December 7, 2016

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei [Chapter 18 - The 13th Guest]

Standing behind a cabin in a forest, Yumi lights a candle. She says, “Hello everyone. Let’s start today’s screaming lesson. Together with friends, one would happily spend the night in a luxurious villa in the mountains.

But, in such a splendid moment, one had encountered an uninvited guest... In the end, what will happen? Let us take a glimpse of its outcome.” Lesson 18: The 13th Guest. Some place at N prefecture--- It is a rainy night at a villa in the forest. Someone calls out if the food over there is enough. Someone exclaims that it is so delicious.

A long haired girl is carrying a basket of bread. She says that the food is done. A girl with a bonnet complains about the guys are a bit busy that they didn’t help at all. Long haired girl laughs and says but, it is really great that they can come. Bonnet girl says that this trip that was arranged by a travel agency that was found by Mayuki [guesswork from 真雪].
Girl with hair in a bun says that it is the first time she joined this kind of overnight activity and it had become a high school celebration party. Mayuki [long haired girl], says that there are a lot of them so it is very cheap. They praise her for being amazing.

A guy holds her head and says that this girl is really capable. Mayuki calls out to him as Touya [guesswork from 冬矢] and exclaims what’s with ‘this girl’. She thinks that there is only one reason why she wanted to go on a trip... After they entered high school, Touya is the guy whom she got along well the most. She thought that this time, she ought to tell him about her feelings.

Then, she notices a serious looking black haired guy in a suit, wearing gloves, heading towards the basement. She wonders what his name is. Even if they are in a group, she practically haven’t talked with him before. Bonnet girl calls out to Raku-kun [guesswork from ] and asks what he wants to do, that is the basement. “The toilet is at that side.”
Raku says ah, yeah. Mayuki is puzzled when Raku looks at her then walks away. While Touya and Mayuki are in the kitchen to wash the dishes, the others are talking about playing some game and they couldn’t have a bonfire night party due to the rain outside.

Just when Mayuki calls out to Touya that there is something she wanted to tell him, they were interrupted by Raku who asks if they would want to come and talk about scary stories. Everyone looks in front to see him holding a candle. “Right now, the mood is quite good so I want it to become more fun.” To Mayuki’s dismay, Touya says that’s not bad, let’s play that.

Soon, everyone is excited over this that they talk about playing it during elementary. Someone says to switch off the lights. Mayuki couldn’t believe this for it wasn’t easy to get ready to confess and they’ll be going home tomorrow. She angrily looks at Raku. Upon seeing him standing so close to the fireplace, she wonders if he doesn’t feel hot standing there.
When everyone is ready, someone calls out that s/he’ll start. “In some unknown place and time, there is this woman who is covered in blood from head to foot...” Someone says that s/he heard of that already. Another guy says that it’s his turn, so if anyone has heard of this, don’t forget to interrupt him.

“Before, there is this girl A who is quite ordinary that everyone likes to bully her. One day, they went on a trip and stayed at a villa. She had provoked and caused beauty B, the head of the girls, to become unhappy. In the end, the girls locked her up in a small room. Afterwards, there was a fire...

...It was said that girl A, who was locked inside, was burned alive like that. From then on, every time people would stay overnight in that villa, it seems that they’ll hear girl A’s screams for help.” This scares the girls and made them feel uneasy. Bonnet girl says that’s quite scary. Mayuki thinks that girl A is quite tragic.
Touya says that he also heard a similar type of story. The other guys tell tease him to quickly say a very scary story so that the girls would stick to him and won’t let go. Mayuki thinks, idiot. Touya says that he heard of a situation which is similar to theirs.

“There are 12 guys and girls who stayed at some villa. There, they encountered an unlucky incident. While staying there, a candle has fallen down. The fire caught the window curtains which it gradually lead to a fire. It was too late for the 12 people to escape, everything is...”

Just then, the candle shakes that Mayuki quickly grabs it to steady it. Everyone nervously laughs and says not to talk about that anymore for that scary story causes them to feel uncomfortable. Someone calls out to remember to extinguish the fire before sleeping. 
Fanning herself with her hand, Mayuki thinks that it is getting hotter and isn’t the fireplace fired up too ferociously. Looking at the others sweating, she thinks that everyone also feel hot. The Raku says then, it’s his turn. He takes a candle holder with a lit candle. Mayuki thinks that he’s the only one whose face looks cool [/not sweating].

She wonders what’s going on, what’s with this ill feeling for just now, they are 12 people...yet it always felt that there is something wrong. Raku starts to say, “I found out about this from the monks living here. That incident has INDEED happened in this villa. *everyone is nervous and in disbelief* That accident happened here 8 years ago. It was said that the spirit of the victim at that time is still hidden inside this villa.”

Mayuki thinks, still hidden...? The water faucet drips. Then, someone asks if they heard some strange sound. “It is coming from the basement below...” Everyone looks nervous as they look at the stairs leading to the basement. Touya stands up and says that he’ll go and check it out. Mayuki immediately protests for she thinks that it is just the sound of the rain.
Touya says that it is too strange so he’ll go and take a look. Aghast Mayuki shouts that she said do not!! Everyone is surprised by her outburst. This made Mayuki apologize. Mayuki feels so strange, since a while ago, she always feel restless.

