December 16, 2016

Futsuu no Koiko-chan [Chapter 3]

While walking along with Tsurugi, Koiko says about that, when Satou kissed her, her brain unconsciously flashed the scene she has seen that night. “Afterwards, I thought that he had also used those lips to do that kind of thing with that other girl. I disgusted...

...Afterwards, I discovered [that]... *recalls blurting out to Tsurugi that she isn’t happy at all and she’s just a pitiful person* So, about that..all of a sudden, I wasn’t able to keep calm and it became like that.. (As matters stand, I felt quite embarrassed from the start)...”

This made Tsurugi blurt out a laugh. Aghast Koiko calls out, hey, you’re still laughing! He laughs and says what, her expressions are unexpectedly quite rich. This embarrasses her that she quickly goes back to calm expression. After looking surprised by that, Tsurugi lets out a laugh again.
Koiko shouts that’s enough already. “Compared to that, how come you have come out in front of me again!! Ah, I understand. You plan to come and make fun of my misfortune!” Tsurugi says that it isn’t so. “I was the one who had discovered that guy’s affair so I felt that I should bear the responsibility for it. By the way, how come you thought that I would make fun of you.”

Koiko exclaims, “Be..because! You told me, ‘very pitiful’. *recalls how she thought of those other girls being really pitiful* ( that so. Towards those girls, I...) ...‘pitiful’-something. *looks away* isn’t it looking down on someone?” Tsurugi says is that so..he didn’t think much and just blurted that out.

After a pause, he clenches his fist and shouts, “..hey, thank you! For making me, taking note of that!” Upon seeing him serious, surprised Koiko says that it is nothing and rather, she should be the one saying... Koiko thinks that he’s quite honest and it seems that she understands a bit why he is popular.
Koiko snaps out of it and notices a couple of their schoolmates greeting each other a good morning. Koiko thinks that she almost forgot about this guy being very popular and if someone were to see them together again, it would be like yesterday.

She recalls how the girls suddenly surround her to ask about it. “If it is only up to that degree, then it is nothing much. But, in case, I didn’t handle it well, it will become..” Scenario: While Koiko and friends pass by, the other girls are gossiping why such an ordinary girl would dare get close to Tsurugi, and she didn’t even see her own worth. -> end result: all alone and isolated. This caused Koiko to be in anguish.

She immediately bows and shouts, “Goodbye! Thank you for everything that you did for me. Thanks to you, I saw clearly that my relationship with Satou-kun is actually not ordinary at all. I also found out that I’m actually unhappy! Starting from today on, I’ll still continue on depending on my own strength to go and pursue happiness! (I’ll have an ordinary life and will patiently wait for an ordinary romance.) So! You really mustn’t continue to mind me..!”
Tsurugi tries to protest but Koiko is quickly walking away from him. Tsurugi decides to let it be. Koiko thinks that, next, she only have to properly settle things with Satou-kun, and she can go back to being at peace. While walking at the hallway, she sees Satou with his friend but he just looks away and passes by her.

Their respective friends ask if the two had quarreled. Koiko wonders what does that mean. At the balcony, Rino exclaims that Satou was two-timing her!? Sara shouts that he did such a thing and what’s up with Koiko that she unexpectedly plan to forgive him. “That is truly incredible!”

Koiko laughs and says but in the end, she couldn’t do it so she thought whether or not they should break up but the end result was, she was just ignored just now. Rino sighs and says that Satou would even dare make it Koiko’s fault. Sara says that from the looks of it, he is prepared to let the relationship [/feeling for each other] end naturally.
Koiko says naturally end..ordinarily resolving it like that doesn’t seems bad at all. Rino says that’s right, it can also be considered a way to do it. Sara tells her that anyway, Koiko doesn’t like him up to that ‘loathe to part [from Satou]’ degree. Koiko thinks that is probably right for she only like him ordinarily.

She says,’s like that. She thinks, “Fine, it’s already over. *looking happy with doves flying all around* Ah ah, how peaceful.” Her imagination got interrupted when someone shouts that there’ a huge bad incident for Tsurugi is currently quarreling with someone!

Koiko quickly goes to the hallway to see Tsurugi staring down at Satou. Koiko darkly thinks, who..isn’t that Satou-kun. “It can be reckoned that the reason why they are quarrelling is about me... It’s really enough, Ninomiya Tsurugi! I’ve said not to mind me anymore-!”
Tsurugi tells Satou that he shouldn’t have said that kind of words, so take it back. Satou replies, what the hell, this has nothing to do with him. Noticing the guy beside her is the one whom Satou is always with, Koiko asks him if Satou is talking about her.

The guy says that she’s here. Koiko asks him what kind of tone did Satou used. The guy asks if he said it to her already, and it’s really mean so pardon him [guy for saying it]. “About that.. It is the usual tone. He said, ‘That girl’s kissing technique is so awful that it is definitely out of this realm.’.” That was a huge blow to Koiko.

