December 12, 2016

Namaikizakari [Chapter 55]

The Ryuhoku basketball team is busy practicing. Someone shouts to Usami over his great shoot [/good ball]. The coach says that it is really great that this year’s first years are also full of vigor.

Clenching his fist, Abe shouts that’s right, even if they caused him to be benched this year but like this, perhaps, they can pass next week’s preliminaries for the Kanto competition! Pointing towards the players, he shouts that besides, their Ryuhoku has Shou around.

Noda tosses the ball to Shou who prepares to shoot the ball. The scene changes to Suwa who dunks in the basketball. The others shout, great shoot, one more. Standing at the side, Yuki thinks that she totally doesn’t understand how things became like this... Yuki is writing something on a clipboard.
She thinks that even if she is temporarily working part-time but she suddenly became sub-manager of the university’s basketball division. [<- Apparently, basketball club called sakuru (circles) and division called bu (teams) isn’t the same in college. ^^; Amamiya is in the club for fun where there is minimal practice and lots of drinking. But he isn’t in the division for more serious players. Suwa isn’t in the club but is in the division.]

“But then, we agreed that I’ll only be working for three days for the friendly competition. Ah, forget it, it’s like this...” Just then, one of the guys says that this is bad, the bandage has loosen so he has to go and fix it up. Yuki immediately stretches out a bandage and says that there’s bandage here so which hand, left or right.

The guy exclaims if that is magic, where did she get that, her pocket!? While Yuki is banding the guy’s hand, someone asks her where the drinks are. She says that it is in front of the stage and there are those at room temperature. [<- stage, I assume the gym is also the auditorium for ceremonies]
One guy exclaims what’s going on for the towel is super soft. Yuki says that she just add some vinegar and baking soda to the laundry liquid. Another one shouts in disbelief for her reputation is fully justified!! Smiling Suwa watches on. Yuki thinks that even if it is like this...

Flashback: Pointing to Yuki, he asks why she is here. The other guy asked if Suwa know each other. Pointing to himself, Suwa said about knowing each other, they are co-workers...right? Yuki nervously nodded. Yuki thought that the problem is that -> Shou told her that she isn’t allowed to meet that guy outside of working hours. <- She was moved by that scene.

She told herself that this is basically not the time to be moved and besides, she also didn’t know that he is part of the basketball division in the same university as she is. “That’s right. If I were to say it, it is— an unpredictable eventuality.” End flashback.
Suwa sees Yuki polishing the folding chairs at the storage room. He asks if she isn’t going home yet. Yuki greets him otsukaresama [good job], Suwa-sa[n]...senpai. Bending down to her, Suwa laughs and says that any will do, may it be ‘san’, ‘chan’ or ‘senpai’.

He asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is cleaning the chairs that will be used on the day of the competition. Suwa is shock that she’ll do that kind of thing. He happily tells her how moved everyone is that they felt that it is really great that she came [to help]. Yuki asks, is that so. He says, yes.

Suwa caught her by surprise when he says, “I really understand the reason why Nasure Shou is dead set on you.” Aghast Yuki wonders how come he knew his name. Surprised by her reaction, he says, that time at the store, when he saw Shou, he realized it and besides, that is the Ryuhoku uniform. “Lately, that kid is quite well-known in the college basketball world.”
Yuki thinks that it turns out to be like that. He asks isn’t all sort of high schools will be participating at the Kanto Tournament. Yuki says yes, the preliminaries will start next weekend. Suwa says is that so. Standing up, he waves her goodbye and says that even if he felt that it isn’t necessary but he’ll be troubling her to tell Shou that he’ll be cheering for him [/wish him good luck].

Just then, someone is calling for Suwa. Yuki starts to wonder, in the end, how come that guy got slapped when he’s super conscientious. At a sports store, Abe is shouting in disbelief that Shou’s shoe size is 28. Abe asks, Usami’s.

Usami says, 15. Usami’s classmate angrily shouts, idiot, he isn’t asking your age and properly listen to what one’ says! Just then, Noda looks at the side and calls out to Yuki who is also shopping there. This startles her. Then, Yuki greets everyone a good evening. Usami asks his classmate who she is but the classmate doesn’t know.
Noda asks what she is doing here. Yuki tells them that she came to buy something. Shou says, buy what? Yuki nervously says ya, her university’s basketball division unexpectedly lacks manpower so she went to become the temporary manager...

