December 6, 2016

Tsubasa to Hotaru [Chapter 41]

Seeing Tsubasa getting ready to leave, her mother asks if she is going to school since it is a Sunday and she’s wearing her uniform. Tsubasa tells her mother that she’ll review at the school’s library to prepare for the exams. While walking, Tsubasa reads Aki’s message that he’ll be on the third carriage.

Tsubasa rides on the third carriage to look for Aki. Aki calls out to her so she joins him. They had earlier agreed on which train to ride on so that they can meet. Tsubasa is really happy that they’ll be reviewing together and riding on the same train because it feels totally different from usual.

At the library, Aki will start studying math first while Tsubasa will study Japan history. Just when Tsubasa is getting ready to do her best in studying, Yoshinari, together with Yonehara, calls out to them. Tsubasa asks if they are going to study together.
Yonehara says that if she let Yoshinari be, he totally won’t go study. Yoshinari exclaims in disbelief that Tsubasa and Aki are going steady for he was really shocked when Yonehara told him about it. Yonehara apologizes for she thought that he already knew so she divulged it.

Tsubasa says that it is okay and it isn’t like she is meticulously hiding it.. Yoshinari exclaims then she should have made it public, and he was a bit hurt. Aki whispers that they still haven’t found the opportunity to make it public and by the way, he’s too noisy.

Yoshinari complains that Yuuma already knew about it and he’ll even ruthlessly jab him so he’s [Yoshinari] really disappointed. Someone mentions about someone is behind him. Yoshinari turns around to see the scowling librarian. The librarian immediately sent the four out of the library for being too noisy.
Yoshinari is stunned as he asks if they were driven out. Tsubasa says that it is so. Yonehara tells him to apologize for getting the other two involved. Yoshinari says that since it is like that, they go eat at a family restaurant and go for karaoke.

This made Yonehara grab him and drag him away while telling the couple that they won’t disturb them anymore. Aki asks what they are going to do now. Tsubasa says that other libraries are quite far and the nearest family restaurant forbids studying there. Aki suggests that they study at his house. Tsubasa is surprised by that.

Soon, Aki tells Tsubasa that they will have to walk 10 minutes to arrive at his place. Tsubasa asks if she won’t be disturbing his family since she’ll be visiting suddenly, and she didn’t prepare anything [<- it is polite to bring something when visiting someone else’s house].
Aki tells her that there’s no need to be so nervous since no one is at home. His father is at work and his mother is at a baking class. This made Tsubasa more nervous for she’ll be alone with him. Before Aki can open the door with his key, he tells her that he forgot that actually, there is still someone at the house, the one who is keeping watch.

The door opens and a cat greets them. Tsubasa is delight to see Mel [guesswork from 梅爾; cat] while Aki cuddles it. Aki tells her that it always go to the door to welcome him home. Then, Tsubasa is surprised when Mel ‘kisses’ Aki.

Tsubasa finds it so cute and felt that she witness the world’s cutest kiss. He informs her that when it is hugged, there are times when one will be kissed by Mel. He asks Tsubasa if she wants to try it, to be kissed. Tsubasa is stunned that Aki clarifies that he is talking about kissing with Mel.
Embarrassed, Tsubasa exclaims that it is alright, she understands. He tells her that they are still at the door, so they should go upstairs at the second floor. Tsubasa is really embarrassed over misunderstanding what Aki meant.

After inviting her into the room, Aki tells her to sit where she wants and he’ll go get some drinks. She tells him that she brought water so don’t bother. He says then, they should start. While studying, Tsubasa glances around to notice that Aki has a lot of basketball magazines, basketball related manga, and even a game console.

She is shocked that he actually plays games. She catches herself about not being able to totally concentrate. She tells herself that she must properly do her best and study with him so that her grades won’t slip. She ends up staring around again before snapping out of it again.
Soon, Aki stretches and says that they rest for a while. He asks her if her neck and shoulder aren’t sore because one can easily get tired due to the short table. Tsubasa says that she is totally fine. Massaging his neck, Aki says is that so, then perhaps, it is because his posture isn’t right.

Tsubasa says that if he doesn’t mind, she’ll help massage him. She always gives massages to her parents and she was praised for her massage skills. Aki is hesitant but Tsubasa looks very eager to do it. Soon, Tsubasa is massaging Aki’s shoulders. She asks if the strength is okay and does it hurt.

Aki says no, it feels comfortable. Tsubasa says that’s good. Aki wonders out loud how come he is the only one sore when she was also studying. Aghast Tsubasa tells him to please don’t mind that. He asks her how come she knows how to massage.
Tsubasa explains that she read some books. Before, during Father’s Day, she gave her father massage coupons and at that time, she saw how happy her father was. It also made her happy. She was praised so she wanted to be praised again. This made Aki smile.

He tells her that no wonder it is her, and her parents definitely always felt that she is their daughter whom is worthy of being proud of. This made Tsubasa teary-eyed. Aki comments that she is unexpectedly a cry baby.

Tsubasa thinks that it isn’t so, but because the words he says always makes her cry tears of joy. She is surprised when Aki holds her face. He leans toward her when they are interrupted by Tsubasa’s ringing phone.
This made Tsubasa immediately back off and answer the phone. It is her mother. Tsubasa informs her mother that she’ll be home before 19 o’ clock and okay, she’ll buy soy sauce on her way home. After she hangs up, Aki offers to walk her to the station since it is already time.

They bid each other goodbye. While riding the train, Tsubasa thinks that a lot of things happened today. After recalling everything and Aki holding her face, Tsubasa blushes really red for it is the first time that she can see his eyes so close to hers.
Comment: That’s the usual lovey-dovey scene. Not concentrating on studying seems to be a flag that she’ll flunk an exam. So, will the problem arise first before the kiss? Most likely. By the way, I’m not sure about continuing this series. As I mentioned beforehand, the reason for summarizing this is Yuuma. Unless things become interesting, I’ll probably drop this series. Scans by allwink

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    1. Thanks for reading, Jadeyy ^-^

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  6. For some reason Tsubasa looks like Gfriend Yuju and Akkey looks like BTS Jungook.

  7. I totally get you. I searched for raws for yuuma too. Too bad he was rejected. Authors who specialize in making 2nd lead stand out is bad for my heart.

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    1. Sorry, Yuki, there will be no more update since the reason I summarized it is for Yuuma.

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    2. Ohh okay does it mean that you stop reading the manga? I also want Yumma for tsubasa. I'm still hoping that there will be a change of heart just like in the manga Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I just can't accept the she chose Aki.

      Thank you for responding your blog is a huge help ♡^▽^♡

    3. I browse it fast and well, it's hard to read if I don't like the lead guy =P

      From the looks of it, the chance is almost nil. The next chapters are how Tsubasa and Aki work things out especially since Aki is quite clueless/slow. For example, in the current arc, they went on school field trip. Tsubasa asked him to spend time with her during free time since they are not classmates in the second year. He invited his friend to join them. orz

      In the end, they weren't able to spend time together. I recall that it was also because he was a leader of their group and there was a meeting. There was a really nice chapter of Tsubasa and Yuuma but in the end, it was just fodder to make Aki become jealous and appreciate Tsubasa more. Sigh...

      No problem ^^ Glad to be of help ^^

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