She thinks that they are talking about kissing technique and compared to her, of course, his older girlfriend who can drive a car is a lot better. Tsurugi says that even if it has nothing to do with him but he’s really disgusted with him. Scowling Satou exclaims, ha, the hell I care! Koiko thinks that startled her but in the end, it seems that she couldn’t cry over this thing about meeting Satou-kun.
With a smile, Koiko gets in between the two guys and says, give way. She thinks that about naturally letting it fizzle out. She seriously looks at Satou and says, “In the end, let’s break up, Satou-kun. I’m sorry.” Satou looks flustered then turns to walk away.

Tsurugi calls out to him but Satou kept on walking as his friend tries to catch up to him. Scowling Tsurugi says, geez- she cannot help but do the same thing. “That guy is really awful, right? Get angrier at him.” Koiko asks if she can get angry. She looks at him and says, “At you? *Tsurugi looks surprised* I told you before ‘don’t mind me’ and today, I also said, ‘it isn’t necessary to mind me’...

...I really appreciate your righteousness but, honestly speaking, perhaps, you don’t understand. It is just that I’ll get into a lot of trouble if I get involved with you. *noticing that people are starting to talk about them* (Ah...see, it has already started) Let me say it once again, Do•Not•Get•Involved•with•Me! *looks sternly at Tsurugi* Remember to explain it clearly to everyone by saying that we have no special relationship.”
She turns around to leave. While she walks way, Tsurugi quietly watches her. Narration: “This time around, it has truly ended. This time around, it is ordinary, peaceful happiness. Natsume Koiko’s second chapter has finally begun.” Lots of doves with an olive branch are flying around.

At home, Yumeko happily tells Koiko that from today on, Ninomiya Tsurugi-kun is going to work at their store. She gestures to Tsurugi who greets her, hello. Koiko looks aghast and kept on thinking ‘eh’. Gesturing to the door, she tells him that he’s fired so please go out here. Tsurugi shouts that’s so fast. Koiko wonders what the heck [is this]—

Koiko’s mother tells her not to joke around. She apologizes to Tsurugi. Smiling Tsurugi says that it is okay for he and Koiko had already hanged out with [/met with] Koiko before and he just missed the opportunity to tell her. Yumeko says that it is alright, and she is really happy that he can come. “In order to attract more female customers, I always wanted to find an outstanding boy to come and help~”

Tsurugi says that when he was looking for a part-time job, he had chance upon this store’s recruitment advertisement so he immediately decided to come. He notices something then laughs out loud. He says, “Your expression is truly very rich.” Koiko looks aghast and teary-eyed. Narration: “Happiness has already gradually gone further away from me.” And the dove is flying up high.
Comment: As I guessed, Koiko was disgusted because of the same lips kissing some other girl is now kissing her. Because of her ‘rich’ expressions, it seems that Tsurugi is getting interested in her. It is nice that he would even humbly accept his mistake when it was pointed out. Indeed, Tsurugi isn’t just a pretty face that is why he’s popular in school.

It is most likely that it is because of that, he got angry at Satou for talking about her awful kissing technique in public. That is aside from his interest in her. Koiko still fears becoming ‘different’ if she involves herself with him. But, obviously, Tsurugi isn’t going to let her easily get away from his life. Hehe, to Koiko’s dismay, he is hitting it off well with her mother so he’ll most likely stay and work at their place. =P Scans by 正宮汉化组

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  1. I suppose from next chapter onwards the story might get feels like it is finally paying picking up pace . As of now I am neutral on this manga , nothing too special but I hope things will get interesting when the basic storyline is fully constructed . After the base is done , it gets real . Let's see !!!:):):):):):):). Thanks Kat , good job :):):):):):):):):):)
    P.s. I am kinda a regular now do u recognise me ????:p

    1. Hm...Anjali, let's just say it gets cuter later on =P

      Thanks for reading ^-^

      Yes, more or less ^^ Thanks for the frequent visits and commments ^^

  2. Thanks for always replying :):):):):):):) Do keep the story up cause u have intrigued my interest more than before. The thing which is exciting me in this manga is Tsurugi doing a part time job at her place . :):):):)

    1. =)

      I plan to continue for a while to see where it goes.

      I see. ^^

  3. I like this manga. hahahaha. at first it is not good. but for you kat to summarizr it hmmmm makes me curious. hehehehe i ended up liking it. hehehehe. but too early for that though the guy is so persitant. hehehehe. looks like the guy is interested in her. hehehehe

    1. Hehe, is that so, Dionne ^^

      Indeed. But then, in a way, it's good for he is 'doing something' about it but not overly pushy. ^^

  4. hahahahaha... tsurugi is just positve character. hmmmm i like the way she approach though. hehehehe. but when it comes to super persistant and annoying move i bet no one can bet naruse shou. whahahahaha