“Is it because it’s too hot...? After this person spoke, strange things are happening... By the way, what’s up with this person... suddenly saying about talk about scary stories...” Everyone becomes nervous when they hear someone sobbing out loud.

Raku asks isn’t it better to open the door in order to confirm it. This caused Mayuki to become flustered. She asks what’s up with him that she isn’t herself just now... “Besides, speaking of come I don’t remember inviting you to this trip...” Bonnet girl calls out to Mayuki that they did invite Raku and they are all 12 who came here.
Mayuki exclaims how is that possible that she doesn’t have a bit of impression about him. The screams are getting louder as they hear the lock being tried open downstairs. This is scaring everyone. Mayuki insists that they are just mistaken.

Grabbing hold of her, Touya asks what she is avoiding, and what is she hiding from them. In surprise yet tense, Mayuki asks how is that possible... Then, she suddenly sees some blurred images with someone saying, “...stop...who..don’t..don’t... *some girls grabbed a girl’s head* Save me... *a candle fell down*”

Mayuki thinks that is the scary story that she just heard. Bonnet girl removes her bonnet and exclaims that it is no good, it’s so hot to death. Others are removing their coat and say that they also felt that way. While Raku quietly watches them, Mayuki insists that they are just mistaken about feeling hot and also that sound, everything is... There are more screams from the basement.
This made Mayuki quickly run downstairs and shouts, fine...she’ll go there right now and confirm it for everyone to see!! “I only have to open it and things will be totally clear!! Everyone looks nervous as Mayuki pulls open the door. It is an ordinary storage room.

Thinking that they were mistaken, Mayuki says, look everyone... Everyone looks nervous and shock when there is a pair of eyes looking at Mayuki from behind. A girl with burned skin grabs Mayuki’s head and shouts that it’s so hot! Turning to face the burned girl, Mayuki asks who she is...she..she is...

Then, the burned girl looks like a plain looking girl who calls out, “Mayuki.” Everyone calls out that it is Tomoko [guesswork from 典子]. They ask how come she is in the basement. Mayuki mutters Tomoko’s name. Then, she remembers.
Flashback: While everyone is heading to the villa with timid Tomoko behind them, Mayuki exclaimed to hurry up for the villa is so amazing. She looked at Tomoko. Later on, she is shocked that Tomoko is happily talking with Touya. Later on, together with bonnet girl, Mayuki confronted Tomoko near the window.

Tomoko had backed away from Mayuki and seems to have caused a candle to fall down. Later on, Tomoko was locked in the basement. Mayuki and bonnet girl happily went back upstairs. End flashback. Mayuki is shocked for she was the one who locked Tomoko up. Tomoko starts to strangle Mayuki. Mayuki calls out to the others to save her, she’ll die...who’ll come...Tou..ya..Touya...!!

She then sees everyone in flames. Burning Touya asks if she remembered now, they all died in the fire. “Those stories... all of it had happened to us... *everyone glaring at her* Mayuki...” Starting to cry, Mayuki thinks that it is impossible, it is a lie, this is a dream, afterwards, she’ll confess to Touya and they’ll go steady.

“After the trip, the two of us will go and have fun at a some other place.” She mutters that she isn’t dead...she isn’t dead... Raku says people who died should immediately go their way. Mayuki looks at him in surprise. Thinking that they are all 12 together with Tomoko, Mayuki says so that’s how it is... “Who the hell are you...” She screams out loud when Raku extinguishes the candle on her forehead.
Soon, the fire all around is gone. Raku [assuming that is his real name] is standing inside a burned villa with some burned and broken utensils. Later on, a monk, together with a couple of people, tells Raku that every winter, something strange will repeatedly happen to those ruins.

“It is like the lights will light up and there will be voices of youngsters coming from inside, and everything. *relieved* This time, they had finally ascended to heaven. Thank you very much. No matter how I performed the ceremonies [to help the souls find peace], but it wasn’t successful.” Raku is holding an envelope. [<- most likely payment for the exorcism]

Just when Raku turns to leave, the monk looks up and says that the rain has already stopped. Holding a candle, Yumi narrates, “Even if the girl died, she was still immersed in a happy trip together with her friends. Only one was left behind the basement. But, when the door was opened, everything had become clear. This is all attributed to [/summed up by] that one young man. What kind of person he is, it will be unmasked one day in the middle of the story. Then, see you next time.”
Comment: This story is somewhat like the Sixth Sense or any similar movies. They didn’t know that they are all dead already. As for the new character, he reminds me of any other exorcist manga stories though specifically, Subaru from Tokyo Babylon because of the outfit.

Apparently, instead of the usual talking with the ghosts and chants, he ‘relives’ the incident with the dead and resolve what’s hindering their ‘moving on’. So, everything backfired on Mayuki that night. She wanted to confess but never got to because of the fire. Her jealousy was the root of it all which led to the tragic incident. Scans by 离境

Quote of the day:
Jealousy is the greatest fire to self-destruction. It leaves you into nothing but ashes... gray-black ashes. ~ Debashis Sarmah


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