Recalling Shou’s request about Suwa, she quickly turns around and mutters that in short, a lot of things happened so she’s going ahead. Others say, good job. As she is about to grab a merchandise from the display, she thinks that is right, she must carefully explain it in detail to Shou, so she’ll do just that in a while so that it won’t be exposed that they were talking.

Shou darkly whispers behind her ear, “Basketball’s basket..?” Aghast Yuki exclaims, ah..yes, what about it..! Shou asks, it isn’t club, but basketball division? “With only guys?” She exclaims yes, what! Shou calls her stupid. She angrily asks what is it. He darkly tells her that she is obviously working yet she still went to take over such troublesome stuff.
Yuki tells him that she’ll only work until Saturday’s game. He says that he’ll go and watch the game. She nervously asks, ha? He darkly says, ha? “Give me a reason not to go?” Yuki just stares at him and thinks that it is his sixth sense..!!!

At her apartment, Yuki rests her head on the table. She thinks that her courage to tell Shou about Suwa had been totally extinguished, and it will absolutely become very troublesome when he finds out later on. She thinks that when she started working, he said, ‘he won’t interfere with her decision and he shouldn’t hinder what she wanted to do’.

She thinks that he obviously said those words but how come he suddenly started to get angry when she became a manager.. “The more he doesn’t say things, the more I’ll extremely care [/worried]... Ah, have to make dinner... Tomorrow at 8, I have to start working... There’s class in the afternoon...
...That’s right, I have to first take a shower. After class, I’ll immediately go to the basketball division to help out... There are times when I can see through [him]. There are also times when I cannot see through [him]. It would be very simple if I’m able to know what someone is thinking...”

Then, Yuki wakes up from some bird chirping. She is shocked that it is already morning and she slept like that [at the table] and didn’t wake up. <- because the house is too quiet. She quickly runs around wondering about breakfast, no, she must first take a shower, then go to work.

At the convenient store, Shizuka asks her if she is busy right now. While Yuki scans the magazines that he bought, she says no, she’s okay right now and after 30 minutes, there will be more customers. He says no, from the looks of it..she is a bit listless [no vigor].
Yuki asks is that so, but he’s the one who is hard at work because after the end of training, he still have to run errands for his [older and younger] brothers. [<- I have no idea how come she knows this and if Shizuka actually had that kind of family. Maybe it is in some side story. Anyway, if it is his family, that is another similarity between them]

Shizuka stiffens, and says, ya,’s really quite idiotic, them two [brothers?]... Yuki assures him that she is totally fine and thanks him for his concern. Shizuka just blushes a bit. Yuki thinks that’s right, since she accept this duty, she will do it well.

“I cannot leave things unfinished. That guy is also the same with me, doing his best.” So, Yuki is busy as a basketball manager = moping the floor, as a student = studying in class, and as an employee = made the toilet sparking clean which impresses everyone. Shou is still busy with club practice.
On Saturday, there is a signboard that the friendly basketball competition between Osaki and Komamura will be held at the first gym. Yuki calls out to the Komamura players that their lounge is at this side. They thank her. Yuki sighs and thinks that it’s quite fast, it is already the day of the competition and it will be good if the game ends smoothly.

While Osaki led by Suwa played against Komamura, some girls blush upon seeing Shou beside them at the balcony. Shou quietly looks down to see a familiar black haired guy talking with Yuki. Suwa asks Yuki how many three point shoots he got in. She tells him that just now, it is the 5th. And so, after the game, her task is finally completed.

With hands together for a favor, one of the players tells Yuki not to say it that way, from today on, they’ll leave it to her. Yuki immediately says no, for she still has work. The other guy is shock over the instant reply. The guy says no, but today, they were able to win is, thanks to all sorts of things that she did for them.
Yuki says no, she’ll just finish cleaning them then, she’ll go home. The others lament over their inability to convince Yuki for she totally doesn’t have any reluctance to leave. Looking at a timer, Yuki thinks that in short, it has smoothly ended so she’ll return these things that she lent and go home. She looks a bit sleepy.

Yuki is walking at the hallway when Suwa with friend are walking towards her. They were joking about a coach’s nickname being Grizzly bear due to his snoring. Yuki loses her balance that Suwa immediately holds out his hand for her to hold herself steady.

Suwa and friend worriedly ask what happened. Feeling dizzy, Yuki thinks that is Suwa’s voice, no..right now, she is still working. Still wobbly, she says no, she’s fine, there’s nothing wrong at all, and she just didn’t get enough sleep, that’s all.
Holding her upper arm, Suwa says no, her complexion is very strange and she’s talking to the wall. He suggests that they first go to the infirmary... Just then, Shou pulls Yuki to him and takes Suwa’s hand off Yuki. Shou tells him that this is his job and he isn’t allowed to touch her.

