tells her good night. Later that night, sleeping Yuulin rolls around and ends up crossing the line to cling on to Reishou. Taking advantage of it, Reishou hugs her back. He thinks that since it is like that, she cannot blame him for it since he didn’t do anything.

Narration: “In the end, [one] is still very angry. *Blushing Yuulin shouts that this is absolutely some kind of conspiracy— geez--* But, [another] is very happy” Reishou is happily sparkling and quite satisfied.
Comment: Hehe, Reishou is really a naughty guy. After doing all that, of course, Jun is going to be angry. The poor guy already has an ulcer from worry over his antics. Unfortunately for him, Jun is going to get back at him through Yuulin.

I think this is Yuulin’s attempt to disciple Reishou. =P Their conversation is amusing and cute. It does show that Reishou has no ‘airs’ about being king that he would even say that he’ll sleep on the floor. After what he had gone through, I won’t be surprised if he did that before and it is no big deal for him.

Reishou really knows how to ‘hit’ Yuulin’s weak points to able to get this kind of arrangement even if he isn’t too happy with it. I mean, better than sleeping in different rooms. He obviously needed his lovey-dovey.

It is good job for Yuulin to stick to her ‘rule’ rather than easily giving in to him. I can already imagine her as a semi-strict mother. =P Alas, it turns out that she couldn’t stay put while sleeping so in the end, Reishou got what he wanted. =P Scans by 水月梅漢化 

Word of the day:
To show someone that you love them, give them your time. ‘Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love (Romans12:10) ~ Mottos for Success by M.S. Fontaine


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