Then, Shou carries unconscious Yuki on his shoulder. After a pause, Suwa happily says, so-cute. His friend asks, really, when it was obviously unruly. Yuki thinks that this is bad, she slept on the floor again. “No good. Even if I’m living alone, I also cannot be this easy-going. I have to properly sleep on the bed...”

She wakes up and is startled that she is lying on a bed. She immediately sits up and looks around. She thinks, did she come here. She is startled when someone calls out, ah, you’re already awake. She is stunned to see Shou cooking something on the stove.
Yuki tries to think backwards -> Shou is asking if she’s awake and want to drink something playback-> naked together on the bed and Shou is saying, such an idle sweety...[since she’s still sleeping] playback-> making love. Yuki wonders what’s going on and what has she done.

Shou tells her that her complexion is pale and she had fainted. “The uncle [/older man; not blood related] in the infirmary said that it is possible that you had caught a cold because you’ve overworked and lack sleep. Besides, you definitely haven’t eaten so you had fainted. *Yuki becomes nervous and thinks,..what* Ah- about the key, I have already put it back in your bag.”

Yuki thinks that her body is quite weak... Then, Shou puts a small bowl of food on the table. Yuki asks what is it. He says, congee? He tells her that her house only has rice and prunes so he searched on the net and casually made this up. He urges her to quickly eat. He scoops a spoonful and tells her to open her mouth.
Embarrassed Yuki exclaims, no..there’s no need, she can eat by herself. She becomes stunned when he says that guy is in the same university with her, and he is also a basketball division member. This made Yuki immediately eats the food. She thinks that he’s really a meanie but then, it is very delicious.

She stiffens and becomes nervous when Shou admits to her that actually, he is really very angry. “Even if I really understand your feelings but I don’t wish for you to participate in the orientation meeting [/party for new club members], I also won’t wish for you to decide on your own about going to work,...

...and all the more, even if it is for a second, I do not wish for you to be a manager to that suspicious guy’s basketball division. *holds her hand* but, saying those kinds of childish words, will make you detest [me] and that is the outcome that I really do not wish to see ...”
Yuki looks surprised. Yuki realizes that during those times, when he asked about work and said that he really doesn’t mind, but it isn’t really that he doesn’t care at all. She thinks that once again, she had overlooked [him/those signs].

She nervously says that he totally doesn’t understand her feelings. “I..I obviously want you to remember... *flicking his forehead* I’ve said that I like you the most in this whole world. So, how come I’ll casually detest you.” He looks at her then says that she didn’t say ‘whole world’, it is ‘whole universe’.

Still blushing Yuki shouts that it is the same. He insists that it isn’t. She quickly eats the congee and stands up to thanks him. She quickly goes into bed with the bed sheet over her head. She exclaims that the preliminaries are for next week, so what if he catches a cold. She tells him to quickly go home.
Shou asks her if there is still anything that she wants him to do. She tells him that she wants him to quickly go home. Then, Yuki starts coughing. Yuki senses something behind her. She quickly turns around to see Shou lying on the bed beside her.

She asks him if he doesn’t understand what she said. He tells her that it feels a bit cold. She exclaims that there’s no need [/she isn’t cold], quickly go home. He tells her that he’s very cold so let him stay for 5 minutes. She didn’t refuse. She notices that he is trying to hold her hand.

She tries to shoo it away but he manages to hold her hand tight. Yuki thinks, “So, I cannot let him come in... [He] causes me to almost become careless and say, ‘stay with me for a while’.” While Shou is lying [/sleeping] beside Yuki, she thinks that it is so crammed.
Comment: It turns out that Yuki decided to become the temporary manager on her own. I think we are to take last chapter’s scene as Yuki already said yes then met Suwa. From the looks of things, it seems that way. So, she said that it was inevitable yet she can refuse continuing the job without hesitation later on.

If not, perhaps, she could have delayed a bit and talk with Shou about it first. Hm...though, they seem to need her to answer now, and Shou also has practice so she’ll probably thought to just decide on it now, then tell him later after all. Again, she probably assumed that it is okay since it is just for 3 days.

Apparently, Suwa is also his team’s top player. So, that’s another one characteristic of the type of guys who are interested in Yuki. I’m not sure if anyone here has thought of it while reading this chapter but some Chinese readers are assuming that Suwa is gay/is interested in Shou. That seems possible based on what he says about Shou like cheering for him, knowing his name, and how cute it was when he got Yuki back.

If it’s true, that is one possible reason for the slap that Yuki had witnessed. =P It is also kind of belated that he noticed Yuki looking ill when Shizuka, who is supposed to be the most clueless among the three, had already noticed it earlier. I surmised that Shou knows, too, so he probably went to find her after the game. So, Suwa is probably not interested with Yuki in that way.

I would also surmise that Shou knew that Yuki is going to overexert herself so he called her stupid for taking on that job. Yuki is indeed good at taking of everyone but I guess, she’s the type who tends to be neglectful towards herself when she gets carried away.

She does need to have someone who’ll be there for her afterwards when she gets careless and got herself overworked. Perhaps, also someone to see through her ‘I’m fine’ but she actually isn’t. Shou is good in making her become blunt at times though for now, it seems more like because he is just persistent rather than him knowing how she is.

The way the basketball guys are raving over how she works as manager made me imagine how envious her kid/s’s classmates will be later on. They would be shouting to their kid/s, how come your towel is this soft, your shoes so shiny, your bento box is so creative done, etc. =P

Anyway, I don’t think Shou would be happy about doing it with Yuki while she fainted. ^^; Actually, it might be bad if she couldn’t even remember it. ^^;; And that kind of scenario is usually when one is drunk, and she wasn’t even drinking yet. ^^;;;

In the end, they talk a bit. He tells her about his uneasiness. She reaffirms her love for him. Hopefully, she’ll pay more attention to him and include him more in her life and such so that this kind of issue won’t keep on happening. I mean, living more of a couple rather than living as a single. Thankfully, things didn’t become worse because of Shou’s reaction to this.

We got a bit of lovey-dovey in the end. Shou does want to be pampered but then, Yuki isn’t exactly the type of girl who’ll easy do that...for now. But then again, with a bit of persistence, she does usually give in. Though, her worry about infecting him is valid. Hopefully, Shou doesn’t get sick because of that especially since the prelims are happening soon. Scans by 红莲汉

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    1. Indeed but, having a jealous and possessive boyfriend, she would be forced to hesitate on doing things as she planned/wanted on her own because it might cause frictions in the relationship.


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    2. Hi Kat! I see it differently, having a boyfriend (or girlfriend) who is jealous and possessive causes friction in the relationship, it is not the other way around.

      Yuki growing up and planning her future is natural, everyone deals with it, but how your romantic partner personally handles it is a personal choice, and their personal choice is were the potential friction can appear.

      In other words, I am saying, you can give two different people the same "problem" and they might solve it differently. The problem will always be constant, but how you decide to deal with that problem is up to you, this is the unknown variable.

      Every relationship changes, how you decide to deal with those changes is a reflection of you.

    3. I agree. I'm just saying that because if it is a given that one is in love with a jealous and possessive lover and wants to work things out as they go along, one would definitely be force to hesitate on doing what one wants. Otherwise, it can be construed as one is just being selfish and not 'acting as a couple'.

      Yuki might not want to be annoyed by Shou or feel guilty for not being able to keep the agreement so she would think twice about agreeing on it. There will be people who'll think that she doesn't treasure Shou for not keeping the agreement. She also feels guilty for not telling him and fears his reaction. If she wants to avoid MORE friction, she would have turned it down. <- my point in the comment above.

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    2. hmmmmm by the way kat are you not gonna summary the ookami shuojo to kuro ouji???? its end already right???? huhuhuhu plz kat its not out in manga site doh. huhhuhuh and rere hello too. the sites are kinda slow. im using mangahome for reading manga. hehehehe.... kat u dont like sabaku no harem???

    3. Thanks for reading and the comment, Anonymous ^-^

      Oh ^^

      Now, the Chinese scanlation is usually one month after the official release due to being careful about being sued.

    4. that what slow meant? Slow paced? or Slow release ^^;

      That will depend on the mangaka. I think of that series like a sitcom. A bit of lovey dovey, a bit about things happening behind the scenes, somewhat like a slice of life-type.

      Nope. Yes, it has ended. I didn't find the ending interesting or even romantic ^^;; I just browsed it and it is like the usual stuff.

      Rere Hello is only one chapter updated from the last summary. Still waiting and see if the new arc is interesting enough. Nope, don't like. I'm not impressed and would just stick with